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A new special edition of the Nissan GT-R, finished in a unique Midnight Opal paint colour, has been revealed.

Limited to 100 units globally, the Nissan GT-R Midnight Opal Special Edition’s paint is applied by hand and alters in colour depending on light and viewing angle.

Joined by a carbonfibre rear spoiler, a gold build plate and forged aluminium wheels featuring a hyper-titanium coating, the limited model leaves the standard car’s 404kW/628Nm 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V6 powerplant untouched.

Nissan GT-R Midnight Opal Special Edition - 2

An identical Midnight purple shade has been seen on the GT-R before, with both the R33 and R34 Skyline GT-Rs featuring the hue in past years.

On sale in the US from September – when 50 cars will be up for grabs – the Midnight Opal Special Edition commands a US$6000 ($6500) premium over the standard 2014 GT-R.

While Nissan Australia has no plans to introduce the model locally, the Nissan GT-R Black Edition went on sale last month priced at $182,500 before on-road costs, an $11,700 premium over the standard model.

  • EUboi

    the GTR is a euro car renualt own nissan and all the engine and tech from europe. not rough and slow japanese v6

    • Mikey

      Can you point out where the European use of this engine & drivetrain is? No?

    • deshan.93

      Not quite. Nissan own 15% of Renault and Renault owns 44.4% of Nissan.

      The GTR however is designed in Japan. Nissan don’t need Renault telling them how to make a fast v6 car, as seen in the R-series cars prior to the R35.

      However, Renault do indeed use parts of the GTR in their cars, such as the paddle shifters in Renaults dual-clutch clio RS.

      • Robin_Graves

        Other ‘R’ series GT-Rs are not V6, they are inline 6 since the ’60s

      • F1orce

        Such a shame for the Renault affiliation.

        Nissan has gone backward where as Renault has benefited tremendously.

    • Yetiman

      You are on drugs!

  • EUboi

    the euro engine is better much mor then the slow japanse VQ engine smooth 4 piston from europe
    Japanese all engine to rough the v6

    • chir0nex

      yes but has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

    • The Realist

      i maker good for what car is engine really fast nissan better v6 i believe so thanks. engrishhhhh

    • Max

      You have just spectacularly failed. R35 GT-R uses a VR38DETT engine, NOT the VQ thats used in 350Z and 370Z. Its rough? Try putting out the power/torque that it does while being rough.

  • The Baus

    Two GTR articles in one day, the GTR gods must be smiling hey Derek D?