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by Jez Spinks

The Ford Mustang is returning to Australia but a bigger surprise is that the Blue Oval’s American large car, the Taurus, is not set to replace the Falcon from 2017.

A return of the famous US muscle car has been expected after Ford announced in 2012 that the Mustang would be produced in right-hand drive and become the latest member of the line-up to be sold as a global vehicle under the company’s One Ford strategy.

The Ford Taurus had also been anticipated as a replacement for the Falcon ever since Ford Motor Company boss Alan Mulally told Australian journalists in 2010 that the One Ford rule would also apply to its large cars. The significance of his quote meant there was no longer a future for the Falcon that was unique to one country despite denials from the company.

With sources indicating to CarAdvice that the Taurus is not currently planned for Australia, the next-generation Ford Mondeo medium car, due in early 2014, is on course to become the company’s alternative to the likes of the Holden Commodore and upcoming Nissan Altima.

Ford Mondeo 2014

With the large car market in such rapid decline, the new Mondeo (above) would comfortably straddle the medium and large car segments as it is less than a 100mm shorter than the Falcon.

The Mustang, however, is definitely coming and will be announced at a special event in September, heralding the return of the ’Stang to local showrooms for the first time since the 1960s if you don’t count versions (pictured below) that were converted to RHD in 2001/2002 by Ford Australia’s performance partner at the time, Tickford Vehicle Engineering.

Ford Australia is in the process of ramping up its range of imported models ahead of ending local production of the Falcon sedan and Territory SUV. The company plans to boost its number of new models by about 30 per cent between now and 2016 as it prepares to become an import-only business.

2001 Ford Mustang

Ford’s vice president of global sales and marketing, Jim Farley, is flying to Australia to provide high-level-executive support for an announcement that will be complemented by new technology reveals and is designed to show Ford’s commitment to the local market from 2017 onwards.

CarAdvice understands there are no plans to raid the North American market for other products such as the F-150 mega-ute or the Explorer SUV that has been rumoured as a replacement for the Territory. Both have been spied on Australian roads, though Ford has said they are only part of normal global testing processes.

Ford Australia will instead focus more on models from Europe, or Asia – such as the Indian-built Ford EcoSport baby SUV due December 2013.

Ford Australia’s replacement for the Territory large soft-roader looks to lie with the new Ranger-ute-based SUV due in 2014 but is still to be officially confirmed.

The famous ‘Pony’ car should drive better than ever before in next-generation form. The muscle car is switching from an old-school live rear axle to a more contemporary independent rear suspension.

The rear suspension could be based around the ‘Control blade’ set-up, according to speculation – used to great effect by Ford, and also Ford Australia with the locally built Falcon and Territory.

Ford Australia is remaining coy about whether its rear-wheel-drive expertise is being brought into play with the Mustang, which would follow Holden’s involvement in the development of the Commodore-based Chevrolet Camaro.

A Custom Logo has Been Created to Celebrate 50 Years of Mustang

The styling is tipped to have more European influence – based around the current global language driven by Ford of Europe and found in the likes of the upcoming Ford Mondeo.

A range of engines is set to be offered with the new model beyond the classic V8, including a four-cylinder ‘EcoBoost’ turbo. A 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost turbo also has potential.

Convertible and Fastback body styles can also be counted on confidently.

The new Ford Mustang could make its first appearance at the 2014 Detroit motor show in January, though the smart money would be on the New York motor show in April – which coincides neatly with the 50th anniversary of the muscle car.

  • c3vzn

    They better price it right. $40k for the base would be fine and it’s already a lot more than it is in the U.S.

    • JoeR_AUS

      small point the North American market is 500million people as opposed to 23million here, we will never pay the same price as the USA.

      • https://www.facebook.com/LJSearles What_Tha

        300 Million… and it has more to do with exchange rate.

        • Darryl

          Maybe if you include Mexico and Canada as part of North America.

          • Doc

            313.9 M as of 2012. North America is only Canada and US. Mexico is Central or South America.

          • tez

            Check your geography

          • JoeR_AUS

            North America is a continent wholly within the Northern Hemisphere and almost wholly within the Western Hemisphere. It is also considered a northern subcontinent of the Americas. Wikipedia
            Population: 528.7 million (2008)
            Area: 24,709,000 km²
            Countries: Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica,Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Jamaica,Panama, Greenland, Belize, Bahamas, Guatemala,Nicaragua, El Salvador, Barbados, Curaçao, Honduras,Haiti, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Guadeloupe, Turks and Caicos Islands, Saint Lucia, Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Dominica, Anguilla, United States Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Saint Barthélemy,Antigua and Barbuda, Bonaire, Montserrat, Sint Maarten,Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

          • Darryl

            Good Wiki work! I haven’t even heard of some of those. Also there is the NAFTA agreement between Canada, the US and Mexico. Which is how we get the VW Jetta from Mexico, and the US gets the Ford Fiesta from there too, just as a couple of examples.

            I can see in a few years time (post 2017) Holden continuing to make the VF in the sports versions only, in volumes maybe where the Falcon is now. So by then, if you want a 2dr muscle car, get the Mustang, and if you want a 4dr get the Commodore.

          • delcotexas

            well tell Obama he will be so pleased ……….its North America at 335 million man woman & child …..as an expat

          • JoeR_AUS

            North and South America are two end of a continent. USA is part of the North.

            If You take USA, Canada and Mexico it over 460m

          • matt

            USA… United STATES of America. the 52 states that make up the American car market, not including Canada and Mexico… as they have their own currencies and markets… joe you cannot include mexico or Canada or the list of other countries you supplied.. The “American” market has 330 million… end of story.

          • Darryl

            No, not end of story. Read what JoeR said – The North American market is 500 million. That is more or less correct. I think you’ll find the Mustang is sold in Canada.

          • matt

            so Australia can include its closest neighbour who runs a different currency to us? So by your and joe_r’s logic Australia now has a population of 240 Million, because your including other countrys, we are now part of Indonesia???????? see how your stoopid? and the others who +1’d you aswell??? The US dollar American car market is the united STATES (52 of em) the Canadian dollar is not included, nor is the Mexican currency.
            So Darryl when the mustang is sold here in oz, will that make oz part of the “North American” market aswell…. simply because the “stang is sold here??? again, stoopid.

          • JoeR_AUS

            If the Mustang is built in the USA and exported to Australia, which manufacturing market is it part of?

          • MrOzMan

            Americans believe they have only 50 states, but Australians have seemed to given the USA two extra states. What are the names of the 51st and 52nd states?

          • delcotexas

            You are wrong wrong wrong , I lived there and still have have family living there and North America commonly called the UNITED STATES of America consists of 52 states according to my Passport , I now have an Australian Passport

            current population 316,668,567

            The is one Federal District (the District of Columbia) and five territories that have various commonwealth status:

            American SamoaGuamNorthern Marianas IslandsPuerto RicoU.S. Virgin Islands
            current population 316,668,567

          • Jober As A Sudge

            Wrong! Might want to brush up on what constitutes North America…includes more than just the YouEssAy

          • delcotexas

            answer wrong !
            Yes I am well versed with what the AMERICAN COMMONWEALTH comprises of (this is taught in U.S. schools) ,

            but are you,! this is a pointless debate rambling on pointlessly ,

            Yes I lived there for 50 plus years and still travel there I don’t rely on wiki sites , its all from what we were taught !!!!!!!

            includes more than just the YouEssAy ?????????

          • JoeR_AUS

            So a USA school taught you that USA is North America…..

          • matt

            On the same token none of the aussie schools I attended taught me that Canada was part of the United STATES of America.

          • JoeR_AUS

            I never said that I said North American Market and yes USA is part of it as is Canada.

          • delcotexas

            Well pal , in means the United States of America = U.S.A.
            yes school taught and then college where we are embraced to learn about the country we live in ,

          • Mark of RAdelaide

            JoeR is 100% correct when saying that the USA, Canada, Mexico and his extensive list is referred to as “North America”.
            The USA can be referred to as North America but however the United States of America is correctly referred to as ” the Continental United States”.
            With the advent of this great thing called the Internet it is quite easy to come to this information freely and easily.

          • matt

            you might wanna brush up on what constitutes a “market” Canadian dollar, US dollar… are DIFFERENT markets.

          • greenroom

            and Dubbo.

          • Smart US

            apart of USA and Canada – who has spare coins for a Ponny? and its not a hooker

          • Jober As A Sudge

            Drug cartels

          • Igomi Watabi

            Central America doesn’t really officially exist

        • JoeR_AUS

          More to do with a continent/population and the cost to support it.

          A Golf GTI costs 21k, which was not made in the USA

          • myguest

            Im glad you Toass see geoography as the important part to discuss about this vehicle. Need to carry on cause you can google!

      • $29896495

        No reason why not, we aren’t the only right hand drive country. economies of scale would be well satisfied by the time the car is produced. Frankly the undisclosed wholesale value is the kicker. Ford in essence can charge as little as they want as long as the whole sale cost is covered.

        • matt

          Economies of scale….. in the future what will be considered economies of scale for a RHD market?….. The unfortunate answer… whatever India wants :( In the decades ahead, get ready for the onslaught on Mahindra’s and Tata’s.

      • guestme

        we also drive on the wrong side of the road.

        • UKCar

          No, you drive on the natural side of the road. Some of the former British colonies (and remaining ones) next to the US drive on the left with US-specification cars – even Japanese ones are LHD. Even more strangely, the US Virgin Islands drive on the left, despite having previously been Danish.

    • Zaccy16

      it would be great if it was $40,000 but unfortunately i reckon the base 4cyl would be low 60’s

    • $29896495

      40 would put it more than twice as much as the US car. No reason it has to be that costly. Look what Chrysler are doing.

      • Doc

        I agree. Ford shd price it aggressively like Jeep and Chrysler and they will sell a lot.

    • MisterZed

      $40k? I’d buy one for $14,990 which is what they were going for back in the late 90s.

    • guestme

      The car wont make its way here just like chargers, challengers, comaros .ect
      We dont have a market to warrant it. Just because every 2nd toss on the net says “I would def buy one” doesnt meen they will!
      Look how many large cars are sold in australia, then look at what % of that would like at a mustang? Might sell a few 1000 first year. Then what down the track when the novelty has warn off?

      • $29896495

        It’ll come, if you’re talking Mustang – it will also be slightly smaller than the current one as will the next Chrysler cars. Again we aren’t the only RHD market in the world. By default that gets us the car.

  • Muppet

    I’m betting all the LHD conversion places will not be happy about this…

    • matt

      hmmm, only speculating but I don’t think so. Curious how places like mustang motor sport started diversifying their range about 18-24 months ago by offering things like chargers/challengers/corvette’s…. I think they know whats happening long before us

  • Matt

    Gone is the Falcon with it’s awesome Inline 6 and the Kinetic 1.0 styling.

    In a way I’m glad they killed off the Falcon since the Inline6 and Kinetic 1.0 styling is on it’s way out. There’s no way a V6 Kinetic 2.0 Falcon could’ve appealed to anyone.

  • Smart US

    does the size of a badge counts for co-developing?

  • Mustang Muscle

    OMG! it’s true the Ford Mustang is coming to OZ, This makes makes my next car purchase easy, I’m cashed up and ready to buy this baby.

  • Chad

    A bit more American muscle, love it.


    Ford Australia Please dont mess this up like the last time you sold Mustang here !!!

  • Ox

    So only now, that they are going to be an import only business, will they ramp up their marketing? Sounds like its been the plan all along

    • $29896495

      Well that has to be the understatement of the year.

    • guest

      They can do all the marketing they want – until they are out of funds and exhausted from their efforts. I don’t want a Mustang, and nor do I want a Taurus.

      Furthermore, I don’t even like barges like the Audi Q7, so if they think they are going to sell me the Explorer… They closed down the operations here, so I won’t support them any more.

  • marc

    Ford USA has some great product & would work well here (something different – ie Jeep, Chrysler) as opposed to the Ford Euro/Asian offerings which compete with stuff that’s already here. Ford need to get away from the budgo image.

  • Zaccy16

    luckily they are not importing the Taurus that looks worse than the falcon and in base form is no where near as good to drive as the falcon from overseas reviews, mondeo would be a good replacement!

  • ash

    YES best FORD news since the coyote!!!

  • Karl Sass

    You idiots Ford, the stang’ should have shared a platform with the Falcon and been sold alongside it.

  • O123

    By the time the new mondeo gets here itll be ready for replacement.

    • myford touch

      Mondeo wont be her early next year as europe is getting it late 2014.
      Ford are still having issues where to build it.
      And yes by the time it gets here it should have an update on it.

    • Sonic

      Yep, just like what happened to the Ford Kuga.

  • Sheldon

    It will be sad driving foreign made Fords. The Poms must feel the same way driving German made Minis. Just wouldnt be the same , altho we do already drive foreign made Fords.

    • Phil

      no minis are made in Germany, afaik. The majority are built in England with the Countryman made by Magna Steyr in Austria.

    • kr

      Ford is a foreign company so it’s only natural their cars be foreign made. Also the foreign made Fiesta and Focus are the best drives in the class – they are also foreign made for the Poms, yet are among the very top sellers in the UK.

      • UKCar

        Exactly – the only thing ‘British’ about Vauxhall is the name and the badges – apart from that they’re the same as Opels sold elsewhere, although the Astra and Insignia are built in Ellesmere Port. I thought the Holden brand would outlive Vauxhall as not only are Commodores built in Australia, but they’re designed for a specific market. However, once the factory closes, will it still be ‘Australia’s Own Car’?

  • Mr JG

    shotgun the v8 model.

  • andy

    Ford Australia have no idea. We want Taurus and Explorer!!

    • Jim

      Are you kidding? We want Falcon and Territory compared to those dreadful barges.

      • LC

        The Taurus looked like an overgrown frog, and it was cheap feeling and unrefined. Buyers voted with their feet and bought the Falcon instead, and with damn good reason. The Explorer, even more so. Now THAT was an absolute disaster. Unrefined, unreliable, and no off-road capability. Keep them off our shores, thanks, we don’t miss them.

        I wouldn’t mind it if they bring the F-Series back and bring some competition back to the segment that the 78 series has all to itself (don’t say “Patrol Cab/Chassis”, that thing will remain a complete joke until Nissan fit the V6 Diesel donk from the Navara to it). I’ll happily take the Mustang for now, though.

        • ha

          You appear to be talking about what happened in the 90s.

          Move towards 2013 and “unreliable, and no off-road capability” – well that translates directly to the Ford Territory.

          “Buyers voted with their feet” – well looking at Falcon sales in 2013, buyers clearly do not want Falcon.

          The 2013 Taurus looks nothing like the ugly one from the 90s. I find the 2013 one to look quite reasonable however it won’t sell here even if people found it stylish as people do not want large sedans.

          • LC

            People don’t buy the Territory to go off-road, because it wasn’t marketed as an off-road car in league with things like Prado and Pathfinder. The Explorer, on the other hand, was. And people who bought it with that in mind were sorely disappointed. And those who didn’t, would’ve been disappointed with the layout of the controls (which were all arranged for the American Market, even though it was RHD), the lack of refinement, etc. Buyers voted with their feet, and that’s why they pulled it from the market, and aren’t bringing it back. The current Explorer is a more Territory-ish car, granted, but that does not change it’s reputation with people here. The nameplate has had it’s chance, and it failed. Hence they’re trying to start with a clean slate, by bringing in the Ranger-based SUV.

            The Taurus was a flop for much the same reasons. In addition, people at the time preferred the better built Australian alternative. The new Taurus is miles ahead in every department, but the old scars remain. This is a problem they could solve by badging it as a Falcon, but they ruled that out a while ago.

            The scars these cars left on Australian buyers aren’t going away. Hence, Ford aren’t bringing them back. The Mustang, on the other hand, has a very different reputation, and if it’s done right, will be popular here. Hence they’re bringing it in.

            Despite Ford’s suicidal tactics with marketing the Falcon (and we all know why they did it now), it still sells better than every other offering in it’s segment other than the Commodore. Aurion, Maxima, Accord etc, sell less, perhaps buyers are voting with their feet and buying Aussie made large sedans over foreign made ones?

    • guest

      They are awesome cars, so dynamic and amazing – really incredible drivers cars, I can’t think of a more exciting car. :)

  • Andrew M

    so when is the F- truck returning?

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

      It wont, for the same reason that the Ranger is not sold in the US. It is considered that the Ranger is too close in size to the F150 especially.

      Having said that, would be good to have the Raptor available here.

      • LC

        I see reason why the F-150 wouldn’t be exported here, but what about the F-250 and F-350? Those did a respectable job when they were offered from 2001-2006 (even in 2005-2006 when petrol prices soared). The newer, better-looking, tougher and more fuel-efficient version (an SS ute uses more fuel) could do well, take business back from importers and carve out a nice comfortable niche for themselves, while not disturbing Ranger sales.

        Also, having the backing of a strong Australian dealer support network would encourage rural sales of the vehicles.

        • falcodore

          I’ve seen F-750s going for $250,000. No one would argue with you if you had one of those!

          • LC

            I saw one at a weeding, with white ribbons on it and everything. But it’s not really a pickup that can be used like an F-250 can, it’s an actual truck. And this example is merely for show, they hire it out to weddings, functions, events etc. The pickup body was done aftermarket, like other truck bodies are made, it’s not factory fitted.

            In any event, anything beyond an F-350 is hard to come by is Australia. Carsales currently lists 1 F-750, 2 F-650s and 2 F-450s, versus 50 F-350s and 236 F-250s.

  • Alexander Sambuco

    One main reason large cars aren’t selling is that small and medium cars are now much larger than they used to be. Look at the new mazda 3 compared to the old 323 astine or the 323/laser. Also they call the Cruze a small car when it is basically as big as the first Commodores. Small and medium cars are now big enough if you have a family.

  • Richard

    Holy mother of God!!! The Mustang is coming to Australia???? That is the greatest news I have heard about anything in over a decade. Thank you Ford. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I have dreamt about owning a brand new American muscle car ever since I was born and it has taken you guys this long to finally bring the greatest muscle car on earth to Australia! Why? Hope they also bring the Shelby.

    • $29896495

      Better update your dreams, the Shelby name is being dropped.

  • 458 italia

    The Ford Ranger-ute-based SUV would want to be a bloody site better effort than Holden’s awful Colorado 7.

    • Zaccy16

      I agree, the Colorado 7 is rubbish, saw a top range model at the Holden dealer the other day when I was looking at the commodore and the interior quality is s##t, the ranger ute is a much better car than this so the 7 seater version should be even better

      • Shak

        It seems to be a recurring theme that where Holden tinkers with a global GM product it turns out great. When we have an unchanged global GM product thrown at us its utterly miserable ala Colorado, Malibu, and Barina.

  • LC

    I wonder if GM will bring in the Camaro to compete with it?

  • Alasdair

    It isn’t surprising that they will not bring the Taurus here – what was surprising is that much of the Australian automotive media speculated that they would. Why would you replace the Falcon large car with another large car when the market for large cars in this country is shrinking and so called medium cars like the aforementioned Fusion (Mondeo) are so big inside anyway. I am glad the Mustang is coming, hopefully they don’t mess up with the looks – I’m a little bit worried they may given they are trying to sell it in Europe also – the Mustang is one car that SHOULD look American in my opinion.

    • Downfall

      Yes, the motoring media led by Jez Spinks and other crapmakers did their best to shove the Taurus notion down everyone’s throats for the past three years. Sucks to be wrong, hey

    • matt

      CA is the only ones with a brain today reporting that the Taurus and explorer wont be coming here. A few others keep saying that they are? I have no idea why, it isn’t hard to work out there is no point in making a RHD Taurus and explorer specifically for Australia. No other RHD markets want those cars. Fords “large” sedan will be the reintroduction of the new Mondeo sedan, and the much talked about 7 seat ranger wagon will take on the territorys roll, I just wonder if the 2.0 ecoboost will be in the ranger SUV as a form of petrol option, 3.5 ecoboost would be nice, Ranger XR6-Turbo :):):)

  • LowRezFez

    The new ‘stang won’t be retro styled and will be expensive. As a result it will sell in low numbers in Oz. if the style was still retro it would do much better.

  • Zandit75

    Talking to my local dealer, the rumour is there will only be V8’s, and they will sit as a halo car, similar to the way FPV’s are considered.

    • matt

      careful, a dealer would still have no idea at this stage, and would only be interested in making you put down a deposit on what would be a top of the tree model, being RHD, linked to some of Europe and the UK, I think we will have a high chance of the 4 cylinder Ecoboost version. (remember they are working on a 2.3 version)

  • Pete.

    America has a 4 door mustang I could go with that

    • Zandit75

      Seriously? Better check your facts!

    • $29896495

      No they don’t. Talk of developing one is just that – talk.

  • Dave

    Just returned from the US and had a mustang as a rental car – loved it. The new one should be 10 times better in engineering terms…will definitely on my shopping list! Something to look forward to with the demise of locally built Fords.

    • Peter

      Arent they pretty ordinary inside though? A friend has a 2010 model he brought over and converted and it is awesome outside, awful inside but I wasnt sure whether that was jus the result of te conversion.

      • Dave

        It was certainly no Audi inside, but it did the job in that very American way. A simple machine that brought a smile to the face.

        • Peter

          Yeah, I’d forgive a lot to drive one. And as for engineering, I only ever drive fast in a straight line anyway so as long as it looks and sounds good and has the mustang pedigree that would be fine by me

  • Shak

    Ford’s stupidity with the handling of the Falcon/Mustang situation is so obvious that it hurts! Why not develop one Global RWD platform and share it between Falcon and Mustang. Right now the Mustang is going to have lower volumes than if it shared a platform with a lighter, more modern, and paid for Falcon! Ford, you done messed up.

    • Rocket

      Yes they could have shared the same platform and the Falcon could have been a global car like the Mustang. However I would be surprised post 2016 a premium sedan is not developed on the RWD platform. However it is disappointing it won’t be called a Falcon and not made in Australia. Maybe Ford timed the retirement of the Falcon nameplate so the new RWD sedan could be introduced whatever it may be called?

      • Shak

        Maybe, but in a market like ours the Falcon name is marketing gold. Even if people aren’t buying them, Ford could have soldiered on with the name on a stop gap car until the Global RWD platform was ready. Even if the car was imported, and prices fell i think it would’ve been successful. Ford are developing a RWD platform to resurrect Lincoln, so i fail to see why they couldn’t put it under the falcon. It defies all their “One Ford” BS to not have a global flagship sitting on a global RWD platform.

  • Pete.

    google 2014 mustang you will see pics have to wait & see I guess

  • BK

    To all the people who kept on saying we are getting the Taurus. hahahahahaahahah

  • Poison_Eagle

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- A LWB Mondeo (as per China) with LPG option would do the trick.

    • matt

      im waiting to see what happens with the price of LPG, when all those plants in Gladstone QLD come online, we will apparently be linked to the global price for it…. currently about 3 times more then we pay now ($3 a Kilojoule at the moment apparently to around $9 a kilojoule for the global price at the moment) Combine that with the apparent raising of the excise level on LPG…… It doesn’t look good for the LPG lovers out there….

      • Poison_Eagle

        F-cking atrocious. We need it to stay low. I’m sick of everything getting expensive here. I drive an LPG car and this really grinds my gears.

      • Karl Sass

        Are you sure matt? I’m fairly sure we’re already linked to the international Saudi Aramco price. Even with the fuel excise it’ll still be cheaper. I believe that Gladstone plant is LNG not LPG, maybe you’re confusing them?

  • Stephen

    If I can get a V8 Mustang for around 60K I’m gonna get one! Was recently looking at buying a Chrysler 300 but I really don’t like four doors on a muscle car! 4 doors is a family car for granddads!