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The Datsun Go has been unveiled in India, signalling the return of the iconic Nissan-owned budget brand to the automotive scene.

The city-sized Go hatchback is the first new model from Datsun, which Nissan brought back from the dead last year to give it an entry point into the automotive world’s lucrative developing markets.

The five-door, five-seat Datsun Go will launch in India in early 2014, promising “impressive fuel efficiency and acceleration” and price tag below 400,000 rupees ($7400).


Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says a range of vehicles will be introduced in the near future, with Datsun to expand to Indonesia, Russia and South Africa before the end of next year.

“We’re bringing it back and giving it a modern shape, with modern technology that is particularly aimed at the high-growth market, addressing the segments where Nissan has no offer,” Ghosn said.

Nissan has revealed few details of the Go hatchback, whose name is inspired by the first Datsun, the DAT-GO, which launched almost a century ago in Japan.


The 2014 Go will be powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine and employ a five-speed manual transmission to drive its front wheels.

The sparse cabin makes do without electric rear windows and a tachometer, but features a phone docking station on the dashboard in an acknowledgement of the priorities of its youthful target market.

Nissan expects India to be one of Datsun’s most successful markets, with the new budget brand tipped to make up 50 per cent of its total sales in the subcontinent by 2016.

Nissan has no plans to relaunch Datsun in Australia at this stage.



    $7,000 is just the dealer delivery fees, on road costs and profit margins on a new car in Aus.

  • F1orce

    Finally a non black interior.

    • asdfsdf

      That’s for an overseas market.

      • Vti07

        For most popular makes and models sold overseas) you usually get 2 interior colour choices. In Australia, it’s often just 1 choice.

  • Phil

    Targeted at the youth market, but about 8 times the price of a motor scooter? No way. Maybe India’s changing faster than I thought, but the Datsun is still well over double the price of the Tata Nano. The Hindu reports it is targeted at the emerging middle class, which I think is a lot more accurate.

  • Gus

    if datsun made a rear wheel drive for under $15K a-la the datsun 1600 it would be game changer, the overpriced 86 would be finished

    • Igomi Watabi

      nobody could ever make a decent RWD car and sell it for 15 grand. The low price of the 86 is astonishing.

  • filippo

    Is that a bench seat in the front?

    • adelaide_john

      certainly looks like one – now that’s retro

  • Zaccy16

    7000 is 2000 too much IMO

  • marc gc

    security companies will love it

  • Golfschwein


    • Igomi Watabi

      I actually kinda like it.

  • Tone

    1.2 litre, you say? Rebadge it as a 120Y, offer it on the Australian market for $9,990 driveaway and watch them fly out the doors. Plenty of old people would buy ’em, as well as plenty of young people whose mums and dads (or possibly nannas and grandads) have crapped on about how great their 120Ys were back in the day.

  • MisterZed

    Seems like there are still quite a lot of unnecessary expenses. Power windows – on a 3rd world budget car? Ditch them for wind-ups. A/C – again, not essential, can be an optional extra. Digital odometer – replace with analog. Metallic paint (as shown in the pic) should not be offered – only solid colours like white, red, or black to reduce complexity in the paint plant.

    • Tone

      I agree with the power windows statement. A/c could be an optional extra, but bear in mind that India’s weather is a lot like Northern Australia’s weather, only with added head and humidity. Digital odometers are probably cheaper than analogue ones these days. Don’t bother with radios or docking stations – let the target market choose their own aftermarket head unit with bluetooth for a couple of hundred dollars.

      The thing is that the cheap and cheerful Japanese cars of the olden days (like the original Datsuns) offered either more features for the same price, or a bit less for much less money.

      I’m still convinced that a modern day 120Y (which thing basically is) would find a niche on the Australian market.

      • MisterZed

        Mitsubishi was still using an analog odometer on it’s Express van before it was recently discontinued in Australia. If digital ones are cheaper why wouldn’t they have replaced the analog one years ago?

        • Al

          Because its Mitsubishi?

    • Phil

      It might seem like a budget car to us, but priced at around 400,000 rupee it’s far from it in India. Middle class income in India based on latest studies is about 15 to 20k rupee a month. Two years of household income to purchase is the equivalent of the average Aussie family buying an E class Merc. A base Tata Nano is the economic equivalent of Mr and Mrs Average Aussie buying a Commodore Evoke.

      Now, how would you feel if some foreigner with no understanding of your country’s economics decided you don’t need power windows, aircon or metallic paint on your new E class?

      • MisterZed

        Well, that’s fine, then make power windows an option so that if people want to save money they can wind up the windows themselves. Besides, what about the fleet buyers? Govt. departments, rental car companies, etc. You think they’re concerned more with luxuries or low price?

        • Phil

          Govt departments use diesel and CNG models, the Hindustan Ambassador and a number of Maruti Suzuki models offer these choices as do a number of Tatas. The Datsun isn’t aimed at that market.
          A look at cardekho dot com will give you a better picture of the Indian market.

    • Igomi Watabi

      Power windows take up less space in a door and Nobody would buy a car ni India without Aircon.
      And please, PLESE, stop using the outdated cold war term, Third World.

  • $29896495

    Other than being a bit angular, it’s a better effort than most of the Nissan cars on the market miles ahead of infinity.

  • supercujo

    Should be called the 120Y

  • Phil

    If they don’t sell it here in Australia – without bunging on the price – they’ve got rocks in their heads

  • aza

    Pull-out handbrake! Sweet memories.