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2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review

2009 Volkswagen Golf  Mark VI – First Steer


– by Paul Maric

Leaner, meaner and greener. That’s the message Volkswagen wants to send with its new Golf. Launched to the Australian motoring press yesterday in Byron Bay, New South Wales, the next generation Volkswagen Golf comes with a set of new engines that increase fuel economy by up to 25 per cent.


The base model – and baby of the group – is the 90TSI. Featuring a turbocharged, 1.4-litre, four-cylinder engine, the 90TSI brings with it a smaller capacity engine  of 1.4-litres, compared to the naturally aspirated 1.6-litre featured in the Golf V.

On first glance, you’ll be able to spot the 90TSI by the plastic hubcaps, along with the ‘I’ in TSI being red.

2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review

Inside the cabin, it’s a pretty restricted affair. The ghastly looking plastic steering wheel and lack of steering wheel controls – and cruise control – are the only things that let this base model down. The seat trim is attractive, as is the well made dashboard and the quality of materials used throughout the cabin.

Due to the lack of steering wheel controls, the trip computer and vehicle options menu is adjusted via the windscreen wiper stalk.

On the road, it’s very hard to spot the turbocharger. When we arrived at the airport, this was the first car I jumped into and without knowing which models were being introduced into Australia, we didn’t know what engines were on offer. After some umming and ahhing, we deduced that it was the carry over 1.6-litre naturally aspirated engine from the Golf V.

It turns out that this model does in fact use a turbocharger – a very small and low pressure one – to help get the base model Golf moving. The assistance of the turbocharger has increased power to 90kW. The most miraculous feat of all is the drop in fuel consumption and engine capacity to reach a higher power figure.

Also different in this model is the introduction of Volkswagen’s seven-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG). Rated to withstand torque of 250Nm, the gearbox is used in the base model 90TSI and the higher powered 118TSI. In addition to the seven-speed DSG, a six-speed manual comes as standard for the 90TSI.

2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review

On the road, the 90TSI soaks up bumps tremendously well for a car in this price bracket. Some of the roads surrounding Byron Bay and onward to our lunch stop at Emerald Valley were abysmal. The taught suspension set-up in the 90TSI handled them with absolute ease.

This came at a cost to its cornering capabilities though. There is considerable amount of body roll on sweeping bends, which in addition to the cheap, narrow Hankook tyres makes it a bit of a non-event. Don’t despair though. The 90TSI is the base model in the range and has fleet buyers and people with lower expectations in mind.

In saying that, the car feels much like Golf V. It has the same handling characteristics and steering response, it has just been fine tuned to deliver a slightly more rewarding drive.

The 90TSI is priced from $25,990 for the six-speed manual and $28,490 for the seven-speed DSG. While fuel consumption is rated at 6.4-litres/100km for the six-speed manual and 6.2-litres/100km for the seven-speed DSG.


In my opinion, this is the pick of the bunch. A 1.4-litre, twin-charged, four-cylinder engine headlines this act. With considerable torque throughout the rev band, the engine works in unison with the new seven-speed DSG to deliver an extremely pleasing drive.

The 118TSI can be identified with the ‘S’ and the ‘I’ being red in the ‘TSI’ boot logo.

2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review

Much like the outgoing Volkswagen Golf GT Sport, which uses a more powerful variant of this motor, the supercharger works to deliver torque at the lower end of the rev range which keeps things moving before the turbocharger has spooled up.

Once the supercharger has done its job, it hands over to the turbocharger to finish the task, which is pre-spooled and ready to go by the time the supercharger switches over.

The end result is an engine that is responsive throughout the rev band. The new seven-speed DSG helps immensely by always selecting the correct gear (even when it’s in the regular drive mode).

It’s not much use in a straight line though, so we attacked a few corners to see how well the 118TSI reacted to power on mid corner and the way it handled being thrown about on what were essentially C-grade roads.

Volkswagen seem to have taken the handling characteristics of the already impressive Golf V GT Sport and honed them even further to deliver an affordable car which can be used both as a cruiser and apex slayer – certainly something others find hard to achieve in this price bracket.

The car remains flat and sharp on turn-in to the corner. The responsive steering has a bit of weight to it as you turn in, while the suspension holds strong and keeps things as flat as possible. Where the 90TSI would start rolling and continue until it understeered, the 118TSI turns in and keeps holding with a commendable amount of grip.

2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review

Even the rippled and rutted roads we were driving through didn’t unsettle the car, indicating a brilliant chassis. Power on mid corner, which generally causes boosted front-wheel-drive cars to jitter and understeer didn’t seem to bother the 118TSI.

You would get a tugging at the wheel as the tyres traversed the rutted portions of road, but there would never be the sense that the car was about to push the nose wide on you. The increased tyre width of 205mm, compared to the 90TSI’s 195mm, also helps give the car a more planted feel on the road.

The 118TSI gets bigger brakes in comparison to its base model sibling, giving it a bigger edge when it comes to continuous brake applications. The brakes feel quite strong in all Golf variants tested. Pedal feel is also very consistent, meaning that there is never any doubt over what the brakes are up to.

The 118TSI gets different seat trim and funky new looking steering wheel controls over the base model. You will also find dual-zone climate control, a leather wrapped steering wheel and a few other bits and pieces to justify the additional price.

Fuel consumption sits at 6.2-litres/100km for the six-speed manual and 6.5-litres/100km for the seven-speed DSG. Pricing begins at $30,490 for the six-speed manual and $32,990 for the seven-speed DSG.

2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review


The Golf wouldn’t be the Golf without a diesel engine. As expected, Volkswagen have launched in Australia with a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo diesel unit, producing 103kW at 4200rpm and 320Nm between 1750-2500rpm.

Noise suppression inside the cabin has been increased, reducing road noise and engine noise considerably. A 10 per cent increase of thickness on the side glass and an extra layer of film on the windscreen mean that external noises remain external.

We were also lucky enough to drive a 103TDI with the Adaptive Chassis Control. As the only Golf in Australia with this feature fitted, we were sure to keep this car to ourselves. Three suspension modes – Normal, Comfort and Sport – differentiate suspension comfort for your drive preference.

Adaptive Chassis Control works independently on each wheel to adjust suspension firmness. It’s a contrast to most other systems which only adjust suspension firmness as a whole, opposed to each wheel.

The seven-speed DSG can only support 250Nm, so the six-speed DSG is used in the 103TDI, which is capable of 350Nm.

There’s plenty of torque throughout the rev range, this engine is consistently spooling and ready to roll. It gets a bit noisy inside the cabin when you reach the upper end of the rev range, but it’s not overly bad.

2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review

Fuel consumption sits at a miserly 5.3-litres/100km for the six-speed manual and 5.6-litres/100km for the six-speed DSG. Pricing starts at $33,190 for the six-speed manual and $35,690 for the six-speed DSG.


We all know that Volkswagen is big on safety. The entire Golf range will come with seven airbags, including a knee airbag.

Already tested overseas by EuroNCAP and most recently tested in Australia – just last week in fact – by ANCAP, both tests have rated the Golf at five-stars.

The entire range will also come with Electronic Stability Program, ABS brakes with EBD and BA, along with engine immobiliser and deadlocking.

Volkswagen is setting a benchmark in this segment and wants everyone to know about it.

2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review


Although the standard equipment list is what you would expect, the options list includes some pretty nifty things, some of which until now weren’t even considered as availabilities on vehicles in this price bracket.

You can option your new Golf with Volkswagen’s Park Assist feature. Park Assist will automatically park your car for you. Line it up in between two parked vehicles and the system uses front, rear and side parking sensors to direct your vehicle into the open space.

Until this feature became available in the Tiguan, mid last year, it was only available in the $200,000+ Lexus LS600hL.

The Golf can also be fitted with the new RNS510 system, which includes satellite navigation. The system can also be optioned with a reverse camera which pops out from under the Volkswagen logo boot lid.


Although some may argue it looks much the same as the outgoing Golf (which isn’t such a bad thing), I’m of the opinion that Volkswagen is yet again onto a winner.

People complain about the good press we give Volkswagen, it’s hard not to when they keep releasing cars like the Golf VI. It’s hard to fault the package, price and drivetrain offerings.

There is a model in the line-up to please almost all tastes at the moment.

Volkswagen’s CEO, Jutta Dierks has told CarAdvice that unless there is a miracle, the GTI won’t arrive to our shores before early 2010. The car will be unveiled at next week’s Geneva motor show and will be launched to the European public in the middle of the year.

Head of exterior design, Frank Bruse told CarAdvice that the GTI will be an impressive looking machine. He also hinted that VW will follow Audi’s lead with LED portions of the headlight, making the GTI visible from a kilometre away.

Until then, this is what we have on offer and it will undoubtedly sell well for Volkswagen.

If you’ve been holding off until the Golf VI to upgrade or purchase your next Volkswagen, it’s been a well earned wait.

The Volkswagen Golf VI is sure to blow your socks off.

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2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI Review
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  • maximark

    I like the 7 speed DSG. The car look not to bad,a lot of good options there(Park Assist,Adaptive Chasis Control) but they will be very expensives I guess. Tail lights should be LED in my opinion. It would be interesting to see the new Mazda 3 prices come out,these are the two bests I think.CA, where are the new Golf made by the way? Hopefully not in South Africa.

  • J

    I drive the current model Golf and the new car, by the sounds of things drives great, specs are impressive too.. but design wise, I slightly can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed, especially when manufacturers such as Audi who are now putting flair into their designs interior wise as well as exterior. But I guess the new model’s emphasis was more towards the mechanicals, advancement in technology and build quality. Sure it’ll sell well and it sure won’t stop me from popping down to the dealer for a peek.

  • Cupid Stunt

    Reading that would put you off the base model. Bear in mind these lesser models probably won’t be bought by entusiastic drivers, more the type who chug to Coles abnd back.
    Nice range if a little staid.

  • Paul Maric

    Australian destined Golfs are now made in Germany, they won’t be using South Africa anymore as the homebase for Aussie Golfs.

  • Andrew

    It looks like a logical step forward, although I question the logic of making all petrol engines turbocharged. It’s not an issue for me, but this would surely hinge on the minds of (NSW) family buyers with P-plate aged children who would not be able to drive this car (ex. TDI).

    Then what about the young P-plater buyer, or the wealthy who would like to buy a Golf VI for their son/daughter to match their Touareg or Passat but hey, we have to spend $33,190 for a TDI rather than a possible $25,990 if the base model was naturally aspirated.

  • http://Www.ausmotive.com Liam

    Nice one Paul.

    Interesting news about the GTI. I always thought the idea of seeing them in Aus this year was a bit too optimistic.

  • KC

    That first interior is the one colour all throughout. lol

  • Mitch

    Thats a good point made andrew, there should be exceptions for small turbo’s like this.

  • HAL

    I’m with you J, can’t help but feel underwhelmed. It really isn’t different enough from the previous model from the looks perspective. Given that this is going to be it for a minimum of 3-4 years, then that really is a negative. Looking at the pics it doesn’t even feel ‘fresh’ which is what you expect as a minimum from what a new model.

    Disappointing as I had high hopes for this.

  • Tom

    Paul, may i ask, you went north from byron down the main freeway, over the range leading to everon road, and back down through murwillumbah right?

    I saw the fleet of Golf’s on the test day on, wednesday was it. There was about 8 of them driving together.

  • KEITH Lovejoy

    I will be needling my brother-in-law Rob to buy one of the new Golfs so that I can give it a severe fling Please keep this sectret……..

  • Yianni

    Great! There’s not much to say about it really. It does everything really well and is priced just where it should be considering it offers a little more than it’s rivals in terms of technology, quality, and kit.

    I’m also happy that we are getting the Golf straight from Germany now.

    Good stuff VW!

  • Fasthonda

    The more pictures I see of this car the more of a step backwards VW has taken in terms of styling.
    It may offer a little more than it’s rivals but it offers blandness in the bucket loads.
    I don’t see what’s new with the engines?All VW has done is added turbos and/or superchargers to the already exsiting engines..big deal!
    These Golfs may interest people in the market for one,I’ll wait for the GTI ..let’s hope it’s not as performance underwhelming as the MKV GTI.

  • zahmad

    Great car, great review….would like to see one in flesh….and do all the sydney GTI population drive around Olympic Park? I see at least three everyday!

  • Neo Utopia

    I too think both the internal and external design is a bit subdued. But I suppose the average age of people buying Golf models are in their mid to late thirties which ted to consider intrinsic qualities more than how modern a car looks.

    Apparently Volkswagen have a new design concept for their next Golf, it looks much more modern and fresh-looking with a good amount of Audiesque styling. If its a bit like the forthcoming Audi A1 then that is a very good thing.

    I do think though that the large 18″ ‘Bilbao’ rims are a nice set of bling.

  • Rob

    As a very satisfied owner of a 2.0l TDI DSG Mk V, the new model is not sufficiently different to warrant consideration, apart from the reported absence of road noise, the lower fuel consumption (5.6 l/100 km compared to Mk V’s 5.8), the Adaptive Chassis Control, the Park Assist and the new RN5510 system. Hmmmm, maybe I should take a trip to my local dealer for a closer look and a test drive when stock is available. What do you think Keith?

  • Nightshifter

    “Due to the lack of steering wheel controls, the trip computer and vehicle options menu is adjusted via the windscreen wiper stalk.”

    I actually prefer clean, less cluttered steering wheels with no buttons whatsoever and just access the various function/option adjustments on the stalks. May be it’s just me.

  • Nightshifter


    Are you sure P-platers are banned from driving all turbos? I remember low power cars with low pressure turbos are exempted from this. Like the old Golf V GT.

  • Lang Chye

    Why is the max power of the 1.4 twin-charger in the Golf VI down some 7kW, compared to the previous Golf 1.4 GT? Is max power sacrificed for improved fuel economy?

  • Joober

    Nightshifter – All i can say its straight cut here in Vic, no turbo cars, no v8’s and cars that have certain power to weight,

    If im right – This is going to be a shot in the foot for VW, as it definately will deter those middleclass families buying a car for an 18th Bday or the like.

  • Paul Maric

    Lang Chye:

    The TSI model with 118kW is not the GT Sport replacement. This is simply a detuned version of the outgoing GT Sport with a 7-speed DSG gearbox.

    It’s expected that Volkswagen will release a more powerful, twin-charged unit to replace the GT Sport, so that will almost certainly have more power than the outgoing GT Sport.

  • Yanzo

    i want the fastest tsi manual on you can get. in the mk 5 the gti wasn’t even that much faster then the gt. but damn i have to wait till i get my opens. i’m still on my green p’s! maybe i’ll just register it under someone elses name and drive it :)

  • Nightshifter

    Oh Joober I think you were right. I checked a list of compliant vehicles for P platers @ carpoint. It’s so ridiculous and funny at the same time that P platers can drive a golf R32 but not a GT and GTi.

  • davo

    have a look at mk6 golf in the flesh so much better than photos .test drove 118tsi last week bought one 2 days later all class and refinment,quiet and smooth has new feature of daytime driving lights the front parkers only cannot be switched off not rears gti will be 12 months yet also saw new polo on net due jan 2010 looks even better than golf very audi a3ish

  • Adam

    That 1.4 Twin Charger is putting out a really good torque figure!

    I think this car will be the best in it’s class for driving refinement and acceleration. I think it’s claimed 8.0 to 100km/h will outshine the SP25.

  • sillyhonda

    Turbo or supercharged engine does not last long compared to normally aspired engines and incurs more maintenance cost..I would not buy,,,

  • subabrad

    You base that on which specific engineering study?

    Which bit doesn’t last long & what actual distance is long?

    Why are maintenance costs higher? I have a VAG based turbo car & do 25,000km per year – in a 2 year period I need 3 services. Cheap motoring IMO.

  • Tim

    Subabrad, that is a well known fact. A 5 second google search will reveal all for you.

  • Twilight

    went down to VW today and got a brochure on one of these…

    they had a 90TSi DSG Trendline and a 103TDi Manual Comfortline (loaded up with leather, 18″ Tomas wheels, sunroof, satnav and park assis [colour: silver leaf]) and let me tell you, it was so beautiful.

    i want one for my next car, its amazing!

  • http://www.alexbwang.id.au wanga

    Surely the new Golf 6 is an evolutionary improvement over 5, with some styling changes. Sure it may give existing owners little reason to upgrade. Agreed, but you’re missing the point here.

    Firstly, have a look at the optional extras which are very practical and for the first time offered on such a car in its class (eg. parking sensors, reversing camera, dynamic ride adjustment, etc). The new Golf 6 is a good package, it clearly provides the best value in its class, and the most refined drive, great efficiency, easily puts it ahead of the competition.

    The Golf is VW’s highest volume line. Not only has VW improved the perceived quality of Golf 6, most importantly it’s cheaper to build!

    VW is onto a winner here, and consumers have a lot to gain.

  • Ibbz

    Tim / Sillyhonda,
    statements like

    “Turbo or supercharged engine does not last long compared to normally aspired engines and incurs more maintenance cost..I would not buy”

    are patently rubbish. You can’t make generalizations like this with engineering and expect anyone to take you seriously. All normally aspirated and forced aspirated engines are not the same and therefore general comparisons make no sense.

    Better luck next time …

  • Glen


    I just bought a new Golf Comfortline 118TSI which will arrive this Thursday on a ship from Port Elizabeth South Africa, this more than likely means that the Golfs bound for Australia are indeed made in South Africa! I hope this doesn’t mean a drop in quality of build. I’ll let you know when I pick it up in a few weeks. Its disappointing as I was lead to believe that they are all made in Germany, obviously not the case at all….

  • Golfschwein

    Interesting, Glen. Does it come from Germany via South Africa, I wonder?

  • Glen


    It is a possibility as I tracked the ship my car is on and it started its voyage in Bremerhaven. I’ve emailed both VW Australia and Germany asking where the Golf is made. Hopefully I’ll receive a reply soon. I’ll keep you all updated.

  • HAL

    That is interesting Glen. Wasn’t the dealer able to confirm for you where the car was made? They really should know the answer to that I would’ve thought?

  • Dan

    Ibbz, I think what Sillyhonda was trying to say was, that you don’t need a turbo, if you got VTEC yo! 😉

    But yes, rubbish! Although as far as serivicing goes, people with turbo cars tend to service them more often. Doesn’t mean they’re bad or anything like that.

  • Glen

    Hi Hal

    No, they were a little evasive on that point. I was told that my current Gen 5 Pacific Golf would be made in South Africa, but when it arrived it said on the compliance plate that it was made in Germany. Must be difficult for the dealers to tell too…

    I hope that I get a response from VW confirming one way or the other. I’m sure I’ll love the car regardless of where its made… But I do hope I get the true German variety!

  • Glen

    Hi Folks

    Just received a reply from VW Australia confirming that the Golf is exclusively built/made in Germany. Good news as far as I’m concerned.

  • Sal

    VW Australia confirming new model Golf VI is made in Germany is great news. I would never ever buy another new Golf made in South Africa. It would have been good if the Salesman did not lie to me and I probably would not have purchased such an expensive rattle box. There was no ‘made in’ label anywhere. The problems I had were beyond belief and I traded the lemon (sourkraut) with only 24,000km, so good to read new model definitely made in Germany.

    • Damian

      Although the model is made in Germany, it doesn’t mean its any more solid or reliable. Mine is a 2009 118tsi with sport pack. Just reach 19,000 and it’s already been recalled, the driver’s door doesn’t unlock and only today VW dealership has told me that they need to replace the whole engine and I won’t have it back for another 2 weeks. Not great for a car that’s only 12 months old!

  • Glen

    Hi Sal

    I know what you mean. I have had two Gen 5 Golfs and both rattled and squeaked. Can’t remember how many times I had to have door trims replaced because of annoying noises.

    Thankfully, the new Gen 6 is silen. Its very quiet and refined. VW has spent a huge amount of time and money in better accoustic properties for this generation.

    Mine arrived on the docks today, hopefully I’ll be able to pick it up in the next 2-3 weeks.

  • ChineseDriver

    VW is really making a big step forward in recent years, look at their new cars, Tiguan, Passat CC, Golf, Eos, all great products put other brands in shame!

  • Glen

    Hi Folks

    Hoping someone might be able to shed some light. I heard that there’s a website somewhere that you can track the arrival of imported cars into Australia. Apparently the site will tell you what number your new car is in the Customs clearance queue. Does anyone know the name of the website?



  • Boney Maroney

    I drove a 90TSI today and was thoroughly impressed after stepping out of a test drive of a Lancer VR, i30 SLX, Corolla Conquest, New Kia Cerrato. I was surprised that for a 90kw engine, it just pulled and kept pulling to redline, felt like much more the 90kw!

    when travelling at 100klm in 6th, it is doing just over 2000rpm, squeeze the accelerator and off she goes….IN SIXTH!!!!!…..try that in a 6 speed Corolla conquest, which does 3000rpm in 6th and has absolutely no pull power in 6th.

    I am impressed. Of course, in driveaway prices it is $2000 more expensive to it’s closest civilised competitor, the rolla conquest, but in my opinion, it is worth every cent more. Am getting a ride in the 118TSI when it arrives next week, coupled with a fleet discount, I would say this baby will be my upcoming ride for work for the next 4 years!

    G;ad to hear alo it was built in Germany, othrwise I wouldnt have test drove after the bad reports I have heard of build quality of SA built golfs

  • Glen

    I had word that my new 118TSI DSG will be ready to pick up on Wednesday morning! I can’t wait. i’ll let you know what its like!

  • D

    Brett Maroney,
    It’s not the power that’s giving the car such pick up at low revs – it’s the flat torque curve with a peak of 200nm from 1500-4000rpm. This is more torque than your average 2L N/A engine will provide at a peak of 4500+ rpm. The huge torque spread is why small forced induction engines are so good.

  • MadCow

    After reading a lot of reviews and opinions of this car and the need to change over to a new car (current car is 10 years old) decided to go to the local dealer for a trade in/test drive and seeing the car in its flesh. Was impressed with the build quality, materials used for the cabin. The test drive of the 118TSI was great! Although tyre noise was a bit evident when i was going at highway speed. Was also thinking about the upcoming Mazda3s but the styling of it just bugs me.

    Overall, I was very impressed with the new golf and bought the 118TSI manual straight afterwards, should get it in 2 weeks :)

    I disagree with what some people say about the styling of the new golf. It is a GOLF! if you look at golfs a few Gens back, they don’t look that disimiliar to the Mark V/VI either. At least, it is not going to look dated that quickly :)

  • Boney maroney

    D………………good point, torque is big and starts low. I wonder if a small forced induction engine such as this would burn out faster then say a 1.8L regular engine, like say in the rolla – given they werent thrashed, just driven under normal circumstances. Wonder what the difference would be after 5 years of driving. Any thoughts?

    Glen, I am excited 4 ya. I hope to order my 118 TSI manuel after a test drive….after my experience in the 90tsi, I would say the 118tsi will be a shoe in!

  • Glen

    Thanks Boney Maroney. I’m really looking forward to picking her up on Wednesday. I saw it at the back of the dealership yesterday looking a bit dusty and dirty after being on a ship for a month… covered in all sorts of crap. It’ll be nice to see it all cleaned up!

  • Boney Maroney

    Hey Glen,

    If you don’t mind me asking, what was your driveaway price? They are asking $3k up here for dealer delivery, may have to shop elsewhere!

    spoke to the dealer about service costs….not bad, here they are:

    ……”The service intervals and cost are as follows:
    15000klm/1 year=$247.16
    30000klm/2 year=$418.43
    45000klm/3 year=$247.16
    60000klm/4 year=$652.64
    75000klm/5 year=$247.16
    90000klm/6 year=$418.43

    These costs include parts and labour.

    The cost for the extended warranty is $1600″…….

  • Iain

    Just wanted to say how informed and genuinely nice you all seem to be, best discussion I have seen on the MkVi so far (I’m from Scotland BTW).

    For my 2 cents: I picked my 160hp (118) TSI on Saturday 4th April….and it’s brilliant. Metallic black, manual with 18″ vancouver alloys (which are a necessary extra over standard 17s IMHO), I’m enjoying the drive to work immensely.

    Hope you all get your’s soon.


  • MadCow

    We only get 16 inch alloys as standard on the 118TSIs over here :(

    Just noticed the car I have ordered the build date is 01/11/2008. Should I worry?

  • Glen

    Hi MadCow

    The build date of my car is week 51 of 2008, but has a 2009 compliance plate. If you want a 2009 build date you’d probably be waiting for several months to pick it up. The compliance date is the most important one.

    Yeah, 16 inch wheels, bummer! I upgraded to the sports package which includes 17 inch Seattle rims. I’m heading off to the dealership in an hour to pick up the car!

  • Gidget

    Good one Glen!
    I’m picking up my 118TSI with Sports pack (and ACC) in a couple of week’s time. I’d be interested to know how the sports pack 118TSI drives as I only test drove the standard 118TSI with 16inch alloys. Cheers

  • Hails

    wow, seems that glen get the new golf first.
    I’m thinking of getting a new car at the moment. the choice is either the new golf or hew Mazda 3. personally I like sedan look… but since the golf is such a brilliant car… I don’t know. I really don’t know what to choose.

  • Boney Maroney

    Hails, just drive the new golf and you will be sold……just check the low rpm (2000) at 100ks compared to other engines (usually 3000rpm for regular aspirated – non inducted engines, at 100ks it feels like the golf is hardly working up a sweat……also gently squeeze the accelerator at 100ks to overtake and you will be surprised at the acceleration as compared to a regular engine……I haven’t driven a mazda 3, but looking at how high up the rev range the torque is, I know it aint going to feel as strong performance wise as the golf. I am not a hoon, but acceleration at times can come in super handy (overtaking etc). the interior looks and feels super solid as well……no hard cheap looking plastics either (like the japanese and korean cars….note this is a generalisation, as Ive only seen the interior of the Mazda in pics, not in the flesh – )

    Go on, go for a golf test drive……..let me know your thoughts…..I was sold

  • Golfschwein

    Boney Maroney, the price list, from a Perth dealer, in my possession quotes a $2,000 delivery fee. That’s arrogance. Did you worm yours down to a sensible level?

  • Boney Maroney

    I have only driven the 90tsi so far, but the dealer is giving me the 118tsi to drive for the weekend next weekend. From there the negotiation game begins….. I work for a bank who fleet VW/Toyota/mitsu/ford etc etc, and my employer has agreements with these car makers to allow us one private car purchase a year at fleet prices……….. so the dealer has stated that he is happy to give me fleet prices, which will tie in with a pounding down of the dealer delivery cost also. Mind you I will be getting fleet quotes from a few other delaers to keep my guy honest…..i like the guy, but dont necessarily trust him. Will keep you posted. $3k is far to rich for DD……arrogance I agree

    Hey Glen…… how does your baby go with that sports pack?

  • Boney Maroney

    PS: Golfie, thanks for your research and info, regards, Adam

  • Glen

    Hey There Folks

    Well, I picked up my new car yesterday and I love it all ready. Although, I think the buggers put cheaper fuel in the car so its running a little rough as a result. I’m not sorry I got the sports pack, the wheels alone look amazing, let me tell you! The ride is a little firmer of course, but who cares when the car looks so hot! Gee, put your foot down on the accelerator and the car launches itself like a guided missile. Very impressed. All-in-all the car in candy white with dark tinting, big wheels, mudflaps and sports suspension, this is one really nice looking car. The interior quality has gone ahead in leaps and bounds over the Gen 5 Golf. Well done VW! Love this car!

  • mymiah

    Glen, I am so relieved to hear that you are happy with your purchase (more than just the looks). I am tossing up between the (new) Mazda 3 SP25 and the 118TSI. Am test driving the Golf 2row. Test drove SP25 twice, just doesn’t feel right. The manual gear shift is way back and high, not what I’m used to and Boney Maroney ….I don’t like the ‘cheap looking plastics’. Buying a new car, needs research and real opinions. Thanks guys!

  • mani

    Hi Glen

    I am looking to buy I drove the Impreza RS and I am going to drive Golf Next week TSI one i don’t know which one to go for.

    your advice is very much appreciated

  • Glen

    Hello Mani

    Well, I’m more than a little biased. There’s nothing I don’t like about my new Golf. They’re a bit more heavily priced than most Japanese cars of a smiliar ilk, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality, innovation, safety and performance. This is my third Golf, that should tell you something! If you have any specific questions just go ahead and ask.



  • Tom

    Mani, I’m a mad Suby fan, but I’d say go the Golf. The new Impreza can’t compete for quality, and while the AWD of the Impreza is good for wet roundabouts and weekend mountain blasts, in the real world, and with the new Impreza’s soft setup, it just burns more fuel. And the Golfs handling is pretty screwed down, and the engines have much more low end torque than the NA 2.5L Suby engine.

    Suby reliability however is a massive plus though, VW reliability is good as well, but not Suby good. If you aren’t going to keep the car for more than a decade though, the difference probably won’t be noticed.

  • Boney Maroney


    I ordered a 118tsi yesterday after scrutinising the market in this segment. i tested an RS also (as well as Hyundai I30, New cerato, Ford Focus, Lancer VR), and it was a slug compared to the VW. VW engine has the torque and power of a 2.5, with the fuel efficientcey of a 1.4. Quality and feel of the interior is streets ahead in the VW, the RS was full of hard cold plastics. New conservative VW shape is less likely to date over the kooky looking Subby…..although this is my personal opinion. VW uses almost 50% less fuel compared top the RS, so while yes it will cost you an extra few grand to step into the VW, my opinion is that it is more then worth it.

    the RS has AWD. I owned a GT Forester for 6 years, and whilst AWD is nice, it is not fuel efficient…..and with modern ESC programs in modern cars of this power, it is arguable (as many people have posted already on the RS review on this website) that AWD and safety is a redundant sales arguement when ESC programs are so good. I took a 118TSI and gen V GTi for a run in drizzley weather as part of my weekend test drive, and can confirm that they stick to the road amzingly, and not once did I even feel the ESC kick in. Now if we are talking a WRX, then AWD is almost necessary due to the extra torque and power, but we arent talking that beast so lets not go there.

    When comparing whether to go the 90TSI or the 118TSI, the 118tsi comes with all the extras you would want – read the brochure- tonnes of goodies. To upgrade the 90tsi with a comfort package (alloys, leather steering wheel with audio controls, cruise and a few extras) comes within $2000 of a 118tsi……a 118tsi has amore powerful version of the engine which is just as fuel efficient as the 90tsi, and the 118tsi comes with a few extras over the 90tsi with commfort package (16inch alloys rather then 15s etc)…..so for me the answer was easy….118tsi

    take the 118tsi for a drive, you wont go back to the subby or any other naturally aspirated engine for that matter



  • ,

    Boney// I recommend you to sell your car before warranty expired….

  • Boney Maroney

    I got the extended 6 year (or 160,000klm, whichever comes first) factory warranty – thanks for your concern and recommendation. I update every 4-5 years, so I feel pretty safe

  • Boney Maroney

    PS. Mani, when I said the VW uses 50% less fuel then the subby, that was probably misleading as it was misworded. VW = 6.3L/100klm, subbie is close to 9L. The way I should have phrased it was that the subbie drinks approx 50% more fuel per 100klm when compared to the VW……there, nobody can smack me for this now

  • Boney Maroney

    Regarding the comments on build date. I just purchased mine the other day (month of May), brand new onto the showroom floor a week ago, and it had a build date of Jan 2009, compliance March 2009……….takes a while to get these babies over here from Germany, then through customs and then through compliance testing…..interesting

  • Glen


    Boney, like yours, my car also has a build date of January with March compliance. The car left Germany in early February and arrived here mid-March, only took two weeks to clear Customs which was lucky for me! Not long to go for you now!

  • Boney Maroney


  • observer

    Boney Maroney

    GET A LIFE……If you want to rave on and on and on about your precious little Golf then do it elsewhere like a VW Club site where you can send as many posts as you heart desires……Cant wait.

  • Boney Maroney

    Someone forget their meds Observer? Take a chill pill, this is a blog (you know what that is right?), you can choose to read as much as you want to, or ship what you want……..if you have chosen to read my enthusiastic drivel about a car i have just purchased…….well good on ya…….but the fact you chose to post about it…..hmmmmmmmmm – best go to bed and rest up little man, you have had your excitement for the day

  • Glen

    Gee, its such a shame that people can be so mean spirited even when talking about someone’s new car. What is the world coming to?

  • Glen

    Can’t wait to hear more about your new car Boney, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I’m enjoying mine! I’m still looking for any excuse to hit the bitumen! I’m sure you’ll be the same! Cheers mate.

  • Steve

    Hi guys, whilst being new to this forum, thought I give you my impressions of my new Golf 6 103 TDI. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now after trading in my Mazda3. The gear changing from the DSG is brilliant, so too is the torque delivery from the diesel engine. Handling is fantastic although the ride is a bit firm; I got the optional sportspack. However, I have already made one warranty claim; the outer window frame panel on the drivers door was ‘loose’ and had to be refitted as it made a tapping noise. Seems ok for now. Other than that, it is a brilliant drive.

  • Glen

    Hi Steve

    Interesting that you should mention the tapping, my car has just started doing this as well. Hope its not too much trouble to get it fixed. Also have a bit of a pinging through the break pedal which I’ll need to get checked. I have a feeling it has something to do with the hill start assist feature…

    Other than that, I still love my new car!

  • Steve


    They seem to have rectified mine ok. I provided them with a detailed description of the problem which I emailed to them beforehand (with photos of the suspected troble spot). Let me know if you want me to email you this.

    I still love this car too; during the week it is good practical transport for my wife to drop off and pick up the kids from school, and on the weekend it provides us with more fun than a go-Kart. It still brings a smile to my face everytime I go around a corner!

  • Nick


    Thanks buddy, please keep us updated on TDI as we are all interested…..

  • Nick


    How are you going with the Diesel usage on the car and sport suppression ?

    Thanks again…

  • Steve


    Will do, I’ll plot the figures and get back to you.

    In section 3.5 of the manual(Technical data), concerning Fuel tank capacity, it states 55 ltrs, and then a reserve capacity of 7 ltrs. Does anyone know exactly what this means?


  • Nick

    Hi Steve,

    thanks mate, how do u find the rest of the car ?


  • Glen

    Hi Steve

    Thanks very much for the advice. It’d be great if you can email me the photos, very kind offer. It’ll be interesting to see if its the same spot. Both my driver and front passenger windows make a ticking sound… My email address is tommy1t@hotmail.com



  • Steve

    Hi Nick

    I find the rest of the car pretty good; it probably doesn’t have the high level of quality control of a car made in a Japanese plant, but it is a far more rewarding car to drive than a Japanese car. I love the character of the Golf and especially the DSG transmission; it’s as if someone is sitting next to me changing the gears at all the right times. My Mazda3 never did this. I am hoping this car will last because I want to hold onto it for the long haul.

  • renaldo

    Booney Maroney

    You are correct about this being a post site and being fair to Observer he or she does have a point about your excessive posting.

    Thought you would be out on the road enjoying your new car instead of trading insults?

    Actually I have a question for you….is you car built in South africa or Germany. Also a colleage of mine said that VW Aust source some of their cars from Mexico and China as well…is that true?

  • Mookey Stik

    Hey Renaldo,

    I think your post is unfair. I have actually found Boney’s posts helpful, as i am in the market for a new golf. So Boney, I look forawrd to hearing how your Golf is travelling after you have say 1-2000klms on the clock. Likewise, same from you Glen and Steve.

    I also appreciate Glen’s posts of his experiences. This is a blog, people ask questions, of which Boney and Glen have been actively answering or commenting on. Both yourself and Observer are out of line. If people dont want to read someone’s comments, then dont…it is really that simple! There are far more topics on this site with much more jibba then this thread (check any recent toyota thread – say the recent Corolla reviews) – everything on this thread relates to the car – most toyota threads relate to perceved and unarguable opinions.

    PS: If you had bothered to read further up the thread, you would have read (twice) that all new Gen VI golfs bound for Oz are built and imported from Germany.

    However, previous models of Golf (Gen V golf, Gen V 5 door GTI, GT) come from SA…….some models bound for the US market are actually made in Mexico.

    Peace……….lets stop commenting on commments, and keep the comments on the car flowing….this is what a blog is about

  • Mookey Stik

    Looks like Renalto and Observer are the same person, nothing like backing yourself up under two names hey Observer (Observer seems to be bad cop, and Renalto seems to be slightly better then bad cop, but not quite good cop)……saw your slip up on the review of the Skoda Octavia RS which revealed this,,,,,you got to hate that


    so Boney/Glen and others, it is only one lil person who is upset by all the posts, so just keep them flowing please…..updates when you hit the 1000 and 2000klm mark. the good/bad/ugly

  • Steve

    Nick, to report back on two questions of yours:

    1. I am now quite used to the sports suspension and find it comfortable.

    2. At the last fuel re-fill I had done about 720 klms, and there was approximately 9 ltrs of fuel left in the tank (it took 46 ltrs at the bowser). I did mostly city, but some freeway driving.

    Hope this helps. I wont make anymore posts unless a question is directly asked of me. Many thanks.

  • Nick


    Thank you for your info I’m glad to hear you are happy with the car. I ordered mine last week and it should be here on Monday I’m very excited.. I would like to ask which diesel you use as I hear BP is the best ?


  • observer

    Mookey Stik
    If you are on the market for a new Golf and the Moderator does not mind? I’ll share my experience with the 3 New Golfs that I purchased. There was a time when I was a real fan and ambassodor of the brand….somewhat sceptical nowadays…burnt too many times and did my head in after the 3rd one.

    1. New Mark 3 Golf GL 2.0 Series 1 (Made in Germany)in Dragon Green with beautiful Bone interior optioned with faux woodgrain (Dealer). Way ahead of anything in it’s time in terms of safety and solidness. A bit underdamped and soft but comfortable. All well with just some minor rattles.Soon after the warranty expied 60,000K both front power windows failed within 2 months of each other, rear tail light kept burning out and slow A/C gas discharge leak. The car was written off when a guy ran a Red light and I T-Boned him. Pre-tensioners/Aibags did their job and the body held up well avoiding any serious injuries. Paid around 36K back then when tariffs were higher and no I didnt have the expensive $2,000 ABS option.

    2. Golf GL 2.0 Hot Chili Red (Series 2) Made in Germany with the addition of all colour coded bumpers, Cruise Control and rear head restraints and firmer suspension damping etc. This one was a real gremlin from day 1. Despite running 98Ron Fuel the dealer couldnt sort out the pinging noises from the engine under load, even VW Aust wern’t interested and the problem persisted until I traded it in. Then came the power window problems again (Must of been commom on that model)followed by a ceased water pump, A/C compressor failure, Cruise control only working when it felt like it but the straw that broke the camels back was a an intermentent engine shut down that would randomly come and go which left my pregnant wife of 6 months stranded. This problem couldn’t be identified by 2 different VW dealers and was finally sorted out by a Bosch Authorised service centre (Faulty crank angle sensor) I started to get it service it every 10K instead of 15K….just in case!!!! Time to trade in.

    3. Golf GTI (Mark 4) Made in South Africa (Black/Charcoal)Actually I liked this one nice interior, good perceived quality and an improvement in NVH…extra performance etc.
    Everything was going good until the engine mount packed it it and with the Mrs now needing more room with a growing bubs that was the end of that. 3rd strike out.

    I understand that no car brand is perfect but even the loyal vw fans would have to empathise with that kind of experience. It just got very expensive to service and maintain with time.

    So in my experience it doesn’t matter where the car is made it’s how well they put it together that count…Honda do a great job with their Thailand built line up. The embarrasing driveline failure on the German Built Tiguan during Wheels annual car of the year demonstrates that point best.

    All that aside I do think the latest engine offerings both Turbo Diesel and Turbo/Superchared are a gem. Actually saw a new Golf today in Surry Hills, Sydney nice interior but the external is a little conservative and…a little more styling cue like the next Gen Opel Astra would have been on the money.

    Anyway they will still sell well in numbers regardless. Cheers!!!

  • Steve


    So far I have used Mobil and BP. I’m not too concerned about which of the major brands I use as Australia meets VW’s requirements for diesel fuel quality.

    BTW, the dealer recommended service intervals of 7,500, but VW head office advised me to take it in every 15,000 due to the Australian fuel quality standard referred to above. Head office also told me that the first oil fill contains special run properties that should not be changed before 15,000 klms. Head office were going to contact the dealer to set them straight on this fact.

  • Steve


    I’m interested to know what you drive now and whether it is an improvement over your past experiences.


  • Mookey Stik

    Holy Crap Observer, what a run of bad experiences. Thanks for sharing this info….Glen mentioned above the poor experiences he had with his last two Golfs. Sounds like you are right, goes to show that german made does not necessarily mean better (then SA built etc). A lot of the hope for this new model across many blogs and websites is better build quality due to being german built. So maybe this won’t be the case with Gen VI. Bugger, i will hold off my purchase until they have been on the road for longer and have some build quality credentials!

  • observer

    I defected to a Subaru Forester and find it a nice balance of boot space/ground clearance as we enjoy camping etc. Mechanicaly it hasnt missed a beat and because this is my wifes everyday drive car reliability is paramount as we have a toddler.

    It could do with an extra gear or two and the dash plastics are hard but otherwise we are really pleased. I still checked out the Tiguan as I have a love/hate relationship with VW and think it’s a nice car. I was really serious about the Auto Diesel 6 speed but found the boot space/rear seat accomodation for the booster seat and a space saver spare struck it off our shortlist.

    Mookey Stik,
    If you hold off you’ll probably be able to negotiate a better deal as all car manufacturers hold onto margins when new models are released.

  • VWLover

    Hi Boney and Glen,

    Thanks for you guys sharing your experiences to us. I am looking foward to buy a 118TSI with sports package soon. If you don’t mind, could you please provide us your drive away price and optional list? So I can have a basic sense to deal with the dealer.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Glen

    Hiya VWLover

    I’m glad you’re considering a 118, you won’t regret it. Drive away price ended up being around the 42K mark which included auto transmission, mudflaps, tint, sports package, and all other fees. Hope you can grab a good deal! Here’s wishing you happy car hunting!



  • Steve

    Hi Glen,

    With your sportspack, did you go for the leather optioned seats or cloth sports seats? I went with cloth sports seats, just wondering how the leather is, if you got it. I forget to get mudflaps too, will go back and get them. Also, did you get the adaptive chasis control option? (I did not).


  • Glen

    Hiya Steve

    No, I got cloth seats as well. I find leather a bit uncomfortable during summer. The sports cloth is pretty cool and looks the deal… I didn’t option for the ACC, I would have had to wait around six months to get a car fitted with it. I can’t imagine it making much difference to the overall ride and control. The sports suspension is pretty awesome, coupled with the seriously cool 17inch rims and fat tyres!

    When do you get your car?



  • Dora

    Need Advice. This is my first time to get new car need idea to get the best price. I want to get Candy white 90 tsi golf Drive away $31800 Comfort pack $2200 Total: $34000. Can I get away with $30000? (WA)

  • Steve

    Hi Glen

    I’ve had mine for a month, everything same as yours, (sports pack etc) except I got the diesel. I agree the seats are excellent. The car certainly has a presence about it. But having read more about the TSI engine since then, in hindsight I should have got that! Anyway no matter.


  • Golfschwein

    Mookey Stick, just buy and enjoy. That’s what I did with my Mark V, and I love getting it into it even now at 70,000 kms. Really, very little has gone wrong. If you drive it well, you’ll even have the original brakes last you 69,000 kms, like mine did. That’s a far cry from the fear mongers’ stories.

  • Steve


    $30k may even be difficult here in Vic, and we have lower on roads than WA. maybe $32k is the best you could hope for, but happy for you to prove me wrong!

  • Dora

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the advise, I’ll try with 30K. We’ll see :)

  • VWLover

    Thanks Glen, by the way, I have a question here. Does the tinted window come as standard on 118TSI (not the dark tint with sports, i mean the driver side window)?


  • Glen

    Hi VWLover

    The windows come standard with no tint. They are however supposed to be light absorbing… I still had mine tinted as I prefer the windows that way in our hot WA climate.



  • Nick

    Hi Steve,

    Why would you change from TDI to TSI ? I also got the TDI and look at the TSI but having had petrol cars my whole like decided to try the TDI. I still have not seen good KM’s on the TSI per tank but maybe I’m wrong..

    My tdi is getting around 1489km per tank highway driving and 985km per tank city driving.. and that’s not driving like an old granny…

  • Skibum

    I bought the 118 TSI with the sports package, mud flaps & floor mats. I must have got an extremely good deal – $38,500.00 drive away. I also managed to get a WII Sports console thrown in, as the delaer was having a sale on the day that i picked up the car.

    The car is such a great car to drive.

  • Steve

    I Nick

    I’m still happy with the TDI and intend to keep for a long time, at this stage. I havent been getting the mileage that you have, but during the week my wife uses it to do a lot of short stop/start running (takes the kids to schools, shops etc).

    The only issue I’ve had is a ticking noise coming from the front b-pillar (external window frame). I know Glen had the same issue with his 118TSI. Interested to know if anyone else has this issue as I have fed it back to head office for investigation.

    Other than that, it is a sensational drive.

  • Steve

    Sorry, that should have begun with “Hi Nick”

  • Boney maroney

    Hey Steve,

    My 118tsi has started to get that ticking sound on the front passenger side window. It doesnt tick when the road is dead flat, but on inperfect road (90% of road on NSWE MNC) it ticks away…..it is not loud – if i have any music on, even soft music, or the drivers window down it cant be heard. But do up the windows and turn off the music, and you can hear it, and it is enough to become irritating. Wondering if you would be kind enough to send me through the piccies/notes that you sent VW and Glen, just so I can narrow it down to exactly where it is to give the VW guys the heads up. It is hard to nail down the exact origin of the sound when i am driving. My email is: twodaytrippers@telstra.com

    Regarding milage. I almost have a total of 1000klm on mine, so it is not really worn in. I am just about to empty my first full tank after the dealers misery contribution on pick up. I have just hit the reserve on the tank (where there is 7 litres left) and have done a touch over 800klm (on 48 litres of PULP) , which works out to be approx 6L/100klm . If the last 1/8 tank goes like the rest, I will have managed approx 916klms from the tank. I do a mix of driving, hwy and town…..as I live on the Mid North Coast of NSW, there is not any heavy peak hour city stop start driving, so maybe this helps out my figures. I dont drive conservatively all the time, i love to punt the manual shift in DSG when I feel like a hoon – but mostly I use S or D mode. Not a bad result considering VW figures are combined 6.5L/100klm for the 118TSI.

    I love this car…….even with the tick which I will get remedied ASAP.

  • Boney maroney

    Hi VW Lover,

    I bought my 118tsi (no sports pack) as a fleet vehicle through my employer as i use it for seeing clients all over the MNC of NSW. Adding back the fleet discount, my Candy White 118TSI with muddies, carpet mats, premium dark tint (done via dealer at cost of $595)and cargo net cost $37500 driveaway.

    SkiBum…..sounds like you got a cracking deal, well done.

    I kept the nonessential options down as VW bits and pieces are pretty expensive. e.g. VW dealer quoted me $229 for a genuine VW cord to hook up my Ipod to the AUX input in the console………well, I didnt buy that genuine cord, so went to the apple store and got a “monster” branded cord – $29, and the clarity and sound is excellent – like a CD.

    Now in saying that – I think for an extra $2000, the sports pack option is a great deal if you want to pimp it up a little without being garish!

  • Nick


    Thanks I also love this car and hope to hear more from you as you drive it. I do not have the ticking sound yet but I’m sure it will come.

    Boney maroney,

    thats excellent km for the petrol engine wow really makes me think as there has always been a big difference with petrol and diesel but now nothing @ all.

    I see audi bought out the new a3 and it’s getting amazing results.

    Back to the amazing Golf I think the cabin noise is a little loud on the highway with no stereo from the road/tyres anyone else get this ?

  • Steve

    Nick, it depends on what you’re used to, the road noise in my Golf (with sportspack tyres) is not as loud as the road noise on the car I traded in, Mazda3 Sedan.

    With the ticking, I am detailing these issues back to VW Head Office for a more permanent fix, as this makes 3 of us with the same issue.


  • Glen

    Hi Folks

    Yes indeed, the ticking, its driving me nuts. Only seems to happen when the sun shines on the shiny black strips on the door frames. I’ve also spoken to VW Customer Care and they have promised to investigate. I’ve been told that the pinging vibration through the brake pedal is normal and is apparently the ABS performing self-checks… I’m doubtful… The noise is getting louder and more annoying. I can feel the vibration tapping away under my foot when its on the pedal. This is not normal car behaviour! The VW service guy I spoke to today also (inadvertently) alerted me to a noise which comes from both the supercharger and water pump on the new Golf which is apparently a common reported fault. Thank goodness I don’t have these noises as well. I also have several electronic faults which need to be looked at. All-in-all the annoyances are mouting, but thankfully, the overall driving experience is still pretty good. I’ll let you know what the outcome to all of this is. I’m trying not to dislike my car too much…

  • Boney maroney

    hey Nick

    Yes the efficientcey impressed me. Even with the figures from the brochure, the TSI only uses 1L (or so) of PULP per 100klm more then the diesel on VW testing…….the bonus with the diesel however is the monster torque as you would know from fanging around

    Steve, thanks for the email with piccies and notes. I tried to reply but my lotus notes went all weird and deleted your email address (have been having a few tech glitches lately with my laptop), and your emails. I have forwarded on my reply to Glen with all my contact details and have asked him to send it on to you if he still has your email address. Please email me again (sans pictures) , and write in the subject space your exact email address so i have your details for future correspondance. Thanks Steve for all your effort. BM.

  • http://sbparkie@yahoo.com.au scott

    scott says just bought 1180i
    love it test drove mazda unrefined compaired togolf

  • Steve

    Great stuff Scott. What colour and options (if any).

  • Warmfuzzy

    Bought a 118TSI, automatic, metallic paint, adaptive chassis control, park assist with rear view camera, satellite navigation with dynaudio, media device interface, foglights, and alarm. You never can tell, but I have the impression I got an ok price. $42,000 drive away in Sydney.

    Just moved back to Australia: it’s my 6th car, but only the second time I’ve bought a new car. Planning on staying in Australia, so I wanted a car that I could like for a long time.

    Now I just have to wait for it to be built and shipped from Germany. It’s expected in November…

  • VWLover

    Well, finally bought my car.

    118TSI DSG, Sports Package, Adaptive Chassis Control, Window Tint, Floor Mats. Drive away $35300. I think the price is not bad.

    The car will be here by early August. Can’t wait….

    Thanks for those people helped me!!!

  • Boney maroney

    Ticking noise solved, wasnt the windows, just a bracket that dislodged in the glovebox and ended up fixing itself in the far passenger side vent creating a ticking noise. Fixed a week ago, no further issues……love my TSI!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad Sarajlic

    Why is my comment still “awaiting moderation”

  • Boney maroney

    Hey Mirsad,

    Glen has this noise from his supercarger as well, but has been told that it is a charactoristic of the car. Glad to hear you got it sorted……..will send him to your youtube vid……………many thanks for sharing

  • Glen

    Thanks for sharing Mirsad. Its good to know that there is a solution for this very annoying issue. I also bought my car at Osborne Park and have it serviced at John Hughes. The Service Foreman there told me about your story with the supercharger and that they had replaced it with no impact on the noise. I will speak to him tomorrow about the solution Wangara found…
    I’m also having serious issues with my brake pedal. It makes a donging noise every time you put your foot on the pedal and there’s also a tapping on the sole of your foot. VW initially said that this was “normal” and that it was a “characteristic” of the car. They changed their minds and the brake pedal assembly was replaced along with the servos and electronics. The noise has come back and the whole job is going to be re-done next week. My car has been off the road 7 days in the space of 3 months and will be off the road for 5 days straight while they try and fix the brake pedal issue again and other problems the car is experiencing. If you have anything else to share feel free to email me at tommy1t@hotmail.com
    Cheers and thanks again for sharing.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad Sarajlic

    Comment about squealing noise like “normal”, “characteristic”, “acceptable” … where in VW GOLF or TSI engine brochure (tried to find it on VW Australia, VW UK and VW Bosnia and Hercegovina websites) you can find any indication about “characteristic supercharger noise” they are talking only about “subtle yet luxurious refinement” and “vehicle runs even more quietly” which is not exactly describing squealing annoying noise… we are talking about car of the year
    I asked JHVW foreman how I can sell my car with this noise telling the buyer this is normal … who would buy it …

  • Glen

    I know what you mean Mirsad. Who would buy a car with noises like that? They will straight away assume that something is seriously wrong with it. I am dealing with Jutta Dierks the Managing Director of Volkswagen Australia and have been emailing every detail to her. I hope to be able to get all of these issues sorted out very soon. My car at the moment sounds old and like its falling apart. VW even asked me yesterday if I have been driving the car very aggressively! I guess suggesting that its wearing out all ready… Its been a VERY disappointing purchase and I will NEVER buy another VW…

  • Golfschwein

    I see somebody, obviously aggrieved, has been going though the comments and giving a thumbs down to every positive comment from people waiting for their new Golfs and the like.

    Mine’s expected soon. Not the car, I mean the thumbs down.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad Sarajlic

    I still don’t understand is thumb for car or usefulness of comment … I thing it is second one.
    In the other hand you have a right to be disappointed and angry … You had big expectation (car of the year & engine of the year, great reviews nobody mentioning squealing noise, made in Germany) not cheap (at least for me) and than they are telling you that noise is normal (like you are not normal to complain about that)
    You should see letter form VW Australia telling me that noise is normal.
    I was reading reviews on this ( and many other sites) but i did not want to post my comment until I record noise (description is subjective … what is whining noise for one can be squealing for other … for somebody it is annoying for other it is expectable) and receive something in writing from VW Australia.
    I hope that can help us as well as VW to find solution (if in my case it was only lubrication between two metal plates I am sure that VW “experts” can find solution for that (something more permanent than lubrication from time to time)

    I like this car (without squealing noise) with squealing noise I would not buy it

    Apology – my English (it is not even my second but third language)

  • Steve


    Have you had any issues with a ticking/tapping sound coming from the drivers door? Glen and myself have. I have not had the other issues described by Glen and yourself, but then again I dont have the supercharger (mine is a Golf6 2.0 TDI.). Just interested to know. Kind regards


  • Saveferris

    Is this a major issue with just the DSG 118 TSI Golfs or does it also affect the manual 118 TSI Golf’s.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

    Hi Steve,
    Only ones – only for a few minutes … I was thinking it was sun heat expanding something.

    Does it affect other Golf VI models – no idea…

  • Glen

    I have been told that the glass in the golf will expand 1mm in heat. This is the ticking sound that can be heard. If its this noisy in winter, what will it be like in summer!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad Sarajlic

    I am driving mine from 9th of March and it was hot at that time … I think it is condition when is generally cold and sunny … it is worm inside of the car (expending) cold (despite sun) outside … temperature dif.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

    Anybody experiencing noise like ta…ta…ta like tractor – just for a few seconds when you accelerate just slightly faster from standing position.

  • Glen

    hi mirsad

    yes, my car is now making this noise as well. I’m getting it looked at next week.

  • Morgan

    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to say that I love my 118 TSI!!! Its lovely to drive and looks extremely good. However I have the same problem as well with the supercharger. That ‘squeal’ is driving me crazy!! I am trying to drive my car less often hoping that Volkswagen Australia finds a fix for this problem before my 15,000 service. Im at 5,500 Now.

    Wish me luck!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

    Hi Morgan,
    If it is the same “squeal” that I posted on You tube than you can contact Ray Robinson Service manager from Wangara VW (Western Australia).
    You can sent him an email on:
    Unfortunately I can’t enter normal email address (comment is not going through with some signs) or You can find email address on Wangara Volkswagen website under department – service.
    He can tell you what he lubricated on my Golf (I am last 2 months without noise)
    He told me that is OK and that he is going to answer (there is difference between manual and DSG)

    Good Luck

  • Boney maroney

    Mine has just started to do the Supercharger squeak as well, at 5250klms. Usually when under load (going up a hill) changing from 7th to 6th or 6th to 5th.

    Taking it to the dealer soon. Thanks for Ray Robinsons details, I will have my dealer contact him if they havent worked out how tio fix it.

    Mirsad, Is your still squeal free after the fix? How long has it been, in time and kilometres?


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

    I think it is 7 – 8 weeks about 3000 km … no noise hope it will stay like that (tach wood) is it permanent – service manager could not tell me.

  • VWLover

    Hi Boney maroney, my golf seems produce the same tick noise as you described. How did you fix it? Can you kind enough to send me the details to my email address?wangruiqi15@hotmail.com

    Thank you very much!!

  • Boney Maroney

    VW dealer said no fix to my squeal. Read the tech Bull from VW which said there is no fix, and VW advised against lubrication for warranty purposes.

    Not happy. i am certainly not going to put up with this……..will be trading out of the car ASAP before I lose too much value.

    Squeal is getting more frequent and louder. Shame, it is a fantastic drive, uses buggerall petrol, has great features, but also this irritation. VW said I need to accept the noise as a charactoristic. Funny, this is a known problem with the car, and yet they still have the hide to sell them off, knowing there will be this issue. That is Piss weak. When will the motoring media start mentioning this in magazines.

    VWLover, will send you an email today

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

    After 2 months 3000 km squealing noise is back,
    Next week I am going back to VW dealer.

    B. M. did you have chance to see that Tech. Bull. from VW…I am interested in that part about lubrication (In my car one dealer replaced w/pump after 4000 km because of noise… noise was back after 2 weeks-other dealer cleaned and lubricated something and it was OK for 2 months and 3000 km… Next week I am going back to second dealer
    I am not sure (I am not technical person and after reading your comment – I am concern) what was lubricated but when I was making appointment today I told him about that Tech Bull… but he was not aware about that
    Do You have any more details from or about that Tech Bull from VW was the comment about lubrication in or if you have anything else…

  • Boney Maroney

    Hey Mirsad

    I skimmed through the Tech Bulletin at the bits the service manager was pointing out. I read that VW said that there would be no work done under warranty any more for this problem……..so no more parts (like water pumps) or labour under warranty…..all costs for trying to remedy this goes back to the dealer and the consumer.

    It went on to say that THERE IS NO FIX for this issue.

    I didnt see on the tech bull about lubrication and warranty. This was verbal, from the dealer, so I am not sure if he is making assumption from the tech Bull, or if this came directly from VW Aust when he called them, as he was asking then about the lubrication as I told him about your car and what your service manager did to solve the issue.

    I am disappointed big time……..good luck Mirsad. I am so sorry your squeak has come back. Mine is loud and irritating now….I turn the CD on and wind the windows up just so I cant hear it.

    I am shopping for another car today (which includes Golf TDI)

    Glen got his supercharger problem fixed 100%……but I will let him tell you about that.

  • Glen

    Hi There

    Yep, I fixed my chirp for sure, went and sold the damned car! I couldn’t stand any more hassles with what is without question the worst car you could ever imagine owning. I felt such a relief when I signed the contract for my new Zoom Zoom car.

    The Golf’s chirp came back in full yesterday and that was the deciding factor, and of course all the other ongoing issues. VW, you should be ashamed of yourself, I was a loyal customer now I’m bad mouthing you and your cars to as many people who will listen… If you had of shown some care and concern I may have gone on being a loyal customer for many years to come. VW, YOU SUCK!

    I would strongly recommend to anyone considering buying a VW to think again.

    Boney and Mirsad I truly wish you luck with your cars, I hope you have a far better outcome than me…

  • Ian

    Glen, Boney, Mirsad

    Thanks for cataloguing your problems – really sorry it didn’t work out for you Glen.

    I’ve been seriously thinking about the new golf, despite vague warnings about reliability. And then I came upon this thread. And that put the nail in the golf coffin for me…until I just had a bit of a re-read and realised the main issue was with superchargers. Fortunately I’m only thinking of the 90 TSi – ie no supercharger involved.

    So any particular known issues with the 90 TSi? Apart from the pretty well documented VW dodgy build lottery that is. It still seems a bit too much like throwing the dice to me. But man they seem such nice cars!

    • Golfschwein

      Buy and enjoy, Ian. I’m up to 75,000 kms in my Mk5 and htere’s no sign of the fabled dodgy build quality. Shame about the supercharger squeak that some write of here, but mine’s been a joy.

  • Lee Roberts

    Wow. After reading this forum and have second thoughts about spending a considerable amount of money on a new golf. It seems most of the rattle and squeak problems are not with the 103 TDI, is that correct? It must be so dissappointing to be treated like some have. Why don’t companies learn to do the right thing by its customers?

  • Boney Maroney

    Hey Lee

    Disappointing for sure. Glen had a real rought trot.

    yeah, the nasty squeak is on the ii8tsi. Only issues I have heard about with the TDI from owners are the usual interior rattles VW come with. I am considering trading into a TDI if the dealer looks after me on price. Currently in negotiation.

    Ian: I am not aware of any issues with the 90tsi engines, no other forums mention any issues so far. Glen mentioned that his dealer had said that they have a boatload of 90TSIs on the wharf at Fremantle, with issues with the computers. Apparently will be released once parts/upgrades arrive from Germany

    Shame there are issues with the 118tsi…….such a premium drive apart from the supercharger squeak and interior rattles. Built in germany = better build quality….dont believe it for a second.


  • Jeff

    Hi All,

    I just bought a 118tsi and waiting for it to be shipped in from oversea’s. Just wondering if you guys know if the squealing noise is bound to happen on this car, or are you just the unlucky bunch who got a bad batch.

    Look forward to your response’s.


  • Boney Maroney

    According to VW, the squeak is normal and is a charactoristic of the 118tsi. So when I asked the dealer…”so does this mean every 118tsi will get this…” his answer was “YES, they do expect the squeak to become apparent due to the design of the car”……. That was at the point that i was pushing for a swap, so even that sounds fruitless.

    There are 4 other chat sites, 2 Aussie, and 2 O/S on which this issue is a hot topic…a quick goggle of the issue will spade it up for you.

    I personally think it is pi$$weak they are selling this car with this known fault for which there is NO FIX….you know, being car of the year and all.

    Despite what has been said Jeff, i hope you dont get the squeak

    • Jeff

      Hi Boney,

      Thanks for your prompt response and thanks for the information. I’ll try Google the other chats sites about this problem. I just got my fingers crossed that I don’t get that squeak.

      I got the works for this car black Metallic paint, sunroof, full park assist, sports pack, leather seats and I’m looking forward to taking it home. If this doesn’t work out maybe I’ll upgrade to a GTI…


  • Horst Flugel

    Hi All,

    I understand that the squeaking sound of the 118kw TSI engine comes from a faulty water pump. VW is apparently working on a new water pump which should be available in about October/ November 2009 for replacement. Hopefully, this will solve the unfortunate squeaking some owners experiencing.


    • Boney Maroney

      Hey Horst, this is great news……is this info direct from VW, or is it a rumour off one of the VW forums?

      VW Australia would NOT confirm with me if they were working on a fix – ever

  • Horst Flugel

    Hey Boney,

    I obtained the info from a German motor forum. A forum member claimed that he already got a new water pump installed and that, after the installation, the squeaking stopped. VW has so far not made any official statement, but it can be assumed that, because of the many complains, they are working on the problem. The latest statements from other members of the forum is, however, not so positive. They seem to think that, at this stage, the solution of a new water-pump should still be regarded as a rumor. Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed.


  • constantinos

    Hi guys,

    Got exactly the same skueaking noise problem on my 2 months old 118tsi in Cyprus! It seems that the skueak occurs whenever i press a bit harder on the accelerator regardless of the engine revolutions. Noise is hardly heard with the stereo on and the windows up, but still is irritating because i know about it! Problem is more evident on winding roads when you need to move your foot on the accelerator more “dynamically”.

    I have also observed a rattle on the dashboard but I located the problem on the chrome rim around the gauges.

    Other than that (!) it is a great car. It’s a pity.

  • Horst Flugel

    Hey Boney,

    I obtained more info from Germany regarding the proposed new water-pump. A member of the German Motor-Forum has contacted VW, and he was advised that a solution to the squeaking problem was forthcoming. Apparently a redesigned water-pump/belt-disk-combi can already be ordered in Germany. He was not given a date by which the new device will be ready to be built in.
    It is hoped that the new coupling will eliminate the unnerving squeaking caused by the present magnetic coupling of the water-pump. Things are starting to look positive at last.



    • Boney Maroney

      Holey crap Horst, that is great news.

      I spoke to VW Australia again today, who said that VW was NOT working on a fix for the sound, because they said there was nothing wrong with the design of the vehicle they kept using the word charactoristic again and again and again.

      Obviously the left hand doesnt know what the right one is doing……doesnt surprise me…….VW customer support has been far less then supportive….should change their department name to VW Spin and Palm off Department.

      I hope this is true Horst, it would give me back my sanity……thanks for the update

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

        I called VW Technical Support (David) today … want to ask them about other problem…
        As soon as I used words 118 TSI and W/pump he hanged up … I called after few seconds – no answer … I left massage that somebody call me … no call.
        About my other problem
        Somebody described it as rattling noise
        In my case I am not sure is it rattling noise … it is difficult to describe noise (especially for me… English is not my first language)
        In my case it sounds like ta…ta…ta like tractor, or 2 stroke engine – just for a few seconds when you accelerate just slightly faster from standing (or constant slow driving) position.
        It happened 7 – 8 times in 6 months (yesterday twice).
        I stopped (it was just a few degree up hill) and when I accelerated (slightly faster … not more than 4000 rpm) the noise was so laud and disturbing that I stopped after few hundred meters to see is my exhaust system still there.
        In that few seconds it sounded like I was dragging my exhaust sys. or some metal pot on cobblestone.
        Otherwise it is not so laud only disturbing and embarrassing
        I couldn’t reproduce it when I was visiting dealer

        • Boney Maroney

          Hey Mirsad

          Glen had this issue. I am sure in his instance they replaced his DSG. Oh, and the DSG they put in started to fail as well.

          The Oz forums have a couple of guys with DSG being replaced. Sounds like they could have done more testing with the new 7 speeder.

  • Horst Flugel

    Hey Boney and Mirsad,

    Further to my earlier posts, a member of the German Motor-Forum living in Switzerland, has contacted the Swiss General-VW-Importer and he was told that by the end of 2009, at the latest, a solution to the squeaking problem of the 118 kw TSI will be available.

    Regarding VW Australia, I think that they are just following the official policy line, that is, not to divulge any information until there has been an official statement from VW-Germany. I think this is fair enough. The official instruction to VW dealers seems to be not to change any water-pump, as the current ones can lead to the squeaking problem ( my interpretation of info received). A mystery is that apparently only a certain proportion of 118 kw TSI’s are affected.

    Any rattling noise should be attended to by a dealer under warranty.

    It may also be of general interest that, of 500,000 Golf’s sold ( July 2009), only 1,328 (2.68%) were 118 kw TSI’s, whereas 11,489 (23.22%) were 90 kw TSI’s, which of course are not affected, as they have no compressor. The rest were 59kw motor’s, TDI’s, TSI’s (GTI’s), and 75kw motor’s.

    I hope the info will lift your mood.


    • Boney Maroney

      I hope this is true Horst. I would be nice for VW Aust to at least tell effected owners that they are working on something, you know, to give them some hope. repetitively saying there is nothing wrong, and nothing to fix just pi$$es me off.

      Thanks for the update Horst


  • Jeff


    I originally was going to purchase a tsi118 with leather/metallic paint/sunroof/tint/full park assist for $39,700 (which I thought was a really good deal). But after coming across this website, various forums and speaking to the dealer regarding the squealing noise. I decided NOT to get the tsi118 as I did not want to risk purchasing a car that will potentially squeal with a “no fix” solution to it. Because I already put a deposit down for the tsi and could not withdraw from the deal, so I had to get something else, instead I got a MK5 Blk GTI with leather/tint for $43,500(not sure if he gave me the best deal for this, as he may have got annoyed because I didn’t want the tsi).

    Just wondering what your thoughts are. Did I make the right choice?


    • Boney Maroney

      Sounds like a good price Jeff. My local dealer has a MK5 red GTI with factory fit sunroof for $44500 dway. HAd a drive in it before I bought my TSI. They stick to the road like Sh!t to a blanket (that is a saying from my dad – I dont actually know how well sh!t does stick to a blanket – but I assume it sticks well) GTI Engine sounds way better – very sporty exhaust note. Noticably quicker then the TSI. TSI is much quieter, seems more refined – which is why I bought it.

      Right decidsion – no such thing. Is a personal choice my man. I personally like the look of the MK5 more then MK6. In the end I would prefer a car that didnt chirp/squeal when under load, and considering VW Aust are still saying that there will be no fix to the squeal, I think you probably made a wise choice given the information you currently have.


  • Horst Flugel

    Hi Jeff,

    I know of a number of enthusiasts in Germany, who have bought or ordered the MK6 GTI in favor of the 118 kw TSI. Their argument is that, if you want performance, the GTI is still the first choice. The MK6 GTI has only 7kw more power than the MK5 GTI and is otherwise, except for a few small body changes and technical improvements, not much different to the MK5, so I understand. Sure, the GTI uses more fuel than the 118 kw TSI, but if you call up it’s power it also easily uses 10 L/100km. Anyway, as you know, fuel use is very much related to your right foot, and you can also drive the GTI economically, if you wish.

    Even so I personally prefer the appearance of the MK5 GTI, particularly in black, it is just not the latest incarnation, and this may affect the resale value, if you want to sell it one day. If you don’t mind this, I don’t think there is anything wrong with your choice. In regard to price, I cannot comment, but it seems to me acceptable. Anyway, enjoy your GTI and drive defensively. Good luck.


  • Freddy C

    sorry but this is beyond plain and ugly. VW need to employ a designer for their small cars. No wonder this thing is hardly selling at all compared to mazda3s etc.

    • Aesthetic Referee

      Indeed, Freddy. Perhaps VW’s designers could improve the Golf by adding a huge grinning face-style radiator intake. Then everyone would be happy…especially the car!

  • Freddy C

    Yea doing that would at the very least make it look like someone tried to style it as opposed to resorting to build a box with some curves. Some people may like it for its “conservative” look, but i think it fails at that. Seriously, this car looks outdated by 1990 standards. Please get an a3 instead.

  • Horst Flugel


    In answer to the views expressed In regard to the shape of the VW Golf VI, I think, one has to understand that VW has to preserve the historic simplicity of the Golf, first introduced in 1976. VW leaves fancy design to others and rather concentrates with each new model on increasing quality, improving drivability and economy, and bettering refinement instead. In Germany, which is perhaps the biggest market for the Golf, this is expected from VW. A VW Golf must always look like a Golf and like nothing else. This, I think, is the principal philosophy guiding the VW engineers and designers. So far VW has been very successful with this.


    • Carfanatic

      Golf didn’t win world car of the year 2009 for nothing.

      Keep up the brilliant work VW.

  • Horst Flugel

    Hey all 118 kw TSI owners,

    Latest info from the German motor forum indicates that a new water pump, with a modified magnetic coupling, which eliminates the squeaking noise experienced by some owners, is likely to be ready for delivery to German dealers in early November 2009. It should be available in Australia hopefully shortly after that. Exchange will apparently be under warranty.


    • Boney Maroney

      I certainly hope this is true Horst. My chirp is getting louder and much more frequent. I am within a bee’s dick of trading it. In fact, I am speaking to an Audi and BMW dealer this weekend.

      I will ask my VW service guy to check if there is any truth in these rumours…….not expecting a positive response. Gen V GT TSI drivers have had this problem for years, and no fix, so I dont know why they would bother now if the 118tsi makes up such a small percentage of sales. The noise is afterall a “Charactoristic of the Car” – YAY – CAR OF THE YEAR – GO YOU GOOD THING!!!!!

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

      Hi Horst,

      From Your name it is looking to me that you have German background… so if You are taking part in German forums do You have any information about problems with 90TSI and GTI (sorry but I am losing (not using) my Deutsch.. or if You can post link to forums


    • my1stgolf

      Hi Horst,
      I am new to this website, but have read with nervous interest your comments and helpful information regarding a hopeful solution to an annoying squeak caused by
      a poorly designed magnetic coupling attached to the water pump on the TSI 118 of which I currently have on order with ETA of 14th Nov.
      After reading the poor feedback from VW to Boney Maroney, I am now concerned about this fault that it seems VW are trying to pretend doesnt exist.
      You mentioned the new water pump was due in Aus after Nov 09 and that it would be exchanged under warranty. My question is….will this be done on all new TSI’s or only those who’s owners already have the problem.
      This is my first Euro car and it took a while of comparing to other small hatches, the closest initially was the Mazda 3 sp25, but I prefered the more solid feel and refined drive of the Golf…..now the wait has so anxiety mixed in too….sad you are having a bad run Boney Moroney

      • Boney Maroney

        Hey there. Welcome.

        On another VW site forum , there is an Aussie guy who’s Gen VI Golf wont rev past 2000rpm in second gear, and when in second gear it smells like buring rubber. You will find it with a quick search.

        Guess what VW said to him………….”this is a charactoristic of YOUR car!” I couldnt believe they gave him the same excuse they were giving me!

        Even if they do fix this I am still getting out. I have no trust in the brand when they make excuses like this not to fix things under warranty. Makes one think that the 3 year warranty means jack sh!t.

        In echoing a former member and former TSI owner (GLEN) “You suck VW” and I agree!

        If I wanted a car with crappy quirks I would have biught a PUG

        • my1stgolf

          Thanks for the info

          From things I have heard about other car dealers also giving customers the run around and not ackowledging valid concerns,myself being one of those customers with another dealer in the past, you dont always get to find these things out until you have a issue AFTER buying the car,so it appears to be just good luck if you dont have any problems,or luck of the draw as to who you end up dealing with when there are concerns.
          from things I have read almost weekly, there have been many customers with the same safety issues on their Ford Territories, but Ford initially wouldnt
          fix this ndr warranty or acknowledge there was a design floor, yet the same issue affected many customers…..anyway didn’t mean to get off track as this is about the Golf 118TSI….

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi Mirsad,

    The 118TSI is the only twin-charger of the current Golf models (compressor and turbo), and therefor the only motor affected by the squeaking noise. The 90TSI and the GTI are not affected as they don’t have a compressor in addition to a turbo-charger. One should also note that, mysteriously, not all 118TSI’s are affected, but just a certain proportion only. The link to the German motor forum:


    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

      Hi Horst,
      I am aware that 118TSI is only one with squealing noise problems… I was looking for any other issue.

      My 118 TSI is producing other noise (not regularly but about 15 times in last 5 months)
      When driving at constant speed (about 1300rpm – 7th gear) … if i try to accelerate car produce noise like (described by somebody) “plumbing from the engine to the exhaust came loose” and only 2 times it was so loud it was looking like “the exhaust would literally shake itself to bits”
      Some people are talking about rattling noise, to me it sounding like exhaust is not fixed or like 2 stroke engine… ta…ta..ta .
      Unfortunately I could not reproduce it when visiting dealer.

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi Mirsad,

    It seems that it is not possible to send any forum links. Please try to Google the German motor-talk forum. You may be able to work yourself through that way. In regard to the 90TSI and the GTI there appear to be no problems I know of.


    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

      Danke schon Horst

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi Boney,

    Yes, the V GT TSI motors, if they are twin-chargers, can also develop the squeaking problem. As I indicated before, the noise is related to the magnetic coupling of the water pump and only occurs with the twin-chargers. There have been a lot of complaints about this squeaking on the German motor-talk forum relating to the current 118TSI, and according to the info supplied on the forum, VW is close to a remedy. So I would wait a bit, even if it is difficult to be patient under the circumstances, before I would take any action which you indicated. Once this squeaking problem is solved, you will be happy again with your Golf, I am sure.


  • my1stgolf

    Hi Horst,
    I am new to this website, but have read with nervous interest your comments and helpful information regarding a hopeful solution to an annoying squeak caused by
    a poorly designed magnetic coupling attached to the water pump on the TSI 118 of which I currently have on order with ETA of 14th Nov.
    After reading the poor feedback from VW to Boney Maroney, I am now concerned about this fault that it seems VW are trying to pretend doesnt exist.
    You mentioned the new water pump was due in Aus after Nov 09 and that it would be exchanged under warranty. My question is….will this be done on all new TSI’s or only those who’s owners already have the problem.
    This is my first Euro car and it took a while of comparing to other small hatches, the closest initially was the Mazda 3 sp25, but I prefered the more solid feel and refined drive of the Golf plus I had mostly positive reviews on this car.
    Now I wait with nervous anticipation…..any more news on this would be appreciated

  • Frank

    I believe in the GTI format, the MK5 version is a slightly better looking car than the new model and additionally the newer model is larger and slightly heavier. Based on all of the articles it seems the newer model is quieter and has a more refined ride than the old, but only slightly. There are however certainly more creature comforts and options over MK5 and personally I like both cars from the design point of view and would not say one is better than the other.

    It will be interesting though to see how the Polo develops as it has now grown to the MK3 Golf in size. With the right engine configurations and with possible higher power to weight ratios the new Polo may just well be the next GTI of choice. Wait and see.

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi my1stgolf,

    According to the info from the German motor-talk forum, VW is well aware of the squeaking problem experienced by some ( but apparently not all ) 118TSI owners, and will exchange the existing water pump with a new redesigned one for those owners who experience the squeaking noise. According to the experience of owners in Germany, the squeaking usually starts after around 3,000 kilometers. You my actually not be affected at all, so I wouldn’t worry at this stage. We just have to wait and see how things develop.


  • my1stgolf

    Yep…..that sounds logical,thanks Horst.
    I had read quiet a few reviews(all mostly positive on the 118 TSI) in order to help me make waht ended up being a hard decision between the Golf and another Hatch. What I had failed to do was read the comments until today…..after I had placed order on car of course.
    I actually felt happy with my choice at the time and the dealership I have been dealing with has been brilliant, would recommend them to any of my friends…..so
    I am going to show them the comments regarding this problem just so they know I am now aware there has been problems with some 118 TSI\’s and I will be seeking their support in helping me deal with VW should the need arise, I just think VW should be proactive and change the water pump if a customer requests it regardless, really for peace of mind.
    I do very low mileage in my cars so may take a while to even do 3,000kms, but in view of what I have read, maybe a few long weekend drives may be in order….
    thanks so much Horst for your informative comments, can you please let us all know as you hear on the German forum from anyone once they have had the swap, to see if that does fix the problem…..being a female, I hope not to have the same experience with VW tech service as both Boney or Mirsad should I have to deal with them GRRRRR

  • Glen

    Well, I had the ‘pleasure’ of dealing with VW Australia and they threatened to sue me for what they termed, “harassment”. There was even talk of involving my employer if I contacted them again. I couldn’t stand the issues with my car any longer. My chirp started well before 1000kms as did all the other problems which resulted in more than $30 000 of repairs being done. The transmission would probably have needed to be replaced for the second time too. It was failing badly in the last few days I had the car. VW’s supposed customer care is non-existent. They should be ashamed of themselves. They lost a good customer here. I had three Golfs, never again….

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

      Hi Glen,
      What are the symptoms of failing transmission in Your case

      Thank You

      • Glen

        Hi Mirsad

        My transmission was making very rough and clunky gear changes. The noise was quite noticeable in the front passenger side of the car. VW replaced the DSG but I was having problems with that too, the transmission was slipping out of gear into neutral and the clunking rattling noise int he front of the car weas becoming worse. At times the car was blowing clouds of black smoke under acceleration which was not normal at all.

        I also had a very loud banging noise underneath the car when accelerating up or down an incline. I don’t know what this was.

        The whole car was a lemon.

    • unbelieveable

      Go to consumer affairs.

      • unbelieveable

        Sick of car companies bullying people with their corporate might.
        Document everything. Request a written response to all your complaints/problems.
        Google consumer affairs in your state. Contact them!
        I once delt with a nasty Toyota dealership in Melbourne. When I had bought a car I discovered the rings were shot. They had used stop smoke to cover it up but it would burn the whole sump of oil over 300ks. Lucky for me I checked it before it seized. They ended up rebuilding the engine when the nice people from consumer Affairs Victoria contacted them. Expect them to be nasty and obnoxious just be dilligent in following due course.
        Another thing I have seen done in QLD was a family that were sold a lemon would piquet the car dealership every weekend with “sold me a lemon” signs. You should have seen people avoid that dealership!
        You can also write to dubdubdubDOTnotgoodenoughDOTorg/
        Power to the consumer and don’t be intimidated!

        • Glen


          Did all that. Consumer Protection couldn’t help, they even examined the car. They said as long as VW was trying to fix the car they were fulfilling their obligations. All Consumer Protection can do is try to prove that the car was in an un-saleable condition when it was sold to me, but of course that’s impossible…

          I dumped the car and bought from another manufacturer. Sad to think that VW is now trying to sell it for what I paid for it with 4000kms on the clock and a whole raft of problems to boot.

  • golfgirl

    after reading your interesting blogs and seeing that you are pretty up to date on the German forums, can you tell me if the new Golf GTi has been released over there?
    If so, what sort of feed back is this getting please, I hear its due to be released in Aus next month, any flaws so far? Sounds like the TSI 118 has had some issues, but I am under the impression that the new GTi V1 will have the same motor as the GTi V but with a little more power, and its a different motor to the TSI 118, so maybe wouldnt have the same squeak, chirp noise? Am I right with this?

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi golfgirl,

    The GTI VI is being sold in Germany already, and at this stage, I haven’t heard anything negative about it. In fact the owners are all full of praise at this stage. You are right, the GTI VI has the same motor as the GTI V, except that it has around 7 kw more power. Since the GTI has no twin-charger as the TSI 118, there is no squeak or chirp noise.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad


    But I think MKV is coming with 2l FSI and MK VI with 2l TSI engine (without supercharger)… which is more powerful version of 1.4TSI – engine from 118TSI (but with supercharger)

  • nothanks

    Why buy a lemon? VW cars are regarded as a problem box in USA…Most mechanics love VW…Ha Ha Ha…

  • Horst Flugel

    As far as I know, both, the GTI V and the GTI VI have a 2 L engine with a Turbo-charger. The only difference is that the GTI VI has about 7 kw more power. I don’t know why VW changed the name of the engine from FSI to TSI. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this?

    • zahmad

      Its an entirely new engine altogether….check out the engine code’s…

  • golfgirl

    Thanks for replying Horst.

    The reason for my query is because my bosses wife owns the GTi V Pirelli, and I asked him if they had any problems with it and he said apart from a small electrical problem that was rectified promptly, they love it.

    I want to update my current car (non WV) to something smaller and having only had Japanese made, have been happy with reliability in the past, found the test drive in the Golf 118TSI to be great and very keen UNTIL I read customers comments on this website, not much in the market that I like at the moment in the way of smallish hatch with all the creature comforts, yes i have 3 times driven the Mazda 3 sp 25, and even the Mazda 6 sports luxury, prefered that to the 3 personally, except for 1. Non heated leather seats (non optional)2. Lack of power and torque for size of car. Customer reviews on this car have been much more positive though?
    Any other good websites to view info apart from this one, carsguide, car showroom?
    Oh what to do and in the mean time I want to sell my car before end of year because in Jan it will be 5 yrs old and depreciate more, love my current car but only want to update and get away from black with Vic water restrictions it always looks dusty

  • my1stgolf

    Hi to Horst, Glen, BM,Mirsad,Steve & Nick

    well after placing order on 118TSI as earlier mentioned and reading every single thread on this website, my anxiety got the better of me and I am no longer geting this car. Will wait to see if a fix happens first.
    Today I read every comment from the beginning and if I stopped at page 1 of the oldest comments, I would have been so excited to get this car in my garage, just like you other 118 TSI owners all were in the beginning….

    Now I wanted an update from both Steve & Nick please….how are your TDI’s going, obviously they are not affected by the twin charger problem, but Steve I think you had some tap noise with the window pane? Has that ever been fixed, and how are you both finding the diesels still? Any new developments, have you had them serviced yet, arent diesels more expensive to service? My biggest problem is I dont do enough Kms to probably warrant the bigger price tag,

    Also Boney, how about an update from you,- how did the trip go to BMW and Audi? Have you traded in yet, AND you had said about changing over to a TDI? What happened to change your mind there?
    Horst can you please keep us informed on the water pump update as news comes in please, not sure which way to go but will keep watch on this site…it has been very enlightning…oh and how is the Mazda going Glen? Which zoom zoom did you get?
    May have to change my name now to no1stgolf? :-( Just a hint for BM, can you past the links in when you mention other ones to visit as opposed to just saying google them? Im not having too much luck there, probably just me
    Thanks guys for keeping us all informed, much appreciated

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

      Hi my1stgol,

      I joined that German motor-talk forum that Horst recommended as well as VWAudi forum from UK.
      They are talking about new water pump.

      As they are bigger markets their forums are much bigger and I suppose if You join you can find some of answers.
      If you don’t understand German than VWAudi forum (you can google it) is good solution.
      One of the topics is about squealing noise.
      Sorry but I can’t post link.
      Good luck

    • Boney Maroney

      Hi there,

      Yeah this whole thread goes from “WOW to CRAP” over a few months doesn’t it.

      The reason I dont post links to other sites is that Car Advice take the off the post. Competition I guess? Maybe also to lessen the D!ckhead factor (people posting viral links etc).

      I have the window tapping as well. HAve noticed it as the weather has been getting warmer. The others mention it is an expanding of the window in the frames as the glass heats up in the sun. This sounds like what is happening, and it is annoying, but not as annoying as the supercharger/waterpump chirp.

      Regarding looking at the TDI – in most first reply to your post not long ago I mentioned a guy on an Aussie Forum who had a golf that wouldnt rev past 2000rpm in second gear…..forgot to mention it was a Gen VI TDI…..VW couldnt fix it and told him it was a charactoristic of his car. That is solely the reason behind me not going with the TDI, or any other VW product ever again for that matter. What is the use of a warranty if your car wont be fixed/replaced, instead you get a crappy response saying “this should be considered a charactoristic of your car”. They could say that about anything that goes wrong with the car and it is NOT ACCEPTABLE. YES, YOU DO SUCK VW!………… check out dubdubdub dot vwwatercooled dot org dot au (see if that gets through)…….go to the MK6 board, 2nd page, go to thread “Flywheel and a useless warranty”

      On the same site, also check out the thread on the first page “TSI squeal noise problem on acceleration” If you go to the last page, click on the link to the uk website, then follow your nose to the google translate site linked to the german forum and you will find this is probably where Horst is getting his info from. Still all RUMOURS about the water pump, which is admitted again and again on the thread. This is a sh!tty problem with a new car, that VW and the dealers know about, and they still sell this as “CAR OF THE YEAR”, knowing they will have pi$$ed off customers. What a morally bankrupt company and of course, the dealers automatically get put in this category anyway.

      Furthermore, due to your interest, I wish to inform that I test drove an Audi A3 1.8T. Has similar outputs to the 118tsi, but feels faster and more responsive, especially down low. Feels like quality, got all of the kit that makes the golf special, but GULP, at a $51k driveaway price, it is considerably more expensive (compared to mt 118tsi with DSG that I got for $32300 via a corp discount through NAB). I have decided that i will pay more for a vehicle, but unsure on the AUDI, only because I dont want profits to go through to VW……sounds silly I know…… BMW dealer said that he should have a 118d for me to drive before the end of the year, so I will wait until then. Drove a second hand 120d and it was nice. They have stopped building the 120d as of Sept 09, and are replacing it with the 118d, which again should be her by the end of the year.

      Hope my rant and info helps

      • my1stgolf

        Thanks for all that Boney,

        I have been diligently following all your comments on here, I guess hoping also that you would have some good news to say problem solved.
        By finding this website, but not initially the comments, it may have saved me a lot of heartache and frustration, not to mention my hard earned money (non fleet $ driveaway). Its obvious to VW Germany that there is a design flaw with this current model (only 118TSI) and the sooner they get this dealt with the better…..I really do feel sorry for you guys and anyone going through this.
        Yes I do recall you mentioning the guy with the car that wouldnt rev past 2000revs in 2nd gear, oh so thats the diesel….wonder ot Steve or Nick have had that happen to them? I really did like these cars, still wanting to get feedback on the new GTi, cant read German, so relying on Horst to keep us up to date, or Mirsad….I know you won’t go there understandably….pls keep us up to date with what happens and GOOD LUCK Boney with whatever decision you make, I sure hope you have a better run next time.
        One thing I must add, it is obvious to me that this is not some normal characteristic when Mirsad’s service guy lubricated the problem area and the noise stopped for a couple of months, and after listening to his you tube video, it sounded to me like a dry metal noise rubbing together (or actally bellbirds with a cold)….no I would not like to buy any car with a characteristic like that, and actually if this is a normal thing….why isnt it pointed out to us all when test driving the car? So much to take in at the time and with the radio on and talking, I had not even heard it until Mirsads video, now I wonder how I could have missed it……thanks for the reply

    • Steve

      Hi my1stgolf,

      It appears that the tapping issue on my car has been resolved; I think I can hear it now and again but only very slightly though, but it is not annoying me like it did. I suspect the fix has worked. I will know for sure in the hotter weather.

      There have been no other issues, the 2.0 TDI motor has been very good, I seem to be averaging around 5 to 5.5 ltres and the pull from the torquey engine is quite amazing. The car also sticks like glue, handling is first rate (with the sportspack).

      Time will tell if the tapping issue has been fully resolved, I will take it back in summer for another look if not.

      Kind regards

      • my1stgolf

        Great news Steve,thanks very much for that.
        You should be very happy you chose the diesel, yes they sure do hug the road
        and they are a great drive……you are on a winner hopefully.
        Happy golfing for the future

  • my1stgolf

    Hi Mirsad,
    thanks for replying, I have joined the Audi UK forum as I dont speak German.
    Also tonight I watched your you tube video, yep that noise needs to be rectified alright, so will read up what I can via that site as well, again thanks

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi Boney,

    According to your post, your experience with VW must be very frustrating indeed. Some owners of the TSI 118 in Germany have the same problem with the squeaking noise and are similarly disappointed. They seem to think that perhaps one should wait for the calendar week 45, to see whether something positive will happen, before taking any action. One of the badly affected owners is thinking to ask for an exchange of his car for a new one, provided there will be no solution to the squeaking noise. VW dealers are apparently not allowed to give any info on progress. One affected owner went for a long trip to Italy and on his return the squeaking disappeared, and so far didn’t come back. It’s a mystery also that not all TSI 118 are affected. I think that you are just one of the unlucky ones. Hope things will work out to your satisfaction.

    • Glen

      Hi Folks

      One thing I know for sure is that VW will not replace any cars. If they do, they’ll be opening the flood gates. When I pushed this issue with them, I was threatened with legal action. If they start replacing cars they would be setting a clear precedent. Just replacing the water pumps and superchargers on the 118s will cost them a fortune alone. They know they’ve got a very significant issue to deal with… Speakign from experience I also know that there’s a few dodgy DSGs around too. My car was almost onto its third and the car was only 3 months old!!!

      Come to think of it, when I first test drove a 118 the salesman insisted on turning up the stereo. I’d turn it off and he’d turn it back on. On reflection, was he perhaps trying to eliminate the potential of me hearing an annoying chirp?? Something to consider…

      • my1stgolf

        Hey Glen, still curious to know which zoom zoom you now drive?
        Are you happy with this car, any issues so far….I’m still in the market
        for a new car but….decided not to go with the 3, still considering the 6 lux sports, power/torque could have been better & currently drive 5 yr old car with HEATED leather seats, not even an optional extra with Mazda, hard to give this up once you have been used to them especially during Melb. winters!
        May go look at the new Subby’s today, hope they look better in the metal than any pics so far, hmm, and then theres the GTi due this month….will keep on trawling these sites for now……

        • Glen

          Hi There My First!

          I ended up buying an SP25 hatch with leather seats and Bose stereo. So far I am really happy with the car. It seems to be really well put together and feels solid and safe. I haven’t had any issues with noise and I actually find it quieter than the Golf. Having a bigger engine means more power, and the difference in torque is really un-noticeable. The transfer of foot action to power is very much smoother than that of the Golf which always seemed to surge/jolt when you put your foot down. I guess the turbo and supercharger had to get busy to produce the power.

          I have to admit that I miss a few of the Golf extras like auto wipers, headlights, rearview mirror etc, but the premium stereo, leather seats and satnav make up for that! I’m taking the car in for its 1000km service this coming week. Mazda is bending over backwards with customer service and is even giving me a complimentary loan car for the day. Try getting that out of VW!

          I’m very happy with my Zoom Zoom car! Good luck with your car hunting!

          • my1stgolf

            Thanks for that Glen,
            I have to laugh because that is the same car we pitched against the 118TSI, along with the Bose & leather and a hatch…gee did you get the aluminium colour too? Was my favourite colour….well again today we test drove the maz 6 sports luxury hatch and we are feeling more comfortable with going with reliability as opposed to the refined ride and yes that solid well put together feeling the Golf really does have.
            I truly did love those extra things and the car,but the Mazda 6 has pretty much most of those anyway, well the leather seats not being heated is still an annoyance (once you have that already, hard to give up in the winter)cloth isnt an option,(dont get that very often)but I know theres always going to be compromise(s), counting them as I type.
            I truly hope the sp25 keeps on meeting your expectations, you sure do deserve it, did you get a good deal? Great they are providing such good customer service, hope they would still do so if any issues did come to light(that ususally sorts them all out)Initially Mazda gave us the lowest tradein price and didnt budge much $$ on sp25 (nor the 6) so will shop around and still try selling current car privately, different dealer today, so who knows….guess I will definitely have to change my name maybe to nogolf now..think I now hate car hunting

          • my1stgolf

            oops, me again, just read earlier thread and I am repeating myself with the same news…sorry Glen and anyone else who reads my dribble…can I blame old age????

  • nothanks

    118TSI won the engine of the year? Must be joking,,,Must have won the lemon of the year,,,

  • nothanks

    Hey guys,.Do your research before buying a car,,,Having a test drive is not good enough… It will save you fortune. Don’t be lazy,.,I recommend you guys to buy Japanese or Korean built cars..If you want trouble free motoring, buy Asian built car…

    • Mokey Stik

      GREAT ADVICE nothanks. Don’t be a goose mate. I dont know of anyone spending upwards of $30k on a car and not researching the purchase. As you will see, tools like this website are part of the research and are used well before purchase. I certainly looked at buying a new VW Golf, but not now. Reseach done. Sorry you other guys have suffered through this purchase

      nothanks, please make your contribution worthwhile in future

  • my1stgolf

    Can I just say in the others guys defence, and as I stated earlier, if I had read only page 1 of this thread, I would have been really excited to have the 118TSI sitting in my garage (based on the feedback in the early days) and whatever research i had done back then(not as savvy as some of you at this) would probably have convinced me it was a good thing, and the test drives(4) would have sealed the deal.
    Every car review I have read was really good, and those that tested the 118TSI did not mention in any review that it had this chirp…..so I would conclude from this that the problem develops as time goes by…..I know Horst has said not every 118 has this problem…maybe those owners havent done the required kms yet?
    It appears that as the time has gone by that this \”characteristic chirp/squeal\”
    has got louder or even started for some between 1000-5000kms….20/20 hindsight is everything isnt it…in the past I will admit I am one of those
    people who you mention above, with the only research in the past being car reviews and if I liked the car (all have been Japanese), I am from generation X and a female, personally not too mechanically minded(although I have learned a bit through this thread), yet I guess I have just been lucky and couldnt say any of my cars have been lemons…I know someone will come back and say yep thats because they are Japanese), this may be the case…but ALL cars can have problems…maybe they are just so mass produced these days, they are not made to last anyway….I have heard re: comments earlier on Golf V = SA, Golf VI =Germany, it doesnt matter as they are built by robots anyway….maybe thats the problem!!!

  • Frankenstrat

    I have the opportunity of getting a MkVI 118TSI as my next company car, it was my decision based on lots of research that I’ve done. Of course, I stumbled on this thread after I’d already submitted my choice of car to my boss. Yeah, ho hum, story of my life and all that, however the deal hasn’t gone ahead just yet.

    With respect to the chirping that’s attributed to the magnetic coupling attached to the water pump, I presume it’s annoying rather than detrimental to the vehicle’s performance. If that’s all it is, I can live with that until there’s a recall or replacement during servicing. My late father had two Golfs, and I’m more than happy to continue the tradition.

  • Carfanatic

    Just by the TDi and learn to drive a manual, they are brilliant, by all means steer away from the 118TSi if you feel the need but don’t shy away from the Golf all together, they are an amazing drive. Buy the TDI, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

  • Frankenstrat

    To No Golf & Carfanatic, thanks for the responses. I’ll have a listen to the chirp later this evening. I had always intended to have a manual gearbox, I’m not a big fan of automatics. I had originally considered the TDi but having read a couple of reviews they though it wasn’t quite as well-performed as its petrol counterpart. However, and based on your recommendation CF, I’ll definitely have to revisit the specs, you may be onto something there because I note that the 118TSi prefers the most expensive fuel. That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem for me since my employer would be paying for the fuel. If the deal does go ahead I guess I’ll just have to get used to pulling up at the diesel bowser.

    There aren’t too many VW dealers in metropolitan Perth, my closest is ‘just over the Causeway in Victoria Park’, I live in Como.

  • Frankenstrat

    One more request for advice from the cognoscenti, if I go for the diesel MkVI Golf, should I be looking to the 77TDi Trendline+Comfort package or ask outright for a 103TDi Comfortline? Which would represent the better value vs performance? I should add that performance is NOT necessarily my primary objective, but I’m sure it will be a lot nicer to drive than my current work’s vehicle, a Hi-Lux 2.7 WorkMate ute.

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi Frankenstrat,

    There is no doubt that the 103kwTDI has a better performance than the 77kwTDI. In fact, when you try out both of them, you may find that the 77TDI feels a bit lame. So, if money is no object, I would take the 103TDI. It would also give you the better seats with lumber support for long distance driving, 16 inch alloys, and a few other things not included in the Comfort Package.

    Provided you don’t drive a lot, I would also try out the 90kwTSI with Comfort Package, as it has only a turbo charger and therefore is free of the possible squeaking problem of the 118kwTSI.

  • Frankenstrat

    Thank you Horst, I’ve already suggested to the CEO that the 103TDI would probably be the better choice and your response confirms that.

    I live close to the local rail station, and I’ve noticed a 90TSi regularly parks in my street. It looks like it has the Comfort Package fitted because it has alloy rims. It’s a silvery grey colour and does look rather nice. For me, I’d prefer white and definitely the manual gearbox.

    I’ll report back with developments as they unfold, but I’m reasonably confident that I’ll be driving a Golf to and from work before too long.

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi 118kw TSI owners,

    The latest info from the German Motor-Talk forum indicates that there will be no new water pump in calendar week 45. This has been received with shock by those owners who are suffering from the squeaking noise of their cars.

    Apparently, according to advice from VW, there is at this stage no solution and there will be non in the not- too- distant future. The action/measure is known by the number: 2012623/15. Accordingly, there appears to be no remedy in calendar week 45, as has been hoped for. I am very sorry and disappointed, but unfortunately, this is the latest info from Germany.

    • Boney Maroney

      No surprises there Horst…..other forums have members who have had the squeak in their Gen V GT TSIs for years. If they were going to try for a fix they would have done it by now.

      this is a fault, not a charactoristic, a metal on metal sound is wearing on something, and I wont be around to see what happens as I am out of mine ASAP.

      Thanks for the update

  • myfirstgolf(no more)

    Thanks Horst,

    I am soooooo pleased I decided not to go ahead with my purchase after hearing this.
    Shame on VW Germany!!!!
    I have continually watched this thread for any updates, all the while hoping that I had not done the wrong thing by opting out because there was supposed to be a solution just around the corner.Not to mention that I had fallen in love with this car and the drive etc.
    I have now purchased another make and will be picking it up on 30th Oct.
    Horst, thanks so much for your updates, you have truly been such a help with the info.
    To all the other 118 TSI current owners, I am so sorry you have been left high & dry. Still interested to hear from Boney & Mirsad and what decisions you have made, think you said (Boney) that you were waiting for a new model Beemer due soon?
    Good luck guys,if it wasnt for you plus Glen, I would have definitely been a 118TSI owner…waiting for the noise to happen.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

      Erste Danke Horst, You are our foreign corespondent

      I have signed contract for GTI hopefully delivery is in next few weeks (carbon steel – gray with DSG)

      On my 118 TSI I have that another noise from time to time (about 20 times in 7 months) (I was asking other people about that) … sound like exhaust is shaking like it is not properly attached… people in Wangara VW are helpful they have checked and it is looking OK … I cant reproduce that noise when there… one of the explanation is that heat protection sheet is vibrating under some condition…
      They have cleaned supercharger and I am without that squeal currently … for how long???

      Sorry I cant I can’t give You trade in details but deal there (Wangara VW) was best (in Perth we have only 3 dealers)

      • Frankenstrat

        Mirsad, I respect that you can’t divulge your trade-in details with Wangara VW, do you think they would be the best place to get a deal on a new car in the Perth Metro area (without trade-in)? John Hughes is a lot closer to where I live (I’m in Como) but Osborne Park is only 10-15 minutes up the Freeway. The only other WA dealer I’m aware of is in Bunbury.

        The GTi is a great choice, they definitely look the business! Your’s should look superb in Carbon Steel Grey. There’s a grey 90TSi parks in my street each day and a grey MkV 1.6 just around the corner owned by an acquaintance. I’d like to think that a white 103TDi will soon be joining them!

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

          Hi Frankenstrat,
          When I was trading my 2l FSI for 118TSI (Mar 09) I went first to Osborne Park VW where I bought my previous 2 Golfs (1,6 and 2l FSI).
          But trade in price for my FSI, fixed RRP for 118TSI and new staff – not helpful, turned me off, ….I looked on VWA website and discovered that new AHG VW dealership was just opened in Wangara.
          I went there and discovered that manager and few sales people that I knew are actually from Osborne Park VW
          Good price and helpful staff from Manager to Service manager and that is it.
          Why not JH VW … I don’t have good experience when I was looking for car for my daughter Polo
          At that time only price for them was RRP… newer called back with better offer

          • Frankenstrat

            Thank you Mirsad, I appreciate your help. I had a look at the AHG web site yesterday. It certainly looks like it will be worth contacting them. It’s very interesting that the manager and some of the sales staff at Wangara are from Osborne Park VW.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

            Osborne Park VW and Wangara VW are part of the AHG group – moving staff around – I suppose is normal

    • Boney Maroney

      Hey there myfirstgolf (now to be renamed: nogolfanddamnhappyaboutit)

      As my post is still awaiting moderation after 5 days, i have amended it and taken out any perceivably offensive words. Sorry if this post eventually appears twice

      Yeah you bet, new BMW 118d hits Aussie shores in December, so I have organised with the dealer for an extended run in oneto compare to the Audi A3 ……….still so dirty at VW that I dont want an Audi out of pure spite….SILLY I KNOW!

      What did you end up getting…..am guessing a Mazda 3? You made the correct choice in running from this car, I am so dissappointed in my decision after being so convinced when test driving and researching the car

      OTHER ISSUES STARTED IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS: I put my car in reverse the other day, on my flat driveway, and it moved to go forward when I touched the accelerater – have noticed on other forums that this issue with the new 7sp DSG arises from time to time….lucky I wasnt trying to parrallel park. Another issue is I was travelling down hill yesterday and the engine completely stopped…I pulled over and restarted, had half a tank of fuel so dunno what was happening there………More dash rattles too


  • Horst Flugel

    Hi myfirstgolf(nomore),

    Yes, it is unfortunate that such an excellent car as the Golf 118 TSI can develop this squeaking noise. Although, because it apparently may also not occur, many are still taking the risk, as technically/ mechanically there is nothing wrong.

    Affected owners have tried to get car magazines to report about the squeaking noise, but they all have refused to get involved. Anyway, I wish you good luck with your purchase of another make.

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi all Golf 118TSI owners,

    The very latest info from the German Motor-Talk forum:

    ‘Advice from VW by letter to a member of the forum indicates that VW is aware of isolated complaints and is presently endeavoring to find a remedy. VW is apparently confident that in the not- too-distant future a solution will be found. An exact date as to when the remedy will be available, VW cannot say at this stage and asks therefore for a bit more patience.’

    It appears that those affected by the squeaking sound should keep in touch with their respective VW dealerships, as they will be involved in any remedial measures to be taken at a future date.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

    Little bit f conspiracy theory:

    New pump is going from week 45 but only for new cars… not officially because that way VW will admit there is a problem
    It is to expensive to replace it on all “squealing cars” (118TSI, MK5 GT, Scirocco…) … water pump replacement in my car costed about A$5,000…
    To silence owners of “squealing cars” they said we are going to do something … until we stop complying or until they found some chip solution not w/pump replacement.

    • Boney Maroney

      I think you are saying what I am thinking Mirsad

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi Mirsad,

    I think, changing from a squeaking 118TSI to a GTI is a good move. An owner of a squeaking 118TSI in Germany, I read about, did exactly the same thing. Congratulations!

    The apparently high cost of exchanging the water pump is probably a reason why VW in it’s letter only talks about a remedy, which probably means a redress which is inexpensive. Your theory I find interesting.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

    OK that is it

    From yesterday I am an ex 118TSI (after 8 months) and current GTI owner.

    • Mookey Stik

      Congrats on your purchase. How does she go Mirsad…….in direct comparison to your other 118tsi crapbox?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad


      First I don’t want to be to exited … I was exited with 118TSI.. see what happened


      Don’t understand me wrongly – excluding that common squealing and other noise (that I have) 118TSI was pleasant car quite, with good performance, god handling and not thirsty

      My first GTI (it was always my dream but it is y first GTI from 6 golfs) impression is i line with professional reviews,
      it has something that You can’t describe… maybe as x-factor, firmer than 118TSI, handling and especially cornering is brilliant. I have not pressed accelerator firmly (not yet) I am old school – first 1500 km gradually push up performance … what I don’t like it is thirstier and lauder (and it is not that noise enhancer … maybe it is turbo I am not sure I have to ask other GTI owners about that … maybe it will settle – odometer is only 80 km)

      It is first but full impression… in 6 months

  • Frankenstrat

    There was a red GTI parked in my street all day yesterday, it looked like it was about 10 minutes old. Quite why the driver wasn’t zipping around around the suburbs has got me beat! What colour did you get, Mirsad, and were you visiting anybody in Como on Sunday?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

      My is carbon steel grey metallic with DSG – no other options – that was only one available with min. options (min. price) and closest to my favourite colour – black.

      Something else
      According to dealer I was the first one (or one of the first) in WA with 118TSI (05 Mar 09),
      first one with noise,
      first one with water pump replaced,
      first one with repaired squealing noise
      first one with MK6 GTI….
      I just hope 5 going to be first one… happy one

      • Frankenstrat

        Congratulations Mirsad, I hope you’re very happy with your new GTI.

        By the way, the red GTI parked in my street had the grille typical of the MkV GTI, but the car looked almost brand new, and it was also fitted with a towbar. Maybe someone had traded in a MkV and this person had bought it from a dealer?

  • myfirstgolf(no more)

    Hi there Boney,
    great to hear from you, had to laugh at your response (did take a while to get through)
    Well you are partly right with your guess – yes it is a Mazda, but not the 3.
    After deciding we like the extras in the Golf, we decided to also try the 6 (yep instead of downsizing, we have kind of stayed with same size as previous car) So as of 30th Oct (same day as Mirsad I see) we took posession of a Mazda 6 sports luxury hatch incl sat nav.
    Today was our first proper drive apart from the test drives, and although my heart still loves the Golf (my head knew we could no longer buy one) I must say the Mazda is growing on me more and more.
    Dont see so many 6’s on the road compared to the 3’s, I know 3’s are the big sellers for Mazda, but the 6 is a lovely car to drive (had test driven the Mazda 3 sp25)4 times, but I liked the extra features of the 6 so it comes down to personal choice I guess.Think we got a better discount with the 6 than we would have got with the 3 because of supply and demand.
    Gosh things just keep getting worse for you and the 118TSI dont they?
    After following these threads with much interest from you, Mirsad, Glen and the valuable source of information Horst, I keep coming back to check on updates about you all.
    Hope Glen is still having good run with his sp25, Mirsad sounds determined to stick with VW after 6 previous golfs (really hope the GTi will be a sound replacement) we had seriously considered waiting for that ourselves….hopefully the beemer will be okay and Dec is now only next month (not soon enough for you huh)I get what you mean about not buying Audi- after all you have been through – you have a right to feel the way you do. My motto for you Boney is…the best is yet to come!
    Again I am very grateful to all you guys for the experiences you shared with the rest of us, you are the whole reason we chickened out of the 118TSI.
    The Mazda may not be as refined (my opinion) as the Golf and obviously larger, but reliability is very important to me, and I spoke to a complete stranger this morning who parked his Mazda 6 by where I was walking, asked him about his run so far as his is quiet a few months old, all positive news, not a single problem, very happy with his choice.
    Hope you have some good news to share in the not too distant future Boney.
    Talked to another ex Golf owner (GTi v) recently and he said his wife demanded the car be sold as every time she would reverse out of a parking space, the car would lurch backwards because of the DSG gearbox – they hated it and considered this to be dangerous, he said he would only consider a manual next time – she then brought a Mazda sp23 (previous model) very happy with it.
    The Mazda 3 and Golf seem to be compared a lot huh

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi Golf VI 1.4 TSI 118kw owners,

    Lates info from the German Motor-Talk forum:

    ‘VW has apparently answered a VW dealer in Germany and has advised, that from December 2009, the new water-pump will be delivered to dealers for installation in those Golfs which are affected by the squeaking sound. Hopefully, relieve for affected Australian owners will be on it’s way not too long after that.’

  • Frankenstrat

    Now that’s great news, Horst. Is the exchange part supplied and fitted at VW’s expense?

  • Horst Flugel

    As far as I understand it, Frankenstrat, the exchange part will be supplied and fitted at VW’s expense. I shall keep an eye on developments,

  • Indy69

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve had the same issue with the supercharger noise as people have described on this forum i.e. short squeak with acceleration. Golf VI DSG Comfortline. Initially had the water pump drive plate replaced after talking to dealer principal from inchcape auto in parramatta where I purchased. Had the same problem as everyone else initially with VW advising that it was a normal characteristic. Wasn’ too hard to convince the principal that it wasn’t normal after getting him to have a listen. Very loud and frequent back then.

    The noise was temporarily fixed as others have experienced only to return after approx 2 months. Less frequent and loud. Not driving me as crazy. Finally had the opportunity to take to chatswood classic cars today (recommended by friend, part of inchcape anyway). The noise was again identified as same issue with supercharger clutch. Was advised that VW are now trialling a new part. Booked for installation in early Jan. Optimistic this will fix the problem. They said they will install the new part but did not guarantee the problem would be fixed permanently. The guy did not seem to know exactly what part it was though. Could not really say whether it was the water pump upon questioning.

    I am wondering whether this is the new water pump that you have been speaking of Horst Flugel? If so it seems that it may now be available. The guys at chatswood classic cars seem very friendly and willing to help for anyone looking for the same fix.


  • Gjack555

    I am experiencing some issues with my DSG on 118TSI. As mentioned by Mirsad, I am having similar problems with my DSG which automatically kicks to Neutral when driving (in D mode) and the engine over revs due to this. The car looses power due to this and even roll back if you are driving on inclined roads; it happened to me yesterday-was bit scary drive! I had taken my car (towed) to the dealer before for the same reason. As they couldn’t find the issue(or reproduce), they did a software reset (As advised by VW Au). Now after a month later I was hit by the same issue! Again my car had to be towed to the dealer!

    Now from my experience, I don’t think Golf 118TSI DSG is a safe car to drive anymore! It could be the world car, but it seems like there are some serious hidden problems. Now I wont suggest anyone to get a 118TSI with DSG!

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi all,

    I understand from the German Motor-Talk forum posts, that the new water pump is still being tested by VW in Germany and should be available after December 2009. Anyway, to make sure to get the right pump installed, in exchange for the squeaking pump, here are the numbers of the old and the new pumps which I gleaned from the German Motor-Talk forum posts-

    Old existing pump : 73.480.03-999B
    New revised pump : 73.480.03-MD79

    It may be of interest to affected owners, that in a few cases in Germany, the squeaking sound disappeared after around 10,000 kilometers by itself, and so far didn’t come back.

    In regard to the malfunctioning DSG, as experienced by Gjack555, I think that the faulty DSG should be replaced, if it cannot be successfully repaired and affects the safety of the vehicle.

  • fong

    Volkzwagens r crappy euro cars not suited to anyone only germans

    buy an excellent korean car you wont regret the kia rio is much better than crappy squeaky german sousage mobile

    take it from me i know!!!!!!!!

  • Fong wrong

    Trust a Korean? Are you serious?

    Run along before America or Russia nukes you little man

  • Horst Flugel

    Well, everybody can have his/ her own opinion, I think. The Golf has been under development for over 30 years, and the current MK6, it’s sixth generation, is, in my opinion, not only a brilliant technological achievement, but is also of a timeless design with a pleasant interior, which others cannot match in this class. To make unqualified statements, like the one made by fong, only shows his/ her ignorance, I am sorry to say.

  • Cupid Stunt

    It’s a great car. I managed to get the old version in 77KW TDi form against the new on in 77Kw TDi form pretty much back to back. The difference was really quite noticable. It was even better than the Passat with the same engine. Certainly improved with age. I’d have one no probs. Better than Audis A3 for comfort and ambience.

  • Frankenstrat

    Fong, I’d be delighted if you could expand on your point of view. Why do you regard Volkswagens as crappy? Why are they only suited to Germans? In what way is a Kia Rio better than a VW Golf? Have you owned and driven both? If you could qualify your criticisms it may benefit potential VW purchasers.

  • Boney Maroney

    After 7500klms, my supercharger clutch has stopped squealing completely. It is now as whisper quiet as it was the first 5000klms I had it. maybe i should call VW as it is not making the chactoristic sound that it should!

    DSG issue will be fixed with a software upgrade when she gets the 15000klm service early next year.

    VW rep said off record, that VW have been working on a fix for the supercharger clutch, that maybe ready for placement next year.

    • maz6

      previously myfirstgolf(no more)

      Hey Boney,
      was wondering what happened to you?
      Thats great news, must be a shock though, have to wonder if this un”characteristic” no noise will be permanent or temporary?
      So are you still going to look at a beemer or stick with the golf now?
      Heard how Mirsad is going in the GTi at all?
      Any new problems with your Golf, still feel a bit duped that I didnt get a Golf as I still like this car but minus the problems of course

      • Boney Maroney

        hey maz6

        hell of a shock……I am actually enjoying the drive of my car again, Hoping it turns out to be a permenant outcome. I read on another site that a guy with a Gen V GT TSI had the chirp for 40,000klms, then one day it just stopped…..that was years ago, and no chirp since! crazy cars!

        Local BMW guy has been selling the 118d on stats, and wants me to buy one on stats, without a drive. Said that just sounds plain stupid to me – so he said it would be a while then until i can get in one for a steer as it is a new model and in demand. No worries, whilst my car is quiet, I am very happy with the drive for now.

        No new issues. DSG software upgrade at the service in Jan, but I have only had the one issue with it which has not been repeated in 3 months. Dash rattles were broken clips behind the glove box which have been replaced………and the windows havent been ticking at all, despite the heat the east coast has been having lately……it is almost like the car has matured through it’s teething period and everything all of a sudden has settled nicely into place, so it is driving like a brand newy again.

        I am wary though, and listen for every creak or problem.

        The GTI looks like a nice ride………those Denver Wheels look rubbish though in my opinion…..first thing I would do is switch to a similar style to the new Polo…..personal choice though. Havent heard from Mirsad so I dunno how he is travelling. No news is good perhaps.

        How’s that luxurious new Mazda going?

        • maz6


          Hey again Boney,
          hope this link works, but if not, check out whats being released next year
          in March at the Geneva motor show (via carsguide, search for alfa romeo giulietta).
          Looks pretty hot, there is a brief article and couple of pictures of it in last Fridays Herald Sun carsguide.
          Comes in two petrol engines 1.4 turbo 90kw and upgraded multi-air version @ 127kw, plus two diesel engines 1.6L @ 78kw & 2L @127kw, no mention of torque

          Great that alls going good again, hmm keep thinking as og 14/11 I could have been a golf 118TSi owner myself.
          Well the Mazda is going well, no rattles, or characteristic squeaks, pretty much most of the goodies, incl bio-zenons, large sat nav etc,etc BUT does not drive like that zippy Golf! It sucks to have to compromise on reliability over fun, and I should not have had to make this decision, but thanks to VW, the risk felt too great for us.
          In all faitness to the Mazda though, without comparing to what my heart had wanted , there have been no problems at all, and just been in for 1,000km service, so fingers crossed.

          Wonder how Glens going in his zoom zoom too?
          Great to hear from you again, I am addicted to this thread and keep regularly looking for any updates from you guys, so keep us informed including Horst the encyclopedia of info as always
          And Merry Christmas to you from here in good ol Melbourne

          • Boney Maroney

            Hey Maz6

            Good to hear that the 6 is working out. You did the best thing in not joining the lottery in buying a golf gen VI. It might work out ok, but I still am very cautious with the car. As it is a car i use for work, I will turn it over within the next 12 months anyway, so no worries eitherway. I would keep it and extend to a 6 year warranty if i knew it wasnt going to have the supercharger issue, but I have lost quite a bit of faith.

            Funny you should mention the new Alfa, i also saw it in the weekend paper and cut the article out and it is sitting on the desk at home. It looks fantastic for sure, and I cant wait to see all the stats on torque and economy. it is worth a look, and if it gets released in Aus say late next year, if I have my golf that long it will be on the list to have a look at.

            I am in regular contact with Glen and he is really enjoying his 3…….he is so glad he made the change. His golf VI was an absolute abomination, with a hint of lemon

            Have a great chrissy, and travel safely. Will keep updating as I know/experience more.


          • Confused


            Like you I was also ready to buy a TSI 118 based on the professional reviews – till I found this site and others similar. Now I am veering towards the Mazda or the smaller engine Golf. The annual servicing of the Golf is attractive – but not if it is in for repairs 4 times between servicing. I was surprised when I did a test drive that the car was a trade-in after 10,000km, and I did notice that the radio was on (and I turned it off), but didn’t notice any noise – but then I wasn’t looking for it either as I hadn’t read this thread.

            Reliability is important to me and the head probably has to win over the heart unfortunately (to avoid any “I told you so” later). I do like the air conditioned glove box and the automatic parking of the Golf (assuming it works and doesn’t go forwards not backwards as some have found)

            You said that Mazda gave you the lowest trade-in initially and wouldn’t budge on $$ – did you end up trading in or going to another dealer or selling privately?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

    It is looking first excitement than disappointment with 118TSI is settling down … fortunately it is looking better… Have to say after my dealer cleaned pulley second time I was driving few thousand km and few months without noise… than I traded it for GTI
    I was not sure that it is not coming back (I didn’t want to report that… to raise hopes of the affected people) but in the meantime I found that you B M (I am happy that You are enjoying your car) and few forums in Germany are talking about that.

    About GTI …. only 2200km (I am still careful with comments … I was to excited with 118TSI)
    For me it is looking good inside and outside … handling, power, cornering, everything brilliant … but, I am sure I am going to make some people angry … not big lower of sound generator … especially when driving at low speed with less than 2000 RPM that sound sounds like artificial and why to channel that noise in the cabin… to compete with Music player… This is GOLF GTI not Subaru WRX
    I suppose car (in my case it applies to everything else) that are screaming… look at me… look at me, are not my cup of tea… I more prefer quiet power when You pass or overtake somebody they comment… look at that car … question of taste

    I am not completely against that noise … if you accelerate hard with 4000 plus RPM that noise is ok.

    I am far from car – forums experts but for me 118TSI engine with T & S charger is having great future… economical with good punch, quiet
    I would not be surprised that next gen. GTI and R models is coming with twin-charger

  • Boney Maroney

    UPDATE: After 8 weeks of quiet motoring (read: no supercharger noise), in the last couple of days the supercharger “squeaking” noise has returned – not as consistent as it was before, but this was how it started when i first heard it in my car at 5250klms.

    If this chirp is considered normal, and a “charactoristic of the car”, why then did it not have the noise for the first 5000klms, then get chirpey until around 12,000klms where it became quiet again, and now it starts again. This is a fault in design VW – fix this issue across all VW 118tsi engines and only then will you be able to hold up that trophy of “engine of the year”.

    • maz6

      Hey Boney,

      I was hoping for your sake that the noise would stay away!
      It just proves over and over again, that it is a definite fault doesnt it.
      If it was a “characteristic” it would be consistent, correct?
      We all know its not supposed to be there anyway, we were away for Xmas and have
      just come home, but we saw a few new 118TSI’s and wondered if they were chirpers?
      Never saw the owners or would have asked.
      Bugger VW for stuffing up what would have been a great little car, my heart was set on this car and I am really ticked off about it still.
      Like the Mazda, but would have loved the Golf (minus the flaws).
      Had a strong feeling the noise would return, has it done the other trick since of moving forward when putting in reverse?
      Our garage is a tandem one, so the first car (would have been the golf) has to park very close to front wall of garage to enable second car to fit close behind it, another thing that would have been a MAJOR problem for me, if the car were to inch forward it would have hit the front wall!
      Hope you had a nice chrissy and keep us informed Boney

  • maz6

    Confused says:
    December 21, 2009 at 9:28 am

    Like you I was also ready to buy a TSI 118 based on the professional reviews – till I found this site and others similar. Now I am veering towards the Mazda or the smaller engine Golf. The annual servicing of the Golf is attractive – but not if it is in for repairs 4 times between servicing. I was surprised when I did a test drive that the car was a trade-in after 10,000km, and I did notice that the radio was on (and I turned it off), but didn’t notice any noise – but then I wasn’t looking for it either as I hadn’t read this thread.

    Reliability is important to me and the head probably has to win over the heart unfortunately (to avoid any “I told you so” later). I do like the air conditioned glove box and the automatic parking of the Golf (assuming it works and doesn’t go forwards not backwards as some have found)

    You said that Mazda gave you the lowest trade-in initially and wouldn’t budge on $$ – did you end up trading in or going to another dealer or selling privately?

    Hi confused,
    to answer your questions….we did go to another Mazda dealer, and ended up getting a much better trade in price,(was the same as VW were originally going to give us after some haggling),we also made sure the higher trade in did not reflect the discount on the new car cause we did our homework on how low we knew Mazda could go with some more haggling.
    A trade in was always going to be a last resort as we wanted to sell privately anyway but if that didnt happen we wanted the reassurance of a decent price to fall back on. We advertised the car on carsales and it sold on day 7.
    Had a few people look and either offer trade in price or lower (they thought it was a good offer and were dissappointed when we turned them down) so we knew the tradein we insisted from Mazda was decent, and they actually wanted to put the car into their stock because it was in such excellent condition and very low kms.
    We only had a couple of weeks to sell privately in the end because we pulled out of the deal with VW so ended up selling for $1,000 more than if we traded.
    Happy with Mazda deal and sales guy.
    As previously mentoned (more than once) yes my heart was set on the golf!
    It would have definitely been in our garage now if we had gone ahead with the purchase (was due to arrive 14 Nov) we had leather, sunroof, sports pack, sports kit, park assist as xtras. Had a demo with park assist on the salesman passat, but it was done across someones driveway, and yes it parks the car very close to the curb(well would have been except it was a driveway), did you read another post from someone with park assist that said the alloys got scraped on the kerb because park assist got too close? Wondering if thats why this demo was done over a driveway, no kerb? I soooo know how you feel about this, and as you will see by my reply to Boney, I’m still not over it, never been like this before about cars, guess its because I have always purchased the car that I actually wanted?
    Did you consider the diesel version? Doesnt have the chirp because of the twin turbo? Dont think the 90 TSI has had many issues, so may be a better option, but havent done much homework on this one. Guess like me, you have considered your options too and we would have gone with the Mazda 3 sp25 but liked the xtras on the 6 because of the golf, although we have other things on the 6 that the golf didnt have standard, like bio zenons and the rear seats fold flat to give a flat bed in cargo area we prefer this)Hope this helps, if you live in Melbourne also and want dealers name, let me know, Good luck with your decision

  • maz6

    Hey Boney,
    whats happening with Golf these days, has the noise issue worsened?

    • Boney Maroney

      Hey Maz6

      The chirp is on and off, much more off then on since my last post. I have also recently had my 15,000k service. All has been super smooth lately. Had a 1000klm trip during this week for work and was a great drive, averaging 5.1L/100klm for the whole trip with mostly 100-110k/ph highway driving and a small amount of stop start city travel. Seats were great, so comfy and no back pain……if I did the same trip in my Kluger I would have had an aching back for sure as i have experienced this many times.

      I am remaining patient for now as the chiping is nowhere near as bad as it was. My tech guy at my local dealer is keeping me informed of progress with replacement parts, he is pretty sketchy on the details, but apparently Chatswood Classic Cars are telling their effected owners that replacement parts are scheduled to arrive in March………We’ll see!

      One thing about the car that never ceases to amaze me is the torque band. Torque is so strong and low down that in cruise control, DSG would sit in 7th gear going up hills on the highway overtaking other cars without losing speed and without changing down from 7th……..mind you it was only myself and wife in the car so not much of a load…….still, it is quite impressive. I can only imagine how the greater torque in the TDI makes for smooth highway driving.

      Hows the 6 goin?

      • maz6

        Hey Boney,
        good to hear the chirp is off more than on, hope replacement parts get here
        soon, sure taking their sweet time over all this.

        Yeah the 6 is going well, no rattles or problems but I just cant seem to shake the letdown feeling I have about not owning the golf. Starting to see more on the road now and always trying to see if its the 118 or diesel, then wonder how their run is going.
        Cant believe I’m still pining over a darn car! GRRRR.
        Yes we were really impressed with the torque also, did you see the write up on the Golf R? They say they have addressed the slight hesitation on take off
        on this model, hmm.
        Wouldnt mind a test drive ot the GTi, but better keep away, like a kid in a candy shop with no money, have you heard from Mirsad at all?
        Sorry I took so long to answer you, havent been on here for ages, lets hope mr. chirp is loosing his vocal chords LOL

  • Frankenstrat

    Just an update, I test drove a 118TSI manual and a 103TDI manual. I decided to go for the 103TDI manual, United Grey in colour. It has great low-revs pulling power and was a dream to drive. The fuel-economy figures aren’t too shabby, either. All being well, I should be picking it up Wednesday evening 10/02/10 from Wangara VW here in Western Australia.

  • Ted

    Having today retuirned from test driving 118 TSI in Sydney, I am not sure whether I will buy the car now. Althought, it does feel solid the demo/s I drove identified the noises from inside the car as previously mentioned (many times) and the lag felt (drove the DSG and manual) did not make me feel safe. I am considering a mazda 3, but the styling is to be questioned.

    It is interesting that the VW dealer was very kee to sell me a golf and offered $3500 – 4000 discount off on-road price. Even with this, I am not sure whether i will last years without costs being experienced with repairs – jap cars may be the lasting choice. VW is a good car, but if youy keep it for many years, I think there may be issues.

    • Frankenstrat

      Ted, my understanding is that the chirruping noise is confined to the 118TSI, apparently it doesn’t happen with the diesels. I can tell you that the diesel has very respectful acceleration once the revs are up around 1500-2000 rpm. Where I got my Golf from there is currently a deal with the diesels whereby the on-road costs are being covered by the dealer, but that’s likely to run out very soon. I was also faced with a 4-5 month wait for the colour of my choice (Candy White) so instead I went for the United Grey 103TDI manual they had that I’d test driven that day. It’s a lovely car, it just feels right in every respect.

  • Ron

    Hi Frankenstrat.

    Thanks for the feedback, but there are deals on the 118TSI. I was quoted on-road $36045.00 on road (DSG). After some discussions, it came down to $3200.00 from a Sydney VW dealer and coiuld be a year 10 / 10 car if I wanted it. Even with the discount, I am not sure about the Golf and especially the DSG- do not like it, as I prefer a normal auto, as I do not like the change between the gears in the DSG (sounds like a truck..) manual is better, but you have to change gears. I am now looking for a SP 25, and Mazda l also discount the auto from #36550.00 (on road) to $31100.00 – not bad.


  • Ajem

    Wow.. guess i was too late reading all these.. is the squeaking problem fixed yet?

  • Darko

    Hi All,

    I have had the 118 Tsi for about 6 months great to drive, fun and power is great and must mention the economy as well which is about 7.2 lt/100 km with a mixture of city and freeway driving. I had the chirping sound of the supercharger that i think has gone away but the dealer has promised will fix it at next service. I have made the right choice, had golfs and ventos and a passat before and can say this is the best VW i have owned so far.

  • Dean

    Looks like there is a few comments here that are maybe “sponsored” by Mazda or some other manufacturer just to make VW look shabby. Who ever is in the market for a new car just take em all on a good solid test drive and then make up your mind. Im pretty sure VW will be top pick.

  • maz6

    Hey Boney,
    just checking in to see how your 118 is going?
    Is the chirp still gone?

    Well you will laugh but guess what we did today?
    Went in to look at the new polo as a replacement 2nd car.
    1.2L manual pretty zippy considering the size of engine…
    well I just had to test drive the GTi…..think I am
    in love with it and want one! Didnt I tell you this would be the case? Looked on GTi review on this site to see if Mirsad may have posted, but no so how is he going with his GTi?
    Would be great to hear from you and also an update from Horst on the VW fix for the chirp chirp please.

    PS Dean your comment on “some comments maybe sponsored by Mazda or some other dealer to make VW look shabby”….gee too funny, hey maybe thats why I am looking at a GTi….”maybe” my sponsorship has run out ha ha he he :) ROFL

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu73I1QD7M Mirsad

      Hi maz6,

      GTI is OK, really enjoying it (there is only some rattling noise coming from westgate under specific conditions – but not so loud and annoying like 118TSI squealing noise – some people even like it) … I am more involved in other forum VWwatercooled – there You can find more information about 118TSI or GTI … so “see” You there.

      • maz6

        Hey Mirsad,
        great to hear from you, just posted a reply to you but I see its gone cause I put in a website for you to check out also, so will word it a different way.
        Check out golfmk6 dot com as theres a fair bit on that rattle you mention on there plus a thread for Aussie owners of GTi\’s, so thinking of joinin that one
        Will check out that forum you mentioned too, assuming you
        are still using your same name?

    • Boney Maroney

      Hey Maz 6

      Bet after this latest news on the engine failures mentioned in the media (online and paper) your are so glad you didnt go for the 118tsi. I have posted an update below – sorry, I didnt get to read your post until later, but to save me typing again – please read below.

      I bet the polos drive fantastic…..as do the golfs – it is the experience after buying which all of the posts on this and various forums shows is the issue. It is not like VW get the occassional LEMON – there are sh1tloads of lemons – or maybe ywe just hear about them more due to the internet phenomenum.

      regardless, as i mentioned below – in future I will be putting reliability ahead of driveability unfortunately. If the golf VI was screwed together better and had higher benchmarks for longevity and reliability, i have no doubt it would be the perfect small car – and indeed acutally deserve the car of the year title – but unfortunately, with the experience of mine and colleagues shows the brand is rubbish (at least as far as Golf VI goes)and so is the aftermarket care VW offer.

      Think carefully before you purchase that polo – my advice for you is to buy with your head, not your emotions. If you do get one – may the force be with you :-)

      • maz6

        maz6 (no more) Now GTI

        Hi there Boney,
        well as you can see, the pull of the GTI got too much!
        Yes emotion did take over, along with the sweet deal
        going at present.

        Guess all I can ask is can you keep your fingers crossed
        for me? I know its totally early days yet, but so far
        just love the car!(yes, I remember you guys saying the same back when) It was difficult to weigh up everything
        before making the decision to switch, mainly because of the after sales service and very poor responses from VW Australia that you guys have and still do experience.
        Just never really fell in love with the Mazda, so that was
        the head decision buy…..now this is the heart decision..
        Yes the Polo was also pretty good but would have wanted
        to wait and see what issues arise first, did look on here
        at the GTI review responses but couldnt find anything much in the negative and Mirsad still having good run.

        Really hope you can find something else that will be suitable for you Boney?
        So, yeah I hope the force is with me too and will still keep popping back on here to see any updates from you, so keep us posted please

  • Kaminari

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the reviews and I almost purchase my first VW 118 TSI last week if not for these warnings.

    However, it seems that the 118 TSI have gone bad to worse after heraldsun Carsguide driver blown the engine during the test drive and force VE Asutralia to recall the vehicles. I am now thinking to buy the highly prais Suzuki – Kizashi

    Source from: carsguide dot com for au

    Title: Volkswagen Golf 118TSI Warning

    A BLOWN engine has prompted a dealer alert on the carsGuide car-of-the-year.

    Owners of Volkswagen Golfs fitted with 118 TSI engines are being asked to have their engines checked out. The problem also affects Jetta models using the same engine.

    Although not a recall, Volkswagen Australia this week issued a “service campaign” on 6690 locally delivered Golfs and Jettas fitted with the high-tech engine. VW was forced into action after carsGuide reader, Kay Bastion, reported that her engine had blown up.

    Related CoverageVolkswagen Golf 118 TSI wagon reviewVolkswagen Golf wagon: first driveVolkswagen Golf R: reviewVolkswagen Golf scores againWagon to join Golf range
    VW Golfs for saleVW Golf specsWhat’s your VW Golf worth?”We have just notified our dealers and are sending out letters to customers to bring in their cars to have an upgrade of their engine software,” Volkswagen Australia spokesman, Karl Gehling, says. Gehling says apart from one owner’s engine blowing up, there have only been a few reports of problems.

    “It is not a safety issue but we are instructing our dealers to undertake a service campaign on the engine,” he says. Owners who are experiencing engine problems should not continue to drive their cars, he says.

    “If they do it will cause damage to the engine,” he says. “If the car is misfiring, owners should report the problem to their dealers.”

    Gehling says technicians will reset the settings on the engine’s knock-sensor. “It’s a software upgrade and takes about 30 minutes,” he says. The widely acclaimed 118 TSI 1.4-litre twincharger engine in the Golf and Jetta uses both turbocharging and supercharging to deliver the torque of a 2.0-litre but economy of a smaller-capacity engine.

    The twincharger engine was voted the international engine of the year last year at the annual engine “Oscars”. VW is freighting a replacement engine from Europe for Bastion’s car. Volkswagen has built more than 2.3 million TSI engines so far, of which more than 550,000 are 1.4-litre units.

  • David

    I recently purchased a Golf 118 TSI and now absolutley regret the decision. Delivery was in June 09. After 9000kms the engine blew up. The engine was replaced and then transmission blew up. This was replaced and now in May, after being towed yet again back to the dealer, the fuel injectors were replaced. The same day we received the notification for the engine software upgrade. (apparently there was a problem!)To top it off, the day VW Aust rejected my claim for either a replacement, an extended warrenty or compensation for the loss of value at trade in, a chirping noise started. I took it back to the dealer who was aware of the problem as it has occurred in other vehciles. To quell the noise, the water pump needs replacing. Apart from these problems, the digital speedo for the cruise control varies by approx 2% to the dial. (VW cannot or will not fix). The driver’s side door handle plastic moulding has fallen off. The car has travelled 13500kms.
    The claim was lodged with VW Aust on a Friday afternoon; the claim was regected on Monday at 11am. According to the dealer they were not contacted.
    If this is the way VW Aust do business, I can only suggest to all those considering purchasing a Golf that they don’t.

    • Kaminari

      Thanks David.

      This really showed how important the public forum is to the people like me. Today, I have put a deposit for a different car.

      No more Golf VI…..Maybe I will try Golf VII in another 5 years time.



    • WorriedVWbuyer

      I am terrified of getting this car now. I placed a deposit down almost 2 months ago , after reading all these glowing reviews, i have been getting the run around from the VW dealership, and i don’t even have the car yet ( i was told i would have the car in 2 weeks )…now after reading these posts i probably should have got the Mazda 3

      My excitement in buying my 1st brand new car has dropped significantly.

      • Boney Maroney

        You might be lucky to get one that is unaffected. I believe all new 118tsi models now come with the upgraded waterpump which solved the supercharger chirp. Good luck.

        • WorriedVWbuyer

          I’ve had my 118TSI for 5 months, it has just passed 5000 kms, and the chirping begins!!!
          I’ll have to call VW and see what they say. Its such a shame, as its so much fun to drive. I hope it can be fixed, otherwise i may have to trade it in for something else.

  • george

    Had our 118TSI with DSG for about ten weeks, had the computer software upgrade done, noticed no difference to the performance whatsoever. The car has now covered only 3,000KM with no problems at all. Always use BP98, achieved 6l/100KM on the hwy with air con on, feels very solid & is pleasant to drive & own.

  • Boney Maroney

    Howdy David,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. There is a poster on the watercooled forum with a simialr story, engine blowing up at 12,000klms……could even be the same person in the story that Kaminari posted. Mate that is aweful….again so sorry. Every dealing with VW Australia that I and my 2 work colleagues have had has been arrogant and unhelpful. I for one will not be buying the brand in the future, no matter how good the drive is. For me now, unfortunately, I would prefer reliability over driveability – but I wont go as far as a Toyota :-)

    My Accountant has advised me to hang onto mine and depreciate for another financial year before offloading. I know this makes financial sense, but I use this car for work and can’t be second guessing the reliability. May trade in sooner for a piece of mind, I was happy to keep before this new upgrade and evidence of engine issues.

    Got my software upgrade, unlike George, i have noticed a LOT more lag on take off compared to how it was before the software upgrade…..disappointing….I am at the stage that i am sick of getting squeaks, noise, tapping and dash rattles from a brand new car….and now this which VW says is now normal.

    Supercharger squeak has quietned down again, haven’t heard it at full vlume for a month now, but that always seems to happen after the car hasn’t been used for a while (Have been in NZ for 5 weeks! – should see what the NZers shell out for a Golf GTI – quite a bit more then we do – even accounting for the obvious currency difference – thats another story)

    Anyway – there’s my update. Hope your troubles have ended now David

  • David

    Hi Boney,
    I have consulted a solicitor and will be pressing the matter with VW. I suppose with all their problems world wide they will jump for cover!They believe that as long as they are fixing the problems then there is no come back. However, when I go to sell the car its value is greatly dimminished with a history such as this. I have also noticed the lag at take off. Just add it to the list!
    There are some companies I will be buying from in the future such as Toyota. I purchased a Toyota SR5 recently for work and had the dealer fit an after market steel bull bar and winch. To my surprise, after the first 1000 km service, the general manager contacted me and offered to replace the vehcile. The reason was this specific steel bull bar was prone to crack the fire wall. I settled for a genuine Toyota steel bar at no charge and a written assurance that the vehcile was fully covered with no damage. With all Toyota’s problems recently, its a lesson for other vehcile manufactures on how to win and keep customers. In these instances a great company is not judged by the problems they create but by how they go about fixing them. VW has a lot to learn.

    Good luck with the bucket of Bolts!

    • Boney Maroney

      Hey David,

      A mate of mine who used to contribute to this thread, “Glen” had issues with his engine, the supercharger squeak/chirp, leaking doors/windows, machine gun rattle from engine bay, ticking windows and two faulty DSGs which were replaced. The arrogance from VW just intensified as the issues went on, and VW were of the opinion that as long as they were fixing the vehicle they were under no obligation to replace the car (despite it being 2 months old with all these issues) or without compo due to the time it spent in repair and for loss in value at trade in due to the thing being a lemon. And he did trade it in at a loss as you could imagine. They are real pieces of work these guys.

      Like you, I have also had a similar experience with Toyota, as I own a 2005 Kluger. Toyota Australia have fixed several things for me out of warranty and have always gone out of their way to make me happy. What a polar effect it is when i deal with VW Aust. I just cant see myself buying a Corolla, no matter how good Toyota Oz is, such weak engines.

      Good luck with the legal action.



  • MyGTI (was Maz6)

    Hey BONEY where are you???
    Hey arent you speaking to me now since I defected to GTI?
    Hee hee (refer my reply to you June 19th?
    So far so good with GTI (except manufact. paint run
    on front bumper, currently been re-sprayed and picking up tomorow after 12 days, do have loan car)GRRR!

    Have made contact with Mirsad on VW watecooled a few times. Whats the latest on your 118TSI mate?

    • Boney Maroney

      I typed a long reply but the VW payroll extends as far as Car Advice – my comments are being moderated / deleted……..freedom of speach is respected here, so long as you dont bag VW too much it seems

      • MyGTI (was Maz6)

        Hey again Boney,
        hmm would have been an interesting read me thinks.
        Its a shame this forum doesnt have a PM section huh.
        Should you decide to join the VW watercooled forum, then
        you could at least PM me, maybe an easier place to vent?
        Would like an update from you, I reckon you should be
        able to share with the rest of us the continuing good/bad
        run with your TSI 118,
        Lets face it…..thanks to you and the other guys, we then
        cancelled our VW contract on the TSI 118.
        I sincerely hope that the new TSI 118’s have now had
        this “chirp” and other problems rectified.
        I know the above website covers this issue on there too,
        just havent read it as focus more on GTI.
        May see you there, Mirsad knows my user name as we have
        PM’ed a few times. Hope to maybe catch up on the what
        I cant here :-)

        • Boney Maroney

          Howdy MYGTI

          Hope it is running smooth for ya! They look like great machines.

          What is your user name over on watercooled so i can find you. I will join up so we can chat freely via PM.

          On the road this week, so may take me a little time to set up.



          • MyGTI (was Maz6)

            Gidday Boney,
            its GTI mk6 as this user name wasnt available.
            PM me once you join up, I reckon Mirsad would love to
            hear from you too mate.

            Yes, GTI going well so far….still not without niggles
            though…..exhaust rattle is one that bugs many(me included), so TSI 118 has/had? the chirp upon acceleration, GTI has this annoying tinny exhaust rattle
            for a brief moment at certain revs.
            No interior rattles thus far….fun car…very little
            turbo lag compared to TSI, hardly notice it at all on
            GTI….see you on the other side Boney :-)

  • nolemonplease

    Why buy lemon? VW has been infamous for its horrible reliability……Come on guys.. Do not buy it unless you are multimillionaire and has plenty of spare time for repair.. What a piece of crap!!

  • SaveUs

    vw are overpriced, underdone lemons

    • F1MotoGP

      and your is…??

      • http://NSSAN James Cortez

        Listen MOTO GP, I work and live here in the middle east where the average after income tax (no tax here) is higher than in Australia. Guess what buddy: you don’ see too many Golf 118 TSI or the likes in this price range. people buy Japs because in the heat VW melts! Proven fact here, blown turbo, electrical problems of some sort. Happens to my XC 90 and that’s why I sold it and bought a Toyota sequoia! Reliable all the time

  • Gianni

    Nearly every comment has -1 votes. Someone must have had some spare time on their hands. Anyway I’d go the 118tsi. The performance and the looks do it for me. Real rims to over the plastic hubcaps.

  • steve b

    I bought my golf 118 TSI DSG Comfortline with sports package (wheels, suspension) plus tint, sunroof, mats etc in April 2010, it was 9 months old with 9000klm on the clock, original owner said she’d changed jobs and now had a company car. She’d paid $42K driveaway, I paid $31k and felt I had a bargain… I bought after considerable research (mags such as Wheels, mainstream online media, COTY awards etc) but hadn’t discovered sites like this!
    Seller was in Brisbane, I’m in Lismore so until we met to finalise transaction, I’d never driven a DSG, had to go on reports…and considering my previous two cars (2005 Subaru Liberty Spec B, and 2007 Holden Calais V 6.0L with 20″ wheels and HSV suspension package) had been bought on Wheels road tests, reviews and recommendations, I felt on safe ground. Every thing I’d read about DSG made it sound fantastic.
    But I just can’t love that gearbox. I have had no other problems with the car (37,500klm now) and it handles like a dream and looks fantastic, uses very little fuel, has ample grunt…but that DAMN GEARBOX!! I hate the stutter and hesitation at take-off, and the huge difference between Drive and Sport modes.
    Would I buy another 118TSI? possibly. But a manual one.
    Next car? Almost definitely a GTI…or new Focus ST (XR5)

  • Andrew

    Hi all, I thought I would throw in my thoughts on my recent 118 tsi (united grey metallic) purchase (June 2011 build). After placing a deposit, I then read about the dreaded chirping here and elsewhere in the DSG and my heart sank. But I was assured that VW had redesigned the waterpump to address the issue. Despite this advice, right on 1900kms, it started. BUT, I have to say, it was actually pretty quiet and only occasional. The car is now close to 6,000km and I have not heard it for quite a while now, probably since 4,000km and hoping it stays that way. Overall, I just love the vehicle. I got quite a few options including corn silk leather, upgraded stereo and park assist and it all feels just so plush and refined inside – I call it my ‘cocoon of civility’. It just purrs down the freeway and county roads are a treat. It is super quiet inside, but you can still hear the cool ‘whir’ of the engine at deceleration. There is an ever so slight hesitation at take off with the twin chargers, but again, no biggy. Once it really kicks in, it leaves the ford and holden utes sitting back at the lights (which is rather fun I have to say). Only other slight niggle I can think of is a slight rollback with hill start assist – again possibly the time taken for the twin chargers to do their work (?). Also, I do think the exterior is a tad bland – I also looked at the Volvo C30 which I just love the exterior, but at the end of the day, practicality guided me back to the VW and it was the interior where I obviously spend most of the time that won me over. All up, I absolutely love it, and would recommend to anyone.

  • Not happy jan

    Don’t buy the golf 118 tsi
    I have had it tweeting for almost a year now and vw, tell me there is a fix…. Then there is no fix…. And currently there is no fix
    U wouldn’t and shouldn’t expect this from the ”world car of the year’ or ‘engine of the year’
    my thoughts are that vw pay these judges off who rate these cars

    • gmh-bogan

      Two years in a row Wheels Car of the year.Sertainly back to the field now with all the 118TSI Handgrenade,,BOOM+BOOM.

  • Ford Man

    Superchargers inherently have a whine/chirp. Know what you’re buying before you buy it.

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  • herman

    I have a 118 Tsi golf with 68,000 km. The dsg started to shudder intermittantly from first to second gear some 15,000 odd KM ago. Never at the VW dealer though. I reported/mentioned it at VW Eastern Creek drive day & also to head office & told to go to dealer. As time went by it got worse, even when down shifting & finally it “did it” when driven by VW mechanic. As it is under warranty till September 2012, there was no cost. As I drive the car at a solid pace at times, especially on nice twisty bits, I wonder if using the box in manual mode can be the cause of this (early) problem. Other wise its a great car & convinced it the best in that class.

    Worried a little that if/when I get the Sciroco with DSG, the same might happen ?

Volkswagen Golf Specs

Car Details
1K MY09
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$8,800 - $10,000
Dealer Retail
$10,450 - $12,430
Dealer Trade
$7,000 - $8,000
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
148Nm @  3800rpm
Max. Power
75kW @  5600rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
8.2L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1200  Unbrake:620
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
195/65 R15
Rear Tyres
195/65 R15
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Lower arm, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Anti roll bar, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
15 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Power Steering
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Power Sunroof
Parking Distance Control, Satellite Navigation
CD with 6 CD Stacker
Fog Lights - Front, Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Driver Side Inner Guard
Country of Origin