by Daniel DeGasperi

Volvo Car Australia has confirmed it will start the 2014 V8 Supercars championship at the Clipsal 500, with two Volvo S60-styled factory-backed V8 racecars to race through Garry Rogers Motorsport.

Speaking on the panel at the official announcement was V8 Supercars CEO James Warburton; International Volvo Cars vice president Thomas Andersson; Polestar racing team principal Christian Dahl; Volvo Car Australia boss Matt Braid, Garry Rogers Motorsport team principal Garry Rogers; and V8 Supercars commissioner Mark Skaife.

“We have a strong motorsport heritage both globally and in Australia,” remarked Volvo Car Australia boss Matt Braid. “It includes winning the touring car championship in 1986 and the Bathurst 1000 in 1998.

“We are determined to add to [our racing] heritage, while adding to the image of the Volvo S60 model in Australia.

“We want to be successful … it won’t happen overnight but we’ve got the goods.

“We want to showcase the S60, which is the most dynamic car in our line-up.

“As the first luxury car brand to enter a factory backed team into the V8 Supercars, we are determined to add to this heritage.”


Braid named the partnership as “Volvo Polestar Racing” and thanked the global Volvo Car Group, Polestar, Garry Rogers Motorsport “and the support and assistance of Mark Skaife and the V8 Supercars program”.

“This is a very signficiant day for Volvo and for V8 Supercar racing,” said V8 Supercars commissioner Mark Skaife.

“We are very proud that this announcement has been made, the endorsement of our sport through the Car of the Future program with Volvo to commence racing in 2014.

“The Car of the Future plan is the core of our business plan. We saw at the weekend four different makes within the top seven cars at Darwin, and a level of competition with product has never been better.

“A big part of the Car of the Future plan was to assist our stakeholders, to make sure the teams were viable and to future proof our sport.

“Garry Rogers’ team currently doesn’t enjoy factory backing [but] will be a fully-fledged factory backed race team, which is what we’re very proud of today.”


Asked when the two Volvo S60 racers will be ready, team owner Garry Rogers confirmed “November or December this year” for testing, remarking about the relative ease of the Car of the Future shared platform.

“The beauty of the rules as they are is that the chassis is really, if you’ve got a Volvo, or a Ford, or a Holden … much of that work is already done, and we’ve got kits so we can get that [engineering] work happening as we speak, and they are happening as we speak,” he said.

Rogers admitted that Volvo was a surprise choice for his team.

“It came left of field, everyone knew we’d been talking to Chrysler.”

“We will be working closely with Polestar to develop the cars, but we won’t be changing our drivers,” added Rogers, who confirmed that the 5.0-litre V8 engine to be used will be a Volvo engine, based on the old Yamaha-designed 4.4-litre V8 previously used in S80 and XC90.

Garry Rogers Motorsport currently race a Holden Commodore using drivers Scott McLaughlin from New Zealander and French-born Alexandre Prémat.

The deal with V8 Supercars is being funded entirely by the local Volvo Car Australia operations, but the team will be completely factory backed.


Asked whether using the current Volvo S60 range, with front- or all-wheel-drive and four- and six-cylinder engines, meant creating a rear-wheel-drive V8-engined racer was just a marketing exercise, boss Braid answered frankly.

“I don’t think the average person will look at a V8 Supercar today and correlate it directly to what they can buy,” he said.

“I don’t know one racing series in the world that is tied purely to production cars these days.

“Everyone has moved on … it is very hard to align certain [production] cars with categories [of racing].

“The V8 engine architecture is the ticket to entry into the [V8 Supercars] category and we certainly understand that. We’re very proud that the V8 has Volvo DNA.”

Braid also admitted that while Volvo has announced a strategy to move its entire range to four-cylinder-only in the future, he claims the same engineers working on future production engines are working on the V8 being used for the V8 Supercars program.

“The four-cylinder engine strategy … that is obviously happening,” he said. “But the team working on the V8 race engine are working on four cylinder [production] engines as well.

“So there’s correlations between the technology making efficient, yet powerful engines whether it’s a road going production engine or a V8 race engine.

“As for the car, motor racing is all about marketing as well, quite clearly … competing on the track and in the marketplace. The S60 we obviously have a strong program on presenting the car in market, in Australia, and we think this will add to that.”

  • Jober As A Sudge

    Swedish Chef to throw his hat into the ring? Bork Bork

  • Phil

    Well, that’s a surprise. Didn’t expect they would go to the trouble of developing a race engine from an engine they discontinued in 2010. I thought GRM would stick with the Chev engines they use now.

    • slap

      Well phil ford and holden use engines that were discontinued mant moons ago why not volvo and mercedes will stop using the m159 in production cars very soon also

      • Phil

        They haven’t been discontinued. Chev small block is still in production, in fact are still sold by Volvo Penta for marine applications.

        Given the restrictions, with all engines being capped to a maximum of 474kw, you’d want to have a good reason to justify the development cost. I’m not sure brand marketing is a good enough reason.

        • JoeR_AUS

          perhaps they just like racing….

        • slap

          Phil are you high? last time I checked marine applications didnt have wheels, unless its on the trailer it gets towed on! I dont see why volvo cant use its own engines. The engines ford and holden use cost upward of 80-100k each and use aftermarket blocks, heads and everything else! So im sure volvo can do them cheaper using their own blocks/heads like nissan and merc and not have that cloud hanging over their head (did you see volvos first win on the weekend? Yeah but isn’t powerd by a holden) no manufacturer imo would take the spec engine on offer from v8sc or another manufacturers, they would be just shoting themselves in the foot.

          • Andrew M

            Have you noticed that its the Merc and Nissan motors with reliability and performance problems?
            Maybe you should hold your re check your judgement against the proven and reliable Holden and Ford offerings.
            Ford have also tested the cheaper Coyote 5.0L motor which it uses in the road cars, nothing has eventuated yet, my guess is they have power gain or tunability problems just like the Merc and Nissan which is why they have stuck to the more rock solid current donk

          • Phil

            I’m not high, but Volvo might be. The Volvo/Yamaha V8 is a 60 degree engine. That makes it inherently unbalanced compared to a 90 degree V like the Ford, GM, Nissan and Merc AMG. The obvious solution for Volvo is to cast a completely new 90 degree block to go with the new crankshaft they’ll need, but then they are developing a specific racing only product, completely at odds with the COTF objective of reduced costs. Or they can run with an unbalanced 60 degree config, requiring additional rotational mass in the form of balance shafts which adds complexity.

    • JoeR_AUS

      it is not such a big change!

      Change the front and rear panels, drop in a 5 litre Yamaha/Volvo engine and change the paint/sponsorship colours. Might encourage others to join.

      • dr sheldon cooper

        I like that reasoning. Let me see if im understanding you right,…it does NOT matter what engine is IN whatever car? Golly gee! I think I will ask Howard (Dr Wolowitz) to install a Saturn V (the Apollo rocket, not the failed GM car line) engine in his Kia Rondo and enter it in V8 Supercars. THAT should inspire legions of young hoons!!! Sorry, I meant, car afficionados.

        • AJS

          Would certainly make for some interesting viewing Mr. Cooper!! ^^

          • Dr sheldon cooper

            Sure will. And thats DOCTOR Cooper. The only NON DOCTOR i know is Howard Wowitz. Altho his wife Dr Bernadette is what you people would colloquially refer to as….ummm.. Yummy Mommy.

          • Andrew B

            nut job

    • $29896495

      No benefit to Volvo to run with another brand’s engine. Have to have some DNA from Volvo in there some where.

      • counterblow

        the engine is assembled by Yamaha, but it is a joint design with Volvo. You only find this engine in Volvos and the one off Noble, but it is very much Volvo DNA.

    • DoubleBlue

      It’s far better race cars use a v8 engine from their own stable. [that way it doesn’t dilute the brand name]

      Anyway Volvo was apart of Ford not Pontiac er Chev.

      • Phil

        It’s far better to use a reliable proven performer and get a few wins, than spend a season or two with a bunch of DNF’s destroying your credibility. And Chev V8’s are sold under the Volvo brand name, albeit Volvo Penta.

  • crouchy35

    Good news for Nascar…. errrrr i mean V8 Supercars….

    • dr sheldon cooper

      NASCAR – yes, we all know Camrys are RWD and have V8s! I’m sure Toyota is spending tens of millions of dollars JUST BEC they “love racing”…and NOT to sell Camrys. wink.

      I can understand Ferraris and Porsches and MB in F1 doing research for their cars. But what would Toyota LEARN FROM racing RWDs and V8s for their Camrys?

  • Labryz

    With all these new teams about to take part I may actually watch the V8s. I think this is a good thing and could mean greater viewing numbers.

  • horsie

    Can anyone tell me the config of a road going Volvo S60?

  • Hahahahahahahaha

    But it’ll still be V888 Supercars.

  • Dr sheldon cooper

    Even better if all manufacturers actually use currently- relevant 4 or 6 cyl engines instead of V-8 dinosaurs that car buyers avoid. In the age of bullet trains, who would be interested in steam locomotives?

    • pro346

      Yeah because a 4 cylinder front wheel drive would be so exciting to watch ! Can you imagine the sound and the under steer!

      • Dr Sheldon Cooper

        Even nicer is to be LIED TO – a V8 Nissan Sentra (or whatever that Frankenstein monster is)? PUH-LEEZ!!! That would be like saying an artificially-enhanced Pamel Anderson is BETTER than a naaturally flat Pamela!!! (Oh wait! What am i saying????!!!!)..:.i take everything BACK. LIE to meeeeeeee,, Pamela and Nissan!!!!!!!

    • Phil

      even bullet trains depend on steam. Nuclear power plants still rely on steam turbines to generate electricity. Since when did the number of cylinders dictate if an engine was out of date?

      • Dr Sheldon Cooper

        Im sorry. Maybe i have been out of touch. Bt the last time i checked, people have been leaving Commodores and Big Fords in cobwebs at dealerships and snatchig up Mazda3s, Corollas, even Swifts. If the purpose of racing is to SELL cars, then the V8 Supercars series is FAILING miserably.

        • JoeR_AUS

          better you try Theoretical physics

          People who have not bought Commodores and Falcon have bought other cars for a similar price.

          • Dr Sheldon Cooper

            And good for those OTHER car companies! They are selling NON-v8s bec these are what the market wants. Could be the reason why Mazda, Toyota, even VW are NOT haemorrhaging money like Ford and Holden.

          • Richo

            Last time I checked, Audi, BMW and Mercedes make money still, even with their nasty unloved V8 engines they continue to insist on putting in their top of the line models… Not only that, but GM globally has actually turned a multi-billion dollar profit the last few years… with those nasty big V8’s.

            Also, your precious Mazda, owned by FORD! Bloody V8’s… whats more, you know VW? They own Audi (V8’s) and Porsche (V8’s). Toyota? They make V8 trucks in the US, damn.. Oh and they race those silly V8 Nascar things too, spend lots and lots of money on it in fact…

          • Richo

            oh and despite the imminent sensibleness of Toyota, and the massive declining of sales for Commodore, Holden still sell more Commodores then Toyota sells Camry’s, and they also sell more Commodores then any single VW model… but you stick to your guns mate!!!

          • $29896495

            Of course you are speaking Australia. which really has little bearing on anything. Worldwide Toyota and VW stomp on GM, but lets not let facts get in the way.

          • Get your facts right

            Errrrr. Worldwide figures show that Toyota leads from GM followed by VW, so where did you dig up your figures? Lets get your facts right

          • $29896495

            Errrrr what? World Wide – Truth be known you are wrong Toyota 1 – VW 2 – Ford 3 – GM 4 Had a good look round the net, though the order of the first three swaps a little that seems to be it. As of June this year.

          • Dr sheldon cooper

            I was beginning to agree with u BUT .. Holden selling more Commodores than Toyta sellig Camrys? Is this a fact? Or did i hit the wrong century again in the time machine?

          • $29896495

            Just in reference to the GM v8s bit. Most of their cars are now 4 or 6, the V8s didn’t get them out of trouble with sales. I defy you to find a single sales report that states otherwise. They got themselves out of trouble by soaking the rest of the GM worlds profits with internal sales of parts.

          • blah_blah_meh

            Have we warped back to 2007-2010 when Ford owned Volvo, Jaguar and had controlling interest in Mazda?

        • Phil

          LOL. The purpose of racing is to win. Hasn’t been about selling cars since series production went away in the early 1970’s. Racing should be exciting.

          There happens to be a racing series for Suzuki Swifts in Australia – the fact that virtually nobody has heard of it tells you just how many people want to watch their shopping trolleys race…

          • Dr sheldon Cooper

            Thats great news!!!! Since selling is not the purpose of spending tens of millions of dollars, that must mean Ford will continue to sponsor teams AFTER they have closed shop and stopped SELLING cars! Awesome!!!

          • $29896495

            Well the way V8 SC sell their road circus is Brand promotion. They don’t give a toss that the bits and pieces only vaguely resemble a real car. The idea is to promote a brand NAME of a manufacturer.

            (You know with the speed of current road cars production touring is very exciting when you actually see it. But no promotion means nobody knows)

          • dr sheldon cooper

            you NAILED it!

        • Exar Kun

          The last time I checked, people don’t care if what is under the bonnet of a race car is under the bonnet of their road car. As long as the road car looks the part that’ll do.

          • Dr Sheldon Cooper

            Oh….i see. You mean dim people like pretending they are Lowneds or that Frosty gentleman in their IMITATION Holdens and Fords? I understand. I used to PRETEND my trike was also the Batmobile – but that was only when i was 4 yrs old. NOT in my 30s or 40s. That would be laughable.

    • Richo

      This is missing the point. The race fans don’t go to a race meeting to watch what their sedan in the car park is capable of, if they were, then production car racing would be more popular, but go and watch a round of the Australian Manufacturers Championship and you’ll be lucky to find 2 blokes and their dog watching.

      No, race fans go to watch spectacular cars flying around the track as fast as possible! They don’t give a rats bum that they can’t actually buy that car in the showroom, it’s all about the spectacle.

      Volvo just spent 11 months evaluating the World Touring Car Championship that runs more “relevant” 4 cyl motors, and they decided against joining and instead decided to support Volvo Car Australia’s proposal to race in the V8’s with an engine that is totally irrelevant to them. Says it all really, as the Volvo bloke said, the engine package isn’t relevant to Volvo, but thats not what its about, its about promoting the brand in an exciting environment, and anyone who has watched WTCC or BTCC lately with their 4 cyl engines will tell you that there ain’t anything exciting about that!

      • dr sheldon cooper

        Didnt Volvo sell a lot of their V70s from BTCC racing? And MB their 190E 2.6 Evolution and BMW M3 from DTM? NONE of them were 8 cyls. Can anyone really say the german DTM is inferior to V8 Supercars? With a straight face, I mean.

        • Richo

          You killed your whole argument by mentioning the DTM, because since 2000 the DTM has been running exclusively V8 engines, so if its ok for the DTM to run a V8 engine, why not V8 Supercars? Not only that, but the DTM V8 powerplants aren’t even production derived V8’s like the Mercedes, Nissan and now Volvo V8 supercar engines are, rather the DTM engines are 100% bespoke race engines.

          As for the V70’s in the BTCC, if you actually have a look at those BTCC cars of the early to mid 90’s, mate there wasn’t much “production” about those cars! At the peak of the BTCC, you had million dollar race cars being built by the Williams and Arrows F1 teams! Those things were as far removed from their production roots as a V8 Supercar is.

          As for the early days of the DTM when they ran a Group A formula with the little Mercedes and BMW’s, mate we had that in Australia too, and the crowds were appalling and no one was watching on TV, which was the primary reason why Group A was abandoned in the first place, that and unless you made a twin turbo 6 cylinder with AWD you couldn’t compete and you had the farcical situation were the only car that came close to competing, the Sierra, wasn’t even sold in Australia!

          And that wasn’t just in Australia that production based touring cars died by the way, the died in europe too, notice how now the DTM series, which used to be a production based series, now race full silhouette race cars that are further removed from production cars then V8 Supercars are, even the new NGTC formula the BTCC are running now days have massively removed the race cars from their production roots. The world has moved on mate, no one races production cars at the highest level anymore, even the WTCC have very very little production gear left in them, plus their boring as bat poo to watch! Weedy little 4 bangers struggling to reach 200km/h, wow thats exciting…

          • Roadtard

            Dr Cooper, please explain how somewhere in a parallel universe you were right…..

          • Dr sheldon cooper

            When I took the time machine to the year 2385, i witnessed the Clipsall 8000. Everyone was running stock cars: from the Einstein Emc2 with quad turbo 24 cyl to the North Korean made Kim il-yung (or KY) Gelly. Aussies in 2385 could not believe people from the Gillardsic Era (2013 AD) modified their race cars. Thanks for asking, Roadtard. Im glad to be back. Now, WHERE is Leonard….

          • Dr sheldon cooper

            I stand corrected. I now see the wisdom of your argument. And that of others. Thank u for takig the time to enlighten me.

          • Dr sheldon cooper

            You had me at bat poo. :)

    • Just saying

      You mean to tell me Ford and GMH are the only manufactures to put V8 engins in production cars? Geez where have I been? I could’ve sworn most manufactures in the Automotive industry have V8’s in their production line up. Not EVERY car on the road, that isn’t Ford or Holden are 4 & 6 cylinder engines. Dr Sheldon cooper indeed.

      • Dr Sheldon Cooper

        Yes but HOW MANY of those non GMH and nonFord V8s inhabit the vast roadways of Australia? Not too many. But i get the point, we LOVE watching cars that we ourselves dont want to buy bec they cost too much to run. Much like admiring footy WAGS (wives and GFS), we would oggle them but will not be willing to pay for their high-maintenance. 😉

    • guest

      Hmm, V8 is a dinosaur… Hmm… Let me see all these V8 powered cars:

      E63, 458, M5, M6, Cayenne, Panamera, V8 Vantage, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ, Jaguar F Type, McLaren Project-Four-12C, McLaren P1, Porsche 918, etc. And the list goes on. And if you want to get finicky about it, the Mercedes CLK-LM and CLR race cars also used large capacity V8s – which by virtue of their configuration must be dinosaur engines…

      I’m more interested in a V8 rather than inline-5 or inline-6 which if I’m not mistaken was originally designed for Volvo by Porsche – and intended at one stage to be used in the less than stellar 944 model. Which would I prefer, a S60 Polestar or a 585hp supercharged GTS? Easy choice…

      The sophisticated Deutsche Tank-Stopp Masters are also V8 dinosaurs too…

      • dr sheldon cooper

        Sorry to confuse you. When I say dinosaur, I meant soon to be EXTINCT, not BAD or OLD. GMH and Ford big 8s are fast disappearing from the OZ landscape…. bec gas is expensive here ($6.50 plus per gallon vs $3.20 / gal in US). Dont get me wrong, i LOVE the OZ 8s, looking at a Monaro in fact (but Leonard has to teach me to drive first)…but the market for these awesome V8s – just like all the great Euro 8s you mentioned – are fast dwindling.

        WHY? There are two tiers in the V8 market: the RICH who will always buy the M5s, M6s, AMGs, Jags, LS460s, Astons, FPVs, HSVs, etc…..NO MATTER what the price of gas and car are because they CAN afford them….and the WORKING STIFF who will ‘play’ up to a certain price point, but NOT beyond. I say DINOSAUR bec….the working stiff is now switching to the Corollas, Mazdas, Camrys, etc,…or even smaller Commodores and Falcons. The only market remaining for the big 8s….are the rich. Right, Gina Rhinehart?

        • $29896495

          That is the crux of it – when it comes to the mass population downsizing. (It’s also deceptive if you think about it, 1.50 a lt as opposed to per gallon.)

  • supercujo

    They missed a huge marketing opportunity by not using a wagon.

    • AndyGF

      I totally agree! Should have been a wagon…

      But I’m very happy that Volvo are joining the fray! (=

      • horsie

        I doubt there is an option for a wagon with COTF as it currently stands

    • Richo

      That would have been super cool, I wonder if Volvo had said to V8 Supercars that “its a wagon or nothing” would they have let them in?

      Would have been something really different

      • Andrew M

        The requirement I believe states 4 door sedan, but even if that wasnt the case I doubt the wagon could have the aero of a sedan.
        Those saying this is to promote a particular model just dont get it.
        This is about brand awareness.
        If you ask me Volvo has the most to gain out of any of them. Volvo actually make very good cars but have a bit of a grandpa image. If they can open up to the public and show off some sporty models in parallel advertising they could gain a bit.
        Whats also funny is people trying to diss one or the other for being more factory than the other.
        Well, the closest would be the Ford offering.
        Firstly you cant buy a VF commodore let alone with a 5.0L V8
        Secondly you cant buy an Altima, let alone with a 5.0L V8
        Atleast you can buy an FG, and with a 5.0L V8

  • Doctor

    VB Supercars – one car, five engines and badges. How exciting, I might start watching NASCAR too.

  • Al Tungupon

    Why didn’t they use the S80? It would be of similar size to the Falcodores, and the production version can be had with a V8 unlike the S60.

    • Dr Sheldon Cooper

      Well, apparently REALITY doesnt matter. Volvo could use a pushbike with Flux capacitor -as long as it HAS a V8. V8 SC , i am told, is strictly for entertainment purposes – mich like silicone enhanced Vegas showgirls, NOT REAL bt agreeably much more entertaining.

  • Woodsy

    Great news IMO and if you look all over the news and online even on the Radio its already working, Smart move Volvo and to Ad they will have one of the best up & coming Drivers with young Scott McLaughlin!

  • Poison_Eagle

    So now we have Yamaha, Nismo and AMG engineering engines for our racing series. Guess you can’t call it a bogan sport anymore.

    • Chad

      And so far nismo and AMG and getting toweled by old school pushrods engines, looks like the Aussie bogans are sticking it to the Germans and the Japanese

      • Poison_Eagle

        Yeah I barrack for Ford so that suits me fine, but I gotta say, once the Falcon goes I’ll be going for Merc- that flat plane V8 makes an amazing sound!

  • dr sheldon cooper

    The V8 SC – just like NASCAR, DTM, etc…- is just a clever MARKETING ploy. (Except The Wacky Races). Agreed, it is very ENTERTAINING. But the REAL MAIN underlying purpose of racing is to SELL. If it were truly RESEARCH, these car companies can do that in the PRIVACY of their testing grounds, labs, etc…. They would not need to show their successes in front of thousands of fans. Why CLEVER? It is nothing but an extended AD campaign,….but instead of them PAYING for space and air-time,….potential customers PAY to see them. GENIUS!!!!! And theyre even uncouth enough to admit to us they are NOT using the SAME engines they are selling us!!! And we CHEER!!!!! Whoooopity-doooo!!!! Not to add, but i will add anyway,….. people like us,….are made to discuss the endless minutiae and intricacies of motor”sports”…and their REAL intent.

    Now, y’all got me all upset……”soft kitty,warm kitty,….little ball of fur…….”

    • dr sheldon cooper

      The ad agency people, reviewers and salesmen must be the smartest people in the planet (as a theoretical physicist, i do, of course despise them because i think WE are the smartest). They recognise that people buy NOT what THEY want, but what OTHERS want. it matters not how good a product is, if others do NOT like it, it will NOT sell.

      Cases in point: the Monaro, HSVs, FPVs, and all the great Aussie cars. GREAT by any standard. But why are they HOT only here, maybe UK and Middle East, and NOT in the US where they are even vastly discounted? EXPOSURE. From what? Races.

      These cars sell in the places i mentioned BECAUSE people, in general, KNOW them and WANT them. They do NOT SELL in the US because they are largely UNKNOWN and therefore no one WANTS them. If we want to SAVE the Aussie car industry,….we should export THE RACES first,….the SALES will follow.

      Make them LUST for Aussie cars,…then the sales will follow……..

      Leonard? Leonard?, Leonard?

  • Shop Signs Melbourne‎

    I have read all the conversation and engines actually is very important no matter what brand it is as long the durability and the quality is always wear.

    • horsie

      can you please repeat that in English ?

      • Shop Signs Melbourne‎

        It only says here that the most important is the durability of engine no matter what brand it is…

        • horsie

          True. specially for Bathurst

  • Phil

    Well, at least GRM should get a few wins – seeing as the rules say you’re not allowed to pass the safety car 😉