• Aussiecar

    “In case you’re thinking BMW has gone back to the drawing board and ‘fixed’ their design, I encourage you to realise just how many other manufacturers have taken up BMW’s bold design approach since 2002. From the Koreans to the Japanese, the Bangle philosophy has spread across the whole car-design industry.”

    Although this is true at least most other manufacturers who use the design “prettied” the butt a little (though any car that has this butt in my books still look weird from the rear). Even this version of the Bangle butt is alot more refined than the original.


    love the speed limit detection system.i don’t know how many times i’ve asked the wife”how fast was that last sign?”.the north coast road is an absolute joke for changing speed signs.bmw should than load up the sat nav with all the speed camera’s sites as well.hell,throw in a new non detectable radar/laser warning unit from the states,and little kevin runt wouldn’t any any road revenue…

  • B-Man

    I saw one of these on the road a few weeks back. The pics really don’t do it justice, it’s a great looking car on the road. Looks a lot bigger than the E65/66 too.

  • Devil666

    5.2 seconds is bloody quick to 100 for such a car, but it’s a far cry from the 4.6 available on the other side of Germany.

  • Botsy

    This is just beautiful. The S Class is for those poor souls that have no taste and just need a car to emphasis a point. The 7 series has so much more character.

    I will have to get my old man to trade in his current 740 for a new one. He’s had it for 3 years since new and never had one thing go wrong with it!

  • pious

    No fan of the shape, but the technology sounds good and the interior is nice. I’d wait for the new XJ personally, being completely (and unashamedly) superficial and parochial, although it might end up looking horrible.

  • Allan D

    1865kgs is about the same weight as a VE clubsport. I’m more surprised that with a twin turbo V8 it only manages 0-100kph in 5.2secs.

  • Biggles

    Hmmm, I’d take the twin-turbo V8 thanks!

  • Steve-Poyza

    Don’t think its only BMW, but still, this is an absolutely brilliant car. Yum.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Botsy, what do you mean your old man’s BMW is 3 years old and nothing’s gone wrong with it? Does this surprise you?
    Just imagine if it was a Japanese car, you’d be wondering why nothing had gone wrong with it after 12 years,

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    Sounds fantastic. Huge price premium for the 5.0 though. Almost $100k!

    My only negative, and it’s probably just the photo – the back end reminded me of a Holden Epica…

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    I wish it had of received more of the CS Concept,that was andis a hot looking car,still for a 7 series this has to be one of their best. Nice job BMW

    Botsy…………Ive had 6 BMWs and had no warranty problems with any of them,however the few Jap cars I have had have been returned to the dealer………just for your info babe!

  • Alex

    Botsy, how wrong you are. The S Class is for people who want something that isn’t too flashy and is very easy. It does everything for you and it is so comfortable and quiet. It’s as close to a Bentley or Rolls Royce as you can get without being worried about leaving it in a car park.

  • Alex

    I don’t like this car. I have said it in other comment boards on this website too, but after the last one which was so controversial and, um, interesting, this one is just so boring! It is handsome but conservative.
    It doesn’t feel how a limousine should either. I think it’s to do with how the interior was designed. It’s like all the other current BMWs so it doesn’t feel like one space, it feels open. No bad thing in a 3 Series but this? I normally love BMWs but it’s going to take a lot for me to like this one. I just feel that they missed the point a bit.
    Another thing – has anybody else been to the configurator? You get a choice of about six colours and the only one more exciting than the colour in the pictures is a grey-ish blue! They could have tried a little harder. They are all silvers, beiges and greys. What about some reds and greens?
    I don’t think that this is class leader. I don’t know what is because although I love the XJ, it is a bit old and the S Class is a bit bland but I am reluctant to think it is this because although it’s a limousine, I want more excitement. I think I’ll stick with my XJR.

  • http://Lancia Ben Larden

    What a f-ing beautiful car. Great looks, great tech, mind blowing power plants, and no doubt a price to match.

    Alborz, give it a lazy 2 steering wheels. It’s not AWD

  • pious

    Alex, the 2010 XJ is meant to be something really special and completely different in appearance to the existing – front end to put the XF to shame (rear end supposed to take some getting used to) the new engines from the XF (5 litre, 5 litre supercharged, 3 litre twin turbo diesel), magic interior with funky download capacity etc etc. It this ends up being true, it will be one magic car, and certainly (ignoring reliability/depreciation concerns that many might have)an alternative to the bigger BM and the S class.

  • Alex

    Pious, I have heard that and I’m glad. The only thing that I am not sure about is a different shape for the XJ. I like the iconic low and sleek look with the tapered off back. I hope they don’t get rid of that because it’s iconic with good reason, but they probably will.

  • pious

    Yeah, I like the xj shape myself, but the suggestion is that the change is going to be radical, and it is probably needed to stop xj sales going to the xf/xf-r. They are keeping it very secret, so far. being a jag owner too, I am keen to see them capture more of the market and a revitalised xj should help with that

  • Tor_M5

    they are making a m version with a twin turbo v12 then merc can suck it

  • Ed B

    I dunno. Just doesn’t do it for me. Doesn’t look grand at all. Prefer the Benz or even the Lexus.

  • ChineseDriver

    This car looks like a very aggressive PIG.


  • Neo Utopia

    The front looks a lot better than the previous generation, the rear I’m still not too sure if the designers could have done a bit better to have it more consistent with the front.

  • biboooo

    can some one tell what does D/+ – M/S mean in bmw gearbox ?

  • Bob

    It allows you to manually select your gears in an automatic gearbox, flick it up to (+) and it goes up a gear, flick it down to (-) and it goes down a gear.

    • biboooo

      thank you bob 😀 ,but shifting up and down using clutchs on the rear of the steering wheeles? or just moving the gearbox(P R N D+\- )up and down whitout a clutch pedal ?

  • ashly

    this is one wonderful BMW, a real luxury saloon, something expensive but worth the cash, just by the smell of the interior you can that you’re in the 100k + car territory.

    but here is a problem

    i own a VZII 6.0L L76 260kW/510Nm Calais 2006 with an old outdated 4 speed transmission with 3.07:1 diff.
    The thing is quite simple, modern but its year “2006” indicated that its getting older and the design dates back to 1997.

    But, there is something special about my 6.0L underpowered , detuned and conservative fours peed V8. Its 260kW feel like 350kW, its 510Nm of torque feel like 600Nm+ , and its 4 speed feels like its not changing gears at all.
    Its very smooth, it will do close to 100km/h in 1st, 160 in 2nd and over 240 in 3rd while the 4th could take it up to 265 with ease.
    The car its not very expensive now days, sure its a lot simpler than this BMW, but there is something about it, the engine characteristics of the L76, the way it responds the way it breathes “in stock factory form”, just the way the car is.
    Cruising down the highway at 100km/h at just over 1600rpm in 4th, not quite 1700 like in similar cars.
    I wonder why spend $200000+ on a car when you can have something raw, powerful, refined and still luxurious and much cheaper to run, fix and thrash around?

    After test driving cars worth $200000-500000 i realized that my car is either on par with them or quicker than all of them.
    For performance and luxury versus dollar, go for a Holden Calais SERIES2 VZ 6.0L V8 or the VE Calais V 6.0L. You can’t go wrong.