The 2013 Honda Accord will launch in Australia in June with prices starting from $31,490 for the four-cylinder Accord VTi, a $3300 price increase over the outgoing model.

Honda Australia will continue with the twin-Accord strategy (with Australia remaining the only market in the world where the Accord and Accord Euro are sold side-by-side) as it introduces the more compact, ninth-generation Accord to compete with the likes of the Mazda 6.


The 2013 Honda Accord will be available with both a new 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and the 3.5-litre V6, which is largely carried over from the previous model.

The four-cylinder’s power output is 129kW (4kW less than the previous generation) while its torque sits at 225Nm (3Nm more than before). Honda’s focus on fuel efficiency has seen a seven per cent improvement, now at 7.9-8.1 litres per 100km depending on variant, and somewhat surprisingly the same five-speed automatic has been carried over.

2013 Honda Accord

The 3.5-litre V6 produces 206kW (up 4kW on the previous model) and an unchanged 339Nm. It’s coupled to a six-speed automatic and employs a new cylinder-deactivation system that now only juggles between three or six cylinders, as opposed to three, four or six cylinders like the previous model. It consumes 9.2L/100km on the combined cycle.

Honda expects 85 per cent of its estimated 300 Accord sales per month to be four-cylinder models, which is why it’s only offering a top-spec variant of the six-cylinder, the$51,990 Accord V6L – an increase of $4700 over the previous V6L.


The four-cylinder line-up comprises the $31,490 VTi, $33,990, VTi-L and $41,490 VTi-S. All prices are higher than the previous Accord and more in line with Mazda’s pricing strategy for its 6.

Whether the new, smaller Accord will remain in thelarge car category or be reclassified as a medium car in the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries’ official data reporting is still to be decided.


From the outside the new Honda Accord is entirely refreshed, but Honda has played it safe in retaining the styling the Accord is known for. New additions include LED daytime running lights and the availability of LED headlights (a first for Honda in Australia) as well as cornering lights.

Interior and engineering highlights include the standard inclusion of an eight-inch colour screen with a reversing camera, as well as the move to a newly developed MacPherson strut front suspension (replacing the old car’s double wishbone system).


Honda will also use the new Accord to introduce a variety of new safety technologies it calls its Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS). ADAS will include some familiar systems such as lane keep assist, collision mitigation braking system and adaptive cruise control. Some are rather interesting, like the lane keep assist system, which uses cameras located in the side mirrors to show the driver a live video stream of the car’s blind spot on the LCD screen. These safety features are available for $3500 in the four cylinder VTi-L but standard in the V6L.

Read: 2013 Honda Accord Review.

2013 Honda Accord

The $31,490 four-cylinder Honda Accord VTi has the following specifications

  • 2.4 litre i-VTEC DOHC engine delivering 129kW of power @ 6200rpm and 225Nm of torque @4000rpm
  • Fuel economy of 7.9 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 187 grams per kilometre (combined urban/extra urban)
  • Five-speed automatic transmission with Grade Logic Control
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Reversing camera with three modes (180 degree, normal and top-down)
  • Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) Body Structure
  • Tyre Deflation Warning System (DWS)
  • Trailer Stability Assist (TSA)
  • Six airbags (front, side and full-length curtain) Whiplash mitigating head restraints
  • MacPherson strut front and Multi-Link rear suspension
  • Electric power-assisted rack and pinion steering with tilt and telescopic function
  • Multi-information Display (MID) and intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID)
  • Variable intermittent wipers
  • Halogen headlights with leaving home/coming home feature
  • LED daytime running lights (DRL) and LED tail lights
  • Cruise control Active Noise Control (ANC)
  • Dual-zone climate control Cloth trim
  • Manual seat adjustment
  • AM/FM audio system, single CD, six speakers, touch screen and Speedsensitive Volume Control (SVC)
  • Bluetooth HFT with audio streaming AUX jack and USB connectivity
  • Engine immobiliser and security alarm
  • Steering wheel-mounted audio, cruise, Bluetooth and MID controls
  • 461 litre boot capacity
  • 16 inch alloy wheels with full size spare

The $33,990 four-cylinder Honda Accord VTi-S has the same specifications as the VTi with the addition of:

  • LaneWatch Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Rain sensing auto front wipers
  • LED headlights with leaving home/ coming home feature
  • Front fog lights
  • Premium audio system with seven speakers and touch screen
  • Reverse tilt door mirror
  • 457 litre boot capacity
  • 17 inch alloy wheels with full size spare

The $41,490 four-cylinder Honda Accord VTi-L has the same specifications as the VTi-S with the addition of:

  • Honda’s Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) featuring Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS), E-Pretensioner seatbelt for the driver (as a factory fitted option)
  • Fuel economy of 8.1 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 192 grams per kilometre (combined urban/ extra urban)
  • Sunroof
  • Active cornering headlights
  • i-MID with satellite navigation
  • Intelligent dual-zone climate control
  • Leather trim with heated front seats
  • Smart keyless entry and start 8-way power driver’s seat 4-way power passenger seat
  • Driver’s lumbar support
  • Driver’s seat memory
  • Leather wrapped gear shift and steering wheel
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • 18 inch alloy wheels with full size spare

The six-cylinder $51,990 Honda Accord V6L has the same specifications as the four cylinder VTi-L with the following differences/additions:

  • 3.5 litre SOHC i-VTEC V6 engine delivering 206kW of power @ 6200rpm and 339Nm of torque @ 4900rpm
  • Fuel economy of 9.2 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 217 grams per kilometre (combined urban/ extra urban)
  • Six-speed automatic transmission
  • Honda’s Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) featuring Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS),
  • E-Pretensioner seatbelt for the driver as standard
  • Twin exhaust
  • Hydrophilic side mirrors
  • Electric rear window sunshade
  • 8-way power driver and front passenger seat

  • sjg

    Isn’t the Accord Euro sold as the Acura TSX in North America?

    • $29896495

      Yes it is

    • K

      Both are sold in Honda badges in China as well.. Guess we are not that special after all

    • ryan bane

      NZ has both models as well sold side by side, so that wasn’t the best researched comment of all time…

  • MK

    Like the ‘…engineering highlights…’, ‘…. as well as the move to a newly developed MacPherson strut front suspension (replacing the old car’s double wishbone system).”

    • $29896495

      Very backward step in the suspension. Supposed to be cheaper, so why the price hike?

      • asdj

        I doubt the suspension had anything to do with a price change, but rather the jump in equipment levels that played the largest part.

        Also, it’s hardly a backward step, since CA’s review of the Accord states that it “makes a world of difference on bumpy roads over the old Accord’s double-wishbone setup” and “the ride comfort is superb. Be it on the highway or dirt roads, we felt the new Accord’s suspension doing a stellar job of maintaining body control and absorbing the bumps.” Also, bear in mind that plenty of cars use such suspension set ups, including the Porsche 911, no less.

        • $29896495

          Double wishbone is far superior. Any suspension can be set up for compliance – you will also note the criticism of handling in the story and steering, both are a direct result of an unsorted mac strut system. honda used to be king of the double wishbone front and rear, which is why they had such great handling. despite advances in some areas, the driving is still on the slide. As well as overall design.

          • asdj

            ‘Double wishbone is far superior’? Methinks Porsche would beg to differ.
            Also the criticism of handling and steering was not a ‘direct result’ of the MacPherson setup – the review did not make that claim. If you read the CA’s Feb 2013 review of the previous Accord, you’d know that handling and steering weren’t particularly strong points in that model and even Alborz added clarification comments section of the new model’s review: ‘we had the new and old accord back to back on the same roads, the difference was very noticeable.’

          • $29896495

            He was talking ride, not handling. Anyone who knows anything will tell you wishbones are better than macstruts. But in the end it comes down to cost. The days when Honda was considered a great handler with impeccable ride quality – double wishbones each corner. You also get less torque steer, and far better controlled body.

  • notatoy

    Is this now the only mid sized car with a 5 speed auto?

    • F1orce

      It makes no difference 5 or 6

      Most cars don’t even ever engage 6th gear as its far too long of a ratio.

      • Zaccy16

        have you driven a modern car lately? my polo will change into seventh at about 55 kph and the skyactiv 3 with the 6 speed skyactiv auto is the same thing, 5 speed is no where up to standard, more ratios doesn’t only mean better fuel economy but also better acceleration and drivability

        • Gulp

          Puh-leese. Everyone knows ten speeds is where it’s at…

          • Gulp

            Until then, I’ll have to make do with my current 8-speed 3 series. I do love cruising around the Woolies parking lot at 5kph in 8th gear. It just feels so much better than any lower gear.

  • Shak

    The bump up in kit levels is welcome, as is the new more suave styling. Whats not welcome from any importer in our current climate is a price rise no matter the level of ‘added kit’. The strength of our dollar, coupled with the FTA we have with Thailand, (where this car is made) mean a car like this should be cheaper than ever. If Honda want to hit that lofty 60K sales target they will need to ensure all of their cars are priced very very competitively, not just the CR-V and Civic. Its a nice package as a whole, but the price should have come down, shame on you Honda.

    • nick

      Don’t worry, the price will come down in a year’s time when Honda realises the Accord isn’t meeting sales targets. Of course that will only anger those who bought an Accord in the time leading up to then as they will lose resale, so much so that they will vow to never buy a Honda again.

  • Nick

    Surprised they didn’t go with the CVT like the North American model. It will be interesting to know if this was a good or bad move.

  • Steven

    Why is it so expensive? It is made in Thailand, with a 5 speed auto.
    And the V6L is a rip-off, the new VF Calais V for $46,990 is much better value and has automated parking.

    • MisterZed

      Honda has discontinued the Legend, so that might explain the V6L filling in the gap. $51,990 however is the most expensive Accord ever sold in Australia!

      • VTiR

        The Legend hasn’t been discontinued? Who says it has?

        • Shak

          I dont think Honda are shipping anymore units of the exiting model. They are basically selling out stock quietly while the wait to bring in the Acura RLX (Honda Legend)

          • VTiR

            That may be the case, although there’s no actual proof or announcement from Honda supporting that. But it’s certainly not discontinued; as you said the Acura RLX has been named as the new Honda Legend in non-Acura markets.

        • MisterZed

          Er, production ended nearly a year ago mate. “Production of the fourth generation Legend ended on June 16, 2012 at the Japanese facility to change over to the new Legend.” It was 8 years old at the time!


            Peeps: Discontinue a nameplate vs discontinue a generation. There’s your problem.

  • Jono

    the back of the car looks hideous!

  • Dave

    Its seems a bit rich in the era where everyone else is lowering the prices of there cars for them to be putting them up! More gadgets or not, they no doubt werent selling to many of the old models with a lower price, what do they think this is going to do!

  • galaxy

    OMG, do they actually employ any designers? May need more regular performance review from Honda’s HR dept. Morphing into a Camry. Interior looks reasonable but exterior is SO boring (even at my age). I would have expected a 4 speed auto to better match the exterior design. I’m wondering why they bothered. Same engine, same g/box, backward design???

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, this is average at best

      • eggggg

        Agree, it does look like ‘the average car’ done best, a very good car for most people’s needs and not too specific that it alienates any buyers. It seems that’s what they were aiming for and they succeeded with flying colours. Well done Honda. They really do make meeting all of a consumer’s needs look like a cakewalk.

  • Fun policeman

    Hints of 3 series

    • Internal Affairs

      Agreed, the 3 Series was a bit of a let down for an all new model, and this seems to also be the case for the Accord.

  • Sally Forth

    CA, is something wrong with the website? Every now and then the site will decide to load pages in the mobile-version of the site.

    • Shak

      I think it may just be Chrome. Im getting that occasionally on Chrome but not on Firefox.

      • notatoy

        I am getting this Firefox as well.

        • Alborz Fallah

          Yep, working on it

  • MisterZed

    Wrong – Australia isn’t the only market where both are sold side by side. You are forgetting New Zealand.

    • $29896495

      MZ correct.

    • Homer

      New Zealand is not a “market” it’s a place where Kiwi’s with jobs live.

    • Alborz Fallah


  • Norm

    Oh very dear. What a curious thing the American market is. It’s own industry is a shamozzle and it induces the most awful design from the companies that prosper there?

  • $29896495

    Personally I don’t like the looks of the outside or inside, and think following the old pricing strategy of increasing thousands for a new model is a shot in the foot. Especially considering where it’s built.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, it would be different if it was made in japan, had a new transmission with more than 5 gears and a new engine, a diesel would be a good move, the upgrades don’t justify the price

  • F1orce

    It looks nice. It will age well. And interior also looks quite nice & plush.

  • Demonaz

    Looks pretty good in VTi-L or V6L guise, not so much with the smaller wheels in the lower models. Interior looks good. VTi-L for $41k seems like really good value with all that kit, but V6L is overpriced!

    • Mistral

      The VTi-S has some pretty decent wheels too, they’re just not pictured in the article.

  • Doctor

    Well the styling is definitely a big improvement on the previous Mark Latham Specials (American Accords) but the pricing is not… will it sell any better?

  • JD

    No capped price servicing, increased prices in a very competitive market (so much for the one way FTA with Thailand)

    no wonder their sales are dwindling. Camry is better value for money IMO

    The V6 is heavily overpriced. I would rather get a Falcon G6E turbo.

  • jk

    Look forward to the update of Large Car Comparisons from 5 years ago:

    Honda Accord V6L vs Toyota Aurion Presara vs Holden Calais VF vs Ford Falcon G6E vs Chrysler 300C Luxury vs

    • Homer

      You could call it Jurassic Park, because they’re all dinosaurs.

      • Sydlocal

        In what way Homer? In concept (ie large car) or in technology/specification/equipment?

        • Homer

          The large car is dying a fairly rapid death. Maybe in the next 10 years they’ll come back but unlikely. The misguided perception that they use large amounts of fuel is one reason. Another, never mentioned, is modern homes do not have large garages. My 3 YO home will fit 2 of these cars but nothing else, not a lawn mower, tool chest, workbench – all the things we used to put in garages. There is so much quality in the next size down – Mazda 6 (yes, it’s almost the same size as a Commodore), Passat, Euro, Mondeo, Cruze etc. that size and 6 cylinder engines are not the preferred choice of the average motorist anymore.

          • $29896495

            People would prefer a six, you just can’t get that many at the lower end of the market anymore. All those cars mentioned have big car dimensions, and are considered big cars in the EU. (Except Cruze)

          • Homer

            We’re talking about Australia not EU. Yes, they are big but still slightly smaller than Aurion/Commode/Falcon range. Do you have any statistical evidence for “People would prefer a six” because the market certainly doesn’t indicate that being the case.

          • $29896495

            You’re getting people’s preferences mixed up with what car company preferences are. They are pushing 4s because of gov, threats and incentives. Simple. Big in the EU, is big in the US, is big in the AUS. Some car companies are filling out their paperwork and bending the truth when they register their car with government authorities. That enables them to then to promote under a banner totally unsuitable for the car. But it works, Camry/Aurion, at least for a while.

          • Homer

            I don’t know where you get your “information” from but it is wrong. Mazda 6, Passat etc are not big or large cars in US, they are medium and as to your conspiricy theories best leave those to your imagination as you have no evidence to substantiate what you are saying.

  • Poison_Eagle

    What happened to Honda having such great engines? Economy is pretty ordinary, same as an Ecoboost Falcon on the 4, and 9.2 on the 6 isn’t very efficient. Nice interior though.

    • sdfg

      OK, you’re fine to go ahead and make judgements only on numbers, but I think the rest of us will wait to hear, see and feel how they drive first.

      • Poison_Eagle

        You’d have to dismount your high horse to fit in the car first.

        • sdfg

          Bitter much?

          • Poison_Eagle

            No more so than yours (which struck me as very pious). I was commenting about the figures themselves, not a blanket statement about the car.

          • sdfg

            You made a blanket statement on the engines and I just called you out on it. If anything is to be labelled pious, it’d be your comment: ‘… Honda having such great engines’

          • Poison_Eagle

            I was just expressing my opinion, but I can back up what I said : Honda’s engines were class leading in terms of specific power and efficiency , Now they are middle of the road. Seems like they peaked with the NSX and Civic Type R. I’m sure its fine to drive but the competitors have upped the ante in that department.

          • sdfg

            OK, as long as you’re admitting your pious, fanboi tendencies to be what they are.

          • F1orce

            Class leading on paper. We all know the paper specs don’t truly reflect the real world. **Cough*** FORD KUGA**Cough** etc etc

          • Poison_Eagle

            I disagree- If you look at figures like kerb weight and when the torque peaks (and maybe final drive)then you get a pretty rough idea of what you’re in for performance wise.

            I wasn’t saying Accords a bad car, it’s just a shame Honda haven’t stayed ahead of the ball game with engines. And while the interior quality is still great, there’s no passion anymore.

          • sdfg

            Thanks for clarifying. I guess it’s the old case of the higher your expectations, the more likely you are to be disappointed. I’ve never really been a fan of Honda, but I feel like I should give any automaker a fair shot, is all.

  • tonyW

    Has this version of the Accord still got the silly 6-month/10k km service interval?

  • azeng

    Whats with the crappy 4cyl engine (in figures at least). IIRC, the H22A from 15 years ago was a 2.2 and put out 143kW. The economy isn’t great either…1.3L more than a Mazda 6, which is up on both power and torque.

  • Vti07

    Has some nice technology but a couple of points:. 1) Should have paired the 6 speed auto transmission with the 4 cylinder as well, not just the V6. It is a brand new model after all. 2) use the Accord Euro motor for the 4 cylinder rather than a detuned version of same. 3) the styling, you could say is: for the front an evolution of the 8th gen and the rear, an evolution of the 7th gen. Eagerly awaiting the car comparisons in Australia. In the US, the new Accord seems fairly competitive.

    • I actually like this

      sorry but the Accord Euro motor isn’t going to help. I test drove one and they need to have the guts revved out of them to get them going in a 1550kg car, far different in character to say a Camry or a 6. I highly doubt the same engine is going to have a better result in a heavier car. Power outputs may be down in the new engine but as Honda says, it’s tuned for driveability which probably means the torque and power curves are fatter albeit with lower peaks

      • Vti07

        Fair point you raised in regards to a less peaky but more tractable engine. However, one thing somewhat annoying is that Honda did not decide to use the new Earth Dreams DI 2.4 engine for the Accords here. In the Accord Sport Sedan manual (in the US), the car could achieve 0 – 60 mph (0 – 96kmh) in 6.6 seconds. Plus this engine was listed in the top ten Wards best engines for 2013.

  • Matt Helm

    So, no CVT. I’ve read that Honda’s CVT (e.g., in the US accord) is excellent, and I was hoping we’d get it over here.

    Also, the engine output seems low. It seems to be lower than those in the US accord. Is that because of different fuel quality?

    Also, and worst of all: no manual! Even the yanks get the option of a manual.

    • Noose

      They can’t win. People will complain about the conventional auto and people will complain about the CVT.

    • F1orce

      Yeah USA gets DI Dream Earth tech.

      • Vti07

        The US gets 2 variants of the 2.4 Earth Dreams DI engine. Base Accords get the 138kw. Accord Sport sedan and Accord Coupe get a slightly more powerful version (141kw and 247Nm) due to better exhaust. This is the engine variant that won Wards (top ten) best engine 2013. Hope the
        engine ends up in this car eventually and also the new Accord Euro as this engine has good torque (low and mid range) so you dont have to rev it excessively. I get a feeling that the Thai plant is not tooled up for the Earth Dreams engine as yet. The one in the US Accord is made over there.

        And to those doubters of the Accord of its potential fun factor, do a search for Accord Sport manual. Quite competitive to a Mazda 6 in most areas. Here’s hoping the upcoming Accord Euro should be a brilliant car.

  • Matt Helm

    Also, does it have direct injection (as does the US accord)?

  • Vins

    The rear looks like Aurion. It looks bland. Aurion looks better… Can’t beat Accord Euro

  • mc gc

    im a honda fan, but this is bland. may as well buy the old model and save 1000s. agree with g6e comment.

  • Not Young Anymore

    what I hate about this is that there’s no wagon version, I reckon a car this size as a station wagon would be killer, it’d have the looks too

  • Ruqis

    The Accord are very good vehicles

  • Antmindel


  • HS92V

    Looks like the previous generation Hyundai Sonata

  • fredo

    Can’t believe I’m saying his but….. You’re better off with a new Commodore than this heap.

    • JamesB

      What have you been smoking lately?

  • JamesB

    It’s no longer ugly, but still far from extraordinary. As always, we pay more but get the short end of the stick yet again, with the engine making at least 10 less kilowatts compared to the American model, then old 5-speed auto instead of new-age CVT. The Yanks also have a 6-speed manual, capable of 0-100 in under 7 seconds.