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  • Fasthonda

    Does CarAdvice know whether the V6 version will be coming to Australia?The V6 version was recently introduced at one of the auto shows in America.

  • HAL

    yes, it’s a nice car, and one I have considered in the never-ending search for my next car. But for all the improvements over the last model, there is still something ‘missing’. But it’s not just this car, it’s virtually everything in this segment. There is not a supreme all-rounder available i.e. medium to large in size, new sleek design, some herbs under the bonnet for a bit of fun every now and then, and a good daily driver. Wouldn’t seem all that hard to find really, but it is. The new 6 lacks a decent ‘fun’ engine, as does this car if you’re being honest given it’s size and weight, and the Jetta & Liberty are so damn old.

    Happy to be proven wrong f I’ve missed anything. But for now I can’t wait for the day that the new AWD, turbo Liberty is out, or hopefully the new 6 MPS (please Mazda!).

    • Mahdi Kabbani

      Dear Hal,
      it is a petty that i could not have this on vedeo. the other day i was going to pick my friend from the airport-am residing in southern china, guangzhou-
      i would not have proof on me, but i hope you take my words to be true.
      i raced with my Spirior-euro accord- a C63 amg 2010, i would not say i beat him but i over took him twice.
      for me, to make another amg rider look back to my factory based engine honda, is a great work for the japanese.
      i would not say am the best driver i ever saw beacuse i do know a lot of fast drivers, but the chinese driving that amg waved back at me when we reached the airport and gave me a sign with his right as WOW.

  • HAL

    oh, and I left out the Mondeo XR5. Nice, but no cigar in terms of the look of it.

  • AW

    This is a great car. Almost bought one of these, although the rear entry/leg room was an Issue, so instead got an Accord V6 Luxury.
    This is a brilliant car, and so is the Accord (although I’d probably prefer the V6 now after owning it)
    I have a relative who has just purchased the standard model with the 6 speed manual. That is a nice car, and if I didn’t need the room in the back seat, I’d have a Euro with the 6 Speed Mnaual in my driveway.

    Honda is on a winning formula with the Euro and the Standard Accord at the moment imo.

  • Stevo

    Why must car makers insist on making each new generation car bigger?

  • Stevo the Devo

    Why do Japanese car manufacturers have to add ‘Euro’ at the end. Imagine the uproar if a European car maker started using the suffix ‘Jappo’ at the end of one of their models.

  • http://caradvice onepoppa

    A nice car indeed. Unfortunately all interiors come in funereal black. The previous model at least offered some colours with a light interior, as does the current (non-Euro) Accord.

    Apart from anything else light interiors appear much roomier and more cheerful. Contray to popular supposition light ineriors do not show the dirt as mauch as black. In our family we have a light interior Volvo and a black interior BMW, and we would not buy another car with black interior.

  • http://caradvice onepoppa

    Next post I will check the spelling!


    underpowered??? compared to a ss maybe,or wrx…

    grossly overpowered,compared to alot of 1.8/2 ltr pussboxes out there…


    The Ford Mondeo XR5 is a much better package for looks and power, Honda Euro hmmmmmmmm not bad overall but nothing special, plus it carries a cardigan and bowling hat tag.

  • milobob

    I think those prices are 08 prices.. they’ve increase the prices for the 09 models…

  • MisterTwo

    Stevo the “Euro” only has that name in Australia due to the dual Accord models available. In Europe only this version is available. In the States the Euro model is called the Acura TSX and sells alongside the “Standard” Honda Accord.

    Love the look of the new “Euro” but as a last model Accord V6 owner (which I will admit is not the best looking car) I love the power and acceleration of the Honda 3.0 V6. This more than matches the Falcon and Commodore due to the lack of heavy rear wheel drive layout. A real wolf in sheeps clothing. For this reason my next car will be the new “Standard” V6 which is even more powerful and uses slightly less fuel.

  • AW

    Mistertwo. Excellent choice. The new 3.5 V6 is a superb engine, and the VCM is an excellent feature.

    Have driven the 3.0V6, and it is an excellent engine as well, but the new 3.5 is a cut above.

  • Tony

    to the person who says it’s ‘overpowered’ compared to the 1.8/2.0 cars out there… you neglect to mention those 1.8/2.0 litre cars do no weigh 1.6 ton unlike this thing

    the old Accord weighed only 1.4 ton…

  • Kim

    I think the price listed at the start of the article ($42,990) is the price for the manual version, not the automatic as listed.

    Stevo the Devo: It’s only in our market and a few others in which both the European Accord and the American Accord are offered. The Accord Euro isn’t called ‘Accord Euro’ in Europe or America, its called the Accord and Acura TSX, respectively.

  • sillyhonda

    1.6 ton of car with mere 2.4 Litre engine? What a shock..!! What an underpowered crap..!!

  • Dont Be Sour Grapes

    Yikes. That’s as heavy as an Aurion but the Aurion has a 3.5L V6.

    It’s a nice car I agree totally but I am too young to drive something like that. It’s got insufficient horsepower for my age.

  • J

    Steering Wheel Rating seems odd. In my simplistic, unweighted view, (3.5 + 4.5 + 3) / 3 should be an average steering wheel rating of 3.67 steering wheels (or whatever is the closest fraction of a steering wheel to this value). Seems that looks got the highest weighting for this car, which would make sense as the review is not confidence inspiring re its feel & go (light steering & underpowered)?

    I don’t know – maybe I’m just being pedantic…

  • Paul Maric


    The additional ratings contribute to the overall rating, but are not proportional to it.

    We are looking at revising the ratings as it seems to be causing confusion among some readers.

  • J

    Thanks Paul.

  • http://caradvice.com.au OSU811

    nice car always liked and admired the euro!! anyone who buys the normal accord over the euro obviously doesnt enjoy driving or the handling of the euro.. my only problem with the new model is its no big improvement on the old euro and its heavier!!

  • Ray Pooley

    Having come out of Statesman’s along with Calais and most recently a Subaru Liberty Premium, the Euro Luxury just purchased is the only vehicle I have ever said, “I love”. I am not a ‘rev head’, drive only country k’s and for economy. One of my gripes is the road noise from those huge 18″ tyres. Only half as much as the Liberty and twice as much as a Statesman. Will sound deadner around the wheel arches help? I understand it’s a smaller car but it feels large inside with quality appointments including a superby sound system. Also, the reflection from the centre dash screen makes the readings sometimes impossible to read. Can anyone tell me if my car will run satisfactorily on standard un-leaded. I have had varying answers.
    P.S. On straight highway running I can manage 6.2 l/100kms on 95 RON.

  • NotTheStig

    I can’t believe the differences in the Accords…

    These look good but the “other” Accord is Ugly big time.

  • TopGearNut

    Just in relation to the “under-powered” notion of the accord, what strikes me as interesting is that 20 years ago, the VN commodore was running a 5.0L engine at 165kw and touted as the great all-round family car.

    With the current model accord euro, it’s power-to-weight ratio isn’t far off this “great all-round car”, yet it is seen as under-powered.

    Considering the euro is designed as a family car, does it really need to have WRX STi performance (which would come at a cost at the petrol pump), or have Honda been insightful in producing a great family car which has good (not sports) performance yet still delivers remarkable economy….similar traits to that VN commodore from 20 years ago ??

    With speed limits the way they are in Australia, is there a real need for a 200kw+ sedan that most of the time cruises at 100km/h or well below ?

    If you want a sports car, buy a sports car. If you want a well-rounded family car, I think the accord Euro is a worthy contender.

    Just my $0.02 :-)

  • Paul Maric


    Interesting point TopGearNut, but I think you’re forgetting the most crucial part – torque.

    Power in the grand scheme of things doesn’t really mean much in terms of driveability. It comes down to torque and the way the engine delivers it.

    In the VN SS example, although the engine produced only 165kW of power, it made 385Nm of torque at a low 3,600rpm.

    The Accord Euro on the other hand only makes 234Nm at over 4,000rpm.

    Even the 125kW V6, VN Commodore made more torque than the Accord Euro.

    When you consider the VN Commodore is some 20-years old, it makes you wonder why Honda chose such an under achieving engine for what is a technically superb car.

  • Hayzel

    I believe they sacrifice torque in return of fuel economy and engine reliability? Personally I never like commodores or falcons in that regard due to their general negligence in improving fuel consumption among other things. I do agree that Honda should try and improve the amount of torques in their engine. Imagine a torquey Honda engine….

  • TopGearNut

    After a bit more reading about. Torque etc. I see where you are coming from now and can see where the analogy I used with the VN was not a great choice…and that the difference in torque is quite considerable.
    I do wonder though if Honda made their choice by the euro’s intended useage ?
    Being a mid-sized family car would it not be adequete to get the family around the suburbs and to cruise along the highway with enough guts to overtake when required ?
    Admittedly, mountainous travel or towing trailers would give added strain to the euro (compared to similar cars with more torque/power), however families that towed often (I would think) would look at a car better suited to that application.
    I know in my situation, I rarely tow anything and 99% of my driving would be highway/city driving so, fo me, 234Nm might be ample, considering the fuel mileage benefit.

    If this was Honda’s intention, then perhaps their design isn’t incorrect.

    Just another point of view :-)

  • LibSti

    the accord euro is sure a very nice car, just wanna to make a comment about a car that balances family needs/weekend fun/day to day drives…

    unfortunately the car that fits into this category is limited edition but it does exist in several other forms….

    Subaru Liberty GT Spec B Tuned by STi 2008 Edition, 250 Produced…

    AWD, STi Suspension, Spacious Interior, Fairly good Mcintosh Sound System, Nice Exhaust Note, Power and Torque come smooth, Big Boot, brembo stopping power, wow factor, very good resale value…. Need i mention more?

    and yes.. i drive one =) i have personally owned and/or driven most of the better larger and mid sized sedans, both japanese and euro and this is one that that i would say EASILY takes them all on, the BEST handling japanese sedan, outhandles almost all sub $150k Euro branded cars…

    pity the new liberty looks like a POS =(

  • Grumpy01

    Just test drove a manual this morning. I was concerned about the lack of torque until I drove it. I found it to be really deceptive in this regard…really positive surprise. I’ve been looking for a mid size luxury car to replace my current work vehicle and have been looking at C220CDI Avantgarde mercs, 320ds, etc.
    I have to say after today’s experince i would find it hard to justify the extra spend on the mercs or bmws; they are bloody good cars but they simply don’t drive $20k better…

  • Nick Powell

    I have been reading the comments about the Euro with some interest. I like the interior and room (and power) of the Accord v6 Luxury but my wife likes the looks of the Euro Luxury.

    I know that life will not be worth living if I come home in the v6 instead of the Euro but can anyone assure me I would be getting the same “value” car in the Euro given it has less power, less space etc.

    Dollars are about the same for either car with all the add ons and protection packages ($52K).

  • russ christison

    have recently replaced my golf gti with an accord euro stantard, so far i have only travelled 1,000 klm but have been very impressed by the car over a variety of different road conditions, freeway, city driving and a wet drive through the royal national park. fuel economy so far has been 9.0l/100klm a little heavier than the golf. the car has a nice blend between handling and ride. my use of the the car is mainly as a 2 seater and occasionly 4 adults, and although lacking in touque compared to the gti the car preforms better than the figures suggest. a lot of the readers who critize the car appear not to have even driven the car. there are many good cars in this class, mazda 6, for example, my suggestion is test drive before buying,as stats dont always tell the whole story.

  • Gordon Lennox

    We just purchased a lux Euro in preference to the ordinary Accord which is built in Thailand compared to Japan (Euro). We have done 2500km so far and I love it. It is a manual and is a really engaging drive, it still cruises up hills easily in 6th but drop i back to 4 and it overtakes easily. My son and I are well over 6 foot and can fit in the back with headroom and reasonable foot space, most of the other makes were very ordinary in these areas. The test drive of the Euro showed it to be a step above the Mazda 6 for us, which also needs 95 fuel.
    Also my wife thought while the ordinary Accord was a nice drive and had better interior space it looked a bit more conservative.
    I can’t recommend these Euros enough

  • Jim Couper

    I have been a Honda Accord Euro owner since 2003. I am up for a new car and it will definitely be another Euro. Why? It is not ‘the’ perfect car but it comes closer to meeting all the criteria for a car in its class than anything else on the market. And that’s been true since its launch. If there is a problem with the Euro it is that nothing really stands out..it is uniformly good…to some people this equates with boring but you tend not to hear this from Euro owners. I conduct market research on car owners and recently looked at brand repurchase intention. Honda owners(overall)had the highest repurchase intention.

  • Keith

    I bought my 6 speed euro luxury 3 months ago. What a fantastic motor car. Before buying the euro I looked at a Lexus IS250, BMW 325i and the new Mercedes C280 elegance. What struck me most of all when looking at all these cars was the difference in price. I can’t for the life of me understand why the euro is so cheap, because in terms of luxury appointments, ride, handling, and power the euro wins hands down. Anyone who says there is a better handling car in the euro’s segment has no idea what they’re talking about. And as for the power, well, all I can say is getting from 0-100 in 7.8 seconds suits me just fine.

    In terms of road noise; once you’ve got the euro’s unbelievable sound system on, the road noise disappears, and as you sit back in the magnificent leather seats life’s little worries just seem to vanish into through the sunroof.

    I love the euro, it’s a remarkable car at an astonishingly low price. The car is loaded with an array of wonderful features such as front and rear parking sensors, automatic wiper and light sensors, automatic boot release, compartments everywhere. The list is endless, but don’t take my word for it; go drive it. Oh, and if you can, try to get a 6 speed manual luxury, the gear box is to die for.

    One other thought; the resale value on the euro is very high when compared to other entry level luxury cars.

  • otto

    All very impressive indeed. Will anyone, (present or past owner) hesitate to make a choice between a NEW Corolla vs a low km Accord Euro (say 55-60K km)?
    How’s this for apples and carrots?
    That, is where I am at…

    • Al Juraj

      I’d still get the Euro as the Corolla is just nothing special. Just make sure the Honda drives like new and has no interior wear.

  • Shak

    We have had an Accord(thai made) for over a year now and not one thing has gone wrong.love the interior, it drives well for a car of its size and the fuel consumption is brilliant, I just have one niggle. We have the VTEC 4 cylinder and while on highways and straight roads even with a full load it pulls very well, on a slight incline or even a small hill it takes time to spool up as if it is turbocharged or something. It sounds beautiful when u use the paddles and rev it to 6000rpm, but it takes it time and this is dangerous if you want to overtake on a small hill. Honda should either give it more torque or tune it to deliver its torque lower in the rev range. Just thougth id share

    • Fasthonda

      In America they have just released the V6 version of the Euro.I very much doubt that it will make it’s way here.The trade off is that the front end is a little “front(top) heavy” and some reports suggest it contributes to understeer.
      I really don’t see Honda adopting a turbo or supercharger in their engines any time soon.

  • Al Juraj

    A $5000 price drop or a turbo engine would have made this my car now.

  • Graham

    one of the best decisions I’ve made was to get rid of my C180 compressor to upgrade to the Accord Euro. As a former Honda mechanic I know that the quality of the car is going to outlast any horsepower or torque rating discussions for the next 20 years.It’s not a 6 or V8 but a car that is built better than any Austalian car with a spec level to beat my old Benz, with half the price tag. The car represents excellent value for money and thats the bigger picture.

  • john

    Hi Guys

    i’m seriously considering the 2010 Honda Accord Euro Luxury but concerned about the room at the back. i will have two baby seats.

    Anyone that has experience with a young family have any views?

    • Classic

      Probably the only car in that category that you will actually have full use of the 3rd back seat after 2 baby seats are installed would be the Mondeo – it seems wider than the Accord and the Mazda 6.

      • john

        thanks for the feedback. What if i didnt want full use of the 3rd seat but wanted to make sure the 2 seats/kids have enough room?

        • Classic

          Not sure personally, but my friend in Brissie reckons his Accord Euro is plenty big enough with his 2 baby seats – he just says that he can’t comfortably seat an adult between the 2 of them.

  • Dave

    I m thinking of buying euro luxury with sat nav. Anyone got a good deal lately ?

  • John

    I’m tossing up between the Honda Accord Euro Luxury 2010 and the Subuaru Liberty range would you recommend any of the following or would you recommend any of the other competitor vehicles that are on the market in this grade and price range $50,000 – $60,000?

    • ABMPSV

      If you after fuel economy Audi A4, BMW 320d or VW Passat 125TDI are excellent cars for under $60,000. Honda is good but I do not like city fuel economy close to 13L/100km and Subaru very high running and repair cost.

  • Noely

    L4 FF 5speed auto…the reason i will not go for it…

  • anthony

    I have just ordered an Accord Euro standard model to replace my much loved,but writen off by hail VW Jetta.

    I wanted a change,and looked at everything,but kept on coming back to the Euro.

    As far as looks,quality,and drive go,it is the class leader by a massive margin IMHO.

    • Shane

      I have owned a7th Generation Euro and as others have said the torque figures do not correspond to the tractability of the engine, you can press into the accelerator at low speeds and it uses the available torque without dropping cogs for the power, quite deceptive.

      I found the build quality and reliability fantastic. I have since owned a Fairmont Ghia and cant wait to get out of it after realising how regressed the build quality and reliability is!

  • Jerome

    Bought early 2009 model. Reasonably refined engine and powertrain. Bad differential noise (whine) around 60 and 100 km/h. Lots of irritating rattles all over the cabin. Probably due to cost cutting in assembly. Service agent seems unable to fix. Overall, very disappointed in car. Will not be buying another Honda.

    • Hayzel

      Your case is probably 1 in 1000000000 cars sold, considering Honda is the best manufacturer in terms of reliability these days. This is one of the reason why you should buy from a reputable dealer and not from some knockoff salesman.

  • honda owner

    I have had the accord euro since the end of 2008, and I still think it looks likes nice and a unique style car in australia. As I am frim the UK, I am slightly dissapointed with the performance of many of the cars over here, (huge engines with bugger all performance – whats the point even the fuel eco is crap for cruising on these). I was happily surprised with the acceleration with the euro and the handling. I did not buy the car to hoon around in, if I wanted that I would of probably got an xr6 turbo, but I have a young family and needed something with a bit of power the looks and the handling. The downside of the euro I find is the size of the boot and the rear seats. I now have three young kids and cannot fit all three child seats in the back, and I strucggle to fit anything in the boot when the babys buggy is in there

  • Sam david

    I bought this car when it first came out and I really really liked it with all my heart, I have the luxury version in silver and I will never swap it for any car, no matter if the give me a Bugatti with no extra money

    • Anthony


  • George

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    There is no such thing as torques.

  • Johann

    Still very sexy.

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Honda Accord Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$10,780 - $12,250
Dealer Retail
$12,400 - $14,740
Dealer Trade
$8,600 - $9,800
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
222Nm @  4300rpm
Max. Power
133kW @  6500rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
8.8L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1200  Unbrake:500
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
215/60 R16
Rear Tyres
215/60 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
Double wishbone, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Auto Climate Control with Dual Temp Zones
Control & Handling
16 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Traction Control System, Vehicle Stability Control
Cruise Control, Parking Distance Control, Power Steering
CD with 6 CD Stacker, Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Fog Lights - Front, Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft, Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Service Interval
6 months /  10,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Driver Side Eng Scuttle
Country of Origin