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  • Cupid Stunt

    Recently saw the current version of these stuck on a mild slope in 50mm snow unable to move then towed out by a LR Disco. Buy the Disco instead far nicer.

  • Alex

    Was that really worth reporting on? It is no different to the interior on the stock X5. I think the M Division are going a bit far releasing this. The X6 I get because it is more orientated toward being a sports car but the X5 is simply an SUV. They should have just stuck with the X6. Or to not bother at all would have been much better.
    The least they could do is give the option of a manual transmission. That would have clawed back a shred of dignity for this car.

    Cupid, I agree. I would much prefer a Discovery too. However, to be fair, BMW never made any claims that the X5 even had the most basic off road ability so it can’t be insulted for that. BMW actually made it very clear that it had no off road ability. And the Discovery still feels like an SUV, the X5 more like a car.

    Also, I hope BMW offer that colour and other odd ones like it. BMW’s colours are all so boring right now, especially the choice of about five you get if you want an M car.

  • Alex

    Car Advice, why no story on the 5 Series GT yet?

  • Tim

    Looks like the average BMW interior…

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Quote “Car Advice, why no story on the 5 Series GT yet? ”

    Yeah I wondered that too Alex…………