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The Mini Paceman JCW will become the brand’s most expensive regular-production model when it lands in Australian showrooms in May.

The John Cooper Works (JCW) Paceman will cost $58,600 in standard six-speed manual form and break the $60K barrier when optioned with the six-speed automatic, priced from $60,950 before on-road costs.

The three-door Mini Paceman JCW compact performance crossover commands an $1800 premium over the more practical five-door Countryman JCW on which it’s based, mirroring the pricing strategy applied to the regular Paceman range that launched locally earlier this month.

Like its high-performance Countryman sibling, the Mini Paceman JCW’s 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine produces 160kW of power (at 6000rpm) and 280Nm of torque (1900-5000rpm), and can deliver 300Nm for short periods between 2100-4500rpm on overboost.

With drive sent to each corner via Mini’s ALL4 all-wheel-drive system, the Paceman JCW sprints from 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds, regardless of transmission selection.

The manual version consumes 8.0 litres of fuel per 100km on the combined cycle, making it slightly more frugal than the auto at 8.3L/100km.

Mini says the Paceman JCW’s chassis has been specially optimised with dynamically tuned dampers and anti-roll bars and a high-performance brake package. Pressing the Sport button in the centre console enhances the responsiveness and soundtrack of the engine, modifies the steering feel, and (in auto models) hastens the transmission’s shift times.

A JCW aero kit, unique two-tone paint colour and stripe combinations, 18-inch light-alloy wheels and a sports exhaust system distinguish the flagship Paceman from the outside, while a JCW sports leather steering wheel, anthracite roof liner and instrument dials, piano black trim, and contrasting red stitching and seams headline the interior upgrades.

All Paceman JCWs sold in Australia will also be fitted with the Chilli Package, which includes bi-xenon headlights, climate control, anti-dazzle rear-view mirror, cloth/leather upholstery and a Harmon/Kardon audio system.

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  • Zaccy16

    NIce car but way over priced, if i was going to buy a mini i would stick to the traditional hatch back in JCW!

    • Cars

      Agree and agree. Mini charging because they can. Some overpaid enthusiast will buy them. At the end of the day, it’s just not that fast, nor that cool.

      • BuyingOne

        The demographic for this car is 34, no kids, $170k disposable income. Not targeted at everyday people.

        • $29896495

          Yet these things top out round 30k in the US. 

          • TheTruth

            It starts at $36,200 in US and they pay identical price for options. Google it. Your CLA starts at $30k there, $60k here? What’s the point of your comment?

          • $29896495

            Look it up on Autoguide. You’ll see they are right. That’s where my quote came from. Bottom price is 19,700

        • gorry

          Agree. However for $60K you can get BMW 125i which is even more fun to drive…

      • Zaccy16

        yep exactly, for 60,000 if you wanted a fast car you could get a Merc A250, Mazda 3 MPS, VW Golf R/gti/scirocco R, Astra OPC, Focus ST, Megan RS265, etc etc… all these cars also come with change from 60,000!

        • Enthusiast

          It’s a brand, its a label, its a lifestyle. It’s more than a car. That’s why they sell. No comparison for what MINI is about.

          • Hung Low

            It’s more about having no idea what the original brand, label, accomplishments and lifestyle that the real Mini name represents.
            Just pay the money to be one of us, is what this new mini brand is about.

          • Accountant

            The original would kill you in a 5km/h accident. The new MINI incorporates all the original mini driving traits and why it was popular back in the day, cheap to run and own. Residuals on MINIs make them a cheaper long term offering then anything close on the market

          • Hung Low

            Accountant, the mini was also about Mini price. What is the point worrying about the residuals when it cost too much for what it is in the first place. Giant killer….no, Motorsport legacy …..no, packaging efficiency…….no, ground breaking developments….no. While I actually do like the new mini…..called Bini (BMW mini) by classic mini owners like myself. It is too expensive for a small fwd hatchback and does not meet many criteria’s of the mini badge like also cheap motoring. IMO the Swift sport has more in common.

        • JCW hatch owner

          Wow… Since when has Mini been striving for straight line performance? Never. It’s known for go kart handling, impeccable quality and luxury. It does not compete with any of the above.

          • $29896495

            That’s total rubbish. From the start Mini has had a performance variant  Back in the beginning Cooper S, one of which I owned, To the JCW. John Cooper Works. The trouble is they keep growing the car and no the engines making it slower and slower.

        • Chad

          Wow a list if front wheel drive cars, how exciting. For 60K there are a lot of better cars that are a lot more exciting to drive

      • $29896495

        I agree

  • Hung Low

    What an absolute ripp off!

    • CEO

      250,000 countrymans produced in 3 years… Hmmm. Do they care you don’t have the dollars? Go MINI.

      • $29896495

        Well lets look at that, they aren’t sold in Australia, they are sold over seas in various countries for 150% less than is asked for them here. Of course they are happy to be here – at least according to the marketing people popping up on this page.

        • Mustdriveaholden

          Check your facts. They are priced no different in those countries. Why bother commenting?

          • $29896495

            Minis start below 20K in the US, and top around 30K. They are competitors for Corolla and a like. that’s why the interior treatment is so average. Top price in the UK is 24,250 bottom 18,970. Feel good about yourself now. 150% increase.

          • HPO

            If you lack an education, this is not the place to publicize it. 30,000 is starting price in UK. Apply exchange rate, not far off. Also, Aussies get the chilli pack thrown in. It’s like for like.

          • $29896495

            I’m quite well educated unlike yourself, thank you very much. I did my research, and the prices I quote in two replies here are today’s prices. In other words for the simple minded like yourself, you can go buy one of these cars for that price. It’s not my problem if you are an ignorant badge snob who would pay 60K for the EU equivalent of a Corolla.

          • $29896495

            Oh by the way HPO, this is how you spell = publicise. Bet you’re embarrassed.

          • Weff

             Mini starts at $20,400 in the USA and it’s Yaris sized – for which Toyota charge $14,370.
            USA’s sedan only Corolla is $16,125 and is significantly bigger than a Mini for $4000 less so isn’t really a competitor.

            It’s really not that hard to check the prices. You don’t need to make them up.

          • $29896495

            I think you have your dimensions mixed up. A Mini isn’t mini any more. Have a look at Orange wheels UK. Starting price of a Mini in the US is (again) 19,700. A Corolla goes from 16,230 to 19,060. A Matrix is 19,275 to 22,415 none of those prices include on roads or options. auto guide is my reference.

          • Weff

             Pffff Huwtm,

            My prices were direct from the USA websites: miniusa,com and Toyota,com.
            As were the dimensions:
            USA Corolla length: 4545mm
            USA Mini length: 3723mm
            Your the one with the dimensions mixed up, why on earth would you think they were a similar size?

        • BoomTish

          Interesting. Mini sales have jumped significantly and the countryman models are all around the well to do suburbs. Maybe you live in the slums?

          • $29896495

            What does that refer to, exactly. I made a statement on quality based on what I’ve seen? How does that relate to slums? Unless you are a fool who has parted with to much money for one and now feels he has to try and belittle people who may realize his choice is ridiculous  That a person could want the cache of a badge so much they are willing to pay three times it’s value to get it. A person like that has serious psychological problems.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FFLU42DZJ4E23NZKHN3UXJU44Q Aazz

    So much for the strong Aussie dollar

    • $29896495

      More like a blatant reaming. 

  • The Real Wile E

    There are those that know and those that pay way too much cause they don’t.

    • Geoff

      Exactly, those in the know, know that this is a bargain for a quality motor car.

  • Karl Sass

    Fairly cool little(ish) car, but not for that kind of money!

    • SameOld

      Why is it all a question of money? Since when has BMW been known as a discount offering? Stick with your Vee Duds with faulty dsgs or your plastic boy racer Renaults. Compare all Marques for factors other than 0-100 and power on paper for real world quality and engineering.

      • Karl Sass

        BMW is just as bad when it comes to value (in Australia) and I’m not a veedud fanboy. I’m not saying this is a bad car at all, just that’s it’s overpriced.


    I just spent a few days with a JCW Countryman Auto. As a package it was ok but it shouldn’t have JCW badges because it simply didn’t perform or handle like a JCW should. The car I was driving was an eye watering $76k on the road.

    • Millionaire

      It’s not eye watering when that is small change to successful people. Whom these cars are marketed at.

      • MINI_CS

        I do own the one Mini that cost more than this car. The Mini Inspired by Goodwood. The JCW Countryman Auto is an eye watering $76k for the capability or lack of capability. I also have a JCW Clubman so I know what a JCW should feel like. The JCW Countryman is a good car but not $76k good. 

        • Yankie

          It’s not about mini to mini comparison. It’s an SUV. Period.

      • Rocket

        Most millionaires are too smart to spend their money on a fashion accessory. All we need now is the mini ute for the working class millionaire.

        • John

          We have the Commodore ute for that.

  • Elendil11

    I recently bought a Mini JCW Hatch… WOW!. It became immediately clear to me why they are priced the way they are. Mini’s are absolutely oozing with character, incredibly fun to drive and bring a smile to your face every time you see them. They are also very unique in their market segment and make a refreshing change to the bland offerings that “tick all the boxes” from some rivals. For the people who don’t like them or feel they are overpriced, for you that may be the case, but remember you are not the target market, there are plenty of alternatives for you.
    The lady i bought mine from told me her boyfriend used to sneak off early in the morning in her JCW and leave her the keys to his “crappy” M3. She ended up hiding the keys and he is now her ex boyfriend lol!

    • $29896495

      I’ve seen several minis in the metal and plastic and i have to say the quality is terrible for what they charge. 

      The wake for you guys is that in other countries the exact same car is sold and marketed at the economy level, which suits it’s quality overall. Paying the price they are asking here – over 100% more than is asked any where else) is insane, but it’s your right to be that way.

      • R2D2

        Good. We won’t see you in one. Move on.

      • Elendil11

        I’m not sure about the basic minis, but the fit and finish on Cooper S and JCW are very good. I would say your description of “terrible” is more a reflection of your prejudice against the brand than the reality.

        • $29896495

          I’m not talking fit I’m talking finish. Quality of trim. from my observations.

          • Geoff

            It’s engineered to be soft touch and light. The Countryman with AWD weighs 1380kg. This includes 10 speaker Harmon kardon, dual sunroof, leather interior, fibre optic lights in all doors and centre rail, etc etc. Its a marvelous feat to have all this yet a nimble throw around go kart like SUV. If you have never test driven one, no clue in to what it takes to deliver such a car. The golf R weighs 1800kg? Competition can’t match it.

    • Millionaire

      Wow, you must be as gullible as heck. The lady made up that story to sell the car. It’s a classic sales technique.

      • Elendil11

        Gullible? well if you call me gullible for picking up a JCW for 20K under retail, fully loaded with 1 year remaining on warranty and 11K on the clock gullible. Then i’m Mr Gullible hi, how are you?

        • $29896495

          You got it 20K under, wow holds it’s value well. It wasn’t a repaired write off. Or had a judgement against it? You checked all that of course, and because you did you got a Mini almost at it’s true value.

          • Elendil11

            JCW’s don’t hold there value well, at least not compared to the Cooper S, this is partially down to ride quality which is a little bumpier. It therefore makes them a great second hand purchase. Obviously the car was checked before it was purchased. You’d have to be a fool not to do so, Wouldn’t you huwtm?


    I had to finish my last comment quickly. Back now.

    I own a JCW Clubman and a Cooper S Auto (Goodwood). The JCW is currently off the road for parts which is why I had the JCW Countryman Auto for a few days. I think the Paceman and the Countryman are really off the mark as JCW cars. The Countryman just doesn’t handle well… compared to a Mini Hatch or Clubman. The Auto in this JCW Countryman really dulled the car down. The Auto in our Cooper S hatch is bloody awesome its quick to change and responsive and doesn’t hunt around the gears like the JCW Countryman did. 

    But… I think Mini need a Countryman and Paceman with the 160kw engine however they shouldn’t call them a JCW.   

    • BMWforLife

      As a countryman owner, I opted away from the harsh ride of the hatch and wanted an everyday driver. It’s a compromise of handling for comfort. It still handles better than any other SUV on the market and that’s what MINI was aiming for. Not supposed to be on par. Moreover, its AWD and does a mile better taking dangerous speed around corners.

    • Salesman

      The manual in the Cooper S and JCW Countryman is a mile better than auto. Auto is not a true JCW.

  • Tone

    Stupid variant is stupid. 

    MINI started losing the plot when they made the Countryman.  They should have just stuck to their (arguably excellent) knitting.

    • John

      I do agree with you, although I actually like the Countryman. They’re selling well though by all accounts.

      • Jimmy Jones

        I like the Countryman, but the Paceman seems one too far/many.

  • Kobus

    Ford Kuga for $50k? Or this? I would take the Mini anyway. Maybe the Countryman over this though. Not sure why everyone think this is steep? Maybe when compared to a Chery offering???

    • $29896495

      You are out of touch, a Kuga isn’t that price any more.  generally, we think it’s steep because it is a car designed to compete with Corolla and they are charging like the world is about to end. Top price UK, 24K top price US 30K. Top price here for some paint and stickers 60K. It can’t be justified.

      • Yankie

        Countryman fully spec’d is over $40k in US. I know, I have one in my garage in Palm Springs. It’s actually fairly priced here. It’s not marketed against low end cars at all. In the UK it is cheaper, but with lack of jobs and a gloomy climate, why would you go there? If this is too much, why post 50 comments? Move on and buy your corolla.

        • $29896495

          Who are you to say what’s reasonable here? Top whack, for a Paceman, the car in this story according to Autoguide is $28,500. Countryman  $34,850 everything included. You paid 40?

          Quite obviously your maths is in question with the 50 comments jibe. This is a site for voicing ones opinions. Australian based as it happens. I guess we welcome non believers like yourself, but think of this like your constitution. Freedom of speech. Thank god we don’t have a right to bare arms, so some fool doesn’t go blow some one’s head off after finding out he’s been reamed.

          • Geoff

            LOL – you think you know better than all those that own one of these cars. It’s hilarious. 36,200 is the starting paceman JCW price in US. Add options, $45k easy.

          • $29896495

            Look, really we can go back and forth some people will pay more especially as you mention options but wait! Add options to our prices, So as one respondent wrote 75K on the road, plus 9K options. Hmmm? Food for thought.

          • $29896495

            so what are you saying, quoting that other respondent here 75K plus options 84K. An interesting fact is the price difference between US and England is 2000. Lets just talk base prices for a minute. So 23,640 with Chilli and media, in the UK. so you think the yanks getting it for 2K extra, is good, and Australia getting it for to quote CA – Priced between $35,900 and $46,450, roughly 12K extra for a base mode is VERY GOOD. Interesting logic. You aren’t in business are you?

          • Moderator

            Sorry for pointing out the obvious huwtm, those prices are for the base model. Like in Aus, Countryman starts mid 30s and goes through to mid 60s. Then add options. Maybe you have not bought a car since the release of the Internet? Forgiven for being a little slow.

          • $29896495

            The point that I’m trying to make and base model up we are over charged. That’s all. I think I’ve achieved that. Top whack US is 36K. See the difference. All of your smart*ss comments are apologising for being over charged in this country. You are astoundingly thick. 2K from UK to US UK to AUS, rounded base 10K. This particular car, 35K to 70K for us, nice margin, rounded to 35K. 

          • Spellitout

            Huwtm…. Where to start….. The starting price in the US is a shell of a car and motor. For xenons, leather seats, stereo, nav, sunroof, climate control, colors, stripes, chrome etc. It’s all optional. 36,200 for the paceman jcw with options will easily surpass $45k when on road. The early comment about it being $76k on road in Australia included options. $45k v $76k is about the same as any other car sold in US. Audi A7 starts at $69k in US, here, $140k.

          • $29896495

            Look it really doesn’t matter, you are splitting hairs when it comes to options, the prices I quoted were on the road, there’s another hair. 

            So you are saying 17,000 worth of options, OK lets say that’s right. Lets also say 36,000 on the road in the US minus options. Here 58,200 plus on road minus Options.

            2,000 is added to the price going from UK to US, From UK to AUS, 22,200 is added. 

            You don’t see a problem with that when our dollar is worth more than the US?

          • Golfschwein

            Bare arms???? :)

      • HPO

        Topgear BBC. Do your pricing research there. Seems you got lost finding prices….

  • Dom Von Hutch

    I think it’s actually pretty cool, if I had to get a mini it would be this.

  • Hung Low

    The moderators here must have worked for the Chinese government before, it seems a complying comment of mine has vanished.

    • Q1

      If that were the case, they would also delete huwtm’s complete BS.

  • FezzyFezz

    You know, I like Minis. But I still feel the first generation was the best looking. I used to have a 2004 John Cooper Works. Man I loved that car. Right now I think they have one model too many. At least they could bump up the horsepower, especially on the AWD models.

  • Maz

    You’d need your head read to pay $60k for a mini…

  • Mokrane Mokrane

    Good for the summer only,.


  • Elendil11

    “what i gay comment” your ability to articulate sentences is nothing short of mesmerising. Unless your are revealing to everyone here that you are in fact gay? not that there’s anything wrong with that.