The all-new Toyota Kluger will sport sharper, squarer styling when the covers come off at next week’s 2013 New York auto show.

The single teaser image confirms the third-generation Toyota Kluger – called Highlander in most overseas markets – will feature a broad, chrome-edged grille flanked by thin, horizontal headlights, while contoured bumper and bonnet panels combine for a tougher, more muscular appearance.

Like the current model, the new Toyota Kluger is understood to share its basic underpinnings with the mid-sized Camry sedan. It will continue to be available in front- and all-wheel drive, as well as available with up to seven seats.

While the second-gen Kluger is offered exclusively with a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine and five-speed automatic transmission combination in Australia, the new model may offer customers greater choice, with more fuel-efficient four-cylinder and hybrid variants set to be offered in some overseas markets.

Toyota Australia says the new-generation Kluger is still at least 12 months away from arriving in local showrooms, by which time the outgoing model will be seven years old.

The 2014 Toyota Kluger will debut in New York on March 27.

  • greg

    Wow I’m buying it

    • John

      Buy a Territory instead.

      • Cam

        The don’t have brakes! 

    • Cars

      I know a few Kluger drivers. Not one of them thought it was a great car or that they would buy again.
      There is one exception I have heard. A real estate guy posting here reakons his real estate buddies have all got them and think they are the ducks guts.
      Sounds a lot like a Toyota dealer to me!

    • justincrdable

      The colour really says it all 

      burgundy = Toyota 

  • Mad Max

    Why not offer it in Australia with a diesel option?

    • TG

      Doubt they will, the Kluger’s primary market is the US, there’s no diesel in it there, so expect the same here.

    • Cars

      They are afraid it will canabalise Prado sales. They get excellent margin on Prados and it is renown for high resale, keeping the new price up. Should they provide an alternative, say bye bye to the Prado premiums. They won’t get the sales volume they currently enjoy.

    • Zaccy16

      because designed for the yanks that light fuel guzzling boats!

  • Steven

    I thought it was sharing a platform with Subaru?

  • Ghhhh

    Sure looks like a pic of a land rover evoke to me…???

  • Force-15

    Why do I get the feeling that the new Kluger/Highlander’s front end is going to look a lot like that horrid Lagonda SUV concept unveiled a few years ago…

  • Aazz

    Lovely headlight

    • Cars


  • Boiboi

    It’s going to be sourced from the US. Will the quality be the same?

    • Nujee

       i have a 2009 mid range one- the quality is OK at best. doesn’t take much to scratch the interior in this car

    • davie

      I’m sure I read a story about 12 months ago that US was now supplying the Kluger. That would mean that most of the 2012 models came from US already

  • Sam

    Hope it looks better than the new rav4 which looks like a corolla on stilts. Hmm..even if no diesel,a turbo petrol would’ve been nice.Anyway its 1 year away,so why bother with it now?

    • Guest

      and look how many turbo Territories were sold…

  • Slick-slim87

    Wow that grill hooks huge

  • F1orce

    Please don’t offer it with the 2.7L

    I tested the RX270 and its just too underpowered!

    Once moving its good, but the 3.5L V6 offers much more power, more refined, smoother and effortless.

    And the 3.5L achieves better MPG

    • Ancapo

      wrong the rx270 is perfectly adequate

      • Doctor

        For a WorkMate, mate.

  • Poison_Eagle

    The new Accord PHEV comes to mind, also designed in US, also freaking hideous!   Granted, I haven’t seen the whole car yet but those details are awful! Whats with all the dead space under the light and the pointless grille?

  • racrepus

    Looks like a dodgy copy of the 3 series headlight, the way it meets the grille.

    • Kev

      My thoughts exactly

  • Jim

    If it comes with a decent diesel engine, proper sized middle seat on the second row, offer better handling and does not look like the big brother of the latest RAV4,  then I would  give it a go when my 2012 Territory diesel will be due for a change in a couple of years.

    • F1orce

      Your Diesel territory is loud, unrefined, slow, dirty and isn’t very fuel efficient anyway.. 

      Looks are subjective, but i think the Kluger being currently a 6 years old design is defiantly better than the fairly new Territory

      Interior wise the Kluger is far more comfortable and the interior with the beige upholstery look nicer than your Territory. 

      Most Klugers i see are the top of the line Grande & mid KX-S model. Where as Territory are mostly base fleets. 

      • K20A

        What a balanced, unbiased comment.

        The AJD-V6 diesel used in the Territory is one of the smoother diesels around (they’re also used in Disco, XF and XJ) and Ford has done a great job on the sound insulation.

        I remember reading that Ford engineers actually benchmarked the noise level with X5 and surpassed it by a couple of decibels. Why don’t you start reading reviews on the interwebs for a start – particularly on this topic?

        From memory Terri will do around 10.0L/100kms around town which is entirely acceptable for a 2-tonne SUV with a 9 year old motor.

        And yes, I’ve driven the Kluger.. and Captiva Diesel, Jeep GC, Santa Fe, Sorrento, X5 and most other current diesel SUVs. I can say for a fact that the Terri is not the fastest, most fuel efficient, cleanest (CO2).. but is definitely one of the most refined, quiet and nicest to drive.

        Everyone knows you have a man crush on Toyota but please at the very
        least state the facts and refrain from constantly bashing other people
        comments / opinions.

      • Jim

        Don’t you know the difference between the NVH levels of diesel and petrol engines? Kluger is quieter since it is a petrol V6. What about the diesel engine in Prado? The diesel engine in my Territory is not as loud as the Prado’s. I have test driven both Kluger and Prado and before I bought my Territory. It was much more refined than the Prado and handling was better. It did not feel like a boat in violent ocean. Both Territory and Prado diesels are slow at low revs because of the turbo lag. 

        Looks are subjective. I mentioned about the yet to be launched Kluger. I dont like the latest RAV4. If the latest Kluger yet to come will look like the big brother of the latest RAV4, it wont appeal to me.

          I am getting an average fuel efficiency of 8.9 L/100Km where half of the drive is during peak hours in city.  What is Kluger’s efficiency? My friend gets 15L /100Kms in same conditions. 

        The current Kluger is not really a 7 seater.  Its only a 6 seater or 6.5 seater. You might be a Toyota sales person to see only the Top end models as they are always displayed in your show room. But on the roads it is different.

  • Marcel

    the name ‘kluger’ … crikey toyota, you can do better than that

  • Norm

    Not sure the words tease and Kluger belong in the same sentence?

  • klowik

    It looks worse than the current.