US President Barack Obama’s black Cadillac limousine has broken down in Israel after a member of the Secret Service reportedly filled its tank with diesel rather than petrol by mistake.

The Telegraph newspaper in the UK reports the heavily armoured limo dubbed ‘The Beast’ spluttered to a halt on a highway on the way from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

A Secret Service official said the cause of the breakdown was still unknown, and the driver of the tow truck called to rescue the president’s Cadillac was also unable to confirm if the use of incorrect fuel was to blame.

The breakdown occurred two hours before Obama touched down in Israel, from where he travelled to Jerusalem by helicopter as originally planned.

The Telegraph reports The Beast, which was intended to transport the president around Jerusalem during his visit, has been replaced by another limousine that was driven in from Jordan.

The owner of the local tow truck company said despite being the most powerful man in the world, Obama would not get a discount on the repair work.

  • F1orce

    A passive statement or pure coincidence?

    • AussieJ14

      Coincidence duuuh…

  • MisterZed

    That’s lovely – Jordan, Israel’s enemy, sends in a replacement limo. I wouldn’t go within 50 metres of it.

    • Axnweb

      Israel had a peace agreement with Jordan since the mid 90’s

      where do peoples get their facts…….

      • MisterZed

        And? North Korea has a peace agreement with South Korea since the 1950s. You think they’re best friends? You think South Korea would accept a free limo from the north?

        • Axnweb

          go get history lessons, or limit your comments to cars, there is a small different between a ceasefire  to a peace agreement.
          let me put it in simple words for you, manual gear box vs automatic gearbox, both are gear boxes but…… 

        • Muppet

           It is a cease fire agreement, not a peace agreement.

        • Rod

           You are seriously misinformed I’m, afraid.  Thee is NO peace agreement between North and South Korea, only an agreement to halt hostilities.  Technically, they are still at war.

    • Phil

      it says that a replacement limo came from Jordan, not that Jordan sent a replacement limo. Massive difference. Do you honestly think the US secret service would allow their president to travel in anything but a US Govt vehicle?

    • andrew_diablo

       Not sure what the reality was.. but replacement must has been sent from US embassy from Jordan .. not from Jordan Gov..

      • MisterZed

        Maybe Michael Jordan sent him a new limo?

  • Westie

    Vacancy. Secret service agent. Must have no neck, own black suit and be able to read “unleaded” in the language of any country that has strategic oil reserves.

  • Dr Awesome

    Obama’s beast breaks down, and Gillard’s time almost came to an end.
    What a day eh?

  • Phil

    I can see it now… tow truck operator says”it’ll cost you a bomb to fix this” and secret service immediately shoot him…

    I guess GM’s “FlexFuel” engines aren’t that flexible…

    • Karl Sass

      My grandfather put half a tank of diesel in his Kingswood once, he just filled the rest with petrol and went on his merry way. Said it drove a little rough though. Does that count as flex fuel? lol

  • Zaccy16

    Thats embarrasing!

  • Hereditary

    Just as planned. Gives Mossad agents opportunity to install new high tech bugging technologies. For Mossad this was too big an opportunity to miss.

  • Elitist

    A sign of the two counties functionality…

  • O123

    Secret service agent must of been a woman =p

  • Crazy n00b

    With all the thick and heavy armour, this thing weighs 7 tons. So it’s got to be towed by a semi tow truck.

  • Spook

    The Beast is powered by a diesel engine, so if wrong fuel was put in, it would have been the other way round.

    • Al Tungupon

       That’s right. I read its specs somewhere and it is diesel powered.

      • Phil

        Apparently not – CNN have quoted a secret service spokesman who says it has a “gasoline” engine. Apparently the confusion comes from it being based on a Chevy Kodiak/GMC TopKick chassis, but the 3rd gen built up to 2009 (same year as Cadillac One) was available with an 8.1L Vortec petrol V8. Top spec in that engine is 410kw, and up to 936Nm of torque, so I can believe they would have used this and not a diesel.

  • LowRezFez

    Just goes to show how rubbish GM is.

    • John

      Yes GM are rubbish, I mean, every other major manufacturer has cars that can run on both diesel and unleaded.

      • LowRezFez

        Don’t let that get in the way of a sledge.

  • Rwonderley

    No discount? Well it IS Israel.

    Aisle seat please


    Really? I thought Chuck Norris was the most powerful man in the world

  • Ross

    Pretty sure Obama’s car is actually running a 6.6L Duramax Diesel, so they probably stuck petrol in it, we all know how that ends (on ANY Diesel), not just GM’s.