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by Daniel DeGasperi

Mercedes-Benz will build a next generation GLK-Class in right-hand-drive for Australia, but AMG has declined producing a powered-up version of the compact SUV. This is despite AMG committing to an increased use of all-wheel-drive in an expanded line-up.

The GLK-Class, due in 2015 and based on the next C-Class platform, was tipped to follow the A-Class and CLA-Class offering a high performance flagship version for the first time.

AMG director of vehicle development Tobias Moers has kyboshed the idea, however, saying that it wouldn’t be a good move for the AMG brand.

“We had the discussions about that [GLK-Class AMG],” confirmed Moers. “Right now we don’t see that market.

“Maybe we will change our mind, but right now we don’t see a marketing approach for that.

“Maybe there will be a change in market when the Porsche [Macan] comes up, but right now, no.

“It would be a huge investment for us … to make it a real AMG”.

Asked whether Moers believes Audi has diluted the ‘RS’ nameplate with its compact SUV model (above), the development boss replied “I think so.”

“What they [Audi] did with the RSQ3, I don’t think is the right strategy.

“It’s not enough horsepower for an RS model…”

The current generation GLK-Class is built in left-hand-drive, all-wheel-drive specification only, however the next model will make it to Australia, with both right-hand-drive and rear-wheel-drive models available.

  • GregR

    Absolutely Brilliant News !!! I have driven the GLK in both Canada and the States as recently as last year and can confirm that, in my humble opinion, it will do well here in Australia. I suspect that the other RHD markets like Britain and Japan will welcome it too. The Larger MB 4x4s are either too expensive or too large for quite a few buyers here and the addition of the GLK will offer committed MB fans the opportunity not to stray to other brands offering models in this category. I can wait to buy one – now that I know it is ‘on-the-cards’.
    Well done MB a shrewd decision and one which will ensure that the marque remain competitive in offering vehicles in all market slots.