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The Holden Barina Crash Test Video caused a lot of commotion, so much so that even our friends in Italy covered it. We also had a lot of people email us asking how a similar car with a better safety rating would go. So we found this:

A Toyota Yaris undergoing the same test. The Yaris has a five start safety rating, compared to the Barina’s two stars. Notice how the Yaris’ overall structure remains relatively intact whilst the Barina’s doors and roofs all cave in!

Not a bad comparison as both cars are in the same class and cost roughly the same, now can someone tell us why you would put your own life (or that of your siblings) in danger by buying a Barina?

  • ed

    i think all new barina owners should see that video

  • fil

    Wow, to watch the Yaris video and then the Barina one is quite frightening. However, the relative success of the Barina proves that those loyal to the Holden badge will buy anything.

  • Lazybones

    Check this video out!!


    Note the barina used here is the old Euro model with 3 stars!!!