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Hyundai Equus - 2

The new Hyundai Equus has been revealed in a series of videos ahead of its debut at this month’s New York auto show.

Shown in three videos from the Korean manufacturer, the facelifted luxury sedan’s driving dynamics, comfort and safety, and design are all highlighted.

Hyundai Equus - 1

Powered by either a 246kW 3.8-litre V6 GDi engine or a 311kW 5.0-litre V8 Tau, the updated Hyundai Equus (Centennial in some markets) receives a slightly revised front grille, ride and handling tweaks and new technology including blind spot assist, adaptive cruise control, around view monitoring, a steering wheel-controlled infotainment system, head-up display, and three driving modes: Normal, Snow and Sport.

While the large Equus is not planned for our market, its smaller sibling, the Hyundai Genesis sedan, is being strongly considered for Australia where it would share showroom space with the already-confirmed Hyundai Genesis coupe.

The New York auto show kicks off on March 27, 2013.


  • Devil666

    Hello Hyundai? Mercedes is on the phone for you. They say you stole their S class headlights…

    • Fgh

      If you need to run to me for help with every little thing, then I don’t even know why we hired you as an assistant. Make it go away.

  • Poison_Eagle

    It’s nice, not my cup of tea but a very interesting car. I applaud Hyundai for being daring enough to make this. 

  • Galaxy

    As much as I admire what Hyundai has done with the i30 and admire them for constantly pushing into new territory, I think they need to re-group about this particular product. 

    • Ace

       Care to explain why exactly?

    • Zaccy16

      yep this is a joke, chintzy fake merc grill, looks like a Chinese product!

      • Karl Sass

        Inspired by Dame Edna. 

  • Luke Brinsmead

    Looks very similar to the previous generation. So is it rear-wheel-drive?

  • Hung Low

    That 5.0 V8 in a Genesis coupe would be interesting.

  • F1orce

    The difference between this and the LS400 from 22years ago was that the Lexus was a technical and technological brilliance

    The LS400 exposed the contemporary S-class as unrefined and crudely made

    • Jhg

      So what innovations did the LS400 introduce?

      What sources can you provide us that “expose” the S class as being unrefined and crudely made?

      • F1orce

        Essentially everything about the LS400 was superior to everything out at the time. Exterior, interior, engine, features and build quality 

        Uhmm lets see, the LS400 was definitely built to the highest production standards in the world, with the tightest tolerances. The LS400 was the most refined car ever produced, it was the most powerful car in its class. It introduced many new features into the automobile, many electronic luxuries and was far, far ahead of everything else.

        In fact the 1UZ-FE V8 motor of the LS400 is still a heavily sought after motor even today!

        For the Lexus LS, the Tahara plant developed new molds and enhanced assembly techniques[123][124] and instituted measures aimed at increasing the precision of the sedan’s fit and finish.[14] The 1989 LS 400 became the first production automobile to receive extensive laser welding,[123][125] allowing for seamless steel welds.[124] A large sheet metal press was developed to reduce or eliminate panel gaps by stamping large sections whole instead of singly.[124] Separately installed parts, such as exterior lights, were also spring-loaded for a tighter fit.[125] On the LS 400, engineers reduced door panel gaps in half versus Toyota-brand vehicles, from 7 mm (0.28 in) to 4 mm (0.16 in),[124] with measurements made within 0.01 millimetres (0.00039 in);[62]on the LS 430, measurement margins were increased tenfold, to 0.001 mm (3.9×10−5 in).[62][126] When production switched to the LS 460, the number of laser welds was doubled

        And let’s see, Lexus definitely found good fortune with the LS400 as it outsold the S-class and all other rivals. 

        And by 1991 Lexus had outsold Mercedes & BMW

        –So imagine being in Mercedes or BMW’s shoes in that time period!

        • Jhg

           Wrong as usual F1.

          Your dead wrong about the LS400 being the most powerful in it’s class. It was only 182KW whilst S class and 7 series had engines up to 220KW several years prior and Mercedes had a 300KW motor shortly after.

          Basically every all new model from any manufactuer introduces new manufacturing techniques. It means little to the actual consumers. Can you look at a car and pick out benefits because it has a particular style of welding?

          What ACTUAL innovations ON THE CAR ITSELF did it introduce? Say, things that are comparable to the innovations that the S class has introduced like ABS & Airbags?

          Why would you compare Lexus panel gaps to Toyota branded cars? Shouldn’t you have compared them to S class? Or did you just copy what you read in a brochure? You said that their special metal press allowed them to eliminate panel gaps anyway, so how come there is still a measurement for the panel gaps?

          Interior lights were spring loaded for tighter fit? What on earth? So if you accidently bump the interior light, it’ll spring out and get you in the eye?

          LS400 didn’t outsell S class, certainly not on a global scale or in
          Australia. I do know you love to pick and choose what country to use to
          try and boast about sales.

          • F1orce

            You can say whatever you want to say.

            But everything that i have stated are pure facts.

            Interior light? LOL it clearly says ‘exterior lights’ 

            Fit & Finish is all about panel gaps and how the product is manufactured. Lexus is superior to everyone else in this regard.

            You can easily see this for yourself, compare the 2012 Lexus IS to 2012 Mercedes C-class, Camry or anything else for that matter and the fit n finish is far ahead on the Lexus. 

            You don’t need a PhD to observe the quality,  fit & finish etc of any car.

            And regarding the power outputs, the LS400 had more power and was far more technologically advanced than all of its equivalent  rivals from Germany & USA

            The LS400 and Lexus for that matter was truly and solely aimed at the USA market, and it outsold the S-class, 7 Series, Jaguar and Cadillac of that time.

            Go on Youtube and watch the Top gear LS400 episode and watch all the LS400 commercials  they really do a good job at conveying the LS400’s strong points. 

            In fact i’m not even sure the LS400 had  any ‘weak’ aspects to it..  

          • Jhg

            Pure fact: Some 1985-1991 S class and 1987-1992 7 series and 1973-1992 Jaguar XJ were sold with engines up to 220KW. 1989 SL had 240KW and 1992 S class had up to 300KW.
            The most powerful 1989-1994 LS400 sold was 190KW. Pure fact.

            I’m really curious about the spring loaded lights.
            Exterior or interior, why on earth would you have spring loaded lights? Please enlighten us on this spring loaded lights.

            Great, so you only used the USA to boast about sales figures.
            Now tell us how it compared in Australian sales or on a global scale?

            Also, I’m still waiting for the sources that say the S class was crudely made and unrefined?

            By the way, you really shouldn’t get your facts from Top Gear and you most definitely should not get facts from commercials.

          • Jhg

             Double standards F1. You’ve made constant claims along the lines of “high standards of quality” yet when someone uses it for another car you immediately accuse them of making a “very vague statement”?
            Besides, when we’re talking about this Hyundai Equus, how do you know it isn’t a “technical and technological brilliance “? It’s only been revealed in videos.

            “EQUEVELANT S-class, Jag, BMW etc motor”? Which motor was that? BMW 7 series and Jag only had a 3.4 6 cylinder or a 5.0?
            If you were looking for the most powerful motor in the class, it was a Jag/Merc/BMW not a Lexus.

            By the way, I looked up the global sales figures for the LS400 and S class. Makes for interesting readying:
            1989 nolisting LS vs 68,577 S class
            1990: 41,901 LS vs  67,508 S class
            1991: 41,228 LS vs  68,598 S class
            1993: 28,187 LS vs  60,374 S class
            1995: 22,433 LS vs  63,390 S class
            2001: 31,473 LS vs 106,400 S class
            2009: 18,369 LS vs  76,881 S class
            They are fantastic initial figures for LS being a single model and in limited markets. But it’s clearly been conclusively outsold by S class.

            Still waiting for the spring loaded lights to be explained. I bet it’s just something that’s been made up as I couldn’t find anything about it on the web.
            Still waiting for sources saying the S class was curedely made and unrefined too.

          • Resident

            F1orce, I’ll admit that the LS was a great vehicle to kick-start Lexus… and although it didn’t have many technological advances it seemed to do everything right with the basics and was a luxury cruiser with ultra comfortable driving and reduced NVH compared with rivals.

            To say however that the Lexus IS 2012 model (which is many years old now) is up there with the C-Class is laughable however.

            Back to wikipedia for you.

        • Don Quay

          When you copy and paste from Wikipeadia, it might be a good idea to delete the reference numbers.

  • Matty

    multivalve technology (32 Valve V8) 4mm panel margins, lazer welding, benchmark refinement levels. need i go on?

    • Jgf

      BMW was using 4 valve engines more than a decade prior to the LS400. Mercedes and a few Italian brands were also using 4 valve engines in the early 80s, several years before the LS400. MercedesR129 SL also beat the LS400 onto the market with a range of 4 valve engines which were put into the S class a bit later.
      In fact the Toyota CRESSIDA had a 4 valve engine before the LS400!

  • LowRezFez

    I’d rather have a real Equus.

    • Roomy Roomster

      This one has a few too many horsepower.

  • Save It For The Track

    Seems a Hyundai story is an appropriate place for this question. Why no mention on this website of ths recent recall/’service campaign’ on 200,000 plus Hyundai’s in Aus? It was on mainstream media, and other websites. Strange….
    As for this vehicle, will remain to be seen if it’s a horse, donkey or a zebra.

  • Car Fanatic

    Jhg, I notice he also forgot to mention the 1989 Recall of 8000 LS400s due to overheating wiring and faulty brake lights.

    Such was the high standard of production.

    • Kaas

       Lamps and wiring are sourced from SUPPLIERS that cater to multiple OEM car companies. basically lexus did not design the lamps (only the looks of it)… most of the recalls are directly results of suppliers “failing” to live up to their contracts.

      • Car Fanatic

        BS. The wiring overheating would be down to Lexus using inferior wiring. All components are tested prior to contracts being awarded. Lexus in their attempt to be classier than their competitors, overloaded the wiring which caused it to overheat.

  • Car Fanatic

    From 2005 to 2012, The Lexus LS has had more reported issues than the S Class Mercedes. I’ll choose the Merc.

    • Blueberry


  • Barry

    Interior and dash board look  great.So does the Merc backside.The front looks i45 ugly.

  • F1orce

    Please racrepus, explain to us what you mean exactly by ‘higher standards of quality’

    Because that’s a very vague statement.

    @ Jhg: You don’t seem to understand the meaning of ‘up to’ The Lexus LS only had 1 motor variant. Which was simply better than the EQUEVELANT S-class, Jag, BMW etc motor

    Besides look at the present, does anyone even consider or care about the 1989 Mercedes, BMW & Jaguar motors? Exactly NO

    Yet the 1UZ-FE motor of the LS400 is heavily sought after.

    Hmmm wonder why that is?..