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With Toyota having all but confirmed the Toyota 86 convertible for production, Subaru says it still hasn’t decided whether or not it will do a similar body style with its sister car, the Subaru BRZ.

Speaking to CarAdvice at the Geneva Motor Show, the president and CEO of Fuju Heavy Industry (the parent company of Subaru), Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, said that no decision on a BRZ convertible has yet been made by Subaru.

The Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, which were developed jointly by the two brands and make use of a Subaru boxer engine, have been on the receiving end of dozens of awards last year, including numerous car of the year titles.

Speculation about a convertible version of the 86 had been circulation since the coupe version was introduced and the unveiling of a near production ready concept convertible at the Geneva Motor Show yesterday was good news for 86 fans.

The 86/BRZ project was mainly funded by Toyota, which has left the Big T in a more dominant position on how the two cars are marketed and sold internationally. In Australia, Subaru brought just 200 BRZs to the market last year while Toyota managed to sell 2,047 despite severe stock limitations.

That number is likely to quadruple this year with Toyota having already sold 1,167 Toyota 86s in the first two months of 2013 (Subaru sold 178 BRZs during the same period).

Yoshinaga confirmed that the Toyota 86 convertible concept was solely done by Toyota, without Subaru’s assistance. Nonetheless, he admitted that Subaru would not require Toyota’s permission if it decided to produce a convertible version of the BRZ.

  • Sturmgewehr

    just occurred to me the gt86 convertible looks scarily similar to the st185 celica convertible

  • Monk

    Is this the same sort of “undecided” response we got last time before they saw the light and released their mega popular BRZ? It would be wilfully stupid of them not to make one.

    • Jober As A Sudge

      I’m hoping they don’t do it!

  • Maximum

    I still think the convertible version of the 86 (and maybe BRZ) will make life extremely difficult for the mx5. Who will pay 20 grand more now for one of those?

  • Zitodraftingsolutions

    the 86/brz is supposed to be a handling master piece, be interesting to see if all those strengthening beams will weigh it down. I really thought they would have done a turbo version before we saw a convertible

  • Resident

    Ouch – those sales numbers are pretty poor for the BRZ when compared with the success of the 86.

    • super_hans

      Due to supply constraints more than lack of demand though. I dont think Subaru is pushing it too hard either for fear of confusing their AWD message

    • Acfsambo7

      They are being made at a 10:1 ratio of Toyota:Subaru for worldwide supply, so the numbers are matching up.

    • sweetsuby

      they do not produce as many BRZ’s as FRS’s. if more were produced I think the BRZ version would outsell the FRS.

  • horsie

    Toyota has really run with the 86 . In Australia anyway, I think a lot of punters would not even realize Subaru also sell this car. 
    Toyota has taken a much better advantage from the partnership. 

  • lol

    it looks nothing like the celica st185 :/

  • Jober As A Sudge

    Actually I just reckon they should leave it as is. Proper rear wheel drive sports car. I think chopping the roof off it will completely ruin the balance and handling. Plus I’m not a fan of most convertibles as they are almost always dynamically inferior to their tin top bretheren.