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Casey Stoner and Red Bull Racing Australia have taken the covers off the two-time MotoGP champion’s new V8 Supercar ahead of his four-wheeled racing debut on Friday.

Stoner, 27, who hung up his riding boots at the end of the 2012 MotoGP season, will compete in the #27 Red Bull Pirtek Holden VE Commodore built by Triple Eight Race Engineering – the very same car that claimed victory at the 2010 Bathurst 1000 with Craig Lowndes and Mark Skaife at the wheel – in the V8 Supercar Dunlop Development Series.

Casey Stoner's Red Bull Racing Australia V8 Supercar - 2

Stoner said he was excited about getting to race the 640hp Holden Commodore after months of build-up.

“I can’t wait,” Stoner said. “It’s exciting to finally get the chance to be at a race weekend after so much time thinking about it.”

“I think it’s going to be fantastic and I’m very much looking forward to it.”

Casey Stoner's Red Bull Racing Australia V8 Supercar - 5

The shift from two wheels to four seems to be going well for the former rider despite the fact he has only spent two test days behind the wheel around Queensland Raceway.

“I have a fair idea of what’s involved, but unfortunately nothing can really replicate what I’ll have to do when I get out there,” Stoner said.

“I’m not expecting too much too early. But the racing looks like a heck of a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to getting out there.”

Casey Stoner's Red Bull Racing Australia V8 Supercar - 6

Casey Stoner is the first international motorcycle rider to make the transition into the V8 Supercars series since 1987 MotoGP champion Wayne Gardner made the switch almost 21 years ago.

Round one of the Dunlop Development Series starts today with practice at Adelaide’s Victoria Park street circuit, before Friday’s qualifying and Race 1 and Saturday’s Race 2.

Casey Stoner's Red Bull Racing Australia V8 Supercar - 8

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  • Mikelarry

    God here we go with the whinging stoner. what will it be this time that you didn’t get pole, the tyres, the steering, the extra cars on the grid

    • Pro346

      Sounds like someone is a little jealous …..

      • Doctor


    • jr

      How many MotoGP championships have you won ?

    • Lindsay

      I guess you haven’t read any of the words that he’s said about this project…

    • Lindsay

      Do people dislike Stoner because he doesn’t suffer fools?  What is it?

      • Sydlocal

         I think there are a few people out there who don’t like hearing the truth and always want answers to questions sugar coated.
        That and some would have to be jealous that they didn’t spend many
        years living in a mobile home overseas away from family and friends with
        their parents who risked everything and had total faith in them that
        they had the talent and ability to be one of the best MotoGP riders the
        world has ever seen. Plus did you know that MotoGP is actually a
        personality contest and has absolutely nothing to do with skills riding a bike?

  • ScottyAust

    I think good on stoner. Hes what mid-late 20’s and he has already been MotoGP World CHamp twice now he is having a crack at another motorsport. Hope he does well.

    • Igomi Watabi

      yes, kudos to him for being able to retire from a real sport at such an early age.

  • Mad Max

    It won’t take long until he is winning. This guy is brilliant, brave and will bring a lot of attention to the series. Can’t wait to see him in action!

  • Harley D boy

    this guys is way to good for this POS  holden , please go back to motoGP

    • Bigdog

      Pretty sure it’s not a Holden anymore.

      • 1234BB

        Where did you get that information from?? If you mean COF, you’ll find that this car is the old spec V8SC. As he is driving in the Dunlop series not the main game.

        • Sydlocal

           Bigdog still has a more than valid point 1234BB. Even the ‘old spec’ Ford and Holden pre-COTF V8 Supercars (as above) shared more components with each other than the road car they resembled. Very few road car components/panels were used.

  • Monk

    Could he possibly keep his Phillip Island streak going? Wouldn’t that be a noteworthy record!

  • SuperChar

    Yep, good on him.  I bet there is no one posting on this forum as successful as Stoner.  

    • Zaccyissoocool

      You’d be pretty close…a top 100 poster!! yippeee

      • SuperChar

        I’d just cream / soil my pants being in the passenger seat.  Those guys have talent but make it look all too easy.  The PS3 is as close as I get to the real deal.

  • Mad Max

    11th quickest in his first ever competitive practice session in a car and on one of the toughest circuits in the country. The will need to modify the seat and floor to fit his jats crackers in! They must be BIG!

    • Sydlocal

       Mad Max, Stoner was actually ninth fastest in his first practice session then managed an eighth fastest in his second practice session. You are not wrong about his jats crackers. 2 wheel drifting on a motorbike cranked right over on a 260km/h corner proves that! (Stoner corner)

      • Mad Max

        Good update. When I posted he was 11th but was running as high as 3rd towards the end. Yep Stoner through turn 1 at PI was just brilliant. Got to meet him once at Heathrow airport. Was happy to stand and talk to a fan (me) for 10 mins without any hassel. I asked him about the bike at PI and he said that the main problem with the track was that the wind changes so quickly that on one lap you have a head wind and down the front straight you tip into turn 1 at say 25 260kmh. The next lap you can have a tail wind and arrive 10 to 15kmh faster. He described it as being a “bit hairey”…
        Me, it would be almost terrifying! 

    • Igomi Watabi


  • horsie

    Red Bull are not a team that enjoy loosing. They would not have hired him if they don’t think he is good enough. 
    I would be so proud to drive that particular winning car. 

    • Andrew M

      You mean 888 race engineering isnt a team that like losing?

      I also wouldnt be surprised if Stoner was partly responsible for getting their sponsorship deal over the line.

      Also to note is that it would be easy to look good in a 888 car.
      The car the Gis put on pole today was his first drive in a 888 car so it goes to show…..

  • Guest

    Once a Bogan always a Bogan I guess! I bet he drives around in his HSV with Chev badges and the southo cross. Yewwwwwww!

    • horsie

      hi Zaccy. yep thats me. Bogan through and through.