While some senior executives may be happy sitting in an office, SRT CEO and senior vice president of design at Chrysler Group, Ralph Gilles, prefers to be in the driver’s seat, literally.

Seen in recently released footage behind the wheel of the 351kW/630Nm 6.4-litre HEMI V8-powered 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, Gilles hustles the 2336kg SUV around the new Circuit of the America’s in Austin, Texas.


Since the pre-facelifted Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 launched in Australia in October last year, a total of 331 units had been sold to the end of December, 2012 – 205 regular SRT8 models and 126 special edition Alpine and Vapor editions.

Fiat Chrysler Group corporate affairs boss, Karla Leach, told CarAdvice that they are hoping to move at least 800-1000 Jeep SRT8s in 2013.

“We sold 331 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8s in just three months in 2012, but we’re confident of selling between 800-1000 units across 2013.

“However, we’ll be pushing for even more production, such is our confidence with the Jeep SRT8 in this market.”

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 isn’t expected to arrive down under until mid-year, along with the rest of the refreshed Jeep Cherokee range, sporting a new eight-speed automatic transmission that replaces the outgoing five-speed unit.


  • Pal

    Ralph is such a cool dude. Probably my favorite CEO. Although it was his team that designed the new Cherokee and AFAIK Sergio wasn’t happy with the direction of his  Italian designers and has handed over the next Alfa Giulia design duties to his team.

    • Amlohac

      I do like Sergios approach when he took over the reigns of Chrysler group. Basically saying “You’re all useless, if you dont agree with me then you’re fired”. Ruthless Itallian that he is.

  • Mal

    They are now called Jeep SRT, not SRT8.  

  • Zaccy16

    For some reason i like the look of the srt8!

  • Bigdog

    When’s the jeep being released in aus?

  • Peanut

    Long Live the Hemi !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Viperron

    I have a 12 srt and like my headlights much better than the ones showing here

  • Theo

    A vehicle made by bogans for bogans.

    • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

      comment made by a bogan.

    • Troyxlr8

      go hug a tree..

  • Troyxlr8

    i love this thing.. i have a 2012 GC, and I think I know what I’m trading it in for now 😉

  • bob

    nice review,i hope there give a more detail review.