by Daniel DeGasperi

The all-new 2014 Hyundai Genesis sedan has been snapped during cold weather testing, wearing an all-wheel-drive prototype model sticker.

Hyundai’s second generation full-size sedan shows off a sleeker profile than the current car, which sells predominantly in the US and Korea. The long, low nose reveals similarly slim but wide headlights with all-LED headlights. The rear end is comparatively high, with a sharp-edged boot lip.

While the sticker on the window says the Hyundai Genesis being tested is an all-wheel-drive 3.8-litre V6, it is expected that the 5.0-litre V8 model and rear-wheel-drive models will also continue in the range.

More interesting is the 10-speed automatic likely to debut in this car. Although German-based transmission specialists ZF have previously stated that a nine-speed automatic is at the upper limits of torque converter capability, and Mercedes-Benz is working on its own nine-speed, the 10-speed in the Genesis will be a Hyundai/Kia in house design.

With the focus on reducing weight, consumption and emissions, Hyundai’s 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine is also tipped to get a run in this new generation Genesis. This may also be the first Hyundai to feature auto-braking technology, in addition to blind-spot warning and auto-park assistance.

For the first time, this Hyundai Genesis will be available in right-hand drive, and Hyundai Australia has confirmed that it is currently being considered for the Australian market.

The Hyundai Genesis sedan will debut in 2014, a full year ahead of its related coupe sibling already confirmed for the Australian market.

If the sedan is approved for our shores, Hyundai Australia has indicated that its sub-$70,000 Holden Caprice rival would arrive late in 2014, also months before the coupe is due.


  • $29896495

    Another Mondeo/Fusion copy. Like US Toyota Avalon

    • Mightyfour

      How is this a Mondeo/Fusion copy? Cause it has 4 wheels?

      • $29896495

        Because it has the same look as a Mondeo. Use your eyes.

        • bd

          So anything that has a stretched “4-door coupe” body/roofline is a “copy” of the Mondeo?  lol

          That’s quite the list of cars, including the Jag XJ.

    • 451

      oh definitely all those black covers make it so copied you’re on the dot there.

      • $29896495

        Focus your peepers on the turret or glass house. Take a look at the new Toyota Avalon then give it some thought. Lets see what you come up with?

    • GFY

      I would just like to note that no it looks absolutely nothing like those cars and the interior on this premium vehicle is better to.

  • Adltansport

    I think I’ve seen this car testing on Victorian roads. Not a 100% sure, but the suze and profile reminded me of this model and there were a couple of Hyundai support vehicles in convoy. I don’t remember where though.

    • $29896495

      You probably saw a Mondeo testing. Hyundai have stolen another shape.

      • bd

        Um, Ford did not come up with the fastback or “4-door coupe” shape.

        And speak of “stealing designs” – Ford lifted the hexagonal grill shape from Hyundai as well as the elongated headlights on the Fiesta.

        • $29896495

          You are deluded! Ford/Mazda have been developing that design for years and they have the latest incarnation of that mainstream design, which the others are swinging off. The grill speaks for itself. 

  • Robin_Graves

    V8 + AWD would be nice.

    • F1orce

      The V8 on this thing produces a whopping 429HP

      Yet just like the Slownata, Rio, i30, Sportage etc etc etc they don’t go like anything near their claimed outputs..

      • racrepus

        Take a hike Camry Lover. The 5L Genesis does 0-100 faster than a 550i. I wonder how it does that if the claimed output is a total lie like you seem to think? Also, do you consider their weight when comparing similarly powered vehicles that do 0-100 slightly faster? Because in most cases the Koreans are larger and weigh more.

        • $29896495

          We do consider the power to weight, and your assertion that it’s because they are larger is completely wrong. It can’t be denied that the vast majority of Hyundai/Kia cars seem to have out that are exaggerated. Even allowing for weight gearing etc, they are to far of the mark, for their claimed output. 

          • F1orce

            Yeah exactly. And regarding gearing, most Hyundai and kias have short gearing, yet still their acceleration is not up to par their claimed power figures.

          • bd

            Wrong – H/K are known for their tall gearing.

        • F1orce

          Haha your funny.

          Your beloved genesis 5L V8 429HP sedan does the 0-60mph run in no less than 4.8 second

          The similar 5L powered ISF with only 416HP does it in 4.3 seconds- that’s half a second faster

          Both cars have 8-speed and identical power to weight ratios. And to make matters worst the genesis has ridiculously short gears. Yet still slower, as usual.

          • idlebrain

             yeap, it’s very smart to compare ISF to genesis sedan.
            Then you can compare it to 750,550 or s550 e550 and if any of these things are slower than ISF you should call them a liar  right?

            It’s really smart to compare ISF to normal luxury sedan.

            If you really want to talk about the output vs Hyundai’s claim, bring the dyno number such as hp at wheel at least.
            It would be more reasonable than comparing anything to anything.

          • bd

            Yeah, let’s compare a COMPACT (the IS-F is on the small end of RWD compacts) to a MIDSIZE (the Genesis is on the large end of midsizers) – what a joke.

            And despite being larger than the BMW 550i, numerous publications have gotten the same acceleration times for the Genesis and 550i.

            And the AT in the Genesis is known for its hesitation in downshifting.

          • $29896495

            Further to that you aren’t talking compacts you are talking Full size cars. Look at the weights and measurements.

      • bd

        The Sportage turbo is one of the fastest smaller CUVs and the Sonata Turbo was quicker than the old V6 Accord.

        • F1orce

          The Rav4 V6 would smoke the sportage with ease & Subaru Forester Turbo would leave he little kia for dead

          The new Accord V6 has been timed at 5.7 sec 0-60mph
          The same editor tried the Sonata 2.0t and it got a 7.2 second 0-60mph run.. So big difference

          There isn’t much difference between old and new Accord.

  • Troll No. 47

    A 10 speed automatic? Seriously? How stupid. This “how many gears can we get” circlejerk is getting ridiculous.

  • Awd4australia

    I would buy one if it was awd. Hopefully they will give it some German quality interior. What about a turbo Diesel engine??