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by Daniel DeGasperi

The Holden VF Commodore SS V-Series will make its official debut when the embargo lifts at 12:01am (AEST) Friday 15th February – just six hours away.

CarAdvice has prepared full coverage of the exterior and interior design changes compared with the VF Commodore Calais V-Series show car revealed earlier this week. Check in at CarAdvice at midnight for all the details, including interviews with key designers and engineers who talk about the new ‘sport luxury’ variant in the Holden VF Commodore range.

The drip-feed of VF Commodore models will continue this Saturday February 16th with the unveiling of the Commodore’s US twin, the Chevrolet SS, at 4:15pm (AEST). The weekend reveal is timed to coincide with the Chevy’s official unveiling at the Daytona 500 speedway.

Next week, Holden is tipped to reveal VF Commodore ute and Sportwagon variants and, possibly, the new base model that may not be called Omega.

CarAdvice will have full details of all the key Holden VF Commodore models, adding to our extensive VF Commodore special coverage.

  • Sumpguard

    I’m looking forward to the reveal and Zaccy and Flogmother’s endless negative comments about it.

    • Barry

      Only the one picture available sumpy.The interior of SSV looks classy.

      • Ggghhh

        Dude that’s the Calais internal….durr

      • gtrxuone

        Thats the interior they will use in the Chevrolet Ss barry.The Aussie Ssv won’t be as refined .But will have a more sporty look.

      • Golfmother

        Classy as a bogan lounge suite all ice cream container plastics .

        • Barry

          Rubbish,Crummer has European quality interior like Vw..

          • Golfmother

            Thats funny bazza .

          • $29896495

            How can you say Euro quality you haven’t even sat in one. It will be built to a US standard, which is hardly Euro.

          • Pelican

            And you have sat in one?

            Just wondering.

          • $29896495

            I take it you never sat in either.

        • Lena

          Why are you so against the Commodore and Falcon? It’s not like they’re in direct competition with anything from VW or Audi. I could understand if you hated them if they were stealing sales or something, but I don’t really think that’s the case.

        • Daniel D

          What Golfmother is trying to say is Das Auto Bogan.

          Somehow I don’t think one VW fan grimly justifying his purchase will be cause for concern at Holden.

    • Golfmother

      Gee this is the one for you sumpguard , after the soggy handling sportage , now you can join the sporty bogan club .

      • Zaccy16

        Me and you can join the soggy Sao club

      • Zaccy16

        yep he would fit right in

    • FanBoi

      Common mate, you do realise that Holden is only playing the catch up game.


      • Sumpguard

           I don’t dispute that fact FanBoi but that doesn’t make the car bad.      

  • gtrxuone

    Can’t wait for ssv.A true multicultural effort.Australian designed and engineered and built.European interior,American muscle engine.

  • WarboyRB

    I have never been much of a Holden fan, I just considered them bland and boring dinosaurs but I really like the VF – there is just something about it.
    Can’t wait to see SS, but the real unveil for me will be the HSV range – can’t wait to test drive the GTS beast with LSA, 400kW+ and 710Nm – yeahhhh, awesome.

    • dave

      LSA costs to much for a HSV, if it gets supercharged it will be a local job like ford AU and the Miami engine. It will be severely detuned like Miami also.

    • qikturbo

      I think the GTS will have 335kw and 610nm.The SS will have slightly lower figures.It will be a surprise to me if any engine in the HSV range will be force fed.

      • dave

        I’m unimpressed with the new GM 6.2, the boss 302 mustang makes 331kw with an N/A 5.0, though it does make roughly 100nm less torque…

      • Poison_Eagle

         More to the point, I hope the Clubsport is given the full 70kg weight loss, without the 40kg added from extraneous technology in the cooking models.
        The whole point of the Clubsport is performance, and I’m sure the majority of customers would gladly sacrafice gizmos for lightness.

        • Hung Low

          Yes they lost the concept of the original VN club sport, a very rare car these days.

          • Poison_Eagle

             I wonder if any VFs will get Corvette’s 7 speed manual!?

  • nugsdad

    if it makes those numbers my deposit is on the way

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.hummel.927 David Hummel

    how much will the VF SS be approx. ????????and when does it come out?

    • Shak

      You will find out definitely in two hours, but it’s safe to assume it will rise about 1-1.5k over the existing models. It only makes sense considered how much extra kit the Commodore range is receiving. 

    • gtrxuone

      David the Vf is due for release in June this year.A Ve series 2 Ss can be purchased in the low 40″s.As shak said the extra kit will add a bit to the price.My guess $43,500.

  • The Real Wile E

    There is always a space for a relatively cheap  high output car.BUT
    For me it never ceases to amaze me the stupid speeding risks many  SS drivers take to flex their muscles particularly if they encounter something Euro. So I don’t care what it looks like or how it performs I would never want to join the club that has so many  morons as members .
    Pity really ’cause the car is not too bad for the dollars.
    Now that should draw the crabs.

    • Pro346

      funny you say that because ive encountered countless tools in euro cars….wanting a race and even when they do it the legal way at a street meet end up making tools of themselves.

      • Hung Low

        Usually habibs in older model 3 series or C class mercs with a purple paint job and chrome wheels.

      • Robin_Graves

        I had a try-hard in an Octavia try and race me from the lights the other day.  Didn’t want to waste my fuel teaching him a lesson, he probably bragged to his mates the next day thinking I was up for a race.

        • Golfmother

          Yer i like doing that at the lights knowing there is a speed camera at the school lights just 400m further up , give the bogan crummercoon driver  the nod , and hes off fish tailing into the police files .

          One idiot did two cameras in 1 km , probably thought it was lightning .

          • Just saying

            I ran some idiot P plater through a speed camera once. I found it pretty funny.

      • Fullesky

        Doesn’t look like Australia to me

  • Ryan76

    Car will definitely look more appealing when Holden’s high performance engines are finally mated into the new VF’s high quality body and Euro interior

  • Zaccy16

    how many articles will there be on the ss when i wake up in the morning? bets anyone? im going for 7!

    • Garrywhopper

      Bit of luck you won’t

    • Captain Nemo®™

       Why does it matter Zuppy?
      Are you worried about your work load ahead?
      7 stories 10 comments each=70 comments you’re gonna be very busy indeed.

    • Jack

      There’s good reason for that Zaccy, the Commodore is an Australian built car that is an Australian icon and a massive achievement for a country as small as ours. The media will have articles on Australian cars because irrespective of what car you drive, you have to be proud of the Aussie car industry always punching above its weight – and people, like myself, would like to read about it, even if there are 10 articles.

  • JJ

    Looking forward to the new taxi.

  • Love2t

    ‘Classy’. We all know it’s being exported as a ‘Cheverolet SS’ but I believe this could be built/exported as an ‘Opel/Vauxhall’. Holden are believed to be dropping the ‘Omega’ nameplate! It has certain styling elements, Front & Rear, that could lend itself to an ‘Opel Omega’. It too could be based on a ‘Higher End’ model, as will be the ‘SS’ but more along the ‘Calais’ lines! An OPC Opel Omega in the vein of ‘HSV’ as the ‘Halo’ model. The potential to build & sell them here as Opels as well as export oportunities to other countries as ‘Opels & Vauxhalls’ would be amazing. I believe it could give the ‘Commodore’ security from extinction in it’s current Rear Wheel Drive layout! How ironic would that also be, given the ‘Original’ VB Commodore was based on the then current ‘Opel Rekord’, later to become the ‘Opel Omega’. An All Wheel Drive Commodore Turbo, now that would be Awesome.  

    • Golfmother

      Lay down your pipe take a deep breath , forget it, its dead in 2017 , chevy implala is replacing it , go to sleep .

    • $29896495

      You aren’t a realist are you? The Americans after seeing it are very upset that it’s boring face lifted 2006 car. (plus, apparently the last two G8 and GTO had a mass of waranty problems)

      • Pelican

        Sounds as believable as a Craig Thompson interview.

        • $29896495

          Free to go research it. I copied and pasted an excerpt from an interview with Head GMC and GMH yesterday it’s on the release page for the VF. Two years and this thing is gone in favour of FWD. Although, if it builds a fan base despite what people are saying on US sites, They will keep the SS in production exclusively for the US. Suck on that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000455670119 Remmy Lalremsanga

    What is the meaning of SS in this car? Is it a secret obsession with nazism? Jaguar cars used to be called SS  too but they were wise enough to drop it some 70 years ago due to nazis.

    • GoHard

      You are kidding, right?

    • Wild Man

      Means Super Sport. Common abbreviation for this type of car.

      The SS in Jaguar came from Swallow Sidecars.

      The obsession comes from elsewhere.

  • Crazy n00b

    I’d rather get the SS over the HSV as replacement Brembo brake pads / rotors will set you back $5,000? Or is that $10,000?