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The redesigned Toyota Tundra full-size pick-up truck has been unveiled at today’s Chicago auto show, with the car’s chief engineer admitting that a right-hand drive model is doable.

The Toyota Tundra, which is essentially a North American-focused vehicle, has been around since 1999. All variants are built in the US for left-hand-drive markets only. Right-hand-drive markets such as Australia have been unable or unwilling to go after the Tundra but it appears that if a viable business case was presented, the engineering wouldn’t be an issue.

Mike Sweers, the chief engineer for the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma vehicle programs, told the Australian automotive media at today’s Chicago auto show that it would be possible to build the Tundra in right-hand drive.

“Well of course it’s possible to change it to right-hand drive, we do that for some of our export vehicles now,” Sweers said.

“Right-hand drive, left-hand drive is not that difficult to switch. The biggest difficulty is re-engineering the instrument panel.”

He noted that he hadn’t heard of much demand for a ute as big as the Tundra from the Australian market.

“At this time we don’t have any plans to introduce a full-sized pick-up in Australia. I haven’t seen any market data that says it’s something the Australian public demands. We have the HiLux in Australia, it’s popular and does well, if there’s a demand we could always look to introduce it [Tundra] but at this time HiLux fits our needs in the Australian market.”

The new Toyota Tundra launches with a bolder front and rear design, and a significantly improved interior.

In its home market the Tundra is available in five grades, ranging from workhorse to urban for the growing trend of city dwellers that want the towing power and practicality of a full-size pick-up, but are unconcerned about its size.

We were particularly impressed with the interior of the Platinum grades, which included perforated black leather-trimmed seats with double-stitched diamond plate leather, door and instrument panel inserts as well as chrome seat and console accent badging. All of which made the Tundra look like anything but a big truck on the inside.

It’s also not lacking in technology, outstripping the range-topping HiLux available in Australia with features such as a 12-speaker JBL audio system, eight-way power seats, heated and ventilated front seats, LED daytime running lights and blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert.

Toyota USA offers the Tundra with a choice of three engines, all petrols. The range includes a 4.0-litre V6 coupled to a five-speed automatic, and a 4.6-litre V8 and 5.7-litre V8 coupled to a six-speed automatic.

Would the Toyota Tundra work in the Australian market?


4.0 Litre V6
198kW @ 5600rpm
377Nm @4400rpm
Five-Speed Automatic Transmission

4.6 Litre V8
228kW @ 5600rpm
443Nm @3400rpm
Six-Speed Automatic Transmission

5.7 Litre V8
280kW @ 5600rpm
543Nm @ 3400rpm
Six-Speed Automatic Transmission


  • Overall length:                  5.8  (Std Bed)
  • Overall width:                   2.03
  • Overall height:                  1.93
  • Wheelbase:                      3.7 (Long Bed)

  • Jallerton75

    Yes , bring it because I think I need a bigger car to collect my groceries . I don’t think it would be popular without a deisel option , maybe the twin turbo out of the cruiser would work .Im guessing based on Toyota prices this would be around 100 to 150 grand .

  • Peanut

    You would think with a the mining industry in Australia there would even be a strong case to build this type of vehicle here.

  • Ox

    Think the HiLux is big nuf. Nice interior tho

  • Gazza

    I will have one please in black,drove one last year in las vegas AWESOME!

  • F1orce

    Why in Australia do we only get the slow (0-100 in 10yrs) and small utes??

    • Igomi Watabi

      because virtually nobody wants anything bigger or faster?

      • Al Tungupon

         Then why the SS Commodore Ute?

        • $29896495

          Can you imagine these things lined up outside schools in the morning? Probably drop the population a bit, they be running over kids left right and centre.

          • Robert Ryan

             They are not that big.and they have some very tiny payloads on the Tundra.

        • itsme

          Because that’s not a real truck that’s a car based ute. Big difference

    • Sam

      Because Australia policy Sux big time!!

  • Cl1ff0

    I sore one the other day, they look awsome. Bring it here!

    • Sam

      It must have hurt.

    • Sore

      Saw maybe? Your making us look bad Dic%head.

      • Slaw

        You’re, maybe? You’re making yourself look bad. 😉

    • Sam

      True that bro!

  • Poison_Eagle

    Mate they should call it the Chundra. Nah but for reals they need to get that 5.7L V8 into Aurion YESTERDAY!

    • Noddy_of_Toyland

      Mmm V8 front wheel drive, I can’t wait.

      • Karl Sass

        V8 + FWD + unintended acceleration : )

  • Marty

    I say bring it here.  Not many options to carry the family and other things like motorbikes in the back without the tailgate down here.

    • SuperChar

      I think it comes with a gun rack as well :):)

    • Robert Ryan

       It will have problems, the maximum payload is 1500lbs.

  • Turbodewd

    Im a Ford fan and think the Hilux looks good, but that Tundra looks ordinary!  Not a fan.

  • Sumpguard

    A guy up here imported one for $110,000. It’s massive. He loves everything about it except the parking issue.

  • TG

    Bring it here TMCA, it’ll keep the rednecks happy.

    • Crazy n00b

      True rednecks don’t buy them Hahndah Yotah imports dood.

  • Showtime

    As much as I would like to see these on Australian roads, our car parks and roads are too tiny to bring something like this here. It would also be pushing $100K+ which is a bit ridiculous for an urban ute.

    • Homer

      Hey cars above a certain threshold value here and most eoro cars are exorbitanyly expensive. Buyers are ripped off big time.

      • Igomi Watabi


    • Dave S

      I imagine because of it’s size and towing ability, it would have to be priced above the Lancruiser. It could work though. You see a lot of big US utes / trucks getting around on our streets. I am sure some of these people would love one with a factory / dealer supported warranty.

    • Robert Ryan

       No they are not that big. These are not trucks but are slightly larger than the new Ford Ranger.

  • Tony Abbotts No 1 fan

    I’ll take a Ford Raptor please, the back of the Tundra reminds me of the Amarock…very bland, but as someone mentioned earlier, doesn’t look as good as the HiLux  

  • Martin

    Imported F trucks seem to have a market, why wouldn’t this?

  • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

    Saw one at byron a few weeks ago and i love the f250 when i was selling them.
    the tundra does not have a pedigree behind it like they do.
    Toyota badge only works so much in this size ute then the blokey thing comes in (Mines bigger than yours).
    Would love for toyota to bring it in because maybe it would get Ford, GM or Dodge to bring their ones in as well.
    MUST HAVE DIESEL THOUGH or noone will buy it.

    • $29896495

      Yeah, it’s all about if you need one to compensate for a small member.

    • Robert Ryan

      It does not have a diesel just the 5.7 Petrol V8. It is not a F250 sized vehicle., it is a 1/2 ton in US parlance, not a 3/4 ton i.e F250. I think a lot of people here posting think they come in something like an  F250 size. Toyota does not build 3/4 ton sized or 1 ton sized i.e. F350
      Pickups in the US.

  • Able

    I’ve seen two Tundras in Australia and I have to say, they look fantastic. This facelift absolutely ruins it thorough…

  • Aquahead

    No diesel, no market here in Australia. Yes the 5.7L 280kW and 543Nm give you some bragging rights, but putting $150 into the tank every fill will wipe that smile off your face pretty quickly! 
    It gets 14 to 18l/100km in Petrol form, a Diesel Landcruiser gets 10.1L/100km combinded cycle, so no matter whiuch way you stack it, no diesel, no market in Australia.

    • Crazy n00b

      “a Diesel Landcruiser gets 10.1L/100km”. But diesel costs 10% more than petrol on average. So 10.1L of diesel is equivalent to 11.1L of petrol in term of $$. 

      So u save 2.9L (14L – 11.1L) of fuel per 100 kms, that’s about $3.80 per 100 kms. Per year (distance travelled say 20,000 kms), u save $754 in fuel only. But remember diesel needs more frequent and more expensive servicing, that would cancels any savings in fuel over petrol. Also each diesel injector costs $1,000 ($8,000 for V8 Landcruiser diesel) vs $100 for a petrol injector. Not forgetting the twin diesel turbos at $5,000 each and the diesel fuel pump at $5,000 a pop vs a $200 petrol fuel pump.

      • Tony Abbotts No 1 fan

        And not forgetting the Toyota diesels of recent times have not been the most reliable motors either

  • jekyl & hyde


  • dave

    Give me a Raptor or Ram over this try-hard any day!

  • MisterZed

    Looks awful – looks like a Honda Ridgeline from the front. There was nothing wrong with the current model in the first place.

    • F1orce

      Yeah the current model looks quite classy..

      This simply doesn’t.

  • Lolwut

    Too wide…
    I’ve driven this when I was at the states, had it for 2 months as work-related car given to me..
    Massive, nice engine power… But would be detrimental to Oz roads if too many…

    US car parking standards are wider than Australia’s.

    Besides HiLux is sufficient… More than sufficient.

    Maybe big businesses that have real use for them out in the country, the mines etc can justify them… But not in the city.

    • Karl Sass

      Yep, if you need to carry more use the trailer. 

    • Banchuck

      Would be more detrimental to Australian roads than maybe a b-double, or a bus?
      Perhaps some of these self righteous, know it all posters might dig deep and consider that there IS actually a market for a vehicle that can tow over 3500kg legally and safely, and that owning something like this doesn’t automatically make the driver a redneck, any more than driving a golf diesel or Prius doesn’t automatically make you a latte sipping inner city wanker?

      • $29896495

        Oh I don’t know, red neck, quite possibly. Every day use, but not working, just driving, don’t you think it’s a bit excessive to go down the shops in? A normal car doesn’t take up the same amount of room as a block of flats.

  • Sam123cheri

    No market in Australia. They actually care about their environment. The water ethic Australian people developed after the water crisis is something everyone should envy.

  • Loft86

    i think that when Toyota brings out the new hilux in the next year or so it will be a bit bigger all over compared to the current one to bring it line with the ranger plus hopefully a new motor so it will probably negate the need for the tundra too although it would be cool to get both.

  • Doctor

    Maybe a RHD Chunder with a DIESEL engine will replace the 70 series after 2016…..

  • Tundranator

    There is a company in Gympie Qld importing and converting these Tundras, They seem to be very popular, have a 3 month waiting list. The top of the range is more Lexus than normal Toyota and is still cheaper than a diesel Sahara with a higher towing rating.

  • Jake

    you guys are all crazy, looking at specs this is only 2 inches wider than a landcruiser, yes its longer but width is where the parking issue is. AND you all keep saying the hilux is big enough? pigs bum it is I have a 3 tonne boat that needs towing around for one the hilux isn’t even rated to tow that much and 2 there are hardly any other viable UTE options as really none of them have a big enough motor to tow it comfortably up hills, I have a new landcruiser 200 series diesel and the engine is that is basically double the size of what you get in all the utes in Australia, if they brought the tundra here with the 4.7 diesel thats in the land cruiser holy moly… and at the same time get rid of the 70 series.. the engine is great but for what you actually get in the car the price is absolutely ridiculous, how hard is it to get a modern ute with more than a bottle of milk under the bonnet? 

    • Mike

      Where did you get a lc200 with a 4.7 v8D? Me thinks you didn’t

  • Tom ( have a Dodge Ram 1500)

    Yes … just do it, if any of the big truck makers made a factory right hand drive be it a dodge, chevy, ford or toyota they would get their door beaten down, and if it was a diesel they wouldn’t survive the first week.

  • Hitower71

    I have heard rumors that Toyota will be discontinuing the 70 series shortly. Most probably due to safety ratings that the mining industry require. If Tundra has high safety rating and they throw the V8 diesel in and maybe de-spec alot of the goodies you don’t need in the outback ( hopefully reducing pricing ) then I think there would be a decent demand for them. Head to the outback and you’ll stacks of 70 series, something has to replace them.

  • Gian Malapitan

    I saw one the other day, they are based on the Toyota Sequioa as far as i’m aware.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.ludwig.7798 Andrew Ludwig

    Hilux is a toy compared to these, just been over to the states saw heaps of Tundra’s they are awesome… Only problem is in Australia we’ll get ripped on the price

  • Carl pilington

    it would be HUGELY popular

  • Buddha

    A necessity in the Australian market only small under powered hilux available too small for family and towing needs would be a real winner in diesel I think would answer many dreams

  • petrol ute owner

    We would buy 2 of these. They look awesome.

    • Silverado

      yes put the 4.5 D4D engine in ti and it will be a winner with a 4-4.5t tow rating. People are importing and paying up to $120k for Chev’s and F250’s and even petrol Tundra’s so with a full dealer network and proper warranty Toyota will sell heaps as none of the local dual cabs have enough tow rating – get rid of the 70 series and bring this in with the diesel and it a winner – I doubt many petrols would be sold though and the diesel has more torque anyway

  • Gerard Rooks

    Are they mad..It would be No 1 seller in Aus utes.

  • sakns

    if someone want toyota tundra is because of it’s Powerful V8. if it comes in I type 4-D, then toyota should keep we are Ok with Hiulx. It is same with Mustang

  • sakns

    if it comes through dealer it will cost 50 t0 90 grand au$.

  • sakns

    if toyota is on it then they just had to bring an upgraded v of hiulx e:g turbo charge V6 n V8

  • Tesrdgjc

    Bring it here!

    Utes in Australa are so cruddy and underpowered p!!

  • Boydie

    There is definitely a need in Australia for a bigger ute that can tow more than 3500kg. You have to go to an American import at inflated prices in order to obtain a luxury ute that can achieve this. The sooner the better with a turbo diesel engine.

  • Sam

    If they do bring it here, make sure it’s the same price as the USA! We are living in a big time ripp off country when it comes to buying cars in Australia compare to the rest of the world.

  • Sam

    The Thundra in a twin turbo diesel V8 or something that would be awesome man. Here down under…