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by Daniel DeGasperi

The Skoda Superb is being readied for a mid-life facelift, with the five-year-old large liftback soon to adopt styling cues from the company’s brand new Rapid and Octavia models.

As our spy pictures show, the Superb keeps the round edges of its five-door bodystyle, but will get a sharper-edged headlight and grille treatment in line with Skoda’s new design direction originally previewed with the MissionL concept.

Curiously, the rear retains its rounded tail-lights despite the more angular front end treatment, however the rear light bezels change from a smoked-red finish to three blades circling the central indicator light.

The interior design will remain untouched, with new switchgear, dials, and infotainment screens expected to trickle down from Volkswagen and Audi products and debut on the revised Skoda flagship.

Although the Superb is not an all-new model, it is also tipped to adopt Volkswagen’s new breed of aluminium-block four-cylinder turbocharged engines, which will replace the iron block petrol engine in the current Superb.

The new 1.4-litre turbo petrol seen in the Volkswagen Golf Mk7 produces an identical 250Nm to the 1.8-litre turbo petrol in the current Superb, although with 103kW it is down 15kW. Skoda isn’t likely to be troubled by the power downgrade, preferring to capitalise on the efficiency gains wrought by the new engine – the current Skoda Superb 118TSI is rated at 7.3L/100km combined, typically around one litre more than what the 1.4-litre would consume in the large car.

The facelifted Skoda Superb is likely to be shown at this year’s Frankfurt motor show in September.

It is likely the Superb will then need to run for at least another three years. Volkswagen confirmed at the 2013 Detroit auto show that the next-generation Volkswagen Passat will launch in 2014 based on the company’s over-arching MQB platform. The Superb will absolutely pick up MQB in its next generation, which given the imminent facelift, would be expected around a year later than the Passat and all-new Audi A4.

  • Peter

    It’s actually cruel that they pack good engineering in such a horrible looking car.  One shouldn’t look to a 10 year old Daewoo Leganza for styling tips.

    • Able

      I fail to see how you can comment on a car that hasn’t even been revealed in its production form yet. Reserve judgement until you see the real thing in person! Skoda disguise their new cars very well and my bet is that the rear won’t look anything like that, rather it will look like an Audi A4. It’s unfortunate Skoda didn’t do more with the facelift, especially considering how underrated and excellent the Superb is. If they had a manual in Australia I’d definitely own one.

      • Peter

        Oh, I get it…so all of those dreadful looking Superb’s that have been sold for the past few years are just production mules in disguise?  I knew that there had to be an explanation! 

        • $29896495

          What do you mean wait, it’s there in the photos, nothing that far down the track will suddenly turn into a swan. Peter is right, this is just awful. If I was in the market for something like this I would go VW and spend the extra rather than have to look at that every day. 

          • hugh

            Just figured it out, it must be made for the Brethren.

  • Old_Haggas

    Looks like on of those dodgy Russian cars…. A parts bin of recycled parts…. Why would you buy one?

    • TG

      Why would you buy one? Because they’re one of the nicest cars to drive on the road, and they’re more reliable than their big-brother VWs.

  • Golfschwein

    I actually love this barge. It’s a bit like my inexplicable fondness for Holden Broughams. Or maybe because it’s the same in spirit as my beautiful old Peugeot 504, a car that was to many beholders no classic beauty but whose slightly awkward lines hid devastatingly effective space efficiency and a great drive. 

    Yep, I reckon that’s what’s going on here. The rear seat room is comical. By the end of this year, I hope to line up for one of these, a Golf 7 or….something, anything to replace the Falcon.

    Looking at the pictures, I agree with Able. There is definitely something going on with the rear lamps, as you see a shadowy shape immediately adjacent to them on the side of the car. It’s apparent in the second picture. Skoda have a surprise in store, obviously, not just with the grille.

    • Golfmother

      Had a superb wagon AWD V6 for a day  in 2010 , amazing drive so close to the R36 in power .

      For its size was very nimble , exceptional handling ,brilliant ride , but the space was a huge plus .

      Being black the bride after seeing the load space said it looked like a hearse , so the golf prevailed .

      Anyone with a need for vast space should consider a diesel in FWD or AWD , magic economy , very under rated .

      • Dom Von Hutch

        I have a wagon with the v6, I’ve spent about 5k on full exhaust, power chip, suspension (adjustable) high flow filter, roller rockers and wheel/tyre and brake upgrade, IMHO it’s the best sounding v6 around and with those mods it handles bloody well considering its wheelbase and weight, I’ve clocked a13.9 quarter. All with ample legroom for me and a couple son and his 6foot + mates in the back. Best car I’ve owned. Actually think this facelift looks worse though.

        • Golfmother

          Lucky you very capable car , one thing i noticed in my drive could not get it below 14l/100 in the city , very good in rural about 8+ if i remember ,your’s must be quicker than a stock R36 .

        • Hung Low

          Not a bad time for the 400m dash, I love a good sleeper in any brand. But all those mods for 5k is taking the piss.

          • Dom Von Hutch

            Ha yes, around 5700 (parts only)

    • Norm

      The superb wagon is a really good looking car. Inside and out. I think they should leave it alone until it’s an all new model like the the Octavia and the new styling cues relate properly.

      504 Wagon was fab too. The fuel injected one was a beauty.

  • vrx26

    I bet the wagon version would be more palatable in design than the sedan which is true for the current model. Would be better as well if they could do a 7 seater wagon in AWD since there are heaps of space at the back, will make it really practical and I reckon a better drive than high riding 7 seat SUV’s.

  • Shak

    They’re changing the only good part of the old cars design. The rear end, and the C-pillar is what needed the most fixing!

    • Tex

      Judging from the pictures it seems the rear end is going in for some overhaul – the rear lights don’t line up with those on the tailgate… so I’d assume it is either a sticker or they’ve kept the tailgate lights of the old model to make it less conspicuous in traffic.

  • Tom

    I’ve owned the 4×4 tdi wagon for a year. It’s a treat. I’ve owned full-size wagons for two decades and I looked hard at all the sub-$70k current full-size wagons, and the Superb killed them all on space, space, space. I’m a tall driver, and at last to have so much rear legroom that the seat behind the driver is as spacious and comfortable as the rest. The backseat passengers are in heaven, so my job’s half done before I turn the wheel.

    As for the saloon’s rear end – yep, it’s awkward.

  • Mark

    I have owned a a turbo diesel wagon for about 6 months.  Its a fantastic car.  Great torque and excellent fuel economy (about 5.6L per 100KM).   The 6 speed DSG is a revelation.  And yes plenty of space.  Also like all the extras like the fog lights that show you the way round the corner, the touch screen radio and excellent bluetooth system.  Because the wheelbase is so long it just soaks up the bumps.  Done nearly 30K already with no problems.  Its a very under rated car in Australia.