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NFL Super Bowl

With the culmination of the 2013 NFL season, Super Bowl XLVII, just days away, car makers are emptying their wallets to ensure the game’s vast audience catches a glimpse of their newest vehicles.

Hoping to maximise their exposure, a number of brands have unleashed their top-dollar spots days out from the big game, and are already attracting plenty of interest from the online audience.

Here are five of the best Super Bowl car ads for 2013 so far:


  • AndyGF

    Cant stop gawking at the CLA!     =P

    • Niles

      I can’t. The curves are just so hypnotic. 😉

    • Golfmother

      Yep CLA very cool ad .

  • Sad CLA

    Wow CLA starting from only $29,990!  How much will we get shafted for it?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FFLU42DZJ4E23NZKHN3UXJU44Q Aazz

      Probably around $50,000

      • AndyGF

        …and worth every cent…

  • Browneye69

    “Starting under $30000″ the add says, not here it won’t.

  • WishIwasAnAmerican

    CLA for under $30k… We could only wish. Here it will be $60k. I spit in the face of australian auto industry.

  • F1orce

    Big money right there..

  • Allay 62

    At least the ads are something to look at.  Then way they play their stupid  football.