by Jez Spinks

The Nissan Pulsar is on the cusp of its return to Australian showrooms.

Nissan has today staged the media launch for the new-generation small car ahead of its official on-sale date of February 1 – exactly seven years after the previous model was replaced by the Tiida.

The Pulsar will initially be available in sedan form only with a five-door hatchback to double the body style offerings from mid 2013.

Japan’s latest entrant to the ultra-competitive small car market will have one of the lowest starting prices in the segment, costing from $19,990 for an ST variant.

It’s joined in a three-tier sedan range by ST-L and Ti trim levels, priced from $23,650 and $28,990 respectively, while the Pulsar hatch line-up will be topped by a sporty SSS model powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder.

Regular Pulsar models are all motivated by a 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with 96kW of power and 174Nm of torque.

A six-speed manual is standard with ST and ST-L Pulsars, with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) a $2250 extra or standard on the Ti.

Every Pulsar sedan model features six airbags, stability control, alloy wheels (16 inches ST and ST-L, 17 inches Ti), Bluetooth connectivity (with streaming on Ti), multi-function and multi-adjust steering wheel.

The range-topping Nissan Pulsar Ti gains dual-zone climate control, satellite navigation and a reverse-view camera.

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  • Jon

    I still believe the engine is underpowered

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, the torque figure is much too low and the revs for maximum torque much too high!

  • Able

    I was really unimpressed with the Pulsar at AIMS2012 so I’m not sure it’s going to be a hit, and I’m sure that it won’t outsell the Mazda3 and Corolla. Even the Corolla (hatch) has more flair than this…

  • Zaccy16

    interior looks pretty s**t

  • Crummydore

    Should take some sales from the grandparents who have been scared off the Corolla’s new ‘sporty’ look. 

    But really its is a conservative design in sedan form that’s ,well, boring. The hatch looks better and if the engines got some oomph to match it should do quite well.

    The thing that troubles me is that Mazda, Ford and the Korean makes are selling products in this category that are much better looking and in most cases more powerful – I just cant get my head around what the designers are trying to achieve.


    • Kampfer

      New Pulsar (call Sentra/Sylphy oversea) sedan is designs as a sensible, family car in Asia markets (think Camry/Accord in our market). So what most people think about Camry in Australia will apply to this car.

      The new Pulsar Hatch (“new Tiida” oversea) will fit into our “small car” image better in Australia market.I believe Australia is the only country use the same name for Sentra/Sylphy and new Tiida.

    • Force-15

      Of course the new Pulsar looks boring, but to be honest you could say the same about earlier Pulsars as well. They have always been conservatively styled (although I reckon the N15 SSS had at least some flair).

      • Crummydore

        True, they were never really a trend setter, thing is times have changed, and simply bringing out the most conservative car you can may not cut it in era where most of the comp are raising the bar with their designs.

        Time shall tell.

  • Kampfer

    The design looks more for retiree look for downside than P Plater’s next traffic light warrior (Mazda 3/new Corolla Hatch…). Which may not be a bad thing. A refine and comfortable car in this class is welcome IMO.

  • Daniel

    I can’t believe that this is their rival for what already exists. If I wanted a good small sedan in this class I’d buy a 3. If I wanted a boring sedan in this class with a big boot I’d buy a Civic. And if I didn’t care about it being Japanese I’d buy a Golf or a Focus. Or even an i30. The interior on this is miles and miles behind and the exterior is really boring. Why do Nissan make such polar opposites all the time; some of the best cars and some of the most boring?

  • Snoopy54000

    I personally wouldn’t mind one of these but as a Base Model though.It’s on the shopping list in a few years to replace the Micra I am currently driving as I’ll need a family sized four door that is safe to put sometimes rear occupants in.Now to save up the dollars from Work,Help from my Aunt and the Government for one of these.It’s not that bad.What can you get for similar money…..A 2005-06 Mercedes C180,A BMW 3 Series from about the same time or some Swedish Saab or Volvo all with Questionable Age and Mileage?No thanks Socially Embarassing and More Trouble than it’s worth.

  • homer1

    Not for me.After driving a rental 2011 Corolla My Mind is now made up.You can’t beat Toyota Reliability and Performance so I plan to replace my Micra with a just superseded Corolla with low mileage and good service history when more come onto the market in a few years.This way I avoid New Car Depreciation and have something I will love driving.As for the SSS buyers You must be mad I would suggest to all who don’t need four doors to go check out the Toyota/Subaru Joint Share Sports Car Twins.I saw a BRZ outside Work the other day Blue and It’s gorgeous.The Owner’s Kids were all grown up and driving on their own which may explain a thing or two.