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The first official image of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG has been released ahead of the updated German super sedan’s world premiere at next week’s Detroit auto show.

The high-performance AMG variant is the final piece of the upgraded 2013 E-Class puzzle, following the revelation of the refreshed sedan and wagon body styles in December and the coupe and convertible versions at the end of last week.

The styling of the updated Mercedes E63 AMG comes as little surprise, however, given the car was spied completely undisguised during a photo shoot in Spain last November.

Like the rest of the 2013 line-up, the E63 AMG trades the outgoing model’s ‘four-eyed’ headlamps for a more conventional and sophisticated twin-lamp layout. The Avantgarde grille with single crossbar and black-backed three-pointed star badge replaces the traditional multi-slat Elegance grille with bonnet-mounted ornament, while the bonnet and bumper designs are now more muscular and cohesive.

The upgraded E63 AMG will feature an enhanced version of the current model’s 5.5-litre twin-turbocharged V8. Mercedes is yet to reveal the precise details, but power is tipped to rise from 386kW to beyond 400kW to match the likes of the 408kW BMW M5 and 404kW Jaguar XFR-S.

The E63 AMG will debut in Detroit alongside standard versions of the four Mercedes-Benz E-Class body styles. The sedan and Estate variants will be the first to land in local showrooms in June, followed by the two-door and AMG models in September.

  • Monk

    Shoddy photoshop work there

    • JooberJCW

      Haha Yeah, the car looks so disproportional in that second pic.

  • Devil666

    The last few kW are just bragging rights – the real difference is the 120/175 extra NM over the competition (performance pack). I wonder if they can squeeze some more out for this model…

    • guest

       The E-Class was already available with the engine at more than 400kW. Just tick the right option box and hand over your extra dollars and the extra power was all yours to enjoy.

      It’s a shame the front styling is so ham-fisted and poorly done, especially on what appears to be the ‘sporty’ versions with the three-pointed star in the grill.

  • pixxxels

    I think yer running a bit flat on your front right there mate.

    …Or just exceptionally poor photoshop skills. I should not be able to see the tread on the normal sedan’s tyre either. 

    • Fargo

      ‘I can tell from the pixxxels’ 😉

  • Realist

    Always loved the cars and especially interior up until the last of the 6.2 versions. The current (almost last iteration) back end just looks so plain. Not even the Quad exhaust could pep it up. I hope the new version has a better tail, giving it a completed look rather than an afterthought. What’s more, I was very excited to here a 5.5 in the flesh after all the fanfare, but was very dissapointed when one showed up at the Adelaide Targa opening night. Was so muted and it hardly had a V8 rhythm to it. The older N/A Mustang 4.7 squashed it for V8 music!

    • Realist

      What’s with stealing my name? I’ve been posting here for several years under the name Realist and don’t agree with your statement having driven both the 6.2 and the 5.5 Bi-Turbo I’d have the Bi-Turbo any day as it is a much better vehicle. Also find your own alias and stop posting under mine because you aren’t a Realist until you’ve driven both the cars you are talking about rather than judging them on Exhaust note alone which is only part of the story!

  • Zaccy16

    looks better than the last gen with the twin headlamp design instead of the 4 design in my opnion

    • Zaccy

      Do your posts add any real value? 

      Do you comment just to get your post count up??

      • Zaccy16

        they add more value then you asking that question!

  • Al Tungupon

    The integrated big Benz badge on the grille has finally come to the E-Class, a good reminder that the E63 is a performance variant. The U.S. version will even come with 4WD, probably as a response to Audi’s bragging rights in 0-100 times.

  • Rita

    Geee Mercs are getting uglier and uglier aren’t they. What is wrong with the designers over there at Mercedes. They must be paying them peanuts because they all seem to be doing the jobs of Monkeys.