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The 2013 Mitsubishi Mirage will be available from launch for $12,990 driveaway and for a limited time will come with a $1000 gift card, strengthening the appeal of all-new Thai-built model in the price-sensitive city-car segment.

Mitsubishi Australia has confirmed pricing for the new five-door Mirage hatch will range from $12,990 to $19,490 driveaway under the special introductory offer. It makes the entry-level Mitsubishi Mirage ES manual one of the cheapest cars on the market, rivalling the Chery J1 ($9990 driveaway), Suzuki Alto ($11,990 driveaway) and Holden Barina Spark ($12,490), and undercutting the likes of the Nissan Micra ($13,490), Proton S16 FLX ($13,990 driveaway) and the Volkswagen Up! ($13,990).

Additionally, private buyers who order a Mirage during January and take delivery before the end of February will also receive a $1000 Westfield gift card.

The Mitsubishi Mirage nameplate returns to Australian showrooms 10 years after the old fifth-generation Lancer-based hatchback disappeared to be replaced by the largely unloved Colt in 2004.

The pint-sized five-seater is powered by a 57kW/100Nm 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engine and is available with either five-speed manual or continuously variable transmission (CVT), returning combined cycle fuel consumption between 4.6-4.9 litres per 100km.

Standard features include air conditioning, leather-wrapped steering wheel, AUX/USB stereo inputs and Bluetooth phone connectivity with audio streaming.

Read more: 2013 Mitsubishi Mirage pricing and specifications.


2013 Mitsubishi Mirage pricing:

  • Mirage ES manual – $12,990 ($12,990 driveaway)
  • Mirage ES CVT – $15,240 ($15,490 driveaway)
  • Mirage Sport manual – $14,190 ($14,490 driveaway)
  • Mirage Sport CVT – $16,440 ($16,990 driveaway)
  • Mirage LS manual – $15,490 ($16,990 driveaway)
  • Mirage LS CVT – $17,740 ($19,490 driveaway)

  • guest

    I like the back seat. It’s like they designed it on purpose to be really uncomfortable so you don’t have to take passengers because they know the engine doesn’t have enough grunt to carry extra people

    • Zaccy16

      yep only smart thing that mitsubishi designed with this horrible car!

  • Tex

    Can’t wait to check out the Mirage Sport. Must be pretty sporty with a 1.2L.

  • Amlohac

    I still think 57kW/100Nm is laughable. I mean it is only a 1.2L 3 cyc thing, but still…

    • Sydlocal

      I don’t know, a base model 2.8L VB Commodore only had 64kW and no one at the time said that was laughable!! Even the 4.2L V8 only had 87kw! TVFPIC 😉

      Torque however is a completely different story…

    • Natalia

      It’s about standard for the segment:Volkswagen Up – 55kW/95NmSuzuki Alto – 50kW/90NmNissan Micra – 56kW/100NmBarina Spark – 59kW/107Nm

  • MisterZed

    Stop posting that photo of the pink Mirage with black rims – it’s bordering on false and misleading respresentation. *No* Mirage comes with black rims, *no* Mirage comes with a body kit like that. Go to the Mitsubishi website and see for yourself – they have the full specs listed for the car.

    • Tex

      You need to download the brochure before posting. They’re photos of the MY13 Mirage, available in Mulberry (Pink/Purple) and black alloys in the accessories.

  • Cl1ff0

    westfield voucher can by you some extra foam for the rear seat…

    • LeStori

       Probably better to completely remove the back seat and save some weight.

  • $29896495

    Better off with one of these than a Proton.  Even better shape if you buy something a class up second hand.

    • Sdfgs

       You do realise that Proton and Mitsubishi share each others engineering expertise? And that several of Proton’s cars are based on Mitsubishi models or use significant components from Mitsubishi? In actual fact the Proton “Inspira” is literally just a rebadged Lancer and the previous gen Satria was heavily based on a older model Mirage?
      What are you gonna say if this new Mirage forms the basis for another Proton?

      • $29896495

        You are talking in the past, Proton moved away from Mitsubishi. Have their own engines own crappy interiors, and dodgy styling. So you are saying it’s better to get OLD Mitsu engineering than new, through a third party supplier?

        • The Salesman

          WRONG. Proton and Mitsubishi recently extended their engineering agreements. 

          • $29896495

            Really? Could have sworn Honda linked with Proton. The rest of my comment stands. they aren’t using Mitsubishi tech. They now have their own engines and bits and pieces. 

          • Asdfd

            Go look up the Proton Insipira. It is literally a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer –  THE CURRENT MODE LANCER.
            So the Proton Insipira has Mitsubishi’s crappy interior and dodgy styling  -along with it’s engine, gearbox, chassis and everything single other component except the badging.

          • $29896495

            You are reading OLD information. See the quote below and also CA for information on the new link with Honda.

            For more than two decades since its establishment, this stake was jointly owned by Mitsubishi Motors and parent Mitsubishi Corp. which each held a 7.93% stake in Proton until they sold it in March 2004. Mitsubishi disposed of its entire 15.86% stake in Proton, most of which were picked up by Khazanah Nasional, which previously owned 42.7% of Proton shares. The Mitsubishi-Proton partnership had come to an end due to a lack of technology transfer

          • Fdgfd

             Wow you are thick.

            You didn’t look up the Proton Insipira did you? You don’t have to own shares in other companys to use their designs.

            Proton are using a entire Mitsubishi car – the LANCER which Proton have rebadged as a Inpiria..
            Geeez. Swallow your pride and over yourself.

          • $29896495

            OMG can you read or not? The issue you brought up was are they in partnership? The piece I inserted says NO. The use of the Lancer is obviously a hang over from the old contract and there are several issues for you to understand. One for Mitsubishi, would be money, another would be that the supply of the car would not need to be or could not be cut off until the contract of supply ran out, whether they were tech partners or not. 

            From now on it’s Honda taking Mitsubishi’s place. Supply of cars pays Mitsubishi, why would they give that up? Supplying a car does not mean NOW, that they are linked in any other form than whole sale and vendor.

            Can that sink in!

  • Daniel

    Why isn’t drive away pricing standard in Australia? I don’t understand what the RRP for a car even means if there is thousands extra that you have to pay to even leave the dealership with the thing. In the UK all pricing is drive away, it makes loads more sense, why advertise a car for a certain price if you have to pay so much more for it?

    • $29896495

      Note the Lancer ad to the right. (assuming you are in Australia) ALL quoted pricing in this country for cars is supposed to be drive away, it was government legislated. This web site can’t seem to get their head around it though. That’s nation wide, consumer law. If you rock up to a car yard and they give you a base plus price they are breaking the law. Report them they will lose their license. 

      • O123

        Most car magazines and websites and even manufacturers websites give RRP only not drive away. Its stupid really.

        • $29896495

          Yes you’re right. Considering you won’t have a car yard giving you car only price it makes it pretty hard. Probably laziness on the part of certain web sites and car mags. 

          • Tex

            Um, when dealer delivery varies depending on where you are in Australia it is pretty hard to give you a fixed drive-away pricing.

            I don’t believe there is a law, as long as they show it is RRP and doesn’t include on roads.

            Even the ACCC’s website recommends you ‘also bear in mind
            that a vehicle’s price is only one part of what you have to pay – other costs
            include: on-road costs such as registration, compulsory third-party insurance and
            stamp duty’.

            You’d be surprised how much easier it is however to show the drive-away pricing these days.

            It is much better to tell a customer the vehicle is $25,990 drive-away and sell it for $25,700, instead of telling the customer is it $20,900 + on roads and expect to sell it for $25,700.

            You’re all being fooled.

          • $29896495

            The Opel web site comes to mind as a good example of how its’s handled nation wide.  The biggest variation is the 3 rd Party Insurance. When you place an average – and an explanation job’s done. The real problem is it’s a big job repricing everything. I think that’s the issue. 

        • Zaccy16

          Very stupid, but I think the reason they do it is because the prices change from state to state

          • $29896495

            Actually the car prices don’t, the only possible change is third party. What some do and probably should be followed by all is give an average good driver third party price, included. (Their disclaimer) For anyone younger or a hopeless driver they have to sort themselves out.

          • Asdfd

             No. State stamp duty and registration also vary across the country. Plus smaller dealers in rural areas will have higher delivery costs which they would want to pass on.

          • $29896495

            That’s the point of the law. Dealer delivery chargers are are dodgy at the very least. Look I don’t know what you are carrying on about. It’s not impossible to do. Go have a look at Opel’s site. 

            The point of the LAW is that they can’t pass on non-existent costs, like they used to. Delivery charges don’t mean unloading a car of the back of a truck. If you’ve ever bought a new car you would know that it referred to washing the wax off a new car. Generally $2000.00  

  • Eric V

    Daniel, blame the government for the current price advertising for cars. The dealers are only complying with government legislation.

    • $29896495

      You mean blame the publications for not coming into line with the government and the dealers, don’t you? 

  • Zaccy16

    Already mitsubishi knows that they have to give other incentives with gift vouchers for the stupid people to buy this heap of s##t!

  • Peanut

    The gift voucher will be worth more than the car once you drive it off the lot.

  • ujb

    2500 extra for the CVT? Vhy?

    • Tex

      Does it matter? Who would buy one anyway.

  • Sam

    I’d rather a 2nd hand i30 diesel auto for that money…..

  • Ace

    Does Lancer/Magna-esque blue exhaust smoke come standard?


    why are you guys bashing this car it’s obviously for p-plate teenage girls who can’t afford better. you think they give a shlt about power or backseat comfort?

    not everyone can be manly like us and buy HSVs and AMGs

    • Grant

      At the end of the day this is correct..