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General Motors has hosed down speculation the next-generation Holden Commodore Sportwagon and Ute could be headed to North America alongside the VF sedan.

Rumours of an expanded export deal between Holden and US sister brand Chevrolet, gained momentum earlier this month following the revelation that parent company GM recently renewed its trademark for the Chevrolet Nomad and El Camino nameplates – synonymous with wagon and utility models of last century.

But a GM spokesman has poured water on the speculation, telling US industry journal Automotive News that renewing trademarks was simply a routine business measure and not an indication of its intentions to relaunch the nameplates on Australian-made Commodore-based vehicles.

“We trademark these names as needed to protect them as a matter of practice,” he said.

US enthusiast blog GM Authority first discovered the trademark filings for the once famous but now disused rear-wheel-drive monikers, which were lodged with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in May (Nomad) and August (El Camino).

The nameplates were rumoured for the new VF-series versions of the Commodore Sportwagon and Ute, following confirmation in May that Holden would export the VF Commodore sedan to North America from late 2013 where it will be rebadged as the Chevrolet SS.

Holden spokesman Sean Poppitt told CarAdvice no decision had been made on the VF Ute or its export potential and insisted reports on the matter were purely speculative, although he admitted Holden was “constantly studying” opportunities to sell more of its Australian-made cars.

“We will always examine any opportunity for profitable export programs,” Poppitt said.

“We are right now entirely focused on next year’s launch of the fantastic new VF Commodore and very excited to see it entering the United States as the Chevrolet SS performance sedan.”

The news comes around three weeks after GM unveiled the Chevrolet SS NASCAR racer, which provided us with our first look at the updated styling of the new Commodore. The VF will be officially revealed in February before going on sale in Australia in April.

The Chevrolet Nomad was a station wagon produced in North America between 1955 and 1972, and was applied to a trim package for the full-size Chevrolet Van during the late 70s and early 80s, while the El Camino ute spanned four decades (1959-1987) and five generations before it was discontinued in favour of larger, traditional pick-up trucks.

Holden attempted to export the VE Commodore Ute to North America as the rebadged Pontiac G8 ST (pictured top) at the end of the last decade but those plans fell through as the iconic American brand was discontinued as part of GM’s restructuring during the global financial crisis.

  • Peanut

    Don’t hose it down, hose it up. Lets export.

  • jekyl & hyde

    yep,let the punter’s decide.

  • Troll No. 56

    It never was more than a rumor, based on twaddle perpetuated by Josh Dowling at the Herald Sun. 

  • Quincy Peters

    Also there has been a strong push by the teamsters union Promoting Buy U.S. buy American made , keep jobs in the U.S.A. ,, this is very very evident on all media in the U.S. …radio, press, t.v,  , having spent 4 months there with relatives , you see and feel what the U.S. govt is trying too do its not happening fast enough ,
     what I gather if it were to get up, pick ups wagons  there would be a ceiling limit of numbers , and currently with the exchange rate its not even cost neutral (as Toyota well knows to Saudi etc)

     the exchange rate for our time we were  there we lived very well , car dealerships are overcrowed with stock …..plus they had additonal holding yards you can not turn the tap off one guy said and I have too have the right combinations, its not about the profit per car its about the number I will sell over the year, advertising factory cost prices plus 2% last three months and going into winter no one buys,
     I spoke to a few  car dealers ( personal interest) all had grave concerns about car  imports , he says hey Brazil, Mexico, Italy – Fiat , and the Chinese maybe coming via Mexico the dealers I had the opportunity to speak to are extremely concerned about the AUTO industry 

     The scary point  I could go to most U.S. towns and find quality homes for sale 4+2 U$D120 / 200,000   

    If Holdens can pull it off good luck to them , hey I wish the Govt in this country would be as supportive and proactive with business”s as In the U.S.

    Just a final note if I were to buy a U.S. car there currently I would pay less than an American what ever the deal …..just because of the exchange AUD rate

    all balony  who knows

    • horsie

      dude, learn to use punctuation. 

      • Quincy Peters

        Well I am sorry about that horsie ,, I will try harder in future as I can only type with the left hand two and a bit fingers missing from right hand ,,, dude  

        • Sumpguard

            Get windows 8. You don’t need to type 😉

          • Latin Fish Names

            Get an iPad, you don’t need to think.

  • Zaccy16

    if i was ford i would try exported the falcon to the us because it is a better car than the horrible crummerdore by miles and could maybe sell well to the yanks!

    • Quincy Peters

       you are on the money , I recall Ford Aust shipping several XD/XE Falcons To the U.S.
       I always thought the opportunity was there but ,” but who did not see opportunity ??”
       also be careful horsie is checking grammar

    • Aussie and Proud

      driven a Commodore lately have you????? No I didn’t think so, I understand you are prefer Fords and that is what makes this country so great. At least you are talking up Aussie made………. that is a good thing. PS yes I prefer Holdens and in particular the Commodre but I do like the current Falcon

    • Liam

      Good ol’ Zaccy dissing cars he’s never driven just to maintain his numero uno spot

      • Zaccy16

        My uncle Owns a commodore omega company car and I have driven that a few times and the engine was torque less and unrefined

        • Dave S

          You cant judge a model range by it’s cheapest model. We dont judge the Hilux or the C class range by it’s cheapest model range.

          The SSV Redline is nothing like the Omega

  • Shak

    I think GM and Chevrolet are going to wait to see just how high the demand is for the SS Sedan and then try and add to that with the wagon and the ute if the demand is there. 

  • Nasal Explorer

    Won’t happen. They’ll be out of business within a couple of years, or at least be only importing Daewoo’s instead of building anything here.

    • JoeR_AUS

      You must of missed that in February 2011 Holden started manufacturing the Cruze in SA. The SS is US bound, so don’t right of Holden yet!

  • Guest

    I’m not going to say Commodore would be a mega hit, but at least I reckon GM should give Commodore a fair try at the international stage…

    • Sydlocal

       I agree. Give it a crack and let the world decide.

  • Chest Rockjaw

    I know, let’s not give consumers what they want… How about dross like the Spark then?

    Is it me or are GM execs total imbeciles?

    • Tony

      I’m sorry if I’m missing your point, but are you saying the Commodore is not what consumers want? Because if you are, your incorrect, it still features in the top 10 best selling cars every month and is fourth for yearly sales. 

      • JoeR_AUS

        Good fact Tony. Also the Cruze was no 5.

        The consumers are under cost pressures, for various reasons, so the top 2 are now 20k cars, which means any 30k+ car is no longer going to be no 1.

  • Dave S

    I imagine the Chevrolet SS will be like the Cruze was. First 1 body style, and now we have 3 body styles. It’s not hard to imagine the SS being popular and Chevrolet later introducing more body styles. If they do bring them in why no use some classic names like Nomad and El Camino.
    Fingers crossed. Hope the SS has a great time in the US.