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The Nissan GT-R Bolt Gold is headed down under after an Australian enthusiast paid $US187,100 ($177,200) for the one-of-a-kind supercar developed in collaboration with the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.

The successful bidder, who has chosen to remain anonymous for now, placed the final bid for the gold-themed Nissan GT-R in an auction that spanned 10 days and attracted interest from across the globe.

Auctioned alongside nine other Bolt-signed items including racing helmets and driving suits, the fundraiser generated $US193,191 ($182,900) for the six-time Olympic champion sprinter’s charity, the Usain Bolt Foundation, which works to create educational and cultural opportunities for children and young people in Jamaica.

Bolt, who was appointed Nissan’s honorary ‘director of excitement’ in October, said the funds raised would have an enormous impact on the children assisted by his charity.

“This donation will help many kids get access to better facilities, play areas and educational materials in Jamaica,” he said. “I am delighted to be working with Nissan to do this.”

The new owner of the GT-R Bolt Gold, which cost only a few thousand dollars more than the $170,800 list price for a standard 2012 Nissan GT-R, was delighted with his win.

“The Nissan GT-R just gets better and better and more refined each year, and the fact that this gold GT-R also celebrates the incredible achievements of the great Usain Bolt makes it something very special indeed.”

Along with the bespoke gold paintwork, the GT-R Bolt Gold is embossed with the sprinter’s signature and features unique interior fittings finished in real gold.

Nissan Australia will confirm more details about the car and its owner when it is delivered in 2013.

  • AndyGF

    If it was not the color of an nineties wrestlers jockstrap I reckon they could have got more…

  • Wertjeadflg

    OK he’s good at sprinting. But what’s the relationship with cars? How much does he know about cars? It’s just a purely marketing stunt.

    • Liam


    • Yetiman

      Thank you Genius.

    • Jim

      It reminds me of the Greg Norman Holden Statesmans of the late 90s

      • Jober As A Sudge

        The one with an automatic choke?

        • Sam

           Thats gold.  Good one!

    • 451

      yeah and what do p0rn-star-hot-girls standing next to cars at motorshows know about cars??? plus one to skoda Yetiman

  • Sumpguard

    LoL. Funniest comment in ages here Wet red flag.

      The relationship is that they are both fast?  Just guessing though 😉


    • $29896495

      You got to laugh.

  • F1orce

    Gulf Arabs will buy these in the bucket loaded..

  • The Real Wile E

    Bit of a risk that its value could tank if Usain was caught for something nasty.

    • Golfschwein

      Might go up! 

  • Dave W

    It’s a bargain considering it’s only a few grand more expensive than the regular one. It’s a collector’s item now.

    • The Real Wile E

      Yeah exactly you would not want to drive it and you want Usain to keep his nose clean (no pun intended)

      • Gus

        haha, yeah imagine if jaguar did a lance armstrong version of one of their gt tourers, pre-drug scandal. it would be worth zip now

  • F1orce

    The GTR always looking weird on photos.

    But in person it looks mean and strong.