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  • Monk

    Too awesome.  Anyone got a good get rich quick scheme we can talk about?

    • Pro

      Monk, for this, I’m almost prepared to let strangers ‘do things’ to me…

      • Monk

        I’m happy to pimp you for a fee…

    • Golfmother

      Monk we agree the best looking damn car in the world.

      • Monk

        See?  All you need to do is abandon blind adherence to one badge and you can talk some sense. 

        • Golfmother

          Its a jag , not a ford has to be good .

  • Devil666

    This needs to be Boxster money, not 911 money.

  • Norm

    Looks great – evocative and I totally want one. But I have an admission to make.

    I was a bit underwhelmed by it at the motor show. In the flesh some of it’s more generic lines seemed to dominate. That may well be different on the street rather than an indoor stand but I was surprised cause I’m a fan. It may be a colour thing – the one at the show was pale metallic blue and the hotter less subdued colours like red and orange etc might work better for the shape?

    Still want one.

  • Homer

    Send me $50 and I’ll explain one to you.