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  • Dave

    nice, but the new Nissan Pathfinder is a much better option when it arrives here next year.

    • Guest

      Why when you only need a smaller 7 seater wagon who most likely drive in the city rat race.

      If you don’t do that, then perhaps you are right.

    • Michael

      Is a much better option? I think that would ultimately depend on what the buyer’s looking for. If it’s   high fuel economy, then the Prius V would be the better option. If it’s some off-road ability, then the Pathfinder would be the better option. The two aren’t perfect substitutes.

  • Kampfer

    Extra features are nice but do they worth $10k more? That’s almost 30% costlier than the standard model.

    • Guest

      That’s like saying a Golf GTi is 33% more than the base Golf for a little extra nicer features. Not your fault that your perception of it is an “extra features” but I guess Toyota hasn’t done a good job in telling you the actual features and what it does in plain English to justify the extra $10k.

      • Kampfer

        Listed about: 
        dynamic radar cruise control, 
        satellite navigation, 
        auto-levelling LED headlights with washers, 
        electro-chromatic rear-view mirror, 
        heated front seats, 
        and panoramic roof. 
        To me those don’t worth $10k. $50k is a lot of money for a 5+2 wagon.

        • Minaj

          The article also says the i-Tech model adds:
          head-up display that shows navigation prompts
          an eight-speaker JBL sound system with digital radio
          premium seat coverings
          park assist
          and a pre-crash safety system.
          And in regards to $50K being a lot – I guess that’s why Toyota offers the normal Prius V too.

          • Guest

            In one big breath….  it tells you where to go with Sat Nav with SUNA traffic info, Head up display with Navigation directions so it shows up on the windscreen the arrows to turn as well as how many metres to go as you are approaching the turn, Digital Radio for more channels (great if you don’t like listening to cricket), Self Parking system, Auto braking and pre tensions the seatbelt by pulling the occupant back against the seat if the car detects an object in front being unavoidable, leather seats (great if you have kids or grubby friends, rain sensing wipers, auto dimming rear vision mirror so you don’t get blinded from people behind, first and second row sunroof, LED headlights that lights up the road more accurately and quicker than HID…..

          • Blair Waldorf

             If you look at that level of tech, add that this car has lithium batteries and a pretty big interior, its actually decent value for money, no car under $75 apart from the regular Prius hatch i-Tech offers those levels of tech.

          • Kampfer

            IMO it’s overpriced (how many of yous will buy one?). I guess people will vote with their wallets. We’ll see the sales number after a few months.

  • Golfmother

    That steering wheel is scary , its staring at me .

    • Mia

      It’s okay, they’re only b*ttons.

  • Guest2

    As a current prius owner ( current generation model) I was looking forward to this V model. The 2 things that I do not like about Prius / Toyota is the 6 months or 10,000 kms service ( which means I have to go 3 times a year to the dealership). I hope that they change this to 12 months / 15,000 or preferably 20,000.
    Secondly the Prius V does not have any towing capacity ( which I need for the bikes or the rare trip with the small trailer).  I hope the next update fixes this before I change.

    • Karl Sass

      The Hybrid camry has a (very) small towing ability.

    • Latin Fish Names

      I agree, V stands for versatile, maybe Toyota should use a small v, because it does not quite live up to its name without the ability to have a towbar.  Quite frankly, the extra kit together with the same 16″ wheels, the towbar limitation and 6 monthly service intervals are a mighty turn off for the standard car, let alone the i-Tech variant.  These things will be clogging up dealer lots for months until the factory bonuses kick it to help clear stock.  

    • Guest

      Don’t know what you’re on about but there are towbars available if you look hard enough in the aftermarket world. Perhaps visit some prius forums from the US. Some of them do ship down this way.

      As for servicing, if going to a dealership more frequently for the sake of not breaking down, is that time worth it since you can plan your service visits but can’t plan around a breakdown.

      • Guest2

         Yes I am aware that a regular service is needed for all cars but a lot of ( mainly European brands) are having car’s serviced every 20,000 or 12 monthly. If Toyota can have the Aust built Camry’s serviced every 15,000 kms then they can do it for other models as well (including prius brands).
        As for the towbars, its best to get a factory built towbar otherwise it effects your warranty. The cost of getting aftermarket towbars ( esp from US) is going to be lot’s and not worth my time and effort.
        I am not considering the Hybrid Camry as its always good to have an option of 7 seats in the prius V.

        • Guest

          Mine cost $300 landed. A friend is buying a CT200h hitch for the same amount. We only plan to put bike holders on it so towing will never be an issue but if you want the factory backing, then you’ll be waiting a very long time. Perhaps stick them on the roof or hang them off the back door.

    • Harley

      pretty sure Prius V is able to carry bikes in back. And you can choice a roof box for trip.

  • guest SA

    to me, wanting to fit a tow bar to hybrid defeats the purpose of buying one in the first place, if you want to tow you need a v6,or a v8 not a hybrid

    • Lin

      Not necessary if you just occasionally want the freedom to move a chest of drawers in a small trailer.

  • Greenfoot

    When is CA going to do a proper review of the Prius V rather than regurgitating the press releases?

  • Mick

    I drive a base model  Prius V and find it an exeptional car . I can take the family and dogs in comfort for trips and save a bucket in fuel costs ! Quiet , economical, comfortable ,great sound system, smooth ride .I have driven and owned the whole Toyota range ( ex Lexus) and find this one suits me the best !

  • Anon

    They’re going for as low as $42,999 driveaway in VIC now. Cannot be beat for a 7 seater. Bargain for all that safety tech and fuel savings (albeit 95 RON)