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The new Toyota RAV4 has been officially unveiled at the 2012 LA motor show.

Click to read details of the new-generation Toyota RAV4 SUV.

  • Golfschwein

    I did say elsewhere I liked this. And I do. Front-on, though, its face looks like that of an old toothless cat.

    • Port

      I think that’ll look a little more resolves once you’ve got a number plate on there.

      • Port


  • Al

    that front end looks like a mahindra… I’ll judge once i see it on the road

  • Andy Whitby

    Korea called, they want thier stying back.

    But it all honesty its good looking but Toyota’s design language is all over the shop.

    • Blueberry

      Not really, Camry, Corolla, Yaris and Rav4 all have similar styling. Only the Aurion is real different. The new avalon in US is a beautiful car. Not sure why Australia doesnt build that instead of the Aurion. Its much more appealing and better aligned with the above mentioned cars design-wise.

      • ZAP

        Well we did have the avalon but Toyota moved onto building the aurion which is australian made as well was the avalon.

        • Blueberry

          True but the old Avalon which Australia built was based on a very old platform hence why it never was popular in Australia. The previous gen Aurion, of which I own has been great… no drivers car but I liked it… the new Aurion is too much like the old one (the way it drives and features) and has turned into a very boring car looks wise as well. So its probably going to flop like the old Avalon. Make the new Avalon here I say and Toyota will be on to a winning formula. 

  • Rex

    The 2013 Nissan Pathfinder  is the one for me

    • Ems

      Ok, good for you.

    • Stav

      Pathfinder doesn’t compete with this, X-Trail does.

  • CS

    Steering wheel is on the wrong side – I wonder if someone should mention it to Toyota…

    • Lewis

      I think the model depicted in the photos is an overseas model.

      • Nasal Explorer

        I knew there would be a logical, but obscure, reason for it. I think Lewis might be right.

  • Julia

    Lewis, you’re a genius, but I think the comment by CS is tongue in cheek….commonly called sarcasm or humour…

    • Lewis

      Thanks, I wish I could say the same about you, but I can’t. You tried to comment as someone else and failed, and you missed the part where my comment was taking the p*ss out of yours.

  • Asdfae

    1:1.2 scale of the next Kluger.