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2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
by Matt Brogan

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer VRX Sedan Review & Road Test

VRX – the sedan with a little more punch

Model Tested:

  • 2009 Mitsubishi CJ Lancer VRX 2.4-litre, Continuously Variable Transmission  sedan – $32,790 (RRP)


  • Metallic paint $450 (Fitted); premium sound $750; sunroof & premium sound $2350; satellite navigation, sunroof & premium sound $4750 (Fitted)

Strong performance; confident handling; well optioned

Road noise; average fuel consumption; initial CVT lag

CarAdvice Rating:

The CarAdvice team have had the good fortune to experience every Lancer in the range to date, from the impressive base model ES all the way through to the atom splitting Evolution MR, the current CJ Lancer series is a damned good one, and the new VRX sedan is no exception.

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review

Sitting above the ES and VR models, but under the Aspire, Ralliart and Evolution the VRX is a sporty looking, well optioned alternative to a regular Lancer offering all the extras and looks you could possibly ask for without the turbo-charged performance you’ll find higher up the price range.

That’s not to say the VRX isn’t a capable performer though, far from it. With a MIVEC 2.4-litre engine featuring double overhead cams and four-valves per cylinder this Lancer produces a tidy 125kW at 6000rpm meaning the VRX is no slouch in the performance stakes.

Torque too is quite strong and linear through the entire rev range making 226Nm at 4100rpm, all well harnessed by the six-ratio CVT  gearbox, which manages to keep abreast of the available torque under heavy acceleration to ensure you’re always in the sweet spot.

The same can’t be said when it comes to getting that initial jump from the lights sorted though with a substantial lag noticeable until approximately 30km/h.

Fortunately the car is quick to redeem itself here after with the remainder of the sprint to 100km/h being very impressive. All up the 0-100km/h jaunt is taken care of in just shy of eight seconds (7.9 seconds).

At the pump the bigger engine is considerably thirstier than its 2.0-litre cousin (as fitted to ES, VR and MY08 VRX models) and substantially more greedy than the ADR combined figure of 8.5-litres per 100km. In fact the best I could manage was 10.8-litres on average, and the majority of the time I was behaving.

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review

Handling comes courtesy of a strut front/multi-link rear set up and given the intended purpose of the VRX it is above expectations. The car points well and follows your intended line with a minimum of fuss. You can have quite a bit of fun in it too though the front-wheel-drive characteristics will become evident should you become a little too enthusiastic.

At this point the standard ESP (Mitsubishi refers to it as ASC or Anti-Slip Control) will bring you back in to line rather quickly and thanks to ABS with EBA and EBD confidence in grip and braking is well earned.

The ride on offer is above average for a sedan of this size. It’s settled and comfortable yet remains reasonably sporty without being harsh or stiff, a very nice compromise you might say.

To further enjoy the ride on offer the VRX comes factory fitted with a generous list of standard kit including trip computer, sports seats, MP3 compatible six-CD tuner with iPod connectivity, power windows and mirrors, dusk sensing headlamps, automatic wipers, cruise control, semi-automatic climate control, Bluetooth wireless phone interactivity and upgraded cloth/velour trim – and that’s just inside.

Outside handsome 18-inch alloy wheels; front, side and rear skirts; boot lid spoiler; front fog lamps and rear mud flaps round out the deal.

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review

If that’s not enough you can also specify an upgraded premium sound system, satellite navigation and tilt/slide sunroof, just to further personalise it to your taste.

I have to say, I’m quite a fan of the Rockford Fosgate premium audio system available across the Lancer range that for $750 is a dead set steal. It’s punchy and clear of tone with no distortion all the way to maximum volume. Even if you’re not into playing it loud, any one who enjoys depth and clarity in their music would be mad not to tick this box.

A 400-litre boot is above average in this class of vehicle and with a nice big aperture and 60:40 split fold rear seats, large objects aren’t at all an issue for what’s considered a small sedan.

What does annoy me about the Lancer range is road noise, and although there has been a substantial improvement in MY09 models, it is still above what I’d call acceptable on all but the smoothest of roads. It may be worth talking tyres or sound proofing at sale time if this is of concern to you.

Safety, in addition to the aforementioned ESP and ABS, is strong in the VRX with standard kit including seven airbags (front, side, curtain and driver’s knee), RISE (reinforced impact safety evolution) body confirm and a five star ANCAP rating confirm. Pretty impressive in a sub $35K price car.

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Review

When you weigh up the pros and cons the VRX still comes out ahead of the pack and despite a couple of downsides from the fuel economy and road noise side of things, these issues can be overcome through careful driving and selective optioning. The generous five year/unlimited kilometre warranty is also pretty hard to pass up.

For me at least, the VRX is still a better option than the dated Mazda SP23, and as no other contenders in this segment offer a larger naturally aspirated engine in this body size, it makes the choice a rather simple one.

CarAdvice Overall Rating:
How does it Drive:
How does it Look:
How does it Go:


  • Mitsubishi Lancer VRX Sedan – $30,290 (M) / $32,790 (A)
  • Mitsubishi Lancer VRX Hatch – $30,290 (M) / $32,790 (A)


  • Engine: 2,360cc DOHC in-line four-cylinder (16 valve)
  • Power: 125kW @ 6000rpm
  • Torque: 226Nm @ 4100rpm
  • Induction: Multi Point
  • Transmission: CVT
  • Driven Wheels: Front
  • Brakes: Disc with ABS, EBA & EBD
  • Top Speed: Not Tested
  • 0-100km/h: 7.9 seconds
  • 0-400m: Not Tested
  • CO2 Emissions: 202g/km
  • Fuel Consumption: 8.5 litres/100km (Combined ADR)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 59 litres
  • Fuel Type: 91RONpetrol
  • ANCAP Rating: Five star
  • Airbags: Front, side, curtain & driver’s knee
  • Safety: ESP with traction control
  • Spare Wheel: Space saver
  • Tow Capacity: 1000kg (Braked)
  • Turning Circle: 10.0 metres
  • Warranty:Five Year/Unlimited Kilometre
  • Weight: 1385kg (Tare)
  • Wheels: Alloy 18 x 7.0-inch

Road Test the Rivals:

  • Richo

    I have a 2007 VRX (bought it only months after it was released) and absolutely love it. After 13 months of ownership I can report nothing but reliability, normally with a new car you get some minor little thing fixed under warranty at the first service, or at least I have with every new car I have bought, but not the little Lancer!

    It gets better with age too, the engine has free’d up quite a lot and I think the engine is actually a bit quieter now it has loosened up as well. I have the manual so none of the CVT lag, also the CVT models have quite a lot more drivetrain noise then the manual does, mine is actually very quiet and I personally think tyre noise is only bad on coarse chip roads, but even then its nothing to slash your wrists over.

    The only thing that does annoy me a little bit is that there is a desperate lack of grunt below 2000rpm so if you get caught in the wrong gear on a hill your going no where. From what I hear the 2.4ltr engine fixes this up nicely so a good car becomes even better! Hope it hasn’t lost the mivec zing the 2.0ltr has above 3500rpm though!

    From a female perspective, I doubt my wife will let me sell it once the 4 year lease is up because she completely loves it

  • Tom

    Pretty appalling fuel consumption, you could get a significantly quicker falcon and return similar numbers.

    • Phil

      That is completely wrong. I average about 9.5L/100km in my VRX, still above the official rating but still well below any falcon or commodore. Sensible driving reduces fuel consumption in any car, you can’t compare sensible driving in a falcon to “media” driving in the VRX

  • Mark B

    I was also surprised by the observed fuel consumption… 10.8 L/100km? My 97 Magna with V6 and 5-speed manual regularly beats 10.0, in mostly-urban conditions, with equivalent performance potential and an additional 200-300 kilos on board (fully loaded with family, prams, groceries etc).

    I wonder if the “laggy” CVT is actually faulty on this particular vehicle? You’d think it shouldn’t feel so laggy nor should it return such torrid consumption – something somewhere might need a few bolts tightened.

  • Richo

    i test drove a CVT and they are very laggy down low, even my wife commented and she is usually the last to complain about a car being slow.

    The manual i have is pretty good on fuel, to give you an idea the sort of driving i do yields about 14 L/100km in my 3.5ltr V6 magna (04 model) but the lancer does about 9.5-10.5 L/100km. Thats lots of city traffic and i usually rev it out.

    On the highway it gets below 7 L/100km if stick on the cruise control at 100km/h

    obviously can’t speak for the 2.4ltr model or the CVT as i dont have either

  • Sam

    For 33k there are lots of other cars to choose from. Many would provide more car, more power and better economy! Im not sure how anyone would arrive at this little car as their choice unless they really MUST to get a Mitsubishi. I dont think it is severely overpriced, but a sub 30k price would seem more reasonable.

  • HercMax

    CVT boxes all have a laggy feel like the car is on an elastic band. It’s a weird sensation and I don’t see any real benefit of them, other than a slight improvemet in fuel economy.

  • Richo

    Sam – seems similarly priced to the Mazda SP23 which the article makes reference too and the writer explains they feel the VRX is a better purchase then the SP23. What other cars would you suggest have more power and better economy and are larger for the price? Also I don’t know of ANY other car for this price that has this many features as standard…..

  • Kym

    Like Richo, have an 07 VRX manual Lancer and love it! Put the order down before I saw the car in the blue colour that I chose. I am happy to say that: 1-Engine seems a bit looser and revs smoother, 2-reliability is great, no mechanical faults, 3-the auto stuff makes you take those things for granted when you borrow another car. It’s funny when my mum borrows my car and would like those auto features on her car 😀 I would like to know what car for 30K gets you the above list of the lancer. Rockford Sound system is awesome too and definitely worth the extra coin. Yes, if you get caught in the wrong gear going up hill you will struggle but this aint a fully decked out sports car, change down one gear and done! I get about 8.0L/100km with my driving to and from work.


    [Your comment is awaiting moderatio….I think NOT!]


    WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY over the odds price wise.

    And like all Mitsu. product, underdone and inferior to what else is being sold by the others.

    Nothing really new or advanced about it, $32,790…lol

    You guys [C/A] need to be a bit more like Julian of AutoWeb/Speed and dont be to concerned to call a car A-PIECE-OF-SHIT if it is.



    • Sven

      Onya Frugal!!!

      Well said

  • Richo

    back to the hospital dingo…


    Mazda 6 for the win


    Got to agree with Richo and Kym, this car is great, have a sept. 08 model about 8500kms on the clock, and we are now getting between 7-8ltrs per 100km. Was really worried about it initially because we were getting around 9-10.
    Only niggle we have had was aleak in the boot from underneath where a weld was not finished off properly that let water splash up from the wheels into the boot. eaily fixed.

    Rockford fosgate system fantastic, road noise a little annoying on really rough roads.

    Am I the only one who has a problem with the thick A-Pillar? reminded me of driving the VE commodore.

  • Alex

    I’ve got the same problem with this car that I have with the Lancer Aspire, it’s price. Thats Alfa Romeo 147 money! And considering that they’re trying to sell 147s off, you’d probably even get similar spec. I know reliability wouldn’t even begin to compare but a true car enthusiast wouldn’t care about that anyway. You could probably get into an Accord Euro for that as well and that would be a bigger car with better economy and even better reliability and quality, plus you wouldn’t get that vile spoiler.
    I also think that this car will date quickly, especially once Mitsubishi start putting out even more evil looking cars, which they will. This car will also lose it’s value much quicker than an Accord Euro.


    Alex, how can you even compare? the standard fruit in this car towers above the alfa – more airbags, hands free bluetooth, bigger interior, bigger boot, bigger in all dimensions,etc,etc,etc.
    Yes, the looks are subjective(personally I love it!) but the alfa is no oil painting either! the only model that is a true stunner is the 8C.

  • Alex

    And the Brera, the Spider, the 159…

    I know they are not all that comparable ZANDIT, but a true car enthusiast would take the Alfa Romeo over the Mitsubishi anytime and if you disagree, well what can I say? They are technically in the same size class though, the Alfa Romeo is smaller because 1, it’s a hatchback 2, The bonnet on the Lancer is bigger than most and 3, The Alfa Romeo hasn’t been updated in a long time and almost every time a new generation model comes out, it has grown. And it does beat the Lancer as far as driving goes.
    Besides, I’d happily trade all those features any day for a car that you don’t see 100 of every time you go for a drive, a car with some real character.
    Also, I didn’t say it looks bad, I think it looks quite good actually. I said it would date quickly.

  • Richo

    Alex – firstly the lancer evo X, or even the lancer ralliart, kills any current model alfa for driver envolvement, thats point 1.

    Point 2, the 147 is a very out dated design now, was never rated all that well in driver appeal even when new by the motoring journilists, is slower then even a base lancer, has terrible build quality, is massively overpriced for what you get and doesn’t even come close to the current lancer for passive or active safety. Certainly isn’t a 5 star safety car thats for sure. Plus I’m actually quite sure the VRX would be a better drive then anything other then a 147 GTA anyway, and as i said if the ralliart and evo beat that as well, and are cheaper!

    So stop being romantic about “oh but its an alfa” and face the facts that alfa has not built a good car in a very long time, pretty cars sure, but not good, and lets face it the 147 was never designed to be anything other then a hairdressers car anyway…

    …but hey if you like that kinda thing Alex

  • Richo

    Alex also, mate, base model 2 door manual 147 costs $37,990, add an extra 2 grand for the stupid selespeed quasi-auto and your talking a good 6 grand more then the lancer tested here, 8 if you get the 4 door which is a more valid comparison. Your argument is failing..

    but maybe your willing to spend that for your supposed fact that the 147 would be a better drivers car, but i would suggest to you that you would be hard pressed to find a single motoring journilist who would agree with you there…. especially considering that for the price a more accurate comparison price wise for the 147 would be the lancer ralliart, and there is no argument there that the humble lancer would pants the alfa

  • Sam

    Kym, Aurion was the first car that came to mind.
    Much bigger, more powerful, better economy and 31k driveaway.
    Maybe not as many doodads.
    Mazda 3 would be a better car in the long run than a Mitsubishi I would think too.

  • Sam

    whooops, that was for Richo, not Kym sorry 😉

  • Richo

    I’m not sure how 9.9 L/100km is better then 8.5 L/100km, I know the tester got higher readings then 8.5 here but who’s to say the same tester wouldn’t have got a lot more then 9.9 if they where in the Aurion? Not a valid comparison obviously.

    Also you would be getting a base model Aurion, not really the sports model which the VRX is supposed to be and I’d suggest the VRX would be a better drive down a twisty road. But essentially your trying to compare a large V6 family car against a small 4 cyl sedan, I take your point with regard to price however if your talking about based models (which you are with the Aurion) then you can always buy the similarly equipped lancer ES for about 20k drive away….

    You need to compare apples with apples Sam, you can’t compare the base model of one car to a top of the range of another, its gotta be base to base or sports model to sports model etc

  • Alex

    Richo, you are quite wrong. The 147 was designed and succeeded in being much more than a hairdressers car. And we are not talking about the Ralliart or the Evo here, we are talking about the normal version so that is irrelevant. As far as pricing goes, that may be it’s official price but for months now I have been seeing incredibly cheap drive away deals on the 147, some cheaper than the $32,790 asked for this car without on road costs. The cheapest I have seen is $29,990 drive away for a new one, not ex demo but new.
    Why can’t I get all “oh but its an alfa” about it? The fact that you don’t shows how much of an enthusiast you are. And you are wrong about Alfa Romeo not building a good car in a long time. The 159 is a very capable car and most will say the the 3.2 V6 versions of the Brera and Spider just put them over the line to compete with BMWs and Audis. The 2.4 JTDm also shines in the cars that it’s put in. Alfa Romeos still handle very well too.

  • Richo

    Oh dear.. now just because i don’t get all gooey over an Alfa badge i can’t therefore be a car enthusiast… get a grip mate!

    Why are we even comparing a bloody 147 to a lancer anyway? They aren’t even close to being in the same market segment, they don’t share the same buyer demographics and they are designed to appeal to completely different buyers.

    Let me guess you own a 147? Best mate/dad/uncle owns one? What is it that makes you so passionate over a 147? Now an old GTV i can understand, but a 147? Even alfa die hards tend to not bother acknowledging the 147’s existance because it WAS designed to appeal to a more female audience then other alfa’s… i mean its hardly the manliest looking car in the fair dinkum department now is it!

    And it just isn’t a good drive like your trying to make out! Not a bad drive, but hardly the stuff of sports cars… Motor magazine for instances says “easily out-handled by a mazda 3″

    • James Cortez

      Richo, stop talking about Alfa Romeos. In the 70’s and early 80’s my dad and I owned Alfa Gulia super (bore x stroke 74 x 75 mm), Gulietta 1.6 (78 x 82 mm), Alfetta 1.8 (80×88.5 mm), a05 series GTV (84 x 88.5 mm) and their reliability was very very poor. One day the steering refused to turn. Double barrel carbies needed tuning quite frequently/ The Veglia Borletti Rev counter “danced” at idle. The cross joint on the Alfetta (engine up front, geaqrbox in the rear) broke / snapped.

      Even recent Alfas such as the 156 have electrical problems. Alfa is DEFINITELY the least reliable brand I have owned. Now – working and living in the Middle East – I own a 5.6 L V8 Nissan Titan. Never misses a beat in te last 3 years!!. Forget Alfas

  • Richo

    oh and the 159, brera and spider compete with BMW and Audi does it? Well thats nice i guess considering they cost as much as a BMW and Audi its rather handy that they do! Although unfortunately competeing with and being better then are two different things! In saying that i would probably buy a 159 over a 3 series or A4 because, well i just would i guess, but we aren’t talking about the 159……

  • Alex

    Well actually, we kind of are talking about the 159 because you said that Alfa Romeo hasn’t made a good car in years and that is simply not true. And you guess wrong, neither I nor anybody I know owns a 147. I have a cousin that used to own a GTA but considering we don’t really see each other I wouldn’t stick up for his car. Is that enough for you?
    And yes, the fact that it sounds like you would go for the Lancer over the 147 does kind of say something about what sort of enthusiast you are.
    So the 147 was not made specifically for men so it just gets written out of Alfa Romeo history? That’s stupid. The fact is that it is a good drive. If you get a good engine and stay away from Selespeed, you have a comfortable car that handles very well indeed.

  • Richo

    Look mate agree to disagree, but the fact of the matter is when I bought the lancer the 147 never even came into the equation because it was too small and I would suggest that it wasn’t on the shopping list of most lancer, focus, mazda 3, corolla buyers etc because it’s a completely different kind of car with a completely different intended purpose (mainly posing) then those others so I don’t know what your going on about me not being a proper enthusiast for buying a lancer over one… Its like saying that someone who bought an audi A4 is not an enthusiast because he should have bought a TT, completely different cars!

    Also the price IS way more then the lancer and although you see them advertised cheap from time to time, the same can be said about the lancer and I can assure you I paid a lot less then $30k for my VRX.

    And I never said the 147 should be written out of history, just that its hardly one of Alfa’s hallmark cars that’s all, it’s a long way from being one of the better cars they have ever built and although it has a rorty little engine, it just isn’t the great driving experience you try and make it out to be, maybe when it was first launched it was, but that was a LONG time ago and the world has moved on. Now when they replace it which I think is happening later this year then maybe you will have a stronger argument, but even then I can assure you that the same people looking at small to medium sized sedans won’t be looking at a small hatch instead “just because its an alfa” I mean THAT is what is stupid…

  • Richo

    and the lancer handles “very well indeed” as well which i think is a point you are missing

  • Richo

    by the way Alex, do you REALLY think the we little 147 hatch would be a better thing for my wife and 8 week old bub with the car seat and pram and all the riff raff that goes along with a simple trip to the shops? I mean I doubt a decent sized pram would even fit in the boot of a 147… then what happens when we want to go to the coast for the weekend? Forget about it in a 147! That’s what I’m saying mate, you can go on about how in love with the 147 you are all you like but its just not the kind of car lancer buyers would even consider! It’s like comparing a commodore to a 370Z, completely different animals with completely different intended purposes and competing in completely different market segments

    Agree, no?

  • Jenni

    Get over it already

  • Sma

    i love you jenni :)

  • henry

    The Name Alfa Romeo say it all ( for GAY’s )

  • Frank

    I get mine next Friday, got the sunroof and fosgate system. Can’t wait!

  • Steven

    I finaly got to test drive the 2.4L VRX today and all i can say its the best car i have driven to date. I test drove the manual and it was very responive. No lag what so ever. But then i only drove it for about 10mins so that could change. I put my foot down and before i knew it I was doing 80km not knowing, Sitting on 4th at 80km doing 2500rpm which is less then other cars i have driven. The car is heaver on the stearing then what im used to, but nothing i can’t handle. As for everything else I will have to wait till i get the car.

  • jov

    Picked up my 08 VRX and love it to bits, had many various cars in my day but for bang for buck and out and out appeal the VRX has got it all plus a 5 star ANCAP for the most important things in my life …… my kids, good engine reponse, space, and overal wow factor, how many times have I sat at the lights and got the second glance from another driver just because his instinct says he wants to see what you are driving. Love it to bits

  • Peter

    I got the MY08 Lancer vrx
    I used to have a magna and had a great run and was looking at 380s when this came along…boy i am glad i took it for a run….want to enjoy driving again….try this
    I have done 25k now and its loosing up .It gets 7.9k/110
    and im not shy….but this is mostly highway and it 2ltr manual.Get it on a windy road and have some fun.I used to have a brock commodore and it got some looks but people just seem to love looking at this one!!!

  • vivek

    I got my red vrx with the sunroof & rockford fosgate last week…It seems to be great car….A real good job by Mitsubishi….It’s far better than the Impreza!!!

  • Ben

    test drove the 2.4 vrx manual and it went really well. not sure though whether to buy this or new mazda 3 sp25?

  • bart

    ben i was choosing between vrx and sp25 at the end of the day i got the vrx for 30k best price on the sp25 was 36k not sure where my 6k was as spec was better in vrx and drive was almost as good…..longer warenty cheaper service and parts lancer in opinion looks beter especially inside unless your a die hard mazda fan cant go past vrx
    i did a spreadsheet of every spec and lancer won in almost every 120 comparisons by the way make SURE you get the rockford sound kit GOLD!

  • BertMan

    Hey Guys, I pick up my09 VRX in red this weekend 2/5/09…. I have done all my research and the choice was down to the Subaru RS, the new 09 Mazda3 & the VRX as the 3 were similar money drive away..The funny thing is I have not test drove any of the cars, I bought on looks & specs via http://www.drive.com.au – Compare cars…. I got the Rockford stereo and tint as extras only….Will report back in a month (about 2,000ks) to let you know how I am going…Cheers BertMan
    More reviews at this site too…..http://carshowroom.com.au/Review.aspx?id=191

  • HAL

    ^ Good grief. Sorry BertMan, but why on Earth would you buy a car without having a test drive? Looks and reviews certainly come into the decision-making process, but surely the 1st criteria for choosing new car must be how it feels to drive?

  • BertMan

    That’s my Canadian personality I guess Hal & a bit Naive too. I just didnt want to bother with cruising around in them, as the VRX sold itself based on the umpteen more features on the car then its competition (Mazda3 & Sub RS)…..As I said, I will give all a truthful update in a couple of weeks, hopefully for me, I did make the right choice…Hahahahaha

  • HAL

    ^ fair enough BertMan, you Canadians are slightly out there, that’s for sure (in a good way of course) :-)

    Best of luck with the new car.

  • BertMan

    Hey Hal, picked the Beast up last night….Smooth as custard man… Negatives so far, the side mirrors are not true size so it gives everything a distorted fish-bowl view, so parallel parking was a freakin nightmare, nearly scratching the new alloys against the curb. As for power, well, in D mode its a bit weak from stop, but if you grab the paddles on the steering wheel, be in 1st gear, you go like the clappers man, just remember to keep gearing up with the right paddle or you scream in low gear…lol… Thanks, the Car’s 1st impressions are all good…lol

  • GMAN

    Picked up our 2009 VRX sportback a few days ago. This is our 3rd Lancer which we use as our 2nd car. In the past we have stuck to the basic ES Model but decided we would upgrade to the VRX sportback this time. Took the Rockford sound system upgrade (great value for money), window tint and the reverse parking sensors were fitted as extras. Was really annoyed at the price of the parking sensors, on the official Mitsubishi website they list these at around $390.00 but this is crap, they actually cost $690.00 dealer fitted (Mitsubishi should really look at the pricing of extras they list on the website to ensure they reflect actual cost – misleading at best!). Car looks great and drives well, although as noted in other reviews the road noise is excessive and this becomes more apparent as you clock up the miles, we also hope the economy improves as we run in the engine! Colour Mystic Blue (nice)! We have had a great run with Lancers and hope this one continues our favourable association with the brand. Overall great value for money with exceptional safety features for a small car in this price range.

  • Mel

    Hi Guys,
    I’m trying to decide between the VRX with rockford or the new SP25 with bose sound system. (both automatic)
    The only thing that is making me lean towards the VRX is the price difference of 6K.
    Any suggestions?
    Also, what price would you guys think is reasonable drive away??

  • GMAN

    Hi Mel, you should be able to drive away for around $28,500 with pearlescent paint finish and rockford sound system. The current end of FY Mitsubishi sale has the vrx at around 24,900 + onroads, this is definately negotiable depending on whethe you are trading in something, shop around a few dealers and stick to your guns.

  • BertMan

    Hi Mel, I bought my Red VRX Auto as shown above in this review. I have had it 3.5 weeks & I’m very happy with it. I paid $32,000 Drive Away including Tint, Rockford Sound, Metallic Paint & Lancer Floormats. So if you compare options for options & all the standard features, NO OTHER CAR in that price range can match it. I too was comparing the VRX against the Subaru RS Sedan & new Mazda S25 sedan. The coolest standard item is the Bluetooth Phone system built into the Steering Wheel. Its voice activated & is so much fun. Therefore, the DEAL I received (Steve Jarvin Burwood) the VRX was the most BANG 4 UR BUCK!! Cheers The Bertman

  • Ryan

    For that price i’d take a Hyundai Sonata thanks…

  • jt

    i am really close to either buying the fully optioned 09 VRX or the fully optioned SP23. the SP23 is a tad cheaper, but older. both very similar to drive, however the sp23 feels nice inside (nicer interior,european feel). the vrx however has the features, is a little bigger and has a sunroof……its too close for me to call! ideas/experiences anyone???

  • BertMan

    Hey Jt, I have had my VRX for 5 weeks so far (1800 kms). I also gave a blog in support of my 09 VRX on May 23rd (see above). Even though I have not driven the Mazda (old new SP23 or just released SP25) but on paper, spec to spec, the VRX leaves the Mazda & Subaru RS for dead…!

  • david

    This is my first time on this page I am looking to buy the VRX seadn auto with all the frilss the sound and satnav package,what will be a fair price for me to pay ,I am being given the run around with a few dealers any comments will help.

  • david

    Hi all,got a finial quote the best is $35000.00 with the rockford and sun roof,is this a bit high please let me know your thoughts

  • Justo

    Hey all, sealed the deal on a VRX sedan with Rockford, MP, mats, and tints. Total price $31k. Very tempted to get a ‘last on offer’ 2009 (2008 build) Ralliart for $39.5k. Still deciding. Cheers J

  • david

    all got a finial offer yesterday vrx with sunroof and sound system 32000k,going to singn up for it,JUSTO what does MP stand for Iam bit of a noob with this page.cheers

  • Justo

    Hey David, MP = metallic paint. Ur deal sounds brilliant wit sunroof in there. Good stuff and have fun driving! Can’t wait to pick mine up. Cheers J

  • david

    Thanks for getting back Justo feel like a real noob now now cant wait to pick it up.

  • Mark

    Hi all,
    just back from the mitsubishi dealership to ask about the vrx with the sunroof package and first offer was 38.8k driveaway.like David, i’m pretty sure that’s a ripoff. i’m in sydney, does anyone know where i should go to ask? i’m looking for my first car in australia, so any advice would be welcome. thanks!

  • Justo

    Hey Mark,
    Just picked my VRX up and it is fantastic. Try the guys at Suttons Mitsubishi Arncliffe – they were pretty good and are having another special on this weekend. Something about free servicing for 3 yrs? Just by buying there they also have some other good value adds.

  • Mark

    Thanks Justo,
    I actually put a deposit down just the day before ur reply, u definitely got a much better deal than i did. glad to hear it’s a good car, helps soften the blow of getting jipped a bit.


  • Brenda

    Just bought a VRX (first 4 cylinder ever, and first time not a holden or ford). $27,500 drive away, inc Mitsubishi floor mats, mudflaps & full tank of fuel; test drove Subaru Impreza RS and Mazda SP25 but my husband insisted on taking the Mitsubishi Lancer for a drive and with the price several thousand cheaper there really was nothing more to consider. Have only had the lancer for 2 weeks but am very happy – the 2.4ltr is a lot of fun to drive – I found plenty of room for my 2 teenage daughters in the back and boot seams to have plenty of room – Luv that car.

  • Simon

    “six-ratio CVT gearbox…..”
    Ok I’m missing something. How can it be a constantly variable transmission AND have six ratios?

    • Rod

      Simon, when you put the gear lever in manual mode it has six predetermined ratios so works like a traditional automatic gearbox with manual selection. Honda has the same set up with their Jazz.

  • Tanktaylor

    I think its better than the Ralliart..

  • Leanne

    Just purchased VRX 2009 build MY10 (standard with Rockford), full tank fuel, metalic paint and loan car when serviced for $26,000 from Mitsubishi Penrith! Hope this is a good deal as this is my first new car ever.

    • Andrew M

      Sounds like a good deal to me…..
      Obviously the manual at that price…

      • Leanne

        Yep Manual

  • Peter

    Hi all,

    I am about to buy a 2010 lancer vrx i want to get one with all options any ideas of pricing or where i should go?

    • gertsy

      Just look up new lancer vrxs in carsguide.com
      About 28k for the manual and 31k for the Auto sounds a good deal.

      • batal


        • Shak

          could have stumped up 4 grand extra and got the Aspire. Rockford and Fosgate stereo, active headlamps, heated front seats etc…

        • robbo

          I’d say it is, seen a manual w/leather for $30k MY10 in blue, so comparing to that I’d say yes. Let me know what you think of it so far, keen to get one very soon but a fussy buyer reading ALL the reviews :)
          Shak – Aspire is not the same as VRX so why would you go there

  • Alexandra

    I bought a Lancer VRX in July last year (2009) and had the sunroof option put in. All this time it has closed itself, or automatically when i get out of the car/lock the car/turn the car engine off and now all of a sudden it doesn’t, and i have to close it manually. Does anyone else have this problem and/or did your sunroof ever close automatically because the Mitsubishi guys are telling me there’s nothing wrong with it and won’t fix it!!

  • PN

    Just a quick question. 2009 VRX MY09 manual with audio, sunroof and approximately on the clock for less than 26k drive away. Is that a good deal?


  • Paul Cullen

    32k for an auto lancer is way too pricey.

    Volkswagen golf 118 tsi comfortline i just picked up with 7 speed DSG and Pearlescent paint for 32K drive away.

    Equal performance out of a 1.4ltr super & turbo charged engine and fuel consumption way lower only 6.5l/100km.

    Way better styling, handling, comfort with larger boot capacity and same internal space.

    Why would anyone buy a mitsubishi lancer when you can get european car styling for the same price?

    I dont like Mitsubishi’s and in fact just sold my 2001 TF magna VRX which i loved

    • Demonaz

      Mk6 Golfs are pretty bland and ugly compared to the Lancer IMO, and probably not as reliable in the long term. Not to mention much higher running costs and parts costs down the track.

  • harry

    Hi Guys! How is it in fuel the VRX model 2009?

  • Jim

    I traded my 2005 Mazda SP23 Sedan for a brand new 2009 Mitsubishi VRX Sportback and have to say that I made a mistake. Firstly the fuel consumption is horrible in this car and I absolutely hate the automatic transmission in it as it is very sluggish so use the activematic but that burns the fuel too.
    There is a cheapness about the interior of the VRX as well. he plastic is very cheap looking inside and there are a lot of things like the analogue climate control that annoy me, there should be an LCD display for that.
    The arm rest on the drivers side is way too low and the automatic window buttons are too far forward and you always find yourself opening the back windows when you want the front windows open.
    The road noise is exceptionally loud inside the car. You can literally hear wind coming from the side mirrors. The seatbelts in the front don’t recoil properly as the clip gets caught between the seat and the side of the vehicle.
    The blinkers quite frequently don’t clip off when you go around a corner and you find yourself driving with your blinkers still on.
    All in all I wish I got another Mazda as they are finished better and wish I didn’t get so excited about 18″ rims on the Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi’s are very cheaply made and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

    • Richo

      Jim – no offence mate, but you seem like an incredible whinger!

      I had a current Lancer which I recently sold, but I didn’t experience any of the problems you have! I seem to find the power window button, maybe I’m just not unco! And the analogue dial instead of a display? What you can’t work it out? Its pretty simple… you just seem to be trying to find reasons for having a sook.

      But above all else, these are all things you could have easily identified on a proper test drive! As if you’d buy a car for 18’s and not bother doing a proper test drive!! So your own fault… Just get over it!

    • nickdl

      Wow, sounds like you bought your car without test driving it, or even looking at it for that matter. It’s very important to take a car for a good test drive where you can see how it behaves in as many conditions as possible. It is, after all, the second biggest or biggest asset that most people own.

  • Jim

    I did test drive it and mentioned it was sluggish in comparison to the Mazda but the guy said to tap the paddles on the steering wheel. I did and there was more power as you could rev it out more which I thought was cool. However I haven’t used the paddles much since as they are pretty annoying, I tend to use the activematic but like I mentioned the fuel gets burned even quicker.
    I just got wrapped up in the look of the car and the 18″ rims which is stupid, I know.
    Another thing that I don’t like in this car is the computer. It never really knows how far the car can travel it is up and down like a yo yo. The digital fuel level is never right either, they should just have made it an analogue gauge.
    Even the cloth on the seats in this car are cheap and show wear very quickly.
    I just don’t think this is a very well built car.

  • Nat

    Anyone who says a Mazda 3 is better than a lancer is an idiot because I have an sp25 work car and a 2010 vrx personal car and I can tell u the vrx is superior in nearly everyway the auto does feel a little sluggish but it’s actually not you just have to look at the speedo and see how quickly you are accelerating it doesn’t have to rev it’s guts out like the Mazda it’s faster but doesn’t feel like it. The mazdas handling and driving characteristics are inferior. You feel squashed inside and the interior is no better made than the lancer. I’m sick of hearing people saying mazdas are so good they are over priced and over rated and the current lancer is very under rated.
    And don’t get me started on the golf my girlfriend has a 2011 tsi and it has more problems than Iraq.
    You shouldn’t judge a car on interior crap.

  • Mike

    I wish they lower the tailights and raise the license plate on the Lancer sedan to fill in that gap, it would look heaps better.