Nissan Australia has expanded its light commercial range with the new optioned-up Nissan Navara 25th Anniversary Limited Edition model.

Priced at $41,888 driveaway with a six-speed manual transmission and $44,138 for the five-speed automatic, the Nissan Navara 25th Anniversary Limited Edition is based on the Navara ST Dual Cab 4×4 that starts at a list price of $47,300 (manual).

Nissan Navara 25th Anniversary Limited Edition - 2

The 600 25th Anniversary Navaras receive a host of added Nissan Genuine Accessories including an alloy bullbar, towbar with wiring kit, UV-resistant smoked bonnet protector, driving lights, tubliner, soft tonneau cover, floor mats, free metallic paint and Nissan Navara 25th Anniversary Limited Edition badging.

Nissan Navara 25th Anniversary Limited Edition - 4

The Nissan Navara 25th Annivesary Limited Edition retains the base car’s 140kW/450Nm 2.5-litre turbo diesel, 3000kg braked towing capacity and adjustable 4WD system, and is available in seven different colours: Arctic White, Silver Lightning, Flame Red, Altitude Blue, Blue Velvet, Midnight Black, and Tuscan.

To the end of October, 21,297 Nissan Navaras have been sold, trailing the Toyota HiLux (34,467) but clear of both the Mitsubishi Triton (15,795) and Ford Ranger (14,272).

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  • MisterZed

    How it this “news” ? It’s just a Navara with a bunch of accessories tacked on.

    • jekyl & hyde

      if you wanted to buy a $39888 drive away job,and wanted a few extra’s,well how about 5 grand’s worth for an extra $2k.that’s why it’s news. i bet nissan will have them all sold before they arrive…

      • MisterZed

        lol, you really think that once these “Limited editions” are gone, that Nissan dealers won’t still give you $5k of extras for $2k?  Do you know the profit margins on those accessories?

        • John West

          Yes I do actually, and these are being fitted at point of entry and not at the dealerships to save on build costs so the vehicle can be offered at this price.

  • ChrisBrisbane

    A terrible deal for a terrible car… The Navara is old hat and pales in comparison to the newer utes, e.g. Ford Ranger/BT50, Amarok and even the Colorado. Don’t buy one, not unless you want to spend half an hour trying to park it at the supermarket because of its woeful turning circle, plus don’t get me started about its awful automatic transmission which loves to change down all the time. Hope you like listening to the turbo charger working overtime in the lower gears, because this this car was made for drinking fuel and not much else!

    • Doctor

      Sounds like you are speaking from personal experience/regret….. but you didn’t mention the DPF.

      • Hung Low

        Or he is a Amarok salesman

        • ChrisBrisbane

          Or we have three Navaras at work and they are totally hopeless, save your money! I have driven every other current model ute on a variety of minesites, and they all beat the Navara hands down. I now wouldn’t touch Nissan with a ten foot barge pole!

          • Sumpguard

               My D22 was a better ute than the D40. Far more capable off road, problem free where my D40 had endless issues and cheaper. 

  • Sethbishop

    Bought one of these last week.  Although all the paperwork is says it’s 25th Anniversary it seems to be missing the badge that’s on these pictures.