Classic French cars like the Citroen DS, the Peugeot 205 and the Renault 4 will all be banned from the streets of Paris within two years if the city’s mayor has his way.

Socialist Party mayor Bertrand Delanoe proposed a plan to the city council on Monday that would see cars produced before 1997 banned from the city centre by September 2014.

The proposal would also outlaw pre-1996 trucks and delivery vehicles from travelling inside the A86 motorway that surrounds Paris, as well as all motorcycles that are more than 10 years old.

Delanoe told Reuters he was targeting the removal of the “most polluting and noisiest” vehicles from the capital.

“This is for our citizens,” he said. “It’s a public health battle and we’ve been fighting since 2001 to try and make the air here more breathable.”

UMP Federation opposition leader Philippe Goujon told the Telegraph in the UK the proposal was “antisocial, anti-suburban and anti-motorist”.

The plan would reportedly force roughly 365,000 cars out of Paris, around three per cent of the city’s fleet.

Delanoe has been a strong campaigner for removing cars from the city since being elected mayor in 2001, introducing trams, bus and bike lanes, and a bicycle rental program, and has turned some streets along the banks of the Seine into pedestrian walkways.

  • pixxxels

    I hate proposals like this. Apart from the fact that the city will lose a lot of its character and soul without these French classics on the roads, the idea won’t lead to any significant reduction in pollution. If only 3% of Paris’ cars are affected, then surely the environmental gain will be minuscule.

    Also, surely this would disproportionately affect poorer citizens of Paris who can only afford used cars… A socialist should know better than to target his own support base.

    Its a stupid, token-environmental plan that’ll hurt tourism, the poor and the city. This guy is a f*ckwit.

    • Golfmother

      Totally agree ,they add to the charm of this great city .

    • Karl Sass

      Well said pixxxels. Remember lots of the French vehicle fleet is diesel, it’s old diesels they’re trying to remove. However, this is clearly not the way to go about it. 

      • Dave W

        He’s still not as insane as our Sydney mayor Clover Moore. She wants to build city farms (that’s right, more than one) in Sydney CBD. Damn eco-mentalist.

    • filippo

      3% of the fleet certainly doesn’t imply 3% of the pollution. In fact it’s likely that these pre-1997 cars contribute significantly to the city’s pollution, so the environmental gain would not be minuscule as you claim.
      Additionally, you can buy most 1997-2002 era cars in France for less than €1000, so your claim that it will hurt poorer people more is sheer nonsense. Trying to fit this Australian paradigm to a European situation doesn’t work, because the costs of running a car in Europe are completely different and public transport is much more vast and efficient.

      • F1orce

         You know what’s good for anyone to do?

        It’s to not do what EU do..

        That’s a fact.. Look at them now. They’ve completely lost it.

        • Phil

          A suggestion by a single mayor of a single local council is not nessasarily what the whole EU actually does.

          But anyway, why not look at other continents. How’s the quality of air in Asian cities like Beijing/Ho-Chi-Ming/Mumbai/Medan? They couldn’t get a clear shot of Beijing during the Olympics!
          How about Buenos Airies/Sao-Paulo/Mexico-City/Los-Angeles? Enjoy the “halo” of coloured air that wafts around the CBD?

          But speaking of not doing what the EU does, was that a failure for Hyundai/Kia? All their recent designs coming from their big new engineering department in EU – of which is staffed by newly employed EU engineers under instruction from Hyundai/Kia to design cars that look and perform like EU cars!

          • youbadgesnob

            love it, you just had to somehow bring Hyundai/KIA into this haha…yes they’re designing cars that LOOK and PERFORM LIKE EU cars NOT designing cars that “most pollute and make the most noise” and it’s 2012 right now, not 1996.

        • matt

          yes just like ur home country the  $1.5 trillion indebted US of A

      • MisterZed

        Exactly. In Western Europe any car over 10 years old is very uncommon. By 2014, a pre-1997 car will be 18 years old – almost unheard of in Europe. Almost all pre-1997 cars will be off the road by then anyway, making this a moot point. I think it’s amazing that in Australia, 20% of cars on the road are made before 1997, compared with only 3% in France!

      • Muttley

        I don’t want a boring euro heap that costs less then a €1000! Consider the people’s choice

    • Zaccy16

      agree totally! f’ing french! their two most exciting and interesting classics the 205 and ds would be banned under this law from the nations capital! how stupid is that, its like saying that pre 1997 falcons and commodores can’t enter melbourne! Sounds very Nazi too me!

      • filippo

        Keep in mind that the GTi model represented a tiny percentage of all 205s made. Most were the bog-standard 5-door model that we never saw in Australia – hardly a classic – and most of these have already been crushed or sent to North Africa for a second life. You’ll find that very few remain in France.
        And no, it’s not like saying that pre 1997 falcons and commodores can’t enter Melbourne. If you had ever been to Europe you would have noticed that the fleet there is much much newer (even, embarrassingly, in Eastern Europe). It’s rare to see a car over 10 years old, hence the point that this would be pretty much a non-issue for the city of Paris.

    • Tin

      So as far as noisy vehicles go, new Harley Davidsons will be banned too. Some high performance Italian jobs are a little loud and pollutive also.

  • Henry Toussaint

    it may make a change in the pollution, but only a smallish change. What about car enthusiasts over there? Silly decision and what will they do with the left over cars!?!?

  • F1orce

    This is one of many reasons why the EU is going down the drain.

    All these regulations do nothing but destroy the economy. Instead of taxing people here and there, making all these utterly useless regulations etc. Why not let people actually spend their money in order to make things go round.. ?

    And yet the clowns running the EU continue on with their backwards politics and polices. And they still have the nerve to question what the problem is..

    • Phil

      Do you know what a proposal is? It is a SUGGESTED plan of action – meaning it has not happened yet and it quite likely may never happen at all.
      Also do you seriously think Paris City Council represents the whole EU? The fate of the Euro currency does not depend on the proposed actions by a single local council.

      • F1orce

         Well let’s see, Paris alone is worth more than any city in Germany.  So yeah it will have significant affects on EU.

        But you didn’t really respond to my point anyway..

        • Phil

          Obviously you still don’t know what a proposal is. I suggest you learn the meaning of the it before commenting on one.

          • Igomi Watabi

            He also obviously has no idea about Europe either, with statements like “Paris alone is worth more than any city in Germany”. What does that even mean and on what do you base such a ridiculous assertion?

  • John

    Why not a ban on post-1997 cars?

    • Noddy of Toyland

      Oh dear, I don’t think you understand the concept of technology.

  • Your_mums_a_bogan

    good for them

  • save it for the track

    Don’t let the Australian Greens or Clover Moore read about this lunacy…

    • Zaccy16

      Exactly! lucky the greens no nothing about cars so wouldn’t bother to go on CA!

    • guest

       She doesn’t need to, Premier O’Farrell has heard about it and his own body set up to stop the bike lanes has now endorsed the completion of them! I doubt you’ll complain about that, will you….

      • save it for the track

        O’Farrell and his actions will see him be a one term Premier. He’s p’d off too many sections of the community.

  • youbadgesnob

    “this is for our citizens”???…ok…

  • Guest

    Only the socialists can deliver us utopia! He should also consider re-banning black cats and banning anyone born before 1997 from voting. Clover Moore, are you paying attention?

  • CommonSense033

    Perhaps it’s more that seeing classic 60’s cars and the like might remind people of when Paris was an amazing place instead of a failed socialist pit with no-go Islamist zones for suburbs.

    Bet there will be exceptions for classic Rolls-Royces and other such things.

    • Doctor

      You mean exemptions for party members?

  • Golfschwein

    In a 3 day stay in Paris in 1996, I saw 1 Citroen DS.

    • James

      I was in Italy last year and aside from a few old 500s every now and then, almost every car was from 2000 onwards. It was somewhat disappointing.

    • Tin

      In some cases classic cars become more common in far away places than in their home countries. You’d think the French would appreciate the artistry in the their classic cars, and “encourage” them onto the roads.

  • Chevrons

    While it is a strange idea it will have a positive impact on new car sales for the country by injecting some extra cash into the likes of PSA.

  • nickdl

    I think a lot of people are reacting a bit strongly to this proposal. As already mentioned, pre-1997 vehicles make up less than 3% of cars in Paris and are decreasing. They would pollute a lot more than newer models, particularly as French cars are usually diesel, so old models lack new technology like DPFs. 

    It won’t hurt the poor, because as already said 1997-2002 cars can be bought extremely cheaply in the EU, and poorer French generally wouldn’t live in the centre of Paris, let alone drive there. Running costs of a car, particularly in a city, make it far too high for a poorer person to own one, and public transport is so good over there that cars are largely redundant in cities.

    Finally, I don’t believe car enthusiasts will be badly affected by not being allowed to drive their classics, as Paris is one of the worst cities in the world to drive a classic car. If you’re an enthusiast going for a rare drive,the last thing you’d want to be doing is driving in the heavy traffic of the middle of Paris. 

    I’m sure there will be days, maybe even weekends, where older cars are allowed to drive in the centre of Paris if they so desire.

    • hmmm

      I think you and alot of people are looking at it from the wrong angle as it does not only affect 10 year old cars. You are forgetting that your  5 to 7 year old cars that may be fairly modern is now worth next to nothing as no one will buy a car they can’t use after 3 to 5 years of purchase.

      • nickdl

        Actually I think you’ve got the wrong idea. It’s not a progressive ban for 15-year-old cars to be phased out, but rather a blanket ban on pre-1997 vehicles. Also, last time I checked, 3+5=8 — your sums don’t add up.

  • Wile E Coyote

    Instead of inconveniencing those who cannot afford more efficient new cars and, who heaven forbid may wish to drive into Paris, why not propose a brilliant public transport system so people would not need to use their car at all.Yep that would be a worthwhile project for a mayor of Paris wanting to make his mark not this fiddling around the edges.
    Typical politician pretending to want to save the planet with a plan that would not cost him a franc.
    Bourgeois cochon!
    Let them eat cake.

  • Make_People_Happy

    Politicians talk too much!

  • Aus_poppa

    To start with I must make it clear that I don’t agree with the proposition to ban the older cars. Paris without a Deux Chevaux would hardly be Paris.

    But some contributors make the mistake of thinking that Paris, or indeed Europe, is at all like Australia in motoring terms. The average age of the car fleet is much younger than ours, and a car more than 15 years old is pretty rarely seen, and certainly has very little market value.

    And Paris hasa public transport system we can only dream about. Consider a Metro system wher one seldom waits as long as 4 minutes for a train – in off peak time! Back this up with a good network of low entry point busses with all central Paris on a single ticketing system which offers single tickets, a carnet of 10 tickets at a cheaper price and weekly and monthly Navigo passes and little discernible fare evasion and you will see something other than what we have.

    Yes the traffic is heavy and parking is difficult, but it is not all that different to driving around our cities, even if one is on a low displacement diesel.

    • Wile E Coyote

      The Paris public transport system is good but it still will not take you door to door like a car .That’s why people drive in Paris.Older vehicle’s should not be discriminated against …it’s 

  • Muttley

    If the French (and any other) government actually believe that modern cars are soooo much more environmentally friendly then older cars they are bleeding idiots! And what about those of us who don’t want to give up our right to choose a classic car as our daily runner?? Infringement of civil bloody liberties!!