by George Skentzos

As the luxury-sports saloon market grows rapidly with competition from Porsche, Aston Martin and potentially Lamborghini – Maserati has further enhanced its Quattroporte S model to mark the 70th anniversary of the brand’s first Indianapolis 500 win.

The Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S has been conceived as “a real driving machine in the guise of a luxury saloon”, representing the ultimate expression of performance in the model range.

Over the enhancements introduced on the Quattroporte S, the Sport GT S boasts an uprated 323kW of power derived from a remapping of the 4.7-litre V8 engine.

In addition, the ZF six-speed automatic transmission has been tweaked for faster gearshifts through the steering wheel mounted paddles.

Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S in Detroit

Its performance boost has been emphasised by introducing a pneumatically controlled sports exhaust which unlocks the deep V8 rumble from the engine, producing a throaty and intimidating sound.

The front and rear suspension has been altered, introducing stiffer springs and a lowered ride height for a more aggressive stance and agile handling.

Outside, its intentions are more than clear, introducing a new black grille with concave vertical fins which house the Trident logo with red accents – a trademark of sportier versions of Maserati models.

New headlights in a metallic titanium finish, side and rear “shadow line”, which includes black finishing around the doors, body-coloured door handles and black twin oval exhaust pipes complete the look.

 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S in Detroit

Inside, new M-design seats have been finished in perforated Alcantara and leather upholstery while Titantex becomes the standard trim, comprising a “titanium coloured” composite material.

The new Quattroporte Sport GTS will be unveiled at the 2009 NAIAS in Detroit.

  • zahmad

    Awesome ride!

  • Martin

    I still don’t understand the appeal of ANY Maserati. I find this ugly, and the rear lights are off a Daewoo…

  • Alex

    Lovely. I don’t understand how anybody could not love this car. Even if you don’t like the looks, this is a wonderful car to drive and if you are a real car enthusiast, you wouldn’t care how it looked. It is a fantastic car.
    Martin, the rear looks quite different to the Daewoo Nubira and that is even more the case when you see one in the metal.

  • Martin

    Actually, I have seen one in the metal, and I still think that the rear lights looked like the ones on the Nubira. As for it being a loverly car to drive, I recall on Fifth gear when they reviewed it, that around town “the suspension and the gear box, just doesn’t work” and also to add “it doesn’t work fully as a limousine and it doesn’t work fully as a sports car”. So I mean it can’t be that great to drive. As for those side vents, they look cheap and tacky, i saw the same thing done on a modified Ford Explorer.

  • Minnow

    Agreed martin… the lights do look like they’re off a Nubira but its not an ugly car is it? I’ve seen one in the metal too quite a long looking car but the front design does seem a little restrained, this GT model fixes that problem! Anyway the GranTurismo is more my style 😉 This is for the retiree.

  • Mikez

    dont like the look, would rather spend on sth else

  • Alex

    Martin, Maserati has since replaced the dismal original gearboxes with proper automatics and they are excellent. If you get the right one, it is a wonderful supercar and it’s not really meant to be a limousine anyway. The side vents fit the car very well and certainly do not look tacky, they look right.

  • Matty B

    I’m not a real maserati fan, but I love the Quattroporte, a beautiful car.

  • Forza M


    Anyone who spells lovely like this “loverly” should not be talking about Maserati’s and Daewoo’s. He should be talking about just Daewoo’s……

  • Martin

    Ooh wow, you picked up one spelling error, do you want a bloody medal? Get over it.

  • mark

    martin, i know the episode of 5th gear you are talking about and that was filmed about 4 years ago! in red neck terms that is like baseing the current falcon on an AU you drove when they were new, come to think of it ford probably still do have some new ones parked on the grass at broady!!!!

  • Cameron