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The 2013 Nissan GT-R supercar has lapped Germany’s Nurburgring in the stunningly quick time of 7min19.1sec, making it the ninth-quickest street-legal vehicle in history around the famous Nordschleife circuit.

The blistering time is more than five seconds faster than that achieved by the 2011 GT-R (7:24.22) two years ago, and puts the Japanese supercar just shy of the lightweight rear-wheel drive Porsche 911 GT2 RS (7:18).

Other cars ahead of the 2013 Nissan GT-R include two Radicals (6:48 and 6:55), the Gumpert Apollo Sport (7:11.57), the Dodge Viper ACR (7:12.13), the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition (7:14.64) and the Donkervoort D8 RS (7:18.1).

Nissan says the GT-R is capable of going even quicker, too, with the car’s creator claiming it lost half a second in traffic on the hot lap, potentially spoiling a 7:18.6 time.

While the 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine’s peak outputs are unchanged at 404kW of power and 628Nm of torque, a number of subtle upgrades to the powertrain and chassis have cut the 2013 GT-R’s 0-100km/h sprint time by yet another tenth of a second to just 2.7secs.

Among the upgrades include new high-output injectors to improve mid-range and high-rpm response, a new relief valve for the turbocharger bypass to help sustain response, and a new oil pan baffle to help maintain more stable oil pressure and reduce rotational friction during high-performance driving.

The dampers, springs and front anti-roll bar have been retuned to lower the centre of gravity, while the updated GT-R also introduces cam bolts on the front suspension for improved camber accuracy and alignment.

Nissan has also added a new premium specification for the GT-R in various markets that includes semi-aniline leather and a customisation program, with carbon sports seats from Recaro among the options.

The upgraded Nissan GT-R is set to reach Australian showrooms in February 2013.

Watch the video of Nissan test driver Toshio Suzuki behind the wheel of the 2013 Nissan GT-R.

  • Guest10

    What’s wrong Nissan, can’t beat a last generation 2 wheel drive Porsche ?
    No-one else could replicate your dodgy lap times anyway.
    Same car, same track but nope, couldn’t do it.
    What was your secret, special fuel?  Special tyres?

    • theillestlife

       Don’t get me wrong I love porsche. But do remind yourself this costs half the price! HALF!

      And if it’s official it’s official, don’t sook. It’s not like you nor I can change that by complaining either, all we can do is read the news.

    • Super Char

      I’d be happy to buy the GT-R, pay half, get pretty much the same performance and not look like a wanker.

      • TomC

        Half the price yes, some performanceish yes… Lets be honest though the wank factor is the same or more. 

        • JJ

           Your the ignorant wanker for making stupid comments like that, its envious people like you that have a hatred for smart, hard working successful people.

          why cant you appreciate and admire other peoples success and stop and think gee maybe I can be where they are some day.   

          • JJ

            Don’t copy my initials!

          • JG


            Typing error, meant to be JG

          • JG

             oops, not again.

          • JG

             Seems like its stuck on JJ

          • JG

            No probs.

          • JJ

             Don’t copy my initials!

        • JJ

          Definitely more. The idiot fanboys who follow Nissan’s GT-R’s are an embarrassment. It’s always the same arguments. It costs less… woo, congrats on spending less on a car.

          Is it a great car? Yes. Is it better than a Porsche? haha…. keep trying Nissan, you’ve got a long long way to go until you build a car that good.
          Matching a laptime does not make a GT-R as good as a Porsche.

          • David

            “Matching a laptime does not make a GT-R as good as a Porsche.”
            Maybe not.

            But it sure makes it far, far better value for mortals.

          • UMWHAT

            Well, not in Australia

            You’re kidding yourself if you think the average bloke can buy this as his everyday supercar

            first off it costs well about 200k drive away. Then there’s the small fortunes you pay for servicing etc etc

            You still need to be wealthy to own a GTR, and if i was wealthy I’d rather go for the Porsche TBH

          • JooberJCW

            Of course its more, but owning an Bugatti Veyron is more of a wank factor than any porsche.

            The valid argument, is this is the best bang for buck performance if you are looking for a car in M3/C63 price territory.

        • R10RRK

          What the hell is the ‘wank factor’ ? I own an M5 where does that fit me ?

          This is stereotyping drivers in the most ridiculous way…

          The GTR is the ONLY non German car I would ever think of buying and its a great machine. 

          • Rick

            The “wank factor” is like the” bogan ” comments . They are used by those who can’t afford or handle high performance vehicles . You know the ones , they are the ones who have to drive small boring 4cyl cars like Volkswagens and toyotas

    • save it for the track

      How can anyone expect to replicate lap times of cars driven by factory test drivers?? How many laps on various tracks and in various conditions do the test drivers do in specific vehicles? Just as I would expect a Nissan factory driver probably could not go as fast in a Porsche or a Lexus as the said drivers from those factories. Much like no magazine or test driver could replicate HSV claimed accelleration times of some models over the years…

      • Rikstah

        Dont bother man, haters are going to hate no matter what you say.

      • Guest10

        Is a factory test driver better than a pro race driver?

        • save it for the track

          Not all ‘pro’ race drivers are created equal. Neither are all factory test drivers. As I said i’m sure that someone that spends all day everyday driving a particular vehicle around a track is going to get better results than someone else. Aftreall, even the laptimes on top gear by ‘The Stig’ (who obviously knows that track well) are only after multiple laps including spins etc.  I’m just as sure there are some test drivers out there for example as F1 test drivers for one team, who are likely actually better than actual drivers in other teams.

    • homer

      What’s wrong? your h**d that’s what’s wrong. When you make a comparison use a common ground: Price. GT2 RS cost 2.5 times as much. No other car in it’s price bracket beats it in performance. Use your commonsense if you have one.

    • JooberJCW

      and you think other people can replicate the 7.18 by the RS? that time was claim by porsche.
      the the RS is the special pinnacle of its variant in fact code named 727 built and engineered purposely to topple the GTR completely, the 2013 GTR is just that, the off the shelf everyday model built for the masses who can afford M3 priced cars.

      To be shy of 1 sec from a purposed built car is a awesome effort 

    • JDM4LYF


  • Yetiman

    Long live the King!

    • Guest

      Porsche? Yep.

      • Milos

        No, I think he was referring to the two Radicals.

        • JooberJCW

          Long live the radicals, porsche has no hope against them.

  • u mirin

    I wish I could get one of these, i’d be the coolest guy in Western Sydney.

    • Snihai

      im so glad zyzz died, it would increase the nissan segmented maketing potential

      • Zyzz

        I’m not dead u idiot

        • Ahmed Fahour

          Good to know.

    • JooberJCW

      lol, i wouldnt be suprised if there are a few already there.

  • Wile E Coyote

    The old caught in traffic excuse.

  • qikturbo

    Bloody copied the Germans with that sickening red leather!

    • Roadtard

      The red leather looks very W427…

  • F1orce

    This machine is true beast!

  • Jaques

    Great car for track days but a bit of a dog as a daily driver.
    Couldn’t live with the harsh ride and jerky transmission….and the ‘look at me’ noise factor.
    Only got one parking space so that was a major consideration.

    • Dom

      So you settled for the Kia Rio?

      • JJ

        Better than a GT-R as a daily, that’s for sure.

        • JJ

          Don’t agree

        • JooberJCW

          So is a Corolla

  • F1orce

    When ever i see one of these they’re always doing at least 20 under the limit?..

  • Justin

    This car has more road cred than a Porsche 911… side by side

    • PhilipGlassRules

       It’s better looking than a Porsche. Not as soft and rounded!

  • Professor

    Would love to buy a GTR alongside my Porsche. They would make great companions. BUT, the dealers have yet to learn how to treat a customer cross-shopping Porsches with Nissans. Their mentality needs to change. You are selling a high-end product people! Treat customers in that manner.

    • Yeah bro…

      Please bro…. If you want to buy it, you will. Some sk car sales man isn’t going to stop a genuine buy. Maybe you just can’t afford it bro?

  • Pkirkham

    I’ve got a 2009 GTR and its awesome. Be great to try a 2013. I love Porsches as well but bit pricey for the same performance. Try driving a GTR, you won’t knock it after that.

  • Noone of Consequence

     both are slower and uglier than a Viper so who cares.

  • Pillinsias

    even top gear doesnt like porche but the gtr is inproving sooner or later they willl make n r36 or r37 what will porche do then… try to upgade, but each time an R is made it takes a big leap forward soon the gtr might be the 2nd or 3rd or mabey even first not trying to be biast so lets see…..

  • Jackb

    It’s proven that that rwd is the better alternative in any dry track when using sticky tires. Awd is just a go to for super companies that couldn’t achieve equivalent traction by creating a good chassis and suspension. Also the ACR and LFA nurb edition were both specifically tuned for the nurburgring and shouldn’t count. Look at the 458 that wasn’t even touched and still achieved a great lap time.

    • ShaneMcGrath

      You may be onto something there, Looking at some of the times I see Corvettes, Vipers up there near the top, I would guess on wet roads or dirt roads/rally tracks is where the superior traction of a AWD/4WD would come into play.
      Also AWD/4WD vehicles lose more of the engines power just getting that power to all 4 wheels, Can’t remember figures as there is no exact method to calculate but it’s something like FWD 10-15% RWD 12-18% AWD 17-25% loss through drivetrain, All have their pro’s and cons though just depends on how car is set up and for what application.
      In terms of fun factor you can’t beat RWD in my opinion, Drifting, fishtailing all good as long as it’s not on public roads!

  • Guest49

    You do realize the gtr is a 100k car. Nissan lost 15-20k on every nissan gtr sold. To me that doesnt even count as “cheap” if it’s not a profitable car for the company. Cutting a cars price in order to compete? Pathetic.

  • jezza

    The latest gen 911 turbo and GT3 RS are still slower than the last year GTR. The only car faster is the GT2 RS which is considerably lighter than the GTR and costs 3 times as much.

  • sotos.p.

    the tyres was the secret…. ( GT5 Achievements..it say it}

  • george

    are but the nissan skyline r35 nismo black edison can go 0 to 100km/h 1.8 secs ore 0 to 60 mp/h in 1.8 secs if u are american

  • george

    type error or

  • george

    guest 10 whats your car then