The all-new Skoda Octavia has been caught testing on public roads in Europe wearing only light camouflage in a bid to disguise its new larger physique.

The new images of the mid-sized Skoda Octavia liftback, which follow previous spy shots from the Nurburgring, show the car almost completely unobscured, bar some protective treatments aimed at making the new Skoda look somewhere in between the current Octavia and the soon-to-be released Skoda Rapid.

2013 Skoda Octavia - 2

2013 Skoda Octavia - 3

Increasing in size from the outgoing second-generation model, the third-gen Octavia will fill the gap between the Rapid and the larger Skoda Superb when it reaches Australian showrooms in the second half of 2013, following its public debut at the 2013 Geneva motor show in March.

2013 Skoda Octavia - 5

2013 Skoda Octavia - 6

Read more about the 2013 Skoda Octavia.

  • Robin_Graves

    Ewww quick put the camouflage back on! Skoda, the ssangyong of Europe.

    • Able

      “Skoda, the SsangYong of Europe.” – WOW! Stupidest comment ever on this site? Yes, I think so! That’s just c®ap.

      • Daz

        Robin is great at being an absolute moron. 

      • Robin_Graves

        Yeah i guess you are right, ssangyongs are much more reliable.

        • F1orce

          I can totally relate with you..

          Anything from Europe is conceived to be goodness.

          Double standards I guess..

      • Zaccy16

        exactly able, Skoda are making fantastic cars at the moment

      • Guest

        “Able” – caution people Skoda salesman alert.

    • Able

      Also Robin, you silly b!tch, I fail to see what you get out of constantly bashing Skoda and VW Group products. No one is going to agree with your worthless, annoying and rather tasteless opinion and what you say is mostly ridiculously untrue. I can totally accept that some people like some times of cars and unlike other types of cars but Skodas (in particular) are too well rounded to let you go loose on them. Go and troll somewhere else please, or gain some maturity, you honestly sound like a 5 year old.

      • Bent6brigade

        You can’t be serious,Skodas styling is appalling,there overpriced.No match for the Koreans.

        • Able

          You are entitled to your opinion but styling is a small part of a whole package. Skodas are vastly superior to Kias on everything but styling. Kia interiors are still tinny and their stalks and window controls are still very, very yesteryear, same with Hyundais. Don’t get me started on SsangYongs… 

          • Bent6brigade

            Lol able Skoda has Ssangyoung coverd.Skoda are seen as vw stepbrother.Every vechle type Skoda has veedud has.need something differnt to seperate from big brother.

      • Zaccy16

        Very good point, everyones allowed their own opinion but robin goes over the top every time about VAG

        • Golfmother

          Well we are all waiting to see what the next incarnation of the old AU falcoon looks like , tizzy new lights .

          The falcoon is moribund , ancient looks , incredibly bad interior packaging , shocking driving position , lousy quality plastics and old teck mechanicals , unreliable .

          Nothing will change as we march towards the inevitable end , reposa in peace .

          • Guest

            The likes of Robin are’nt allowed an “opinion” on the cr*p Skoda styling, yet you think it is OK to sprout B / S about the Falcon.

            Nobody with any automotive knowledge listens to the cr*p you sprout – you don’t even know that the vitriol that you write is so far from the truth that it’s almost funny! Lets look at some facts:
            1. There is almost no parts in common between a BF and FG Falcon, let alone an AU.
            2. The 3 yo FG still looks better than ANY Golf or Skoda.
            3. Driving position in a Falcon is far better than the cramped lady-boy Golf.
            4. The Falcon plastics stand the test of time, and there’s plenty of the nice soft touch stuff.
            5. The interior packagin of a Falcon is fine – it does it’s purpose very well.
            6. Nothing old tech about Falcon mechanicals – engine cuts it with the rest for prformance, driveability and economy, trans is the best on the market, and reliability that the Toyotas I’ve owned could only dream off, let alone the dodgy VW’s.

          • Golfmother

            Sounds like desperate sales talk Dani , its all down down in the sales charts , therefore its a failure , no the falcoon days are gone , only room for the crummerdore now .

            Robin’s hatred of VAG is well known , i like the focus and the mondeo , but forget the old clunky falcoon , they just look so yesterdays on the road now .

          • Guest

            Yet more lack of real knowledge on your part (Golf-Bangel) – the Falcon is likely to live on in the market longer than Commodore.

            I’ve been saying it for quite a while:
            Holden will keep assembling Cruze and maybe an SUV based off it,
            Toyota will carry on with the 3 versions of the Camry (Camry, Hybrid and Aurion),
            Ford will push on with the all new downsized global RWD plarform that will underpin Falcon and Mustang (and Lincoln)

            Personally I can’t wait for 2017/18

          • Golfmother

            Your dreaming big time dani , the crummer will outlast the falcoon , last days for the old clunker , FWD here we come .

            Why would they bother with downsized RWD , sales are so dismal now wont get any better , and they are bleeding cash in europe .

          • Guest

            Who the heck is “dani”?

          • DILLIGAF

            W T F is the point of dragging falcon into comments on a skoda???
            If you cant even troll on subject you really are wasting your time

          • Golfmother

            If you watched more regularly , the first comment by robin the VW hater sets the standard in his crappy G6E dino falcoon , get over it .

          • Zaccy16

            well why then is it that every other review that isn;t about a VW product but always gets a mention by a troll?

  • Noddy of Toyland

    I think it looks great, great proportions.

    • Golfmother

      Very true , packaging looks good , big interior , large boot , economical motors , this car will now start to sell in numbers as more and more drivers dump their old uneconomical  dino crummers and falcoons . 

  • Hung Low

    Looks much larger but somewhat the same outdated design as before.

    • Robin_Graves

      Hopefully these VAG designers are not being paid because they haven’t done a thing in 5 years. Maybe everyone has been pulled into r&d to try and fix their horrendous reliability.

      • Golfmother

        Iam yet to hear the screams of customer complaints , like VW they are well built cars , always rate well in JD Powers uk surveys .

        Like the golf this car will now start to sell in numbers in oz .

        Another big month for VAG in OZ october, on a roll  , falcoon sales , further down the tube .

        But it looks nothing like a golf .

        • Gtr-xu1

          Opel Astra is more than a match for Rolf.Mechanically,dynamically,packaging,looks,interior.Given that theMk 7 looks like golf been styled bySkoda.

        • Hung Low

          At least Skoda done enough r&d to keep away from using the Vw twin banger, pity they have no choice but the dsg for an auto box. They are much better screwed together than a Vw as well, pity about that grille and uninspiring looks.

    • Phil

      Agreed, looks already outdated compared to its competitors in the mid-sized segment. 

  • Unidexter Hopping

    It looks like the old one! One for ex-Volvo drivers.

    • Peter

      I’m a volvo driver (well I’m an ex volvo driver and my missus has a volvo) and I can say you are wrong.  I cant abide the design of these, they make subarus look stylish by comparison.  I know that they are great cars and all, but strewth that is a horrible sight.  It looks 20 years old, and from behind the iron curtain.  Remember Lada, anyone?

  • 42 = The Answer

    This has to be a mistake?! If not then it really is a missed opportunity!

  • JR

    its been purposely disguised to look like the current shape!!
    it has been taped up in various places to achieve that look.

  • Pro346

    Best comeback in along time!