Nissan has unveiled its highly anticipated Nissan Altima V8 Supercar in Melbourne today, with Nissan Australia CEO William Peffer and team co-owners and drivers Todd and Rick Kelly doing the honours.

The Nissan Altima V8 Supercar is the first all-new nameplate to join the championship in two decades.

Nissan will compete in the V8 Supercars Championship series from the 2013 season as the four-car Nissan Motorsport factory team.

“This is a proud day for Nissan and a significant occasion for the sport of V8 Supercars,” Peffer said.

“Unveiling our Nissan Altima V8 Supercar, the first new V8 model in two decades, brings Nissan’s special brand of ‘Innovation and Excitement’ to the V8 Supercars Championship.

“2013 will be an enormous year for Nissan in many ways, with several new models set to launch next year. One of those will be the all-new 2013 Nissan Altima (road car). It will be the first time the Altima nameplate has gone on sale in Australia, and what better way to introduce Altima to Australia than to have it on-track in the V8 Supercars Championship from the start of next season.”

The Nissan Altima V8 Supercar has been designed and built under the category’s new ‘Car of the Future’ regulations that include independent rear suspension, transaxle gearbox and 18-inch wheels.

The Nissan Altima V8 Supercar will use an engine based on the same V8 found in the all-new 2013 Nissan Patrol that goes on sale in Australia from February 2013.

The unveiling also means a great deal to Todd Kelly, the 2005 Bathurst 1000 winner and Nissan Motorsport racing director.

“This is the proudest day in the relatively short history of our team, as well as one of the most significant days in recent times for the sport of V8 Supercars,” Kelly said.

“Our team has done a tremendous job to design and build an all-new V8 supercar, including a new engine, in roughly nine months.

“The Nissan Altima V8 Supercar really is like no other V8 Supercar. Not only does it look spectacular but its unique features and aggressive design ensure that Nissan Motorsport will stand out from the rest of the field.

“The look of the Altima and sound of the VK56DE engine are second-to-none. Once V8 Supercars has homologated the aerodynamic package on the Altima, we will begin our testing to ensure that it drives as fast as it looks and sounds.”

Rick Kelly, who won Bathurst in 2003 and 2004 and won the 2006 V8 Supercars championship, is also the team’s commercial director, and said it was keen to do well next year, despite it being the team’s inaugural season.

“2013 will be the first time in my career that I will be a factory driver and it’s a responsibility that I am not taking lightly,” Kelly said.

“A lot of hard work still lies ahead but we want to ensure that Nissan Motorsport is competitive next season and is a force to be reckoned with in the not-too-distant future.”

When the final homologation process is complete the team will begin testing the first Nissan Altima V8 Supercar along with the construction of the three other cars. Four Nissan Altima V8 Supercars will make their race debut at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide, South Australia on March 2 2013.


Nissan takes pole position for the Bathurst 1000 with driver George Fury in a Nissan Bluebird in lap record time
Nissan takes pole position for the Bathurst 1000 with driver Gary Scott in a Nissan Skyline Turbo
Nissan wins the Australian Touring Car Championship with driver Jim Richards in the Nissan GT-R and Nissan Skyline GTS-R
Nissan wins the Australian Touring Car Championship with driver Jim Richards in the Nissan GT-R
Nissan wins the Bathurst 1000 with drivers Jim Richards and Mark Skaife in the Nissan GT-R in race record time
Nissan wins the Australian Touring Car Championship with driver Mark Skaife in the Nissan GT-R
21 June 1992
Mark Skaife wins the final two races of the 1992 Australian Touring Car Championship at Oran Park Raceway to seal the title – Nissan wins its last Australian Touring Car Championship race
Nissan wins the Bathurst 1000 with drivers Jim Richards and Mark Skaife in the Nissan GT-R
7-8 November 1992
Jim Richards wins both races in the non-championship event at the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide, South Australia – the Nissan GT-R wins its final race in Australian Touring Car racing before the precursor to V8 Supercars regulations are introduced for 1993.
A Nissan Primera from the British Touring Car Championship was entered in the 1998 Bathurst 1000 for ‘Super Tourer’ cars, with drivers Steven Richards and Matt Neal finishing in second place.

2013 V8 Supercars Championship schedule
February 16 Pre-Season Test Day Sydney Motorsport Park,NSW

Feb 28 – Mar 3 Clipsal 500 Adelaide Adelaide Parklands,SA

March 14-17 F1 Australian Grand Prix Albert Park,Melbourne, VIC

April 5-7 Tasmania Challenge Symmons Plains,Launceston, TAS

April 12-14 Auckland 400 Pukekohe, Auckland,New Zealand

May 3-5 Perth Barbagallo Raceway, Perth,WA

May 17-19 Texas 400 Austin, Texas, USA

June 14-16 SKYCITY Triple Crown Hidden Valley, Darwin, NT

July 5-7 Sucrogen Townsville 400 Reid Park, Townsville, QLD

July 27-28 Coates Hire Ipswich Queensland Raceway, Ipswich, QLD

August 23-25 Winton Winton Motor Raceway, Victoria

September 13-15 Sandown 500 Sandown, Melbourne, VIC

October 10-13 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 Mount Panorama, Bathurst,NSW

October 25-27 Armor All Gold Coast 600 Surfers Paradise, Queensland

November 1-3 F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE

November 23-24 Phillip Island 400 Phillip Island, Victoria

Nov 29 – Dec 1 Sydney 500 Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

  • B C

    Why is there a picture of a engine it’s been revealed nissans Facebook page has had a picture up for 45 minutes now?

    C’mon car advice catch up.

    • Shak

      CA did a full run down of the engine a few weeks back, when it was actually revealed.

    • DoubleBlue

       All the BEST Kelly Boys.. Great to see 4 less Commodores on the track next year.!

  • youngboyracer

    I for one will be glad too see some strong competiveness between brands my dad tells me of the days of Minis Toranas Corollas  and others on the track together I say bring them all back Chev CHRYSLER NISSAN MERC JAGUAR SUBARU TOYOTA , as my dad end this dam rediculous cult thing ………….its not NASCAR   

    • Schah7

       Sounds good but you already have a CHEV out there in v8Supercars its called a Commodore….so we don’t need one of them.!

  • Guest

    They will be FWD V6 in Australia!!!!!

    • supercujo


      • pixxxels

        And they’ll have CVTs. 

        I think his point is that the Altima road car is going to be about as far away from a race car as you can go. 

        • supercujo

          instead of buying an Altima, he should buy a 5L Commodore with a sequential trans axle

          • Sydlocal

             ….and a lower roof, shorter wheelbase and a Falcon based front suspension…. 😉

        • SirRob

          What makes anyone think these cars are close to the road going versions?  If you ever have a chance to tour a V8 Supercar race h/quarters like I have and meet the engineers, you’ll learn the shell and head/tail lights are it, the rest is made just for them to specs.

          It’s not the 70’s boys and girls, there’s no XY’s or Mini’s out there…

          • $29896495

            Exactly, this is stock car racing. Having shells which sort of look like their road going DISTANT cousins and maybe actual tail lights and headlights is as close as it gets. Despite what a lot say these are expensive purpose built race cars, with so much the same under the shell that barracking for Holden, Ford, Nissan is actually pointless. Same suspension, same brakes, same difs etc. 

            Road going cars can produce a good turn of speed these days, getting them back on the track will eventually be the real saviour of the sport. Car of the future bollocks, next step oval racing. 

          • Ziggy

            Stock car racing is the American term for production car racing. Same deal, buy it from the showroom, paint a number on the door and go racing. That’s why they don’t call then stock cars anymore.
            And please. To everybody. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Can we get over this whole whole, V8 Supercars have nothing to do with road cars?……….WE KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because people are fans of the sport, it doesn’t mean they don’t know what’s going on.
            I’d love to see production car racing get a boost in Australia. I also love V8 Supercars, NASCAR, and every other form of Motorsport. Is that wrong?

          • $29896495

            I stand corrected, on stock as opposed to Nascar. *should have had formerly know as) I too, like all forms of racing, Just irritates me that they are virtually identical under the skin, and currently they talk about Ford versus Holden, (and Nissan soon). Car of the future should see them at least be forced to use current engines. In Fact an actual shell and suspension as well. For starters.

          • Ziggy

            I understand the irritation with using the same components under the skin.
            The only thing left with commercial Motorsport around the world (not just here) is brand association. F1, NASCAR, DTM, V8Supercar etc. all forms of the sport have to keep up with the times of development. (not so much V8 supercars, but they have to stay relevent to try to acheive their goal) You need development for the auto industrie, and racing has always gone hand in hand. The only difference is, we can’t drive race cars on the streets. It’s just moved so far away from production cars.

    • Car2012

      Nissan is trying to establish a model name that is not known here. It is all about promotion, not whether it has a V8 engine. Just by us discussing the Altima it is receiving exposure, By the time the Altima is officially released there will have already been some awareness of the model name. Also, with Nissan’s name being promoted they are also hoping for sales of their other models.

  • Alan

    I,m excited now to see another brand instead of Ford-Holden-Ford-Holden Commentery,I hope those Nissan have GTR DNA..

  • Waggaclint

    Looks the Goods, pretty keen to see the new SBR Merc as well..

  • Berlin05

    Not as aggressive looking as the Holden and Ford.  Good to see them in the comp but hope they get thrashed.

    • supercujo

      Parity will make sure they won’t

  • Sonic

    Livery looks awesome. I hope it’s similar to what they will use next season.

    • Guest

      Sorry, nothing like it – they’ll look very similar to the Jack D’s Commodores

  • trololololol

    Finally V8SC is going to be worth watching again…..just….

    • Robert Ryan

       It will be not that much different to watch, slightly different cars. The Altima has no V8 Option as a road car.

  • Stephan_R_EP3

    Y dont they put turbos on the v8 supercars?? Imagine how fast they’d go
    with that on them, or even two for twin turbo action it would be like a
    GTR but faster lol! Also all you jap/aussie idiots dont know what makes an awesome engine, its about the block injectors and materials not the tech used so STFU unless you know what your talking about….

    • Guest

      Interesting that you write to others “STFU unless you know what your talking about” yet clearly you don’t know what YOU are talking about.
      The fact is that the current V8 SC could already go much faster if they were’nt restricted. Both the Ford and GM 5.0L race engines have restrictors on them to limit power output (and speed) to what is deemed safe levels.

      On the Nissan, engine reliability could be the telling factor. I hope that they prove to be reliable race engines from the start. Has anyone else noticed that the current cars have had very few retirements due to engine failure for some time now, as it’s usually some other little gremlin that gets them. Will be good to see the demise of the watts link rear ends with COTF seeing them to be replaced with something hopefully a little more durable.

    • OOOO

      Does your daddy know you’re on his computer your toe boy?

    • tiddy

      Sorry but whats ” STFU”?

  • Guest

    Not sure why everyone is so excited about a different make joining a series that is made up of practically the same car. They might as well just made the same car and rebadged it to what ever manufacturer wants to be part of the series. Honestly there is more difference amongst the Formula 1 cars and at least they are ridiculously fast!

  • Robj

    They have a great racing history…cars made for the track.

  • Al

    I honestly thought they were going to bring in GTR’s and get rid of the V8 naming.
    I guess they’ve gone with this ‘downgrade’ so as not to hijack the racing a have a total whitewash like last time…
    We all know that a fleet of GTR’s would wipe the floor with the V8’s, right? Would have been nice to see…
    I’m left disappointed with it now but I guess it will keep the racing balanced.

    • Guest

      Not really “up to speed” are you? Don’t you realise that the current V8 SC would easily demolish a GTR if it was allowed to? The category runs restricted engines and drivelines for the sake of safety. Some people …… DUH?

      • $29896495

        Safety, get real! The idea was cost cutting, and that was what was available when they started. V8s haven’t moved with the times. Technically they still aren’t. They are trying make a formula survive which has past it’s use by date. For example, if they don’t get other manufacturers in now, and the main stays drop from the market that’s the end. What most people are saying which some of you fail to see is, is a way the racing can go on. This formula is the reason most manufacturers at this point don’t want to be involved. There is nothing in it for them.

        • Guest

          OK so I chose to focus on one particular reason, and you chose another, the fact remians that the V8 SC is artificially limited in performance and a GTR would struggle just to keep within sight.

          • $29896495

            Take the limits of a GTR and put a professional driver in not ;ikle the ammature on the Gold coast, the GTR would probably do OK. remember the V8s are tuned as high as they can get them,if the GTR was allowed to do the same, I wouldn’t like to put money on a V8.

  • Miklured

    can’t wait until toyota join’s in.

    • Doctor

      Yeah, a car with panels that look like a Corolla, eh?
      Oh what a joke!

  • JamesB

    And then they will ban Nissan in 2014 if the car is so good like Godzilla in 1992.

    • Guest

      Never let the facts get in the way of a good whine hey …….
      Why does everybody want to forget that the Nissan would never have run again the following year, even if the catergory wasn’t changed and that Sierras were “banned” as well.

      The fact is that touring cars were in a financial mess, the category changed fomulas and prospered from something worth $45,000 to something now worth many millions.

  • tiddy

    & lets’s not forget the Sierra’s were seriously hobbled by having to use a tyre width that would not have been out of place on a slot car.

  • save it for the track

    See there’s already talk of the ‘Altima’ being to ‘slippery’. As for all the other banter on here about GTR etc. Does anyone seriously believe that a properly race prepared GTR wouldn’t wipe the track with a V8 Supercar? The formula for the past few years has been about keeping costs down and ensuring ‘parity’. If the COTF regs for the formula ends up something like the BTCC in terms of adding ‘ballist’ and making minor tweaks to the cars that are winning, it MIGHT be interesting to watch. I don’t regularly watch the V8’s and the last time I went regularly to race meetings… Well let’s just say not only were meetings still at Oran Park, Amaroo hadn’t been closed yet.

    • falcodore

      Adding ballast is what makes the BTCC stupid. Disadvantaging the winning car is not going to make the other teams work harder for the win and doesn’t give a clear indication of who the best team/driver is. If you want to win it you should have to work for it!

    • Guest

      The claims about the altima being too slippery are just cr*p. Sure it has less drag, it’s a smaller car and therefore smaller frontal area and therefore less drag. Look carefully at the pictures, there are NO added features to increase drag, it’s just more Kelly staging cr*p.

  • dodzy

    Nissan may just be forgetting to put a V8 in the ‘road’ version for Joe Bloggs. Think of the $$ it may generate. All those people who were waiting for another Manufacturer to finally rave in V8Supercars. And they’ll be selling it only with a V6??? WTF………………….

    • $29896495

      You don’t get it, the V8SC cars aren’t real. They have no relationship to street cars. So Nissan are bringing out a new car, they stick the shell on a V8 chassis  then custom, down build an engine. Gets the body seen. but most manufacturers won’t go down that rout, they want production type cars of their products racing. 

      • Dodzy

        I do get it, I know they aren’t ‘real’ . All I’m opinionating is that if Nissan actually did have a V8 Altima, it would most likely sell because of V8SC

        • $29896495

          I think you are wrong in your “opinionating”. I highlighted the main reasons, I think most people, like yourself realise V8SC, has no relationship to road going cars with the exception of head and tail lights. This category of racing isn’t win on Sunday sell on Monday, any more. Which is why most manufacturers at this stage don’t see any value in it. 

  • Paul

    Personally the V8 super cars are boring and I haven’t watched or been to a race in years. A Nissan or Merc wont do it for me either. Its so boring its pathetic. There is no more excitement. All its about is the team with the most money wins. Its not about how good the car make is or the driver anymore. Until the whole script gets changed Im not going to bother spending my time or money for it.

  • Bob Temp

    BOBNZ bring out skaifes old gtr it would still thrash the pants of gm and ford but you have to remember its your aussie tax that keep them alive to the tune of 1 mill a year take the lead out of the old GTR it will bet them,cams keep changing the rules to keep then in the hunt like allowing holden to devolope wishbone front end when gm only had struts now ford have no money like vodephone wheres it all going to go shiping cars to aubi barbi is stupid and cost a lot of dollars whats wrong with V8 SC good luck to nissan and merc stone bros and kelly racing