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Renault has released two limited edition versions of the Clio RS200 and Megane RS265 hot-hatches to commemorate Red Bull Racing’s 2011 Formula One constructors’ title.

In total, 455 Renault Clio RS200 Red Bull and 522 Renault Megane RS265 Red Bull special edition hatches will be produced, each one sporting a comprehensive list of styling and cabin enhancements.

Renault Australia has secured 35 Clio RS200 Red Bulls and 51 Megane RS265 Red Bulls for our market. Both are on sale now, with the Clio priced at $38,490 and the Megane at $44,640 (both before on-road costs) – representing a $2000 price hike over the models on which they’re based.

Both models are finished with black metallic paint, chequered flag roof decals, Red Bull Racing decals, and yellow wing mirrors, front blades and rear diffusers.

The Clio and Megane both get 18-inch black alloy wheels, as well as Recaro bucket seats, a satin chrome gear knob, an RS monitor and an individually numbered commemorative plaque.

Engine performance is unchanged for both models, with the Clio’s 2.0-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol producing 147kW and 215Nm, and the Megane’s 2.0-litre turbocharged unit pumping out 195kW and 360Nm.

  • tiddy

    The Megane….yes please 

  • Phil

    RenaultSports must be at least on par with the Crummer for it’s number of special editions.

    • Amlohac

      Thing is Renault actually have something to brag about in order to warrant making these special editions.

    • Exar Kun

      I dare say there are more LE Clios running around than standard ones.  20th AE, AGP, A&D and now this.  

      I think this one is a bit wide of the mark.  That yellow diffuser is horrible and if they were tying in with Red Bull then why not actually use their colour scheme?

    • Dom

      Don’t think VW do that many specials

      • Bobb

        because VW are a boring German company *Yawn*

  • jekyl & hyde

    no,not doing it me for.i’ll stick with a standard 265…

  • Buntz

    195kw. I don’t think I even need to say anything else.

  • Allan

    Pity they didn’t use the same blue paint as per the F1 cars, would’ve matched the yellow bits and looked even more like a proper “red bull” edition