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The Holden Barina range will expand to include a new range-topping model debuting Holden’s new MyLink technology, as well as an automatic transmission option for the Barina Spark.

The new Holden Barina CDX automatic will take pride of place atop the Holden Barina line-up from November, loaded with features including the company’s new MyLink infotainment system that ties together a seven-inch colour touchscreen display with smartphone integration via Bluetooth, plug-in outlet or USB to display music, videos, photos and contacts for hands-free phone use. Smartphone applications for additional audio and navigation options will also be available.

Holden Barina MyLink - 1

Over the entry-level $15,990 Holden Barina CD, the CDX adds fog-lights, reverse parking sensors, leather steering wheel and gear shifter, heated front seats, chrome exterior accents, 17-inch alloy wheels and a new Snowflake White Pearl colour. Pricing of the Barina CDX will be revealed at its November launch.

Holden Barina CDX - 1

Following the release of the Barina CDX will be the introduction of the automatic transmission Holden Barina Spark in January 2013.

Holden marketing manager for small, medium and electric cars, Emma Pinwill said it was always Holden’s intention to offer an automatic transmission option for the Barina Spark as soon as was possible.

Holden Barina Spark - 1

“With 68 per cent of light cars sold year to date featuring an automatic transmission and sales growing within the segment, now is a great time to be introducing this option to the Barina Spark line-up,” Pinwill said.

Year to date the Holden Barina and Barina Spark have sold 9700 and 1083 units respectively in 2012, trailing behind the light car segment leaders the Toyota Yaris (14,165), Mazda2 (13,273), Suzuki Swift (9227) and the Hyundai i20 (9225).

  • Shak

    Heated seats in a light car, that must be a first for the class if im not mistaken?

    • Noddy of Toyland

      They sure come in handy in our tropical climate. If they were cooled seats, that would be another matter.

      • Chrisg

        Don’t know if you’ve visited Tasmania, or any of the southern states for that matter, recently, but I don’t think I’d describe them as having a tropical climate

        • Sumpgaurd

          My car has both on the driver’s seat. Win ,win 

      • $29896495

        Hasn’t all this been doe before? By the way, who’s buying these ugly things, I never see them on the road?

    • RIchard

      VW Polo gets them if you order the optional suede/leatherette seats

  • Don Quay

    Perhaps they should have spent their efforts on the NVH, performance and dynamic issues with the Barina, than touch screens and heated seats.

    • Zaccy16

      very good point, this is a awful car, its at the very bottom of the light car pack

      • $29896495

        Dead right Zaccy, this is what you get when the yanks design a small car. And they are designing the Commodore too. 

        • Zaccy16

          we are doomed then! the combo of korea and america isn’t a very good one!

          • Captain Nemo®™

             But better than the combo of Germany & Sth Africa hey Zuppy.
            The old Polios aren’t built to last.

          • Zaccy16

            Mines got no rattles or squeaks, still as perfect as it was when it was new! fantastic little engine but 5.5 l per 100 km of fuel on the combined cycle 

          • Golfmother

            Yes agreed these are lowest of the low with love from Daewoo , lots of ice cream container recycled plastics .

    • Jober As A Sudge

      Agreed…better to spend the extra dosh and grab a Mazda 2

      • Trevor

        ever driven a 2?? very over rated.  swift or jazz is a lot better drive.

        • Zaccy16

          A mazda 2 has much better handling than a jazz! for a 5 year old car the mazda is fantastic to drive

    • nickdl

      Bogan chicks would prefer the touchscreen though…

    • always fresh

      The young people buying will probably care more about the tech in it anyway. The touchscreen system would definitely be a plus for them.

  • nugsdad

    looks like better technology than a calais

  • TG

    So close GM, MirrorLink is still the way to go for all manufacturers.

    • A_A

      I can’t wait till this technology finally finds it’s way into new cars and more phones, I can put a head unit in my car now but unfortunately my Xperia S doesn’t support MirrorLink.

      I’d be interested to see the implementation of smartphone integration on this MyLink system however.

      Also, have a look for VAISTech’s Android integration for Lexus/Toyota Prius, very exciting stuff.

  • Goodfa

    I owm a TM Barina and I have to say for an all new model it is woeful.

    Holden always seems to be playing catch up but never seems to be able to quite get there.

    • BP

      … But regardless of what’s been said about the current model, the Barina is having one of it’s best years in 5-6 years 😉

      • $29896495

        S–t really??? Who’s buying them?

        • mattyman

          I believe humans. 

          • $29896495

            well fortunately for the species not many

    • $29896495

      They are essentially the same car, which was the same as the Daewoos which came before it, just with new panels courtesy of the yanks. 


    Automatic…finally here~

  • BP

    I’ve gotta say Holden’s 2013 line-up looks very interesting indeed. With new models arriving including Automatic Barina Spark, CDX Barina, Malibu, Trax, VF Commodore/Caprice, Colorado 7, 2013 looks to be a winner for Holden indeed :) 

    • $29896495

      Good God you’re PUMPING UP Holden!!! Are you corporate or a dealer? It’s dirty when you guys get involved like the Malaysians on the Proton test.

      • Golfmother

        Yep holden1 calling all fools , the range is now the lowest quality, cheap looking , on the market , lets hope the crummer doesn’t look too korean .

        • Trevor

          who will care, they are holdens so they will sell


          • $29896495

            Trouble is they aren’t selling

    • Joker

      Malibu!? Are you serious BP? It’s one of the worst looking mid-sizer’s on the market in my opinion. Same goes for the Spark. I wouldn’t call 2013 a winner year for Holden. Sadly, both Australian builders/re-sellers won’t be having many winning years now,. Even if they do have a winning year. Most products on Holden’s line up are still sub-par

      • $29896495

        Malibu doesn’t test well ever, read some US tests, other than being quiet, did not go down well, and their driving standards are lower than ours. It’s ranked third from last out approximately 18 cars. No wonder he isn’t predicting anything.

  • Kris

    My younger sister was thinking of one of these…what a POS – engine sounds/goes like crap, the interior was cheap and nasty (I understand that its a budget car, but in comparison to the competition, it felt well behind the benchmark)! Spent a little extra and got the Mazda 2.

  • Aussie and proud

    “Year to date the Holden Barina and Barina Spark have sold 9700 and 1083 units respectively in 2012, trailing behind the light car segment leaders the Toyota Yaris (14,165), Mazda2 (13,273), Suzuki Swift(9227) and the Hyundai i20 (9225).
    If my maths are correct 9700 Barinas are more than 9227 Swifts and 9225 i20’s so does that make Barina 3rd in the segment or 5th behind the 2 vehicles Holden has outsold…..

    Another idiot journalists

    • $29896495

      Think it might be a miss print, probably should read 970.

  • grumpy

    I dont like the open headlights on the new barina,think its just  a cheap cop out,and you can do away with all that tv screen stuff aswell,people should be watching the road,not looking at photos or playing with theyre I phone

    • Trevor

      when was the last time you saw someone in a barina watching the road and not her phone??

      • $29896495

        When was the last time you saw a current Barina on the road in general?

  • filippo

    It’s staggering that over 10000 people this year have bought these. What goes through their mind? “Poor handling? Oh, yes please. Shocking fuel economy? Where do I sign?” Are these the same people who fall for Nigerian email scams?

    • BP

      Yet people buy that hideous Toyta Yaris with one of the ugliest interiors in any car :/

      • Golfmother

        Might be ugly but better build than this daewoo steamer .

  • O123

    Had a look at one and was just appalled, The 7 year old corsa was a nicer car!

  • Unidexter Hopping

    Ugly, cheap, substandard products with as much appeal a a dose of the clap. If Nth Americans think they understand the Australian market, then Holden is doomed.

    • Dave W

      Americans just don’t understand small cars.

    • Trevor

      FORD america thinks they understand our market…. LOL


      • $29896495

        American capitalist problem, the world has to think like them or not at all. Which is why they are in the trouble they are in. The rest of the world just wont tow their line.

  • Trevor

    apparently the manual spark doesnt have enough power to get out of its own way… cant wait for the auto lol

  • Trevor

    its the ford fiesta of the modern car era!

    • Trevor

      sorry!!!   FESTIVA

  • Wile E Coyote

    The green one was designed by Disney.
    You would have to be a Looney Toon to buy one.

  • $29896495

    just had a thought, If GM were smart, they’d trash all this daewoo rubbish, and build Opels in Korea. The quality might drop, (which is a concern) but even though it would last half as long, it would be 4 times better than what they have at the moment.

  • Fitness210

    I have never driven one of these cars and am disappointed that people are saying that it doesn’t drive well. I have read good reviews of the Chevrolet Sonic but not many of the Barina TM. Mostly due to Holden coping out and down grading it. I actually really appreciated the look of the car. Could be a little more streamline at the back. I think all the other cars in its class are ugly as hell. Mazda 2, Yaris, Swift etc.

    • $29896495

      Well we know where your taste lies. You can’t judge by American tests (if that’s what it was) Their standards are different to ours. As are the conditions and the tune of the cars in respect to handling when a US or OS variant. Preference for styling is subjective, but I’d say you are mostly on your own. Why don’t you go test drive a couple and see the difference for yourself.

      • Fitness210

        Yeah I can see the standards are different. Thats why I’m disappointed. I think it could have been a great little car had Holden put a little more into it. Especially a small turbo like the sonic. Still have to say I enjoy the exterior.

        Good advice. Might just test drive one :)

  • Justjackxoxo

    I have one, and I love it.. For the price, it looked a lot better on the exterior and in the interior then the Micra, Alto and i-20. I mean that’s just my personal opinion, but most of my friends love my car.. It has a great safety rating and it had cruise control with I love. 

    • $29896495

      Just a note, you compared it to cars which compete against the Spark. Did you buy one of those things?

  • BarinaLover

    I personally love them… my mums got a F6 typhoon and we raced, i managed to beat her! very zippy of the line and torque thru the mid range is huge! spins the fronts in 4th!

    • $29896495

      I’d have to see it to believe it. I can just imagine mummy hammering it.

  • Christopher W Herbert

    the new Holden Barina CDX looks remarkably similar in frontal design to the  2013 NASCAR Chevrolet Sprint Cup car (launched to the public viewing in late November 2012). And that in itself would almost suggest with the NASCAR version based around the Chevrolet SS (in relation to the VF model Holden Commodore) this could also become the new face of the VF once the next model Holden Commodore sees the public light.