The Honda Civic Type-R is officially back.

Honda CEO Takanobu Ito confirmed the return of the hot-hatch cult hero during a mid-year speech this afternoon, in which he outlined the Japanese manufacturer’s direction for the next decade.

Ito said Honda aimed to launch the new Civic Type-R by 2015, as his company sought to “fulfil customer expectations” of a new performance hatchback.

“With the application of technologies which will be cultivated through participation in WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) starting this year, the all-new Civic Type-R is being developed with the goal of becoming the fastest front-wheel drive vehicle on the Nurburgring race course,” he said.

The revelation that the new model will draw on technology from WTCC almost certainly confirms the fourth-generation Civic Type-R will be powered by a turbocharged engine.

Honda’s WTCC race cars are powered by 1.6-litre direct-injection turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engines – a configuration that is expected to carry over into the production model.

The decision to embrace a forced induction powerplant would represent a significant shift in Honda’s ideology, with the brand historically priding itself on its high-revving naturally aspirated engines.

The trend of engine downsizing and turbocharging is widespread throughout the automotive industry, as manufacturers pursue the desirable combination of high power and torque outputs and low fuel consumption.

Honda was forced to stop production of the previous-generation Civic Type-R because its naturally aspirated 2.0-litre engine failed to meet a number of countries’ emissions regulations.

CarAdvice’s spy photographers snapped a Civic Type-R mule with a large rear wing undergoing testing at the Nurburgring in June, suggesting that development of the all-new hot-hatch is already underway.

To achieve their goal of making the new Type-R the fastest front-wheel drive car around the Nurburgring, Honda’s engineers will have to at least better the time set by the 195kW/360Nm turbocharged Renault Megane RS265, which lapped the famous 20.8km Nordschleife circuit in 8 minutes 7.79 seconds late last year.

The Honda Civic Type-R will be produced alongside the standard Civic hatchback at Honda’s plant in Swindon, UK.

  • Basil Exposition

    As Long John Silver used to say…. R!

  • teslakite

    yeah babay!

    • Dave W

      No baby, not if its gonna be another fat a$$ car with split rear window. I want a sleeker civic with no split rear glass.

  • Hi

    2015.. by then the competition would have blown it out of the water..


    Mistake in the Article:
    Honda’s engineers will have to at least better the time set by the 195kW/360Nm naturally aspirated Renault Megane RS265,
    The Renault Megane is not Narutally Aspired.
    Thank You Editor

    • TimBeissmann

      Right you are, GT. Apologies for the error. Amended now.

      Tim Beissmann

  • Edward

    Looks like Honda is finally getting its head together!

    It only took a string of uninspired new models like the new Civic Sedan, the discontinuation of the S2000, Integra and the Civic Type-R, a lack of class-leading technology on all its models, the shelving of the NSX supercar development, a design department that rivals the bland-ness of Toyota, and a hybrid sports coupe that failed to catch on for them to realise that they were living in a paralel universe where the world is frozen in the 1990’s.

    Ive had my Civic Type-R for some time and i agree with giving the next one more pedigree, but they shouldnt forget to improve the ride too. The current Type-R is so bumpy on Aussie roads that it can induce vomitting if you have a drunk passenger in it (i learnt the hard way).

    Im not sure i like the idea of a turbo Type-R, but we’ll see how we go…

    • Drunk people spew… who knew?

      Are you actually blaming Honda for having a drunk person spew in your car?

      • Edward

        I’m normally designated driver and the ride of the vehicle makes a huge difference in that situation. My Last civic was vomit free. My current one has been vomitted in 3 times already and I can’t count the number of close calls

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

    Awesome. After a the tsunami, good seeing company bringing back these cars. I hope they do something with that rear though… 

    • AndyGF

      “Those cars” were dead long before the tsunami hit…

      If you want a fun car these days you look elsewhere, and I doubt by 2015 that would have changed.

      • $29896495

        tsunami had nothing to do with the type R, was built in the UK. Simply Honda is in the toilet and the moment and its designers are circling the bowl. Once they go down the S bend, Honda may start getting back to what it was.  

        • AndyGF

          Schn was talking about a tsunami, and I was talking about “those -performance- cars” affected by the tsunami… Of which the JDM Type R was killed off long before the tsunami hit! …my point in the first place.

          Though I do agree; I do hope honda make better cars again, but they have been promising that for many many many years now… So ill remain skeptical until I see it.

          • $29896495

            Cool, understood

  • Rocket

    How about a round of the WTCC at Bathurst or Phillip Island. Looks like a good series we are missing out on in OZ. 

    • $29896495

      You should look at the comments on the Mercedes entering V8 series, there are a lot of us asking for the same thing. Car point

  • Luke Brinsmead

    It needs to be here by 2014 if it’s serious about competing with the Golf 7 GTI.

    • Yetiman

      A VW enthusiast wouldn’t drive a Honda, different market.

      • Legnab

        I went from a prelude VTIR to a golf GTI , prelude was brilliant , just got sick of cog swapping , turbo’s make life so much more enjoyable on long hauls .

        i hope that get this out asap with turbo grunt , honda needs to get their mojo back .

        • JooberJCW

          I think they’ve been observing how the success of the AE and BRZ go, give them the substantiation its time to get back to sports models/variants.

    • JooberJCW

      As per the article, I think it needs to be here before Renault bring out the Next Megane RS to make the point, whats the point of beating the generation old car.

  • Vins

    2015? Isn’t it a little too long and a little too late by then?

  • Mark

    Maybe the CEO is saying 2015 as a conservative launch time…I hope anyway

    • Zaccy16

      Yeah hopefully because the market will be even more competative in 3 years!

  • bob

    Lets hope it’s not as hideously ugly and utterly brutal to drive as the last generation. Bring back the Civic from the early 2000s!

  • JamesB

    I don’t understand why Honda need a lot more time to develop a new Type R. It’s not like they will use cutting-edge technology for the car, not to mention the torsion beam rear suspension of the old one. The upcoming Focus ST will just be too tough to beat as it will certainly be one of the best handling FWD cars to ever grace the tarmac.

    • woja

      I think you are forgetting that to get cutting edge performance from a frontwheel drive car you need to use whizz bang electronics to keep the front wheels firmly planted and steerable at the same time. Honda can in fact do this but it will take time to sort out the electronics. It took VW and Ford10 years or longer to make their red hot rockets steer and point properly and still there are grey issues.

  • Lotsamoolah

    Would that be the 9,000rpm 2.4L or the first 3.5L V6 Civic?

  • Altezza

    For the sake of restoring Honda’s image, fast track NSX successor, resurrect Integra and most importantly, overhaul the designers team.

  • Kaas

    The last Type R was just a couple of years ago…. I dont really get the big deal of “Next Type R” when we just had a recent one… although good looker but didnt live up to the heritage.

  • Keejoonc

    Shame the new model looks absolutely hideous. They went backwards with the current model.

    • Zaccy16

      Yeah especially the sedan!