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The all-new Ford Mondeo will be fitted with the company’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, making it the largest-ever Ford vehicle to be powered by such a small displacement engine.

The impressive turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost motor confirmed for the Ford Mondeo, and already employed by the likes of the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta, generates 92kW of power and 170Nm of torque – with 200Nm available with an overboost function.

Ford is expecting the EcoBoost engine to deliver the new Mondeo best-in-class fuel economy and CO2 emissions of less than 130 grams per kilometre.

Ford Mondeo - 3

The 1.0-litre Ford powerplant features twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT), low-inertia turbocharger, direct fuel injection, aluminium cylinder head, low friction piston coatings, piston rings and crank seals, and a cambelt-in-oil design.

The new Mondeo will join Ford Australia’s line-up although it is unlikely to arrive here before the start of 2014. Ford Australia’s Sinead Phipps said the 1.0-litre engine was not intended to feature in the initial launch range.

Ford Mondeo - 2

Full details of the Ford Mondeo are due to be released later today at the Ford ‘Go Further’ event in Amsterdam, alongside the 2013 Ford Fiesta.

  • James

    In other words brand new Ford gets burnt at the lights by a Smart car…

    • chris

      Is that the best you can do, what a lame comment

      • Karl Sass

        But it’s true. Only 170/200Nm of torque in a 1500 odd kilo car is going to make for very modest performance. 

        • Macca

          with a 6 spd double clutch behind this 1L, it will feel like a 2L. 

          • Karl Sass

            Hopefully your’e right, although no transmission is going to make a car feel like its got double the power. We’ll never see it here anyway.

          • JamesB

            Even a loaded Woolworths truck can beat a Smart car. But still, it’s ridiculous the Mondeo, which used to have a 3-litre V6, downsizes by half the cylinder count and 2/3 the displacement. That’s just an utterly desperate measure to yield the best efficiency, but it’s not worth it if driveability and fun suffer big time.

          • matt

            would you like a current uk base model with a NA 1.6? i think not. it probably will be a performance upgrade over there.

      • notatoy

        Is that the best you can do, what a lame comment

  • Daniel

    This is a great looking car, but I can’t help but feel it’s too much of a mash up of other designs. The lights are theirs, but the grill is very Aston Martin (not just in shape, but even the way the horizontal bars in the centre jut out but go back at the sides, if that makes sense) and the picture above could be an A5 Sportback from the A-Pillar backward. Still looks great and I don’t actually suspect them of copying because a brand like Ford would know how obvious that was, but it is a bit similar to other things. 

    • http://twitter.com/stevie_wonders_ stevie

      You have a really good point. And, as much as I agree with you, it is pretty hard to come up with something original. Who sets the trends in automotive design? Generally the big Germans, and other Euros. Most car companies go for that Euro-chic look and, really, they all end up looking much the same. That’s why I appreciate when companies try to be a little creative and do their own thing – Kia being a good example, with their alloy wheels on top-spec models having that flat-faced two-tone look (I haven’t a clue what it’s actually called). It seems to be one of those design features people either love or hate, but it’s not exactly common.

  • Zaccy16

    Great engine tech but VW had it first! This always happens though that we don’t get the better engine choices!

    • Robin_Graves

      Had what first?  A small engine with a turbo?  I think you’ll find Renault invented the turbo decades ago, not VeeDud.  Veedud resurrected WWII by sending bombs over that may explode at any moment.

      • Zaccy16

        i know that VW didnt event the turbo but they were one of the first to use engine downsizing, direct injection and turbo tech on normal mainstream models

        • Blair Waldorf

          I think Fiat may have just beaten VW by a few months in 2005 with its 1.4 turbo engine.

          • Zaccy16

            I stand corrected but it was more mass produced in the golf

      • Legnab

        GM actually grave robber , but the hermans bought it to the mass market , no need to bring the war into it , thats just tacky bogan talk .

  • Legnab

    This motor might actually save the falcoon from death , perfect source of motivation and economy .

    • Fairlane

      Who would want a 92kw disposable engine pushing a 1700kg car?
      It would be a dumb idea to fit this in a Falcon.

      • Poison_Eagle

        They should at least build a prototype IMHO, and let journalists, some members of the public drive it.

      • BrodyBunter

        I wouldn’t bother Fairlane. Some people just don’t think before they speak. Car advice is filled with them.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    Only good if there was an Australian vehicle emission tax, but good for those countries that do have that tax – annual tax savings.

  • mark

    i want this colour! 

    of course ford most likely won’t offer it when the car is launched, or it will be a special order 4 month wait for it  

  • Sonic

    Looks much nicer than the ford fusion. The headlights look more refined, the wheels and the roof also massively improve the styling. I feel sorry for the US sometimes… They also got a mutated version of the fiesta.

  • Car Fanatic

    The Swiss invented the Turbo Charger after the Germans Patented forced induction.

    Renault had nothing to do with it.


    Is it just me or…..does it look like they’ve borrowed some styling from Jag? Surely it’s not just the colour that is the coincidence….

  • Zoner

    Geez, can we hold off on the ‘I am right, you are dumb’ comments….Great looking car, and ofcourse it doesn’t come to oz….because, that would make sense. cheap milage and reasonable power…who wants that! No…just keep driving our 3 litres and b!tch about the fuel prices

    • Pick Up Your Act

       Agreed Zoner! The comments section on this site has become so negative that I often couldn’t bother reading them. The “one upmanship” mentality can be found under almost every article.  People need to be reminded that we can agree to disagree and that doesn’t necessary make either one right or the other person wrong. This car could turn out to be the first of a trend towards much smaller engined fuel efficient vehicles. With fuel costs around a $1.50/litre the public at large are going to be steering (no pun intended) towards 1.0 Litre vehicles.

  • gt86.com.au

    cool engine but that car is too heavy for it..
    When is carbon fiber going mainstream.. Weight reduction is the way of the future!

  • F1

    My Lexus ISF is really a high tech muscle car;

    It’s an all-alloy quad-cam, 32-valve with high-flow cylinder heads, dual VVT-I with electric VVT-iE inlet camshaft actuation, titanium inlet valves, high-lift camshafts, dual D-4S fuel injection, dual intake air system, variable intake tract, tuned length surge, dual variable oil velocity control and stainless steel dual exhaust system. It’s high tech, and it’s also Euro 5-compliant.

    • Tom

      Perhaps, but its a Lexus… so pfft…

      • My ford Touch

        Really the crusie control stalk in that thing comes straight from all other toyotas.
        They couldnt even be bother to design a new one.Toyota FAIL

    • Dudeface

      And for all that, it make an entire 2 kw more than the 4L V8 in the M3! Yay Toylexus!

      • Phil

        Even more Yay! The 4.0 6 cylinder in the OLD 911 makes 57KW more than the 5.0 V8 in the Lexus!

        • F1

          It’s not all about kW..

          The 2UR-GSE in the IS-F with the 8-speed direct shift box with 0.1 seconds shift times is a car designed also for normal driving..

          It’s unique, all this technology has enabled the car to be Camry like, in that it’s quiet, extremely smooth and just easy to drive and comfortable.. Floor it and the 5.0L beast wakes up 😉

          And it also meets emission etc requirements and for a 5.0L V8 it has surprisingly good fuel economy, if you don’t floor it from every stop you can easily average 10L/100km around town.. Highway it can go down all the way to about 8L/100Km

          I can’t complain.

          • Phil

            Carmy like? AHAHAHAHAHA, so you spend $130,000 to get a car that drives like a $26,990 fleet special?

            It meets emission requirements? Ummmm EVERY car meets emission requirements you dummy. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to buy it!

            We do love it when you stop by F1.

      • F1

        It’s Japanese, so pride was involved..

        If you’ve driven the IS-F you’ll appreciate the great level of technological prowess..

        It sound beautiful, below 5000rpm it’s as quiet as IS250, but once you’re at 5000rpm the beast wakes up…

        It’s such a direct and extremely responsive and precise car (drivers car)

        It also looks pretty stealth.

        You can get them used for like 80k.. Not bad for a car with 23,000km on the clock..

        • chook

          Yes its japanese…..of course…..so if you move to japan to live then you will see more people who like your lexus excuse than here . Obviously with your patriotic feelings for japan you can create more jobs there by employong japanese builders and so on, but be aware that you dont buy any australian steak there  , just in case australia benefits from it !!

  • Shak

    As advanced as this little engine may be, it just doesnt seem like enough to motivate a car that will likely weigh upwards of 1450kg’s. Then again it isnt coming here, and for good reason, Ford Oz dont need that sort of a car because we dont have CO2 taxes on cars, or fleet wide emissions averages (yet).

    • F1

      Why damage the economy with Ridiculous regulations like those?..

      • Shak

        I never said i supported them, but they could become a reality one day when the government realises they can rake in some serious money with them. 

    • mosmanite

      There were the same concerns around the 2.0 Ecoboost in the Falcon and that does a pretty good job. People seem to forget that the 2.0’s of yester-year used to produce similar figures to this an no one cared. For a daily commuter I think it is more important to have the modern creature comforts inside the car. Remember, you don’t have to buy this model, it is just for those that want it.

      • Pierre du Plessis

         I agree! The MK1 Mondeo’s 2l Zetec Engine produce 97kW and 180Nm. This 1.0 EcoBoost produces 92kW and 170 Nm (200 Nm with overboost!). It is quite similar…

  • Save It For The Track

    Why would Ford bother trying to explain the beneifts of a small capacity turbo to such a dumb market as Australia? It’s why many manufacturers don’t bring their entire range to Australia. The market is too small, and too apathetic. Many European brands tend to bring their bigger and more powerful versions of their diesels and petrols to Aus. In a country with so many Toyotas in the top ten selling vehicles, why should manufacturers with smaller more efficent and smarter technology bother trying to sell innovation to a market like that?
    It’s obviously why Toyota drip feed technology into the Corolla’s and Camry’s, and leave them as boring as dishwater to drive. They don’t want to scare the sheep that buy them.
    Back to Ford. Aside from the monumental marketing blunders that have taken place (i.e. the lack of effective marketing), the culture within the company itself in Australia would not lend itself to a 1.0L engine in such a sized vehicle as the Mondeo.

  • Noel

    This must be one hell of an engine.  Good on Ford for doing something
    right, pity it’s not coming here however I agree with @Save It For The
    Track, no point trying to educate Australian’s about an engine like

  • Maz

    Why not just leave a hole in the floor and allow people to push it “Flintstone Style”.?!1L in that. I don’t care how efficient it is, I doubt it will have real long term longevity..

  • Save It For The Track

    Point proved….

    • Noel

      Exactly lol

    • JooberJCW


  • 12INCHER

    Seriously 1lt engine? Surely you cant be that tight to be an owner of a car with a 1lt engine. RIDE A BIKE.

    • Legnab

      Tell that to the italians when petrols $9.50 US A GALLON , and it will be $2 plus a litre here soon , get a bike ,no i want to drive .

      • F1

        They’ve been forcasting $2 a litre here for the past 6 yrs and we peaked at about $1.70 in mid 2008 before GFC.

        In Italy’s case, it’s excessive government taxes etc..

        Too bad for them that their government are a bunch of clowns

        • Shak

          In contrast to our highly sophisticated and level headed Government.

          • Zaccy16

            Level headed? Ha HA HA, i will not have a carbon tax under the governement i lead!! Ju-liar!

          • Balir Waldorf

             LOL. have a look at the taxes people have on them in the EU and then complain about the carbon tax..

          • Zaccy16

            Yeah, Jul-liar is destroying local ford from within!

  • ray

    you dont need to explain how good the IS F is to thoes that drive a Kia and dream about buying a BMW one day however not knowing the continuous $1000 service bill will drain their wallet easily

  • JamesB

    Three cylinders – lame!

  • Balir Waldorf

     Fiat Twinair in a Chrysler 300C anyone? 😉

  • Ralph

    If they put the 151kW version  of the 1lt engine, from the Formula Ford that when around the 
    Nurburgring then they’d have something, although the likely hood of that being anything but a race engine would be diminutive.

    • JooberJCW

      They’ll have a loud short-lasting car that it will be.

      I believe the sensible demographic the mondeo markets too will have no gripe of