The interior of the Porsche Macan has been spied for the first time as development of the premium medium SUV continues in the lead-up to its official unveiling in 2013.

The spy images reveal the Macan cabin will take inspiration from its big brother, the Porsche Cayenne, but with a sharper, more modern design.

Like the Cayenne, the centre stack features a large, high-mounted infotainment screen flanked by vertical air vent columns. A bold border at the base of the screen and vents gives the Macan a cleaner and better-defined look than the Cayenne’s centre console.

The square angles are broken up by a silver line that hugs the instrument cluster and flows across the width of the dashboard, matching the curves of the exterior.

A signature three-spoke steering wheel continues the theme, sporting a silver hub and arms.

The Porsche Macan will arrive in Australian showrooms in 2014, becoming the sixth model in the manufacturer’s line-up, and the first all-new nameplate since the launch of the Panamera in 2009.

The mid-sized Macan will share some components with its Volkswagen Group sibling, the Audi Q5, and potentially some of its petrol and diesel engines in a higher state of tune.

Macan Turbo, Turbo S and Hybrid variants are all expected to follow sometime after the car’s initial launch.

Shots of the prototype’s exterior reveal the Macan will feature a stubby, rounded front overhang, broadly contoured door panels, a slim glasshouse, a tapered roofline with a raked rear window, and a tailgate and bumper that bubble out at the rear.

The plastic cladding covering the tail-lights is deliberately designed to look like the Cayenne, although earlier sketches suggest its rear lamps will be much slimmer, more in line with those on the new Porsche 911.

Stay tuned for more details on the all-new Porsche Macan ahead of its unveiling next year.

  • Guest

    The Macan’s bubble rear contour reminds of the Nissan Juke R project featured in CA’s previous article. It’s a pity that the Juke R is a special built project model – the Nissan GTR engine & 4WD driveline is shoehorned into the Juke’s chassis. If it is a true production model, it would give the Macan a run for the high performance SUV crowd’s
    money just like the Nissan GT-R is giving to the Porsche 911.

    • Domvonhutch

      I don’t think its a pity, the Juke R is silly. People won’t buy it, but they will buy the Macan.

      • Guest

        Porsche Macan are for Posers. Great for cash-up Bogans whose grown tired of their HSVs or FPVs & need to be seen moving up the social ladder. Great as footballer’s WAGs’ accessory or high end Moms’ school taxi.
        Motoring enthusiasts prefer left field options like the Juke R where the opportunity to wipe the smile off Porsche Macan owners’ face is Priceless. The Nissan GT-R have been dominating production level competition like Tarmac Rallies. Winning even against the Porsche 911s. Porsche for Posers.

      • Gus

        Yeah, silly & ugly & impractical.

  • Daniel

    I’m looking forward to this car. I’m won’t buy one, but in a market brimming with sporty pseudo compact SUVs, it will be nice to have one that actually has a big engine and great driving dynamics, which being a Porsche, it better. If they can make the Cayenne drive like it does, I’m looking forward to this. 

  • crouchy35

    Will it have 7500030000 buttons like the Panemara?

    • Mike

       yes, but smaller ones.

  • Warboyrb

    if it costs are similar to Land Rover Range Rover Evoque it may sell quite well.

  • Sumpguard

    The interior looks like a glue together. The steering wheel has bits hanging off it everywhere. I doubt we are looking at the “reveal”.

  • Niklaus Manoj

    Premium in price that is.