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The X-trail has been one of Nissan’s few success stories, Nissan’s current model X-Trail is the current market leader in its segment and with that in mind Nissan has been working hard on the new one, which was revealed at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. The new model should be here towards the end of the year.

Upgrades include more powerful engines, a new look interior, an upgraded 4×4 system and more interior room. Nissan have taken the philosophy of if its selling, why change it? So whilst this car is all new, the actual shape shares many design ideas with the current model.

However you do get new headlights, revised ‘family’ grille and other features.

  • Better economy
  • Reduced emissions
  • Better safety levels
  • Larger interior
  • Better comfort & refinement
  • Better performance

One of the biggest changes to the car however, is the boot, the new shape has a significantly larger boot. Nissan points out that with the rear seat in place, the current model had a measurement of 410 litres up to the lower edge of the rear window. In the new X-Trail the equivalent figure is 603-litres, an increase of 193-litres.

2007 Nissan X-Trail Rear

The new Xtrail is powered by an improved version of the current 2.5-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine. As per usual Australia is unlikely to get the Diesel variant of the X-trail which is currently on offer in other parts of the world. However there is no official word from Nissan as to whether or not, the Diesel versions will make it to Australia.

The computer has also been upgraded with the latest ‘intelligent’ version of Nissan’s “All Mode” electronic all-wheel drive system built into the new vehicle. The new system is said to be simpler to operate system with a rotary knob on the centre console offering a choice between two-wheel drive or Auto mode.

  • DDS – Downhill Drive Support. Operated via a switch on the centre console – operates when All Mode is in lock mode. DDS uses the anti-lock brakes to maintain a descent speed of 7km/h allowing the driver to concentrate on steering. The system behaves the same way when the vehicle is in reverse.
  • USS – a fully automatic system that activates on any slope that exceeds a 10 per cent incline, holding the vehicle on the brakes until the driver starts to move away. The system also works if the vehicle is reversing up an incline.

Expect the vehicle in Australia around September/October.

  • ralph spinner

    I am interested in diesel x-trail of 3 litre capacity to replace 1993 pajero which is far from worn out at only 125000 k.

  • Myke

    Nissan focus way too much on 4WDs/AWDs/SUVs. Currently only the Tiida and Maxima are the only non 4WDs/AWDs/SUV in there passenger vehicle line-up.

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    Till the new GT-R comes out 😉 :)

  • Myke

    is the GT-R coming to Oz though?

  • Lazybones

    One reason I choose the Rav4 over the X-Trail last year was …. who the hell thought its was a good idea to put the drivers console in the centre?? Dumb Dumb Dumb!

    I’m glad the console has returned to its correct location!

    • Ina B

      Nothing dumb about the console in the middle. We purchased our X trail in 2003 and like it where it is. After owning one for 7 years I think we can speak from experience. We love our X-trail.

  • One Water Bottle Bakes

    After driving 70,000 K’s in an X-Trail is very obvious that the car is extremely well thought out. The superb engine has features that endow the engine with high torque at low rev’s, making possible a very low final drive ratio , as well as better lugging power. The light,strong front lower control arms are forged alloy as used by BMW. The resulting reduction in unsprung weight dramatically improves thumping from the front end found in most other vehicle. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!
    The central instrument panel is not for style ;the line of sight drops naturally from the left kerb to the panel.Never buy a car for “style”!!!

  • Lazybones

    “The central instrument panel is not for style ;the line of sight drops naturally from the left kerb to the panel.”

    Thats only natural when your observing eye candy while driving :).

    Style or not, its a very bad design. I think most drivers would agree its natural to look where you hands are. If this was considered a good idea they would have kept it in the new model. To my mind i’ve never seen any other car with a centre console. Except the Mclaren F1, but thats because you sit in the centre.

    • Jerry Wilson

      The 1926 Chev I learned to drive on had central instuments as did every other car of it’s era. Mini’s did, Morris Minors had them, Austin A40s too if I remember correctly. Mamy, many cars over the years have had central instruments. If they’re decent instruments, it’s not a bother. I agree, though, directly in front of you is better

  • One Water Bottle Bakes

    You should already know where your hands are whether you look or not, thanks to proprioception. What you won’t know without looking is where the left hand edge of the road is up ahead. The ONLY way you can learn this vital information is to sight it. I bet you just sat in the X-Trail for a short time – not enough to acclimatise to the difference. After 70,000 K’s I definitely prefer the angled central location for instruments.

  • Lazybones

    “I bet you just sat in the X-Trail for a short time – not enough to acclimatise to the difference. After 70,000 K’s I definitely prefer the angled central location for instruments”

    Mysteriously most Nissan dealers have some reservations about 70K test drives. But as I said before If it was so good every 4WD or Car would have it. But Nissan have abondoned this idea themselves. So quite simply your on your own.

  • roguelement

    I’m now on my third X-trail but diesel which is the obvious way to go when you travel as many km’s as I do. The two I presently run are both well over 100,000 km and as good as gold. BUT….I’m really disappointed that Nissan have not said they are to bring out the diesel version, especially the new auto version. It would eat the opposition.

    Sorry Nissan I can’t wait I’m looking very carefully at the Santa Fe – diesel & a great warranty

  • vanessa

    hi Iam looking at purchasing a 2002 nissan xtrail ti, with 100,000 on the clock. What major repairs am I up for? Any feedback negative or positive would be greatly appreciated

  • Ben

    Just also like to say that the diesel would prob bring the x-trail back to the forefront of the market to kill the rav and the CR-V on the 4wd ability alone, the x-trail has always been very popular, and the auto diesel is def the trend, i reckon nissin are stupid to not bring out the diesel, but i guess they did release a tiida….

  • John Stretch

    Diesel. Please. Australia lags behind practically everybody, when it comes to diesel. For 4WD performance, service interval, fuel economy and to optimise the life-span of vehicles, diesel is significantly ahead. In conditions of extreme heat, diesel is also the winner. In European markets, buyers have convincingly demonstrated diesel’s strong potential appeal.
    WHY NOT?

  • Peter

    I have had my eye on the X-Trail for a while and the 2007 model sounds pretty good. Like many other people I an keen on the diesel version given the sorts of distances involved in travelling around this country.

  • Franz Chong

    I will definetly be considering an X Trail to replace My Present Nissan Tiida when the warranty expires in July 2011 or should I win the lottery sometime in the future.

  • Alpal

    I want to tow a small jayco caravan Penguin 11 any comments please

  • john

    We’ve had an X Trail for 4 years – over 115k now and nothing major. delighted a new version is on it’s way, sooner the better. Hear they’ve put in a better quality interior [ current one scratches easily]and allowing for GPS and MP3. Just looked at the Jeep Compass today – no comparison in terms of interior space and controls, it’s more RAV 4 than X Trail. If Nissan folk read this site…please give us a date on the new Xtrail.

  • Kym

    I have a 2005 X-trail and love it.

    Would only think of trading to newer if a Turbo Diesel was available.

    Towing is why it got the X-trail so Diesel is what I need.

  • vic

    I’m from canada and have been owning an 06 for over a month – got used to the center dash. Its not that bad and as a working suv, its actually a good thing cos right in front of the driver is a big pocket to put your cell/wallet, cds, etc. If everything was moved to the drivers side, I’m sure no such pocket would be in the middle!

    FYI the US don’t get the xtrail & us here in canada have only had the xtrail for about 2 years, but no deseil??????????

  • Darren

    I’ve had three new Nissans 4WDs in the last 5 years.
    I just sold an X-trail anticipating the new model, which I’m hoping will come in diesel. But if no X-trail diesel, no more Nissans for me. They make great cars, but you can get a better deal leasing 2 cars instead of one. Also Nissan, why don’t you beef up the warranty terms a bit, even Honda are now offering 5 years. There seems to be a perception that the small turbo diesels wear the gear boxes by 100000k’s.

  • Erik

    We recently bought an X-Trail after looking at the opposition and deciding that none of the rest had enough space in the back for a baby pram and other stuff. More space in the new one will further differentiate it from the others. We also own a current model Pathfinder (2.5l t-diesel) and the wife is constantly complaining about the lack of torque in the X-Trail. But she wouldn’t even look at the diesel Hyundai – she has a perception that all Korean cars are unreliable. I think all the small 4WD’s will be offering diesel soon – so Nissan should get ahead of the game and release their diesel in Aus NOW!
    The centre console’s great for night driving as there are no lights in your line of sight to distract. Unfortunately, it’s not so good for keeping an eye on your speed. Luckily all X-trail’s have cruise control.

  • Graham

    Great to see other comments asking for a Diesel.
    I have a 2 year old X tail that does a little bit of towing. Love the car but want to trade it on a Diesel Xtrail. I would hate to buy a Hyundai or Captiva because the Nissan marketing people know more than the public that want to buy the vehicle.

  • Allan Garbutt

    I have been holding off buying an X-Trail on the hope that they will provide a diesel version. If they do not, I will go to the comparable opposition with a diesel.It is disappointing in the extreme to read that we have been overlooked for a diesel varient. Bad move Nissan.

  • Arnold & Jo-Anne

    Have one 95 Peugeot diesel sedan which does 48 miles/gallon or 5.88 litres/100klms or 17 klms/litre.

    Also have one 1991 Mazada Capella after market import which does 43 miles/gallon or 6.66 litres/100klms or 15klms/litre.

    We were looking to upgrade to Nissan Xtrail till we found out that they haven’t the nouse to bring out to Australia the diesel version. We will definitely be looking to alternative manufacturers for a diesel equivalent of Xtrail.

  • chalkie

    I have an X Trail 2002 model with 110,000 km on the clock. It hasn’t missed a beat and i hope to keep it for a few more years yet. The centre console doesn’t worry me and has never been a hassle. The interior does mark easily but that is a minor irritation. Like many others i wouldn’t hesitate in buying another X trail IF they brought out a diesel version to Australia. It would be very short sighted of Nissan if they don’t and I believe they will lose out in the long run. Listen to those who own these cars Nissan – bring out the diesel version to Australia or lose customers.

  • tim

    3 Words to Nissan:

    Diesel, Diesel, Diesel.

    Then I’ll buy one.

    Don’t you (Nissan) look at the sales in the rest of the world?

  • Allan Garbutt

    I really like the Nissan X-Trail and would love to purchase one, but my next vehicle will be a diesel. If Nissan will not provide an X-Trail diesel, I will go to a comparable competitor that will.

  • GS

    I own a 2005 manual Exy TI which I love. It has great tow capacity although the petrol four struggles a bit. Everything about the car is perfect for me, but Nissan’s failure to bring out a nice strong diesel will probably see me shopping elsewhere. Captiva maybe, once the bugs are out?

  • Steve V

    As a petrol Navara owner I love the Nissan make but wanted to move to a comfortable SUV, that could still tow confidently and had good fuel economy. The X-trail looked to be the answer, that is until I took the diesel Hyundai Santa Fe for a test drive. Superior styling, superior torque, equal finish and best of all, over 1000k’s to every tank, regardless of whether it is city or country driving. Sorry Nissan, as much as I wanted to stay loyal, the diesel option is the way to go and until you offer up a version, I won’t be coming back. As for service, warranty, reliability and finish, Hyundai is now equal with the Japanese. Just read the reviews. Eric, you should have told the Mrs how it is.

  • Brian

    I am a RAV 4 owner of 7 years, a good vehicle. However I am really interested in the 2007 Nissan X Trail for my next purchase. From what I read it will do and provide much more than the current 2007 RAV 4 can offer.

    One stumbling block for me Nissan Australia! I understand you will not be offering a diesel version.

    Who made this short sighted decision? Can you change your policy? If so you have one more buyer to add to the list of the many craving for an X Trail diesel!

  • http://australia JOHN COSTELLO ( BIG LOU )

    I bought an Xtrail in Australia in 2006 I compared it with other makes in its class and found that there was no comparrison as the X TRAIL was by far superior than its rivals apart from its preformance under all conditions I do like the instrument panels central position on the dash ast only takes a slight glance to the left instead of having to take your eyes off the road and to look down between the steering wheel spokes to get a reading. I would not buy another car type vehicle but would defently buy another Xtrail and would highly recomend them.

  • Chris

    Diesel, Diesel, Diesel, Please

    The current version has been great but the only way I would buy another X trail is, if they bring the new diesel version to Australia – otherwise they will loose me to the competition later this year

    For all those who made negative comments about the centre readout, give it a try – it’s quicker and easier to read (no wheel spokes in the way) and now Nissan are dropping it because of the publics resistance to change. A shame for those of us who liked the concept.

  • darren

    Just traded the pt cruiser on a 2002 xtrail love it +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  • Steven Hambleton

    Perhaps we should set up a Diesel to Australia campaign?

  • bob marsh

    We want to buy a 2007 x trail to tow a caravan,we need a deisel motor. Australia is more caravan orientated than any where else in the world. Nissan would be the market leader,for God’s sake pull your head out of your rear end and give us a DEISOL

  • bob marsh

    I know it it’s DIESEL (no spell check)

  • Perkup

    I have a 2005 petrol Xtrail and I love it. I got used to the centre dash after a week and it doesn’t worry me a bit. I don’t particularly like diesels so that doesn’t worry me either, though I appreciate some do like them and if Nissan have a good diesel motor, it should be in their options. Otherwise, the Xtrail has exceeded my expectations and origignally I was not fussed on brands and having tried out Hyundai SUVs, Kia and RAV4’s I went for the Xtrail after so many positives from owners I spoke to -no regrets.

  • http://www.hardmans.com.au/ Hardman Nissan

    The current X-Trail has not only been a popular seller for us, it also provides its owners with few, if any, service or parts problems.

    We’re sure the new X-Trail will be even better, based on what we’ve read and heard so far.

  • Ion Barbarasa Moldova, Europe

    2.2 dCI X trail it is a realy nice car even for bad roads. I have seen the new model a it is quite well but the engine is only 2.0 having more 150 hp. I like it.

  • Peter handler

    Put simply…it sounds great though the diesel sounds even better. As for the central instrument cluster on the current model, I think that it’s got more to do with cheaper and easier versions of left and right hand drive models rather than aesthetic or safety reasons.

  • David

    I too, like so many others, am interested in the new 2007 X Trail however the lack of a diesel option is SO shortsighted by Nissan. Even at an extra cost, it would sell like crazy. Please, Mr Nissan, let us have a turbo diesel version in Australia.

  • Satisfied

    I have a manual 2002 X Trail which I love. Done 110,000km now a lot of that country driving. I pull a 1000kg caravan. Only gripe I have is you really have to work the gears on even the slightest incline as once you lose revs you are stuffed. I think Nissan’s specs on towing capacity is grossy overrated and what I tow is getting close to maximum. The central instruments are fine once you are used to them and the storage in front of the steering wheel for phone, glasses etc one of the best features. An outlet for the aircon for back seat passengers would be really useful for Australian summer driving conditions. I am in the market for a new car and if there was a diese I would definitely buy another X Trail

  • DJW

    At the time I thought the 2.5L Q engine in my ex-2002 X-Trail Ti Lux was the smartest SUV engine going, and it was hands down. BUT – this time around if there is not an auto turbo diesel X-Trail available – then its a Captiva for me.

    NISSAN should LISTEN – make the diesel version available to OZ or lose customers.

    [PS had a Mini & Kombi way back – so center console was never an issue, but acknowledge that there are all too many vanilla folk out there.]

  • neill

    Question for Satisfied … you tow a caravan … I’m thinking of towing a 1,350 kg boat melb-syd [tandem axle braked trailer] … how do you think my auto x-trail go? it says its rated to 2,000 kg but that seems a lot for a medium sized car.

  • Satisfied

    In answer to Neill as I said I feel the towing specs given by Nissan are overly ambitious gien the size and gearing ratios of the engine. My caravan fully laden would be about the weight of your boat and knowing the Sydney -Melbourne run which doesn’t have any big hills like coming up from the coast to Canberra (Clyde Mountain or Brown Mountain) you won’t have any problems. I can pull my caravan up these mountains but feel it is about maximum weight on the steep pinches and in mid summer I need to watch the temperature gauge.

  • neill

    Ah ha … thanks for your thoughts .. however I failed to give all the details .. we will travel back to Melb via the South Coast of NSW [family beach house near Nowra] then turn right at Batemans Bay and up the Hill to Canberra and on to Melbourne. From what you say it will manage the hill as long as I take it easy and watch the temp gauage. BTW – what sort of fuel economy do you get when towing?

  • Satisfied

    Fuel economy goes out the window but a caravan will have more wind resistance than a boat. Without towing I get 10km/litre -600km a tank. When towing I get 6-7km/litre – about 360-370km a tank.

  • Kylie

    I own a 05 X-Trail and love it!!
    The safety and comfort the xtrail has to offer is second to none great to see they sre improving it too!
    The centre dash only took a couple of weeks to get use to and i love it there it’s out of the way and i get extra storage space and a air vent right onto my face!
    I also find because of where it is i am not always looking at it and taking my eyes off the road as much i make use of cruise control and knowing the car helps with that!
    I would love it if nissan brought a diesel not only for the power and fuel ecconomy but for me it would cost me nothing in fuel (father inlaw owns a transport company)!!!!! :) which helps!!!
    I would reconmend the x-trail to a family we find there is heaps of room with bubs and her pram theres plently of room to fit the shopping in, and it has plently of room in the boot for the dogs our bullterrier and rohdeshian fit in fine!!!!!

  • Robert Gledhill

    Would just like to say i have been driving a 2.2 turb diesel x trail for nearly four years and in that time has never given cause for concern either towing or solo, the one thing that has suprised me is the lack of turbo lag! on motorways with the caravan on sixty miles per hour is easily achievable. The only downside to all this are the emissions when the engine is worked hard.

  • http://. ROBERTO

    The X-Trail… oh yes. My other half has a 2003 TI model with the same crap problem as going back to a 4WD I had being a 1985 Pajero Wagon with ancient rattling rear seat back that always rattles (whilst not same car maker it is same mounting issues on both cars). Great to see that from 1985 to 2003 it was not worked out how to build this problematic area properly and yet with newer versions it was FINALLY changed. As for door trim very strong, but touch it with a feather and it scratches so dame easy!

  • Mike

    I have had a 2005 X Trail from new and have had 70k trouble free km’s. I spent a great deal of time in RAV 4’s and CRV’s and there is no comparison in relation to drivability, size/space and 4wd capability and as for the centre instrument cluster, a brilliant idea, giving an extra storage area in front of the driver (with a charging outlet)… I seem to remember the old and new minis having the same idea! The new model sounds like an appropriate evolutionary change ( except for the loss of the driver storage area!). But I will not join the bulk of option calling for the diesel model. Even with moderately high Kms they stink, rattle and pollute all those motorist’s that have to follow behind them and as for the repair & maintenance cost’s from the overcharging diesel mechanics! If the diesels are so clean let the diesel drivers breath the exhaust by diverting the gases to their cabin!

  • kelly

    Why don,t you send your diesel demand to nissan Au instead of protesting here. I think it would have a much faster and better reponse.
    My two cents Kelly, Spain

  • J Krishnan

    I have used an Xtrail for 2 years and can say that it is a value for money, mid size 4 wheel. I had couple of problems with the car though. But I blame them on my poor attitude towards maintenance. It started to overheat mildly, but I ignored that. The probl got worse, and reached a stage where it wud shoot up like anything. My advice to owners, “a stitch in time saves nine”. Unless u know a very good garage, it is worth going to the original dealer for maintenance. the extra amount that he may charge is OK!

    That said, everything else was superb. Super smooth, car like control, the right elevation – not too up, not too low – a clean kind of image, somewhat decent people own this, unlike a Nissan patrol (mostly driven by sort of shady characters)

    Im seriously considering buying my next brand new vehicle and thought of civic. but its too low, even for a car. saw x trail from showroom. saw tucson, which is cheaper, but is nothing to compare with xtrail. santa fe ofcourse is good. better, look wise. roomier. and slightly more expensive. possibly its gonna be an xtrail.

  • Allan Garbutt

    I would love to buy either an x-trail or a Dualis (once I have seen it). However, my next car will have a diesel engine. I think it is environmentally irresponsible of Nissan Australia not to give us a diesel option. No diesel, no Nissan.


    Listen to me Nissan Australia – I want a diesel X Trail, I will not buy a petrol one. I have a petrol X Trail at the moment and while I love the car, I need diesel to consider taking it on any serious outback trips. If Nissan Australia are saying there is no market for diesel in Australia, I suggest you get your collective heads out of the sand.

  • Frugal One

    Why the *uck would you want a stinking smelly and greasey DIEsel?

    DONT take it out on Nissan, have u seen a DIEsel in a RAV, CRV, etc etc




  • Steve V

    Frugal One obviously hasn’t had a drive in a modern diesel SUV. No smell, no stink, and provided you can put a nossel into a hole without blowing the load before you get it in, no mess. Perhaps you are just a premature fuelejaculator?

  • Mike

    If Steve V had driven in Europe where the “modern clean diesel” prevails he would notice that a great number of the trees have died along the major autobahns from those clean trucks & cars, and remember without trucks(diesel) Australia stops ..& and breaths!

  • Ros

    Our 2003 X Trail needed a new motor after 191000kms it was beleived that the number 2 piston and conrod scattered. We have replace engine that could not be repaired.here’s hopeing the new motor will last longer.Has any one else had any engine problems?

  • Steve J

    bought new x-trail ti 2002 3 recalls and a new rear muffler under waranty.Has done only 97,000kls both front sealed wheel bearings collapsed within 5000kls of each other now the gear box is being overhauled because of flaring between 2nd and 3rd gear they think it is caused by the electronic accelerator which so far can’t be tested the cost i have been told is $1,700 and can’t be returned if not the case. So far the box looks like costing approx $3,000 and i’am being told this is a common problem and should have been a recall but because of the high cost involved this would not happen.

  • chris chambers

    has anyone any comments on the sunroof of the 2006 xtrail I would be interested in any other comments on this vehicle other than the diesel issue as I am in the process of buying one
    I live in Townsville so the weather is a big issue since we get extreme conditions

  • Jamie Harrison

    Just bought an x trail 2002 luxury ti model, leather seats, sunroof 5 speed, what a car couldnt be happiershes got 120000 on the clock but shes as smooth as a brand new car
    the comfort for the family is fantastic and the options in the luxury model are just great.
    wouldnt hesitate to recommend to young family wanting a good alround cheap vehicle
    anyways happy x trailing fellow x trailers

  • Jay

    I love my X-trail, It does what I Want. The drivers console in the center doesn’t bother me at all. It did when I frist got it but you get use to it. The only reason Nissan is putting it back is because of the feed back. If every car maker put it there and Nissan put it in front of you, you would be saying the oppistie. It was a bold move and people just didn’t like it. Was it becasue it was different? and how many of the people that didn’t like it own one? Jeep Wragler (YJ & TJ for the Canadaians) also had all the guages in the center (that excludes the spedo and tach). Are we that afraid of something new?

  • Allan Garbutt

    What a great disappointment that neither the Dualis or X-Trail will be offered with a diesel option. I am a great fan of the X-Trail and was waiting for the new model to arrive with diesel. As my next vehicle will be a diesel, I will take my business elsewhere.

  • Bob Lynch

    Diesel, diesel, diesel. Been looking at the range of mid sized soft roaders and X-Trail seems to come out on top, EXCEPT, no diesel version available in Australia. The Diesel has been available in UK for 5 years or more so what’s holding you back Nissan? Just look around at the number of VW’s particularly the small commercials in diesel. My business has a Caddy and the savings in fuel alone justify the extra cost.
    Then there is the personal thing where I want to tow a camper and not always on the black top.
    Give me the Diesel X-Trail please Nissan.

  • Julie

    Just heard a rumour from our nissan dealer, diesel may be coming to Australia at end of 2008. Fingers crossed…

  • Satisfied

    A pity Steve J has had problems with his 2002 X Trail. I also have a 2002 model and yes we had the recalls and my only other problem was my central locking went biserk at about 10,000km. As you drove along or were parked the car would randomly lock and unlock without you doing a thing. Meant you couldn’t park anywhere as the car would unlock itself. This was fixed under warranty and since then I have had trouble free motoring.

  • Campaign to Recall

    I have an 2002 X-Trail (80,000ks) – it has timing chain problems (of which has only just been diagnosed despite my insistance there was a ‘noise’ a very long time ago). A defective timning chain tensioner was the reason X-Trails were recalled in the UK in 2004. Has anyone else had this problem? Cost to fix: $1,800 and 2 days without the car.

  • Gazza

    VW will bring a TIGUAN diesel down under supposedly
    able to tow 2000kg however what pisses me off is they
    dont currently plan to bring the track and field variant
    which is the 4WD version down under. I cant understand these car companies. With Australia’s wide expanse people
    want a capable SUV and a fuel efficient one at that and not some pretender like the CR-V.

  • Bob Lynch

    Gazza’s comments are only too true. Not only do we get pretenders but we get “softroaders” with toy spare tyres. Wouldn’t like to be too far from town with only a pretend tyre to get you home. Examples are Captiva and Tribute and sure there are others. We need rugged but not too big. Like who needs a Land Cruiser. Also a tailgate that doesn’t foul the trailer/van or whatever when it swings sideways.

  • Duck

    Would it be better of road than the Pathfinder?

  • Jentim

    Our 2004 X-Trail TI was written off last week after a head-on collision. I must say it is one of the best cars I have ever driven. We loved it so much we have just been and purchased a 2007 model Ti-L.

  • Satisfied

    Late November I sold my 2002 X Trail and purchased the new 2007 (2008) model. Reason for sale – had to make a decision whether to keep old car and eventually no resale value or sell now whilst it still had a reasonable value. Decided to sell. My old car was manual, the new one is auto. In the 2 months I have had it I am pleased with it. A little disappointed that the storage box that was in front of the driver and has been moved to the cente of the dash does not have a 12v power outlet. This means a collection of cords from the lighter to the mobile phone and GPS (and the utterly decadent coffee maker!!) The increase in space down the back is great and the sliding drawers under the floor a real seller. All the stuff like snatch straps, tools etc that I had down the well with the spare tyre and now easily accessible.

    I feel the amount of space in the rear footwells has decreased based on what I used to carry down there. (The back of my vehicle is not used for passengers) My old X Trail was good on the road but the new one is even better – no body roll and very direct steering.

    So far one happy customer


  • BarringtonCaradvice

    Just want to put in my 2c worth.
    Hey Nissan if your listening! Diesel, Diesel, Diesel Xtrail please. Drove one as a rental while on holidays recently. Loved it. As an CRV owner, may be an Xtrail convert, now that the driver’s console has been moved to where it belongs.

  • Jay

    I from Malaysia and been a X-trail owner since 2004.

    The central console was a brave move by Nissan and they should have had stuck with it in the new model. I do find it strange at first but take a liking to it later.

    The storage in front of the driver is very convenient for putting small things. The usual glove compartment is for my spouse; I don’t have to store my things there.

    And it looks cool when viewed from the passenger’s seat as it is slightly angled to face the driver. The usual console in front of the driver would look flat.

    It is easier to focus and take a reading when it is placed slightly away in the center – I need reading glasses but not when I’m driving.

    And it is accessible no matter when or what the position of the wheel spokes and your hands are at.

    No major problems for the past 3 1/2 years over 85,000 km.

    The storage area at the back is huge when the back seats are folded. Was moving a lot of stuff last month. And one worry is how to get out the spare tyre without piling out all the stuff. You know – Murphy’s Law – if anything can go wrong, it will, and usually at the most inopportune moment.

    Would be great if the spare is place underneath like Citroen Picasso.

  • Troy

    I have read many complaints about the lack of a diesel engine for the X-Trail. At least you will be getting a newer version of the X-Trail, unlike us Canadians. We only had the X-trail for 2 years (2005 & 2006) and that is it. Now, we have to go with something inferior in order to get anything near what the X-Trail offers.
    As for the center gauges, there is nothing wrong with the placement. I found it natural to look in the center, instead of trying to look around my hands and steering wheel to see the gauges. There is no obstruction, and it is normal to be looking in the middle of the vehicle while driving because you have to maintain focus on the middle of the road. Also, the center gauges offer an easy transfer of the steering wheel, for Nissan, because the X-Trail is a global vehicle. And, the center gauges offer a more unique look then the norm. Honestly, it was a good design, but everyone’s a critic.

    I plan on having my 2005 Nissan X-Trial SE for a very long time and I absolutely love my X-Trail!

  • Chris

    I’m a ford Falcon driver for many years. Looked into the Territory compared it to the Xtrail keeping in mind 6 cyl to a 4 cyl. The accessories and the 6 air bags far out way the territory’s only 2 air bags. Comfortand safty in the x trail is much better for my family than the
    How ever Towing is my concern? I need to tow about 1200 Kgs any thoughts on the matter?.
    Also spoke to a x trail 07 owner informed that it sucked fuel overly for the first 20,000 k’s then settled down. Has any one else experienced this?
    At this point the x trail is winning our purchasing asperations.
    Hoping to keep it for at least 10 years am I dreaming?
    Is it possiable?.

  • Andrew Wilson

    I am looking to buy a new car and i like the new xtrail very much ,but will not buy one if it doesnt have the new 2 litre diesel engine in it, that they already get it Europe.
    Come in Nissan stop treating us Aussies like crap and give us the best vechile in the range.

  • Peter Haigh

    I am delighted with my Xtrail except for 1 thing that I consider quite significant in Adelaide. The heater continuously bleeds heat to the cabin even when supposed to be off or with a/c operating. My local dealer acknowledged that this was a known design fault with a control flap deep in the heater that does not close properly and design that does not divert water from the heater when it is supposed to be off. My dealer (Unley Nissan) went to considerable trouble completely dismantling the heater – (I was amazed at how much of the engine bay had to be dismantled to get at it) – 2 days work (under warranty). Results were moderate at first but now it is back to its old tricks again. I have measured temps at 5-7degrees C higher than outside air with heater supposedly off. This is a serious problem especially in a hot climate & particularly noticeable getting back into that car after a short stop & with engine hot.

    What shocks me is that I can find no reference to this problem on the www. Given that it is a design problem why have no other owners complained about it – are they all living in Siberia? Have you ever encountered that problem or heard about it before? Of course the extra heat load on the a/c means poorer performance (a/c) & poorer fuel economy as a result.

  • a


  • Frugal One

    Diesel Murano confirmed [For Europe]

    I am OVER diesel 100%, had 2 of them, done-my-time, NOT interested.Period.

    Give me LPG anyday [actually, Sat. 29th of this month! :-)can start to enjoy my huge $aving$ immediatly!]



  • George yerou

    Its the most beutiful car i have ever seen i would buy one anyday but i already have it anyway its such a good car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cary

    Frugal One – can i ask why you are over diesel cars? I am considering buying an x-trail diesel as my next car and had never driven one. Not sure about maintenance costs on diesel cars though (anyone have any comments?). Can diesel really last more than 100,000kms?

    My in-laws have a 2004 x-trail (i think) and have driven it once or twice before and did not like the way it handles the road, it seemed a bit heavy and noisy, also it didn’t feel secure over pot holes on the road – body jigs.

    Anyway apart from all that I know that they have made driving improvements on the new 2007 model and now that they will be releasing a diesel variant in July 08, which is what everyone is waiting for, I wouldn’t mind taking this car for a test drive.

    Any comments would be much appreciated.


  • No Name

    Cary – are you kidding. A well maintained diesel should easily get 320,000Km under the belt. Servicing intervals are usually greater than petrol versions, but check the service intervals.
    Just as an aside . I had a diesel Audi A6 on variable servicing it used to average about 30,400km between services. Similarly my wife 2.olitre petrol Renault Laguna was every 16,000 I think.
    I would suggest you drive before you buy on this occasion. Its a big purchase so take you time as you may regret your choice.

  • Cary

    No name – thanks for the feedback. I would definitely test drive a diesel next time and do some comparisons.

    I’m a bit put off by the price of the diesel at the station though. Just wondering if a diesel car is worthwhile in the long run.

  • Esteban Fosco

    Hi. I’m a X-Trail 2004 owner from Argentina. After 62000km start with fails and I try changing the spark plugs. When I take out the first, found it was damaged. The external electrode was in contact when the central one. Aparently the piston is deformed. I can’t believe this yet. I’m taking the X-Trail to the mechanics to find out. I was thinking maybe is the same problem that Ros report after 191000km? Have you any ideas? Please contact me in: guchifosco@hotmail.com

  • Jeff

    Looking at buying a secondhand x-trail. Can anyone advise if they require a cam belt replacement and how much this may cost. Are there any other potential promlems to look for in second hand exies

  • Kelly Jamaica


    I live in Jamaica and I’m thinking of buying a 2002 nissan xtrail. Jamaica is hot and I’m wondering if the vehicle has any over heating problems or and other major problems. Jamaica is Honda and Toyota country but I have a thing for the xtrail.I have a travelling job wil the 2002 x trail be a good buy?

  • Peter Horwood

    I have a 2003 xtrail and it is a very good vehicle
    The xtrail does not have a belt drive for the camshafts but a metal chain. On idle the engine is very quiet with little mechanical noise

  • stan

    have a 2006 model. I am experiencing intermitent severe vibration with wheel shimmy. service cannot find the problem. any body else got an idea

    • ian

      I have a 2006/07 xtrail manual and have done a little bit of towing (in 4th gear only, approx 1200kg )with it and now it has developed a bearing noise toward the front left side. I took it back to Nissan who checked it out and ordered a bearing ( 2 weeks from Japan) for the rhs drive shaft into the wheel hub( so they told me). They replaced the bearing and when I went to pick it up they said that they had fixed that problem but there was still a noise from the left side and needed to order a part from Japan again. This part would take longer as it was larger nad needed to come by ship. I said ” was it a transfer box” to which he finaly agreed.
      Has anyone had or heard of having the same problem.

    • jenny

      Did you ever get an answer to your x-trail’s vibration. Mine does it too and mechanics have not found a solution -have tried a few different things to no avail.

  • Mckenzie

    Hi there!
    I am hoping to get some feedback… I recently purchased my 2006 Nissan X-Trail LE and I really do love it. The heated seats are great and the size of the sunroof is wonderful! The only thing that is bothering me is that I am only getting approximately 400km per tank of gas. Presuming I have a 60 litre tanks, that works out to 15L/100km. To me that doesn’t seem very good, I know it is cold weather and that could be contributing, but 400km still seems quite low. I have spoken to other people with the same truck who say they are getting closer to 500km per tank. So unless they are lying I can’t figure out why I am getting such low mileage – I expected it to be better?

    How many kilometers is everyone else getting per tank?


    • Tas Gandy

      McKenzie, I have a 2005 X-trail Ti, 5 speed manual, (petrol of course) here in Australia, I use the vehicle every day for business, a mixture of city and country use. It matters not, I generally use 10L per 100KLM, yes the tank is a 60L tank, so I work on 600KLM per tank. Not that I have ever pushed it that far, I usually start looking for Fuel at when the gauge reads 1/4 of a tank left. Generally I manage to then pump about 43 to 46L of fuel in. The book states 10.1L per 100KLM city & 9.4L Country. (Australia) Without a doubt I would purchase another X-Trail. This vehicle has now done 99,658KLM as of this morning.

      Hope the above assists…….Tas

  • Emily

    Can anyone tell me a rough guesstimate on a price for a 2002-2001 Ti X-Trail with about 160,000kms???

  • http://facebook Jess

    i Just bought a 2002 ti lux xtrail with 106000kms and it only cost me $12500 full leather interior and elec sunroof

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  • Tim

    Just paid $10, 000 for 2002 Ti with 170, 000 on it in immaculate condition, inside and out, and mechanically A1. I Love it! Some do have minor recalls that Nissan will address free of charge which is easy to see if your intended vehicle has had completed by contacting Nissan with the VIN or rego details.

    GREAT CAR!!!

  • Trash

    Does anyone know whether 140,000 is a lot of km for 2007 trail?

  • http://lesp63pacific.net.au Les Paton

    we have xtrail that has now done 200,000ks have not spent one razoo on it run ,Cooper Tyres, it would be the best vehicle i have operated it is economical, abundance of room, carries good load holds road just great been up and down across and over the continent in mud /water no snow, we dont mind boxy look , as it is a practical SUV

  • Rodrick Mota

    My nissan x trial is overheating even you make switch on.