The all-new Toyota Corolla has been revealed in a series of Japanese brochure images, giving us our clearest look yet at the design of the upcoming hatchback.

First published by Japanese website Response, the images reveal the front, rear and interior styling of the new Corolla hatch, which is set to be officially unveiled in around three weeks ahead of its Australian debut at the Sydney motor show in October.

Seen here wearing Auris badges (as it is sold in Europe and Japan), Australia’s Toyota Corolla hatch will look almost identical to the cars pictured when it reaches local showrooms in the final quarter of this year.

The images confirm the 11th-generation Corolla will feature more aggressive exterior styling, with pointed headlights integrated into a V-shaped grille, a large trapezoidal lower air intake, angular horizontally mounted tail-lights and a sporty rear bumper with a large dark diffuser.

The cabin also takes a generational leap forward, trading the current Corolla’s conservative rounded edges for angles and silver accents that create a more modern and youthful ambience.

Automotive website CarScoop reports the Auris sold in Japan will initially be available with the choice of two petrol engines: a 79kW 1.5-litre and a 106kW 1.8-litre, the latter of which is expected to power the new Corolla in Australia.

For the first time, the Corolla will also be offered with a BMW-sourced diesel engine as a result of the partnership signed by the Japanese and German companies in December. Toyota Australia says it will import diesel-powered Corollas if they are made available for our market.

The Toyota Corolla hatch is expected to launch around 12 months ahead of the new Corolla sedan, due in late 2013. Toyota is also developing a wagon based on the new hatchback, although Toyota Australia says it has no plans to reintroduce a Corolla wagon in the local market.

  • Adam

    Oh dear

    • Smart US

       the car already look like from best perestrojka year reigned by Lada… its just watered down Lexus hatch in very unattractive way

      • theillestlife

         watered down lexus?

        surely lexus’ are watered up toyotas not vice versa.

    • TR

      This is God awful, Toyotas are getting worse….

      What happening to all their propaganda a fews years back that the future look of Toyotas will not be bland, I don’t think Toyota know the meaning of that

    • Bird Dog

      Oh dear indeed. Was the design inspiration a shovel? Did someone go to the back shed and glue a leaf blower, wheel barrow and a chair together? 
      Toyota, you had an opportunity to shine with the new Carolla and you stuffed it. Scrap it now as a joke and start again!  

  • Sam

    Front looks like Impreza, rear looks like new i30, and interior looks cheap.

    • Henry Toussaint

       Cheap and Dated, that green lighting is the big let down, plus the black plastic…

      • D987

         and yet it will still sell really well. There’s not one bit that I like on the car.

        • Henry Toussaint

           Ohh and since we’re on the topic of crappy hatches, Is it true that the Tiida has ESC now?

    • Igomi Watabi

      I like the 1986 seat fabric.


    Diesel engine…yes please~

  • Craig Taylor

    C’mon Toyota, find some soul.

    • BOSSCR

      ..or perhaps find some Seoul?????

  • Galaxy

    The interior is an abomination!  Green back lit screens. What decade is this – reminds me of an old Nokia mobile before colour screens. If this Corolla and Honda’s Civic are the best that Japan Inc can produce against the rise and rise of Hyundai, they’re all in trouble.  The rear end of the Corolla is 60% Hyundai i30 and 40% Nissan Tiida. The front end is awful and looks out of date before it’s even released.  I guess it will be the same 100 year old 1.8L with CVT drone. The dash inside is not much better than a Yaris, but REALLY looks old fashioned and try-hard.  Toyota.. have a look at the quality of the new i30 interior and cohesive design. It’s in another league!  

    • TG

      “I guess it will be the same 100 year old 1.8″

      lol, made my day.

      • Darryl

        There’s a 150X – that would mean the 1.5 out of the Yaris – yaaay! So your choice is the powerful improved 1.8 or the frugal new 1.5. 

    • Mattyman

      The interior is pretty much a copy paste of the 02-07 Corolla. It’s amazing how little the design has come over 3 generations. I’d argue the yaris has a better interior. It has some white splashed about it. Mildly more interesting to look at.

    • Phunken

      Tote agreed. The styling look more awkward than ever, its come across between the bloated current gen with a more forced “youthful” edgy styling themed that doesn’t gel effectively. I guess Kia and Hyundai are LOL at this ‘new’ car designed for those who have missed the 90s…

    • TR

      The exterior is an abomination!!!!!!

  • Vti07

    Green backlit lcd displays for the clock / ac / audio system look so 80s. Too much tacky fake aluminum highlighting (esp around the audio system) spoils the interior. Good how the power output of the 1.8 is now 106kw and looks more aggressive on the outside. Should sell like hotcakes as usual.

    • matt

      106kw on japanese 95 ron fuel…. ill wait for aussie specs

  • Golfschwein

    A little more slant on the headlights, please.

    • Legnab

      Thats the asian problem, except for mazda/kia who do it well , the japs and the koreans are engaged in overstyle to out do each other , meanwhile they are turn off to any euro driver , such uglyness . 

      • Sumpguard

        For once I have to agree with LeBang. This is a mess.

            Meanwhile why can’t toyota do a decent lower front spoiler?  They seem to protrude out in an awkward way  .The camry suffers the same problem though at least it is a better looking beast than this thing.

        • Legnab

          Thanks sumpy , so whats with the slots in the rear bumper ,every jap car and now the merc A class has it , does it serve some function or is it tizz

          • Sumpguard

            A poor attempt at Tizz I think.

      • Phil

        But Euro cars are just a bit too boring and conservative for some of us.

        • Phil

          With some exceptions, of course…

      • Neutral Observer

        The irony is that this model was designed in Europe. But we can’t let facts get in the way of our blind prejudices now, can we?

    • Neutral Observer

      Agreed, I would like to see more slant on small car headlights these days. VW could use a lesson on that. 

  • Basil Exposition

    What is dissapointment! This thing is boring. Hire some good designers and let them do what they are good at. Looks like a grey suited committee has been at work again.

  • Thosmas

    4 speed auto or not?

    • Kit Ho

      wouldn’t surprise me, since they already went retro with the green lights on the console

      • Smart US

         and no power steering and ac to save juice…

    • TG

      Will probably be a droning CVT.

  • Sumpguard

    Ewwww what a feeling!

       What a dramatic breakaway from the current blandness  into a whole new styling direction of Nausea! 

    • Smart US

       diarrhea, direction of…

  • Crummydore

    Hmmmm, most of the comments have been harsher than I would have thought.

    What needs to be remembered is that this car is Toyota’s bread and butter car and so
    it will never be a design trendsetter.

    I dont think its that bad really, better than the current look by far and the dash has a little bit of flair.

    Lets see in a few weeks what its really like.

    • Sumpguard

         Granted. But it’s gone from bland to ugly .I have little doubt it will sell. Just not to me!!

  • Kit Ho

    hey guys, let’s take the headlights and grille from the Tarago and chuck it on a hatchback!

    oh and the interior looks fugly and cheap

    • Phunken

      OMG thats where i seen those headlights before…

  • Norm

    Surprise! ……not

  • jon

    exterior looks ok, though I think the front V shape could be done a little bit better.

    I like the back, interior looks sleeker than the current plasticky corolla.

    Glad to see the engine’s power has gone up though

    • TG

      What, all of 6kW?!? That’s definitely something not to get excited about.

      2.5 litre 135kW 2AR-FE from the Camry please, then the Corolla might be ½ reasonable…

  • Dennis

    Meh it’s got a CVT….

  • Save It For The Track

    Toyota really don’t have to make much of an effort with their Corolla and Camry/Aurion models as there’ll always be the dullards that simply know nothing else but buying a Toyota. kW and number of gears in the auto transmission doesn’t mean much to an old age pensioner or retiree. Now if they could just put a voice system in to remind the poor souls that they are in Drive or Reverse and that the brake pedal is to the left of the accellerator that would be progress. Really though, for a Corolla this styling might be a bit ‘over the top’ for the dull as dishwater target market, but they wouldn’t look at anything else anyway, so it’s all good.

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

    I think the photos here actually don’t make it look that great. The photos on autocar website showing the actual model rather than the ones shown here make the new Corolla look pretty decent. 

    • Benji

      Agreed. Those photos are much more flattering. Will be interesting to see one in the flesh.

  • Maximark2601

    I just bought a used late 2010 model hatchback a few months ago and I’m very happy with it. Very good on fuel, even driven around town. Standard safety features are great too, 7 airbags,ESP..etc..It has 5 stars safety rating as well. Excellent value for money compare to other European small cars. I owned i30, impreza before and in my opinion the corolla is better than both these cars in long term ownership. Just hope that the new model will have 6 speed auto and not the CVT transmission ( I’m owning the xtrail CVT, and never buy the CVT car again).

    • Ted

      No the Corolla will have a CVT gearbox in the auto version.

  • Daniel

    Umm, CA, you ran this story with these pictures months ago. 

  • F1MotoGP

     If this is the best from Japan no wonder VW is selling more cars even if is not as reliable as Toyota.

    • ggg

      Are they selling more cars? Didn’t Bloomberg report that Toyota was ahead of GM and VW for the first half of 2012. Also, that’s a rather interesting assumption for you to make, that Toyota is the ‘best’ from Japan. You’ve just completely ignored all other car makers. And your comparison with VW makes me wonder, is VW the best from Germany?

  • Fsquared

    I love my Golf and have never been a Corrolla fan. But to be fair, I can see why people love their Corrollas. I get to drive all kinds of cars through Go Get and when comes to actual driving, Toyotas leave the Koreans dead. And the built quality is miles ahead of my beloved Golf. Of course it also has its many downfalls, but it’s no where near as bad as the haters say here. And for once Corrolla doesn’t look annoying in my book, even if it’s styling is Combination Noodle Soup.

    • Yfyf

      But at least the Corollas transmissions shifts smoothly..

      Unlike the clunky golf tranny which goes kaboom after 25,000km

  • Nada

    No no no… You go to the photocopier and scale down the 86 and call it a 56 or something, don’t just feed the Yaris/Echo pellets!

  • Altezza

    Most of comments here are attacks toward new Corolla hatch. Surely the car will not win any design contest but people will still buy it no matter how ugly the car is because Toyota cars are reliable. Anyway these images here look flattering but the car will look much better in flesh.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    I thought green digial display illumination went out years ago. Still, the interior is a bit better than the current generation’s.

    Toyota Australia should import the Auris Hybrid, apparently it’s selling quite well in Japan, like any hybrid I suppose.

  • Anthony Mindel

    I hope the sedan version looks better than this ugly hatch…

  • Doctor

    It’s not as ugly as I thought it would be, but you can see it was styled by Ed Zachary.
    All Toyota’s SUVs look almost ed-zachary the same (from the side) and now the cars look like-wise at the front. Add to this the class trailing drive-lines, and you have typical Toyota aggressive mediocrity for the great unwashed. I just can’t wait for the next HiLux… expect a RAV4 looking dual-cab, a Camry grille and a current style tub/tailgate with carry over engines. Oh what a feeling!

  • Andrew_diablo

    Strong resemblance to Cerato Hatch !

  • Peanut

    Bland……Ugly……Boring……..They will sell more than ever before.

    • TR

      Doubt it, this has no chance.
      Mazda 3 and Cruze are safe.

  • Rightindicators

    Great design needs to come with modern technologies. Knowing Toyota, a 4 speed auto might be mated and spoil the fun.

    • Ted

      No the Corolla will have a CVT gearbox in the auto version.

  • guest

    I don’t like the looks of this at all. Terrible.  

  • Sammy

    I have news for Car Advice, the Corolla is no longer a small hatch.

    It is quite a large car now.

    • Phil

      Yah. The whole segment is like that.

  • klowik

    Toyota has to up their games in the design department otherwise they are gonna be crushed by the Koreans soon.

  • Whatalife

    Toyota just thinks about making profits, does not think about quality of it. Toyota’s last produced cars are better quality than now.

  • 3rdworldjunkie

    Yet 60+ comment on so called “Ugly Toyota Corolla”

    • London

      Corolla – It catches people’s attention. It gets people talking.

  • Ted

    I think the current Corolla is better looking, however this model will a better engine.  The auto gearbox is yet to be tried, being a CVT, however it has to be better than the 4 speed auto that the current version uses.  While I say that, I do not think that there is anything wrong with a 4 speed auto, however Toyota should had managed the ratios a little better so that this Corolla was more interesting to drive.  the Mazda 4 speed auto’s were great to drive and I still have a 626 that has this gearbox and it’s a dream to drive either in the cvity, or on the open road.

  • Gibwater

    Why can’t they bring back the wagon? Not everybody who needs room for a Harvey Norman or tip run wants a huge Klugar or Prado. Sedans and hatches are so bloody impractical. Why was the wagon farewelled?

  • LOL

    Ooooo the leaked image of a Toyota Corolla hatch – how exciting

  • Realcars

    No doubt still last in the class.

  • Gianni

    I mistook it for a Proton. Looks uglier now.

  • Martyr_7

    total puss box!!!

  • JamesB

    I hope the tsunami has taken all of Toyota’s 4-speed autos with it and will never ever return.