by James Stanford

The big Dodge Ram could finally come to Australia.

Fiat Chrysler Group Australia CEO Clyde Campbell has told CarAdvice he expects the full-size ute will make it here.

“I’m confident that, in the next generation, we will get it,” he said.

A new-model Ram is due in 2015 and Fiat Chrysler’s top executives 
are currently considering the business case for producing it in right-hand 
drive as well as left-hand drive.

Fiat Chrysler Australia already sells the left-hand-drive 
Ram to Australian mining companies, which are happy to order the big utes even 
though they can’t be registered and driven on public roads.

“We are inhibited because they can’t take them off private 
property, but it is still a high demand vehicle,” Campbell said. “The mines love it. They love its hauling capacity. There is nothing on offer that does what this does.”

While Fiat Chrysler is currently looking at the Ram business
 case, Campbell said he thinks the numbers stack up.

“I think we have got a business case that works there,” he
 said. “They clearly see that there is a pent-up demand for this 
product in this market.”

Campbell points out that no full-size utes have been 
available in Australia since the Brazilian-sourced Ford F-Series withdrew in 
2006 after a five-year stint.

“These guys have a need,” he said.

Campbell pointed to the value of old Australian-delivered 
right-hand-drive F-Series trucks as an example of customer demand.

“An F-Series with 100,000km on it will get more (money) than 
what you paid for it when they sold it new,” he said.

Fiat Chrysler Australia pushed hard for a right-hand-drive 
Ram previously, in its former guise as Chrysler Australia. The problem has been 
that the current Ram was never designed to be built as a right-hand-drive vehicle. Making 
the design and tooling changes to start producing it in right-hand drive part
way along the production cycle would be too costly.

“If you take an existing product halfway through the life
cycle, the tool-up costs are actually more than to tool up to make it right-
hand drive from the start. If you do it from the start you can amortise it over 
the whole life cycle,” Campbell said.

Previously, the Ram has been sold as a Dodge, but Fiat
 Chrysler has now established Ram Trucks as a separate brand.
If the Ram does come to Australia, it is likely to be sold as
 a Ram Trucks product.

The Dodge Ram is available in the US in several guises from the big
 1500 through to the gigantic 3500, with engines such as the 5.7-litre petrol Hemi
 V8 and a monstrous six-cylinder 6.7-litre Cummins diesel that generates a 
whopping 881Nm of torque.

The Ram range runs from bare bones Tradesman single cab 
models all the way through to the heavy towing models with quad tyre rear ends
 as well as Larame crew cabs that come loaded with leather and woodgrain and 
plenty of chrome.

Campbell is clearly a fan. “It’s the king of the road,” he said.

Eventually, Fiat Chrysler Australia could have another ute
 to lobby for, with reports out of the US suggesting the company is considering 
building a ‘small pick-up’ truck that would be comparable size to the Ford 

Detroit Free Press quotes Chrysler’s product planning vice
 president, Joe Veltri, as stating there is still a market for utes like the Ram 
Dakota, which has just gone out of production in the US.

He said a lot of young American males still wanted a pick-up,
 but couldn’t afford to buy or run a full-sized version.

“The trucks today, they are big, they are fuel-inefficient,”
 Veltri said. “The formula, in my opinion, doesn’t meet the needs of the market.”

Fiat Chrysler engineers are reportedly studying what it would 
take to develop a new compact ute, but Veltri says no decision has been made on
 whether it would be put into production.

One factor that could help give the project the green light 
is that Ford has decided not sell the new-generation Ranger in the US, while
 General Motors will also vacate the segment when it stops making the (US-built)
 Colorado and GMC Canyon.

Campbell said Fiat Chrysler Australia is not aware of any
 plans to build a Ranger-sized product, but said the company would look at any 
new model being developed by Fiat Chrysler globally and then decide whether to 
lobby for it to be made in right-hand drive.

  • Johnson

    Hello 1998

    • Smart US

       i have seen one today – most likely gray import – the engine note is great… cant imagine how much it drinks but sounds great

    • UMWHAT

      watch this car get priced up to 100k

      • FanBoi

        I will buy one.


  • Chest Rockwell

    Shut up and get outta the way!

  • Oliver Cromwell

    12 yards long, 2 lanes wide, 65 tons of American Pride! Canyonero! Canyonero! Top of the line in utility sports, Unexplained fires are a matter for the courts!

    Canyonero! Canyonero!
    Nothing has ever summed up american cars so well!

    • Another perspective

      Obviously you’ve never visited the USA or you wouldn’t be so publicly proud of your ignorance. Jealous git.

      • Oliver Cromwell

        i am not jealous, why would i be? As for being a git, please keep your attitude in check, there is no need for abuse.

        Oh and I have been to the US, many times, i spent 6 months in Canada as well in the rockies, where most of the cars are Ford or Dodge pickups. Some of these cars are ridiculously big, hence why that little melody was relevant.

        I also believe an American produced that song… ever heard of “The Simpsons” it was this American Cartoon/Sit-Com which is a satire of life in the US? Oh, who is ignorant now?

        • another perspective

          I think you need a reality check if you consider the word ‘git’ as an abusive term. It’s generally a term of endearment here in Ireland ie . ‘you jammy git’ if you score a point in a game of scrabble. Maybe you’re just a very sensitve soul!
          Secondly, don’t be so condescending to suggest I’ve not heard of the Canyonero song from the Simpsons. Most people have.
          You used that song to suggest that all american cars are crap and fit that description yet somehow you seem ignorant of the fact that the exact same Camry you guys have on the road is the exact same Camry that’s sold in the US. The same for the Accord, Civic etc etc Yes SUV’s and pickups are big in the states but so what. Long may it live while they’re allowed to be sold. It won’t be long before regulation makes a Focus 1.0 diesel the biggest vehicle anyone can aspire to own.

          • Oliver Cromwell

            This is an Australian website, so i couldnt care less what you say is what in Ireland. Does that song not sum up this care, or many american pickups for that matter? I think it is quite fitting, especially for the car(s) in question. It is also called a “generalisation”… heard of them?

            Man, who cares about Camry’s or Accords, i didnt even bring them up.

            Regardless i prefer German engineering, hence why i drive German.

          • MattW

            How do you go from a song in The Simpsons about oversized vehicles, like the subject of the article, to Camrys being the same here & in the US?

            I had that song popping into my head all the time when in the US last month seeing their vehicles that made a Jeep Grand Cherokee look small

      • Sumpguard

        Get over yourself AP. Oliver is spot on about how this sums up Americans. Oversized and simply not needed in today’s world. Much like their attitude to the rest of the world.

              America uses one quarter of the world’s oil and yet is only 2.5 percent of its population and will even fight wars and kill women and children to ensure it continues to drain this valuable resource without any consideration whatsoever for the consequences.  I wonder if they’d be in Afghanistan if they weren’t the world’s biggest opium producers?

            They can keep their oversized, poorly built excess thanks.  It is a symbol of their destructive attitude to life on earth. Nothing to be jealous of there!! The sad thing in all of it is that despite your GFC causing greed their country didn’t learn a damned thing.  They are a selfish breed.  ….and here in Oz git is a very offensive term.  Git.

  • Exar Kun

    Just why?

    • Henry Toussaint

      I guess cause we’ve need a truck since the departure of the F series…

  • sam123

    I think there are lots of investment risks for Dodge in this move.  Surely there are other RHD markets for their truck too.  If they rely on Australia only, they will lose lots of money in my opinion as we wont buy enough of them.  He talks about pent up demand but I think that the demand will be met quite quickly and then the sales will fall off a cliff.  Or worse, a competitor hits the market 12 months after it arrives.   Plus, pricing will be imperative.   Would the Mining Companies really buy these over Landcruiser utes?  Time will tell.  History is not on Dodge’s side though I dont think.

    • Imithegreat

      No way, they will distort the market in AU. There are a stack of civies that have already bought them and converted to RHD

    • LC

      When Ford sold the F250 here, they managed to move over 2000 of them a year, even in 2005 and 2006 when petrol prices broke the $1/litre barrier. This was back when the dollar was between 60-70 cents US, so they couldn’t exactly flog them off for bargain basement prices, not to mention all but the single cab variants had the Luxury Car Tax levied on them, despite the fact their equipment list read like that of the base model Commodore/Falcon, not a E-Class/S-Class Mercedes (though compared to the other pick-ups of it’s time it was still very well equipped).
      No competitor arrived from America during that time (at least in dealer’s lots), despite the fact it wouldn’t have been a hard task for Chevrolet to send over the C/K truck models badged as Holdens (they sent over the Suburban and the two share a lot of exterior and interior components, and even share the chassis). It was usually compared to the LandCruiser 70 Series and Patrol Cab/Chassis, though the more accurate comparison would be it vs the Isuzu N Series. While couldn’t compete in size, they could compete with the 6 cylinder version for target buyers and capacities which was 1.6 tonnes load and 3.5 tonnes towing, which went up to 4 tonnes on the V8 models and 5 tonnes via a 5th wheel hitch (but to do that you technically needed an LR license). For comparison the HiLux of that time could only carry 1.1 tonnes and tow 1.8 in single cab version, worse for extended and dual-cab versions, and 5th wheel towing was not an option because the car isn’t large enough to safely do so; putting one on puts too much weight over the rear axle and lifts the front one up, compromising steering ability.

      For a market with a nature like Australia’s (the most models of car sold in any on market ANYWHERE in the world to a population of only 24 million), this was quite an achievement, there are plenty of other niche and even non-niche cars that sell less than that and get by just fine.

      The Ram shouldn’t have too many issues.

  • CCD

    Ford should sell the F-150 and Mustang in Aus.

    • pixxxels

      ESPECIALLY the SVT Raptor. Goddamn. I lay awake at night thinking about how much I want that truck.

      • Robert Ryan

         Was 40th in the previous Paris/Daker. Stock standard vehicles were actually faster.

      • MattW

        Yep. I have no need for a Raptor but I still want one regardless

    • MisterZed

      Starvation should also disappear.  Fighting and war should stop, and we should all love each other.

    • Robert Ryan

       No they will not, they are more interested in Selling the Ranger period

    • golf R

      Yeah, I heard they are bringing the next model mustang to Aus when ever it comes out

  • F1MotoGP

    Dodge Ram 3500 average fuel economy is 17.7 L/100km. I would go Toyota diesel.

    • James Cortez

      You can’t compare this performance truck to Toyota Diesel. The latter has zero fun factor. Dodge all the way home.

    • John

      You could do donuts with that dually. A Toyota diesel couldn’t… 

      • Iuog

        SRT10 viper engine is available in a few of the ram trucks. love to see that here!

        • Bobsmith

           Was available, hasn’t been since the SRT-10 Ram went out of production in 2006.

    • Ford Fairlane

      Why is it that the people who whinge about large car fuel economey(Falcon and Commodore included) are the same people who would never buy one?

      Sour Grapes or just haters,take your pick. 

      • Sumpguard

        Do you really need someone to answer that? Stupid question!


  • MisterZed

    What do the mining companies do with them when they’re finished with them, since they’re LHD?

    • sam123

       I have heard some horror stories about the land fill practices of some mining companies. 

  • Doctor

    These could be popular with grey nomads who want to tow large caravans – LC200s don’t have much load capacity with 350 kg on the tow ball and 3,500 kg behind.

    • sam123

       Not a bad point.  A large 5th Wheeler loads about 1700kg onto the back of a towing vehicle.  Way too much for a ‘Cruiser. However, at this stage, that market is being met by ‘converted’ versions of Ram and Silverado for those that want that kind of thing, and by the Iveco Daily for those that dont.

    • Robert Ryan

       That is the REAL market for these, I do not think mining companies are really all that interested.

  • Themenz

    I am unsure why so many people get on this forum and go on about fuel economy. There are many who would by this truck for the look alone. Just as many would by a V8 Commodore and Falcon in the knowledge that it was a “V8 mate”.

    I love the yanks, they have for years built gus guzzling, generally rubbish cars and it is fair to say that they got away with it and despite it they have built some of the most iconic and sought after “rubbish” people can buy.

    Sure, the market has changed and they are adapting (perhaps quicker then any manufacturing nation because their future as a dominant player in the car game depends on it) but surely we don’t want the yank cars to become as generic as Japanese or Korean cars. We want them to be better versions of the iconic stuff they build so well.

    Australia isn’t America agreed, but I reckon Dodge will find a good market here and if Ford didn’t make the F250 so niche and expensive it probably would have sold plenty more F250’s.

    Don’t get me wrong I understand the sensible choice might be a Ranger/BT50 or a Hilux but seriously a RAM or an F150 would be a cracking choice to have.

    And the sensible choice might be a Liberty or a Camry, but a SS and XR8 (come on Ford Bring it back already – NA Coyote please!) and FPV and HSV stuff whilst a little bogan is still juts good old fashioned fun and games.

    I personally am not all for the bodykits but a manual V8 in the family hack seems a hell of a lot more exciting then a Hybrid. Sure there is a need for a hybrid, and sure we need car companies to strive to make better, more efficient cars I don’t think any denies that, but there are a million sensible drivers out there and for them there are a heap of sensible choices….. Why can’t the rest of us have a little fun.



    • another perspective

      Agreed and well said. I believe it’s jealousy hidden behind the comments hammering americans and their cars – ‘Oh we can’t have one so lets slate the americans’.

      • Guest os

        So people only “slate” others because they are jealous of them? 

        By that logic, you must be jealous of all the people who are saying that there isnt a market for Ram trucks in Australia…

        You’re jealous of them, because disagreeing with someone means that you’re jealous of them, right?

        Silly little person…..

        • Sumpguard

          Too true. The world is so jealous of American cars that they stopped buying them!!

  • symo

    About time! Hopefully ford will bring back the F-Truck too.

  • Bass

    Oh god, every cashed up bogan over compensating for ‘things’ will be snapping these up. The people that drive the few of these trucks that have filtered down to Aus drive like c*cks, imagine it with more of them?

    • Rick

      Yeah it’d be like all the Camry and corolla owners in Australia blocking the roads

    • Robert Ryan

       Trucks??? Utes, you can drive them on a car licence

    • another perspective

      ‘cashed up bogan’?!?!? Sounds like jealousy my friend. As Jeremy Clarkson accurately explained many times on Top Gear – we don’t all buy things because we NEED them to do what they say but we like to know that they CAN do those things if we need them to – i.e your watch technology etc etc. Get a grip and get over your jealousy OR get a better job and buy a Ram!

  • Michael Lock

    Price, it will all depend on pricing. If it is much more than a L/C, Dyna, Canter or Hino 4WD models there won’t be any reason to change within the mining sector.
    I personally think this salesman in the story is giving the ‘backed demand’ and the ‘volumes possible in the mining sector’ a little bit more worth than what it really is to try and hype it up. I just can’t see too many moving away from the tried and trusted vehicles they use already.

    • Robert Ryan

       Yes it is a hyped up “demand” as Sergio is looking for other markets other than North America for these Pickups , especially the HD versions. The US pickup section has been slowly dwindling as a percentage of overall sales in NA. I would not be surprised to see RHD versions of the Heavy Duty(F250-F450) F series and Silverado being made available.

      • Michael Lock

        So true, the USA to AUS price difference on these types of vehicle is horrendously more than even your Euro stuff. Americans themselves cannot believe how much Ford use to be able to flogg these off to us back in 2005, now Dodge/RAM/ fricking Chrysler or whoever they are now is going to try it, just not required in Australia.

        • Daniel D

          If the vehicle is not required in Australia Ryan, then no one will buy one. You and I don’t have to worry about it. We aren’t in the car business.

          • Robert Ryan

             Daniel D, I would think the only buyers are the :Grey Nomads, who are a market, for a RHD, sensibly priced HD  Diesel version Of a RAM Pickup

  • MisterZed

    Well, if they were to bring this ute to Australia they’d have to do a few things to Australianise it first.  Number 1 – remove all chrome and replace with plastic.  Number 2 – add silver alloy tray to the back, which is 4 feet in length and useless at carrying anything except a few bags of cement.  Add small rectangular tail-lights below tray with 3 simple indicator colours (2nd hand 1970s part from wrecker will do).  Rip out the V8 muscle and replace with noisy 4 cylinder diesel that takes 15 seconds to reach 100 km/h.  Slash towing capacity from 4500kg down to 3000kg.  There you have it, it will sell like hot cakes.

    • Robert Ryan

       Then hope the original’s 1500lb payload is adequate for tradies. The towing capabilities of US Pickups is hype as well, in real terms , that ability is much lower than the stated capacities from the manufacturer. The “Towing ” capabilities are used very strongly as a PR tool in the US. Manufacturers can seemingly increase this by not doing anything to the vehicle itself.

      • LC

        You mean just like Mitsubishi did with the Triton, upping the capacity from 2.5 tonnes to 3 tonnes without any mechanical or structural changes at all?

    • Joe

      Hahahaha I was waiting for someone to say something like this, so true.

  • F1

    Toyota Tundra 5.7 is king of the hill — much better then any other truck in America

    Pure beast

    • James Cortez

      BS! Raptors eat the 5.7 Tundra for Snack.

      • Michael Lock

        Spot on James, spot on. Why don’t they just sell the Raptor here and forget about the other rubbish like your Dodge/Ram or fricking Chrysler or who ever they call it now.
        I would love to see a Ford Raptor in the Finke Desert Race, it’s leave everything for dead, even the Honda and KTM factory teams…bring it on.

    • What_Tha

      Yeah, there is not a word of truth in anything in that post.

      • F1

        Excuse me?

  • Justwhy

    i bet they sell thousands    –     over many many decades


    Love Amercian truck! Welcome back you big boys!

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

    Can we bring the Ford Raptor instead? It might to be that much of a rational idea, but that’s one crazy car! 

  • Dave S

    I think this guy is onto something. Look at the Lancruiser, only one competitor the Patrol. These 2 4×4’s have the large 4×4 market to themselves. Maybe it’s time the Yanks come along and gave these 2 some competition.

    • Loft

      the Ram is in a different league to your landcruser and patrol. In contrast you would call those medium sized 4wd. When you look at the figures a 3500 ram can tow close to 10 tons compared to the cruisers 3.5 tons.

      • Loft

        Oops sorry 6 ton not 10

        • Robert Ryan

           Although the somewhat fantasy figures given in the US, rate it much higher.

  • Shakeel-ali

    Why not! If there is demand for these hulking chucks of steel and lead then Chrysler would be silly not to sell them. You already see so many businessman (tools) driving around in jacked up Hiluxes with 37″ rims, so these things stock off the floor should soak up some of the demand from that market.

  • Garrywhopper

    Why wouldn’t you want one of these, out of my way jerkarse!!!

  • D987

    Considering how well the Hilux, Navara etc sell, I have always thought it was strange how there is no bigger ute that sits above them. 

    • Pat

      Agreed, we have small, medium and large SUV’s but only small and medium pick-up trucks, the time is right for full size trucks, geez the Hilux is the No 1 selling vehicle in the country it shows we are really like America with our love of pick-up trucks, it is just we have been denied the large trucks for too long and the imported ones are too expensive after conversion

  • Able

    Considering how large the Amarok, new Ranger, new BT-50, etc are this isn’t much larger.

    • Robert Ryan

       The standard Ranger is 9/10ths the size and has a payload TWICE that of a RAM 1500

      • Able

        Okay, cool?

      • Michael Lock

        everyone….ROBERT RYAN DOES NOT LIKE RAMS…..OK!!!!! good onya, neither do I. The Ford Raptor however, that should be brought in just for the Fink Desert Race on the other hand.

        • Robert Ryan

           Michael, I think this article is a bit of a “beat up’ and like past articles on Dodge Rams and F series being imported into Australia will come to nothing. The Raptor was DEAD SLOW, finished 40th in the Dakar race two years ago ,a  lot of Asian  pickups and SUV’s beat it and some were in the unmodified class. All of the sudden Ford is not pushing the Raptor. I suspect it will be dropped soon.

          • Sledge

            The Raptor came in first in the Open Production class which was a great effort by a small team with only one back-up vehicle and non-professional drivers. Your ignorance is only matched by your prejudice and … to label a Raptor ‘dead slow’ pretty much confirms you as a mor0n.

          • Robert Ryan

             Sledge it was “dead slow”  basically stock vehicles run my equally small teams trounced it. Ford did not enter a Raptor this year. A Dodge Ram was entered and came in 53rd.

  • Legnab

    Who cares .

  • GTK

    Never ceases to amaze me how mention of an American truck brings out so many pig-ignorant cretins who have no idea of how the whole truck thing works. US drivers get more of everything at a much cheaper price than we cop and the idea that a Cruiser or Patrol is in the same league as a Sierra/F250 or Ram is laughable.

    Do the half-witted bigots that go on their US hating tirades really think that the 40 million truck owners in the ‘states just don’t realise the error of their ways? Do you think that there is a slight likelihood that their commercial vehicles that drive like large comfortable cars and make the asian and euro competition (apart from the Tundra) look like something from the ’50s? –  with the slow, noisy and uncomfortable dynamics that go along with it – and the Americans just vote with their wallets.

    If you can afford one of these machines you will never consider anything else.

    • Terry

      Amen to that !

    • Legnab

      Really is this a redneck forum now , who cares their destined to die too big fat and thirsty and totally yesterdays .

      • Spectre

        Good to see ol’ bunghole still as thick and irrelevant as ever

        • Legnab

          Another new name for twin/barry/nemo , time to give mommy’s VK the flick , get one of these and you fatties can all fit in the front .

    • Robert Ryan

       Problem is many Americans now want 3 Litre diesel pickups(which they presently cannot get). The price of fuel in the US is constantly rising. The US vehicles are more like SUV’s with beds  and not as capable as the Ranger, BT-50 etc

      • James Cortez

        What a whole bunch of hogwash! Go and visit the states (Texas in Particular) and you’ll see our trucks hauling tons of payload. Don’t comment unless you know what you write or knowledgable enough to write a blog!

        • Robert Ryan

           Americans DO want smaller pickups. As  fuel prices rise that will be become more acute. I know they use Pickups as “SUV’s with beds’ and currently there are a lot of them(particularly the midwest and Texas) but things can change.

        • Robert Ryan

           Do not know about “tons of payload” ,more fantasy than reality. You have small Japanese Box Trucks in places like Chicago and New York. Class 8 Trucks roaming the Highways and seemingly a dearth of genuine Medium Duty Trucks. Yes you see Pickups with gooseneck trailers slowly hauling modest loads on farms in the US and through the small towns.

      • Another perspective

        What? I think you’ve got that the wrong way around – SUV’s are built on truck platforms – example – Expedition on F150 platform and the Suburban on the Silverado platform. Here’s a tip : go get some facts before making random plucked out of thin air comments like that. Your statement is about as accurate as me saying that the Ranger is based on the Falcon platform. It would be ridiculous to suggest so.

        • Robert Ryan

           I said they are “SUVs with beds” not Pickups based on a SUV Platform.

        • Sumpguard

          I think we sold around 3 suburbans here in Australia before it was ditched. Poor build quality (it was American after all) and a ridiculous price tag coupled with ridiculous economy. Winner!!

      • LC

        They have that option already, look up the Chevrolet Colorado (yep, that name should sound familiar) and the Nissan Frontier (copy-paste that into Google, does it look familiar?). But the best-selling pickup over there is still the larger F-150. There’s no diesel yet (one’s coming out with the new generation), but the ecoboost variants are a hit, thanks to vigorous marketing and the fact it has comparable fuel consumption figures to a Triton. So you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t believe you. The yanks still love their big trucks. :)

  • twincharger

    What a nice truck/ute.Cant wait to see Ram in Australia..

    • Legnab

      You can get barry/nemo to start hauling old crummers and falcoons off to the dump with a ram .

      • Ramsgate

        and dont forget the broken down vee duds as well… The ram could haul the vee duds back to the dealers for there next round of warrenty work

        • Legnab

          Another name for nemo

          • Captain Nemo

             You’re becoming obsessed with me Bungle.

            I,am not Barry, Ramsgate, Robin ,Twincharger or any other name you want to dream up.
            I wouldn’t mind if you were hot blond & female, but no you,re a fat bogan that works in a grimy little pot shop in Adelaide.

          • Legnab

            Corporal zero tunes in with his mate barry , right up your alley with this big bogan truck , can haul  mums VK of to the dump , about time you buried the crummer .

      • twincharger

        lol Legnoddy.With 881nm of torque might tow 2 rolfs in one go.Dont think to many Ram drivers will be latte sippers.

        • Legnab

          Dead right with an IQ of less than 85 they are supreme fat bogans drinking diet cola and chewing on a fat burger with fries .

  • qikturbo

    Great!! just what we need overpaid tradespeople buying these vehicles and intimidating a little Hyundai or Kia on the roads.!

    • Sumpguard

      Only until they realise they are a total pain in the date to park anywhere. Even on modern building sites which is why most get rid of them short term!

  • JHP

    im guessing that people who buys this sort of cars must have extraordinarily small doodle.

    • MisterZed

      What about women that buy them?

      • JHP

        lol, big doodle maybe? i’m not sure, because it’s hard to find a female ute driver.

        • MisterZed

          Not in the States it isn’t.  Pickups are quite popular with women there as well.

        • V6 ute owner

          What a load of drivel. I am female & have been buying utes for many years & hope to do so for as long as I can drive. And I have met many female ute owners over the years. What planet are you living on that only men can drive utes?

          • JHP

            i never said that female aren’t allowed to drive a ute, i have clearly stated that it’s hard to find female ute drivers. especially around the metropolitan areas, which i’m currently living in.

        • Sledge

          The trembling little bonsai intellectuals that feel compelled to trot out an infantile genital reference may do well to remember the line: Methinks he protesteth too much.

          • JHP

            what the hell are you on about?

          • Sledge

            Ask a family member to explain

          • LC

             The fact you’re resorting to a juvenile genitalia reference to make the argument of “because I don’t like it” seem more valid.

            Do you drive a Prius or a Golf Diesel? Then you’re a latte sipping inner-city chardonnay-socialist (see what I did there?).

    • Howdie

      Or just a very big cars…….

      Tsk tsk, you and your doodle fetish.

    • Legnab

      And they are fat .

    • Sumpguard

        Most are that big they can’t see or reach their doodle.

  • glen

    Ban them.

  • Aquahead

    Some times there is an absolute need for something in this category, period. A mate had a big boat that on the trailer was over 3.5 tonnes empty, add fuel, water and gear and it would be over 4 tonnes. So its either a full size truck or full sized pickup to move it legally. At least with the full sized pickup, it could be used for other things as well.

    I’ve driven full sized F-Series, Land Cruisers, plus piles of the smalled pickups and I own a new Ranger Wildtrak. Every one has a use and that’s what makes them so appealling.

  • Gianni

    Why do we want an oversized, slow and sluggish, overpriced with a cheap interior, drinks so much fuel (especially with the current fuel prices) and just overall an awful car to be sold in Australia when people could buy the superior Volkswagen Amarok, Mazda BT-50 or Ford Ranger.

    • Fsr1

      Maybe you dont want it…….so you wouldnt deserve one either !! . There are those who want or need one for what it does better than the smaller utes  , and if theyre willing to pay for some extra fuel to run them , then its their choice !!…….without any do gooders trying to dictate top them what they can or cant drive and without being told how good or bad their larger ute is when you dont really know !!

    • V6 ute owner

      Because we don’t want to drive crap diesel rubbish. That’s why.

    • LC

      The HiLux is the best selling pickup, yet it has the worst fuel economy in its class due to the overworked engine. Then there’s the considerable uptake of V8 Commodores and Falcons (the V8 ute outsells the V6 ones 2:1), which use more fuel than all but the very largest pick-ups from the States (ie F-450 and 3500HD Svilerados and Rams). Then there’s the popularity of turbocharged Japanese performance cars, (grey imports and otherwise), plus the Falcon equivalent (which can burn as much, or in some cases, more fuel than a V8).
      If petrol prices were that big a deal, we’d all be driving LEAFs and mopeds. Or out the front of Big Oil’s HQ with torches and pitchforks demanding they lower the price. Take your pick.

      And that interior is far from cheap, it’s comparable to the LC200, same level of equipment and then some. Is it worth the 6 figures you’d pay for it over here? That’s debatable. But over in the US, you can pick this up for slightly more (like $2000-$3000 more) than the equivalent HiLux, the one pictured I think goes for $56,000. Considering the extra cabin space and equipment, over there, it’s very good value for money. But here, the price goes up in a big way because of shipping from the states, tariffs, taxes, RWC, moving the steering wheel and pedals to the right (which of itself is a long, time consuming process) and the fact they need to secure higher margins on each vehicle to make their business model work.

  • V6 ute owner

    2 ute owners in this house will buy 2 of the petrol model. I took am sick of the people carrying on about fuel prices &/or economy. You spend your money on what you want & if I choose to spend my money on petrol, that’s my business.  

  • Matthew-easton

    I am a “tradie” and only yesterday I was looking at the New Collorado and Ranger. My only real issue with these trucks is that they are simply to narrow in the cab. Ford has gone some way to address this issue…but my work mates and I are all over 6’0″ & 95Kg plus, so we find these  trucks “squeezy” Those RAMS are are our “dream machine”  and really look the part!  The old F series was a workhorse, but was also a cheap pile of nuts and bolts thrust on to an unsuspecting Americam public who knew no better. I feel Fiat/Chrysler would carve out a decent niche market for themselves with the right promotion and competative pricing!

    • Robert Ryan

       So is the Ram a cheap pile of bolts too , but much better built these days.

  • JamesB

    In Sydney, this will occupy 1.5 lanes. What we really need is the Charger and Challenger.

    • LC

      Do trucks and buses also occupy 1.5 lanes? If not, then in the hands of a competent driver, the Ram won’t be a problem.

      I do agree we need the Challenger on our shores. C’mon Chrysler, get your act together, you manage to build the 300C in a right-hook configuration, so what’s the big deal with the Challenger that rides on the same platform?

  • Lukaas

    Our Roads (AU) not big enough to have multiple of these next to each other lol.
    I’ve lived in the states and had a Tundra 2008 as my car for a couple of months before going downsize to a A4 (rental) and they are MASSIVE.

    Car park lanes in US also about 1 feet wider in most areas and some areas even 2 feet…

    Chrysler needs to DO more studies… 

    I can picture miners, or farmers who don’t travel in well built up areas much… maybe a discount to farmers… but premium price + extra GST for people who live near cities… to compensate on extra pollution, extra space taken on the road, extra wear and tear on AU roads etc…

    And the Supercharged Tundra 5.7… TRD… does 0-100 close to 5 seconds…. WOWZER.

    • MisterZed

      And how often would two of them be next to each other?  Australian roads are wide enough for a bus and truck to pass each other, so why would this be a problem?  There are already countless Rams, Silverados, and F-Series on the roads in Australia and they manage just fine.

  • Texas cowboy

    Now that is one great truck.

  • Amlohac

    Kind of think you are all missing the point. Dodge have at no point said that this will be a volume seller, because lets be honest when it does come here (if ever) it will be expensive. It will be a nice little niche vehicle with large margins, Dodge just need to determine a price and if there will be a decent market for it here at that price.

    Don’t be fooled, there are people out there in Aust who have a genuine need for such a vehicle, and it will be priced with that in mind, your average bogan who would love the idea of having one of these and crushing everything on the highway wont be able to afford one. (well except maybe one or two).

  • Jason

    I own a 2011 3500 Dually, plenty of room on the road.

  • Miritz

    Can I Play?  I am a  Yank with a profound ignorance of anything Aussie and I admit it.  Ayers Rock, a very cute Aussie Shelia from Melbourne(Frankfurt Germany 1973), thats about it.  But I do know that I just traded in my Toyota Tacoma for a Ram 1500 with a 5.7 hemi and BOY am I Happy!!!I  You are being deprived of The American Way!!   Too much petrol?  2 mpg worse then Tacoma (V6) city, 2MPG better highway.  Pulls the boat and the camper and rides like a Rolls! (sort of) Incidently,  If we real Americans (Guns, Gasoline and eGo) are just left to our own devices, we will pursue happiness.  The Dodge Power Wagon helped win WW2 and the decendent in my garage makes me happy.  The Toyota was exceptionally adequate.
    Sorry about our lack of sensitivity but you have my invitation to try it; you might like it!!!

  • Deano

    I need to tow large trailers,carry the family(need 4 doors)without having to have my seat forward to get anyone behind me,need a long box for 6ft cartons,and dont like the narrow cabin and track of Colorado,Ranger and Hilux.The Navara is slightly better in cabin width and and has better rear legroom due to longest wheelbase but at 40k plus its alot of money for something with average length box and 3t braked towing is ok till you put anything in the back or passengers in the cabin.I will wait for a Ram as the F trucks have held their value well(for their owners)but i wont pay 35k plus for a ten year old vehicle.As long as Ram Trucks dont over price an under spec’ed one or go over the top and only bring top of the line models.

  • LC

    I drive a 1994 Ford Fairlane. The fuel figures I get are 14 around the city and 9 on the freeway. The class leader for fuel economy in the the Full-size ute class is currently the Ford Super Duty, the diesel models will 2 litres less, around town, and 0.5 liters less on the highway. The petrol models are 3 litres worse around town and 1 litre worse on the highway, but are e-85 capable, which should shave running and environmental costs by some amount (many cars sold in America will run on some ethanol blend or another). Considering that it weighs twice as much as my car and is 1.5 meters longer, this is actually very good!

    Fuel won’t be the biggest issue with these vehicles. Parking around town is. In the Safeway near me, the car spots are too small for my Fairlane, so this one going to suffer, guaranteed. Also, while I don’t know how tall they are, if it’s more than 2 meters the problem would be worsened.

  • The Truth Fairy

    well what a misinformed lot you are, The Hilux is the best selling ute? with the worst towing capacity in class, underpowered outdated diesel, smallest cabin space and overpriced.

    The current crop of Asian utes available in Australia also over quote/upgrade their towing capacities in competition, except Isuzi.

    GVM, gross vehicle mass is what is required when looking for a tow vehicle.

    The current Toyota offerings are almost at capacity standard, add a bull bar tow bar etc THEN add a caravan? and the V8 Toyota diesel is not the best engine they have ever made, 6 hours to replace the starter motor! which is in such a position deep in the middle of the V, that water drips on it and causes failures.

    There is a market for a large dual cab ute in Australia and there always has been, that we only have them supplied occasionally from Manufacturers is the problem.

    Hence the gray import business.

    The Police used to use the F100 as a paddy wagon, Ambulance used them also for first response until supply stopped.

    Then there were many others used in business/private hands.

    So if Rams do come here they will sell no doubt and I for one will be buying one.

    As for the tree huggers, well aren’t you a stupid lot, bought the Nissan leaf for $51,000 now Nissan drops the price to $37,000.

    • LC

      The HiLux is the best selling ute, that’s a fact. Period.
      Does It’s fuel economy suck? Yes.
      Is the Diesel underpowered for the vehicle? Yes.
      Is the cabin tight? Yes. The same can be said for all it’s competitor’s too. Don’t try and sit in a Hilux Xtra Cab’s back seat.

      That said, it’s equipment levels are pretty good (dual-zone Climate Control, touchscreen audio system etc). But what’s really driving the sales of it is a combination of price, reputation, resale (though not the same as that of F-Series and like vehicles, is still pretty good), no shortage of modification options and the fact there’s a Toyota dealer in every other Aussie country town.

      The reputation of the US big utes is 2nd to none, hence the long waiting lists for the gray imported ones, and depreciation going backwards instead of forwards. But their issue is price. No serious pick-up buyer wants to spend Mercedes Benz money on a ute. Perhaps it can be worked out, perhaps it can’t (especially if the Greens try to tax them into oblivion to impress their chardonnay-socialist tree-hugger voterbase, as you can bet they will). Maybe Ford will use the factory facilities to assemble RHD Mustangs and F-Series’ from CKD kits, maybe they won’t. If they do, that problem will be solved.

  • LC

    Some of the pig ignorance from posters here is astounding.

    While we’re talking about fuel economy, what about a Holden ute which only comes with two seats, no diesel option at all, can’t go off road, can’t tow much (1.6 tonnes), can’t haul more than 500kg (including driver and passenger), and STILL uses more fuel than even a moderately laden current-model F-250 (generally 15-16l/100kms or 14-15mpg off the highway, compared to the Ford F-250’s 10.5-12l/100kms, or 19-22mpg). It can do burnouts though, but that’s not the point of a pickup (or ute, call it what you will). Are you going to give Holden V8 utes the tongue lashing that you’ve been giving American ones, for being such sinful oil wasters? If not, why not?

    What’s that I hear about build quality? The Ford pickups run rings around the Rams and Silverados, and in turn they run rings around the Toyotas. Look what happened during the torsional strength tests of the Toyota Tundra platform. And remember: that platform is the basis of the LC200. Need I say more? Please spare me the “Oh blah blah blah, my brother’s girlfriends’ sister’s best friend’s cousin’s father blah blah had one of these once and the alignment was all out of whack blah blah blah…it’s true!”, because it’s bull. This attitude might have had merit back in the 80s and 90s when they weren’t any good (cars wouldn’t handle any good, things in the cab would fall off etc), but since then things have improved a hundredfold. Any car they make now is comparable in quality to the offerings native to across the Atlantic. US car makers have adapted to the changing, highly competitive landscape of the modern automotive market in a shorter time-frame than any other country in the world, and THIS is the thanks they get?

    Nothing on the market here at the moment is comparable to the Ram. So what if the Ram is available with refined and plush interiors? So is the top spec-model of EVERY pickup here in Australia (other than the 78 series Cruiser), and the Holden SSV Ute. And it doesn’t mean there isn’t any engineering towards towing,hauling and durability. Utes like the Triton based Ram50 and Navara based Frontier weren’t/aren’t big sellers, because they cannot compete in areas like towing capacity, interior comfort and space and 5th wheel towing ability with the small platforms they ride on.

    There is the chicken tax, sure. But look at when Toyota wanted to send the HiLux back over there for the “mini-truck” fad. All they needed to do was send over the pick-up box and the rest of the vehicle separately, put them back together at the dealers, and voilà! No tariff. It’s that simple. If they wanted to send it back there again they’d do the same thing all over again. However, the Hilux platform is designed for durability at all costs, so that wasn’t going to cut it when the mini-truck boom ended. They built a new ute and named it the Tacoma, which was designed and built for comfort first and foremost instead, and that worked for them well enough so see that vehicle still being sold to this day. Basically, full size over there are the commercial vehicles and therefore the mainstream market, and compact/midsize are usually recreational vehicles (like V8 Holden Utes are in Australia) and are the niche. Look at how the Holden Colorado is advertised over here, then go see how it’s advertised over there. Who is depicted driving it? What is it usually carrying? Why do we get Cab-Chassis, single cab and stripped down entry level models and they don’t? This should yield some insight.

    In America, sure, you’ll see people driving them because they merely can, and you may think they have more money than sense and you’re probably right. But for every one of them, there are four who will use it to tow trailers too heavy for a HiLux, carry loads too big or heavy to throw in the back of a HiLux or tow gooseneck trailers which a HiLux can’t do because it is (by comparison) underpowered and too small, the platform and suspension isn’t designed for it and it would cause extra wear and tear, and it would end up weighing down the back axle to a potentially unsafe level. The largest pick-ups over there aren’t meant to be big utes, as much as they are meant to spend their time as small semi-trailers, or a bonneted version of the Isuzu N-Series. Whether you like them or not, these vehicles serve a legitimate purpose for people who buy them.

    If you are right, and the 6 month long waiting lists and almost no depreciation for these vehicles doesn’t mean a thing, then they’ll have them up for sale, sell none, and a short while later, pull them from the market, so what’s the problem? If you aren’t, what right do you have to get in the way of people who wish to buy one? You don’t see me trying to disconnect your sinful coal-fired electricity supply or town water supply, despite the damage that does to the environment, or making you give up your computer, considering gram-for-gram that is the most polluting item in your house due to the manufacturing process.

    And no, I’m not calling for the SS Ute to be banned despite it’s enormous fuel consumption, and I never will. Why? Because I recognize that all cars, from the Prius to the SS Ute to the F-Series and Ram have their place in the market and in society. Because I recognize I’m not the self-appointed dictator of what people can spend their own money on, or what cars they must buy. I think it’s time you did the same.

  • Tim

    Please bring them and at us price

  • Tim

    I know plumbers want them. Most plumbers utes overloaded. Need 1 tonne load and 4 tonne towing. I would have two and retire land cruisers that have to be resprung from new

  • Geoff Harris

    we need a decant utility in Australia to tow our 5th wheelers

  • marc

    I’d buy one just to be politically incorrect… and take up 2 parking spaces.

  • Oz is awesome

    I recently bought a HEMI, it’s still an 03. With new exhaust and other mods, this thing could run a 1/4 mile, tow or be a reasonable daily driver. Guess what. 13l/100km for city driving isn’t bad for a 5.7l. It’s sad to see aus going down the socialist drain and become like yet another European like country that wants to be better at everything but falls behind due to sheer bureaucracy. You people are also misinformed and talk rubbish and nothing else. These new rams actually

  • Oz is awesome

    actually shut off 4 cylinders to to run on the other four when on long highway drives etc the fuel mileage is great. Build quality is good, american vehicles are on par or even better than most imports nowadays, manufacturers have come a Long way. Even ford doesn’t suck anymore and their vehicles are of great quality. The emissions are all good if you don’t mess with the cats. Guess what! Your favourite bogan 4 cyl doghouse diesel pollutes a ton more

  • Oz is awesome

    How can your farmers live without trucks? I worked on a ranch for a while using nothing but ram diesel duallies. You don’t need any other vehicle, ever! Go pick up some feed for the calves, takes up the whole box, no problem, come home & unload, hook up a 25ft trailer, go pick up some industrial fence material, load it up to the max, no problem, go home, Undo the trailer, go take a shower have a tea wash out the bed and head to the bar at night

  • Tank

    Drove one in the US pulling a 5th wheeler .best ute I’ve driven ,we have a 5th wheeler here as well and have have had all sorts of tow vehicles and at the moment have a F250 pulling it but it has nothing compared to the Ram. I’ll be lining up to buy one. As long as there not priced like the LHD imports

  • Perthtradie

    That would be great would make a heap of trade sales I would buy one a ram duelcab 1500 5.7l making a compact ute is pointless we have heaps of those to choose from already would be awesome to have a prosper size ute

  • Bryce

    Do we have an update on whether the Ram is coming to Australia. More rumours but still no real news?? Thanks very much if anyone knows anything.

  • steve0

    thank god that the Australian car industry finally crashed so we can get all the cool cars now for a lot cheaper