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Unlike arch-rival Mercedes Benz, which has an AMG variant for nearly every one of its cars, BMW has previously said it will only apply the M badge and treatment to models that suit.

Although this is by no means the full M treatment, with the performance staying the same, BMW has today announced that for the first time in its nine-year history, the company’s large SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle), the BMW X5, will be available with an M Sport Package.

The changes are mostly to enhance individuality as well as further fine tune the suspension.

BMW X5 M Sport Package

Fro the outside, the M sport package is noticeable thanks to a unique set of body-colour front and rear bumpers, side skirts, colour-coded door protection strips and wider wheel arches to fit the 19 or 20 inch alloy wheels.

BMW X5 M Sport Package

Furthermore, aluminium side window surrounds and roof rails finished in high-gloss satin chrome complete the exterior treatment. The Package is only available for cars ordered in Alpine White, Titanium Silver, Space Grey, Monaco Blue, Black Sapphire and Carbon Black.

Suspension is changed for firmer damper settings as well as revised spring rates. This is fitted only when Adaptive Drive is not optioned.

BMW X5 M Sport Package

The Sport Package comes with 19-inch V-spoke M light alloy wheels (style 223 M), wrapped in run-flat safety tyres sized at 255/50 R 19 at the front and 285/45 R 19 at the rear. An extra $2,648 will get you to the next level with 20-inch M light alloy wheels (style 227 M), shod with 275/40 R20 front and 315/35 R20 rear run flat safety tyres.

The interior gets a treatment as well, a new M leather steering wheel will take focus, so will the finely brushed aluminium interior trims and an anthracite BMW Individual roof lining. Last but not least, electrically adjustable sport seats (comfort seats for the X5 xDrive48i) for the front row are upgraded with a memory function for the driver’s setting.

The BMW X5 M Sport Package is available for all X5 models, with different pricing:

  • For the BMW X5 xDrive48i, the M Sport Package is priced from $5,400
  • For the BMW xDrive30i/d/sd Executive models, the M Sport Package is priced from $8,000
  • For the BMW xDrive30i/d models, the M Sport Package is priced from $11,000

  • pinkie ponk

    looks cheap and tacked to me – should impress the teenagers though – seems a bit shallow without any performance upgrade

  • acfsambo

    I still don’t see the purpose of these vehicles.

  • Reckless1

    The front and rear bumper treatments are ghastly.

  • Myke

    I’m surprised they haven’t called it the Sportivo package, because that’s how cheap and tacky it looks…

  • Sgt.Sweetchuck

    Looks crap and they can’t call it the M X5 cause that’s Mazdas!!

  • http://deleted Alex

    Cheap and tacky footballers car that shows no taste at all. Is there anything wrong with the standard X5? Come on BMW – you can do better.

  • Spitfire

    Tacky footballers car, you did mean a tacky car for overpaid bogans did you not Alex.

  • CB

    That is ugly.

    The existing X5 looks great – this looks like it’s been to one too many auto shops in Lakemba!!

  • NotTheStig

    Geez, looks riced out to me… I just don’t get the colour coded everything look. Some sections of black help break up the look in lighter colours.

    If I was ordering a new X5, the only things I would want from the whole M Sports package would be the steering wheel and the anthracite roof lining.

    What a anti-bargain at $11k on the base model. I reckon you would lose every cent of that in extra depreciation too…

  • GTRmon

    No, they can’t call it an “M X5″ because BMW has rules on how they name cars. M cars get the M in front, cars that have a sports package get an M after the model designation. The only exception is the Z4 M which is a M car, but being called an M4 would be misleading.

    I really don’t like X5s.

  • Al Juraj

    Dammit just chuck in the M5’s V10!

  • Victory

    I am a big fan of the X5 4.8i with 20inch wheels.
    Not a fan of this M sport packs paint work. I like how the lower part of the body is unpainted in the normal X5.
    And I get that most people don’t see the point of these suv’s, but when you have a big dog, these cars can be a bit desirable.

  • Victory

    and stop calling it an M X5 when it’s clearly an X5 M Sport.

  • smokin’R32

    The lack of airmatic suspension and 22inch spinners is a deal breaker for me.

  • http://www.partstrain.com/ KarenCaren

    So good to look at. BMW still doing great.

  • Iz

    The M-Sport pack cheapens the look of the X5. Its a fine looker as is. It really begs the question though; the previous gen X5 with its 4.8is (or even 4.6is) model looked really tough and aggressive and what have you with the “sports” bodykit/package on it, why have they failed with this generation’s sports pack? They must’ve hired a 12y/o that spends too much time in Halfords (or Autobarn/Super Cheap =p) to do the new bodykits.

    (For further example, look at the additional items that customers can option for the 5 series; a stupid looking little rear spoiler that ruins the look of the car utterly and completely. A knob that doesnt live too far from me drives one with it, every time I drive past I want to rip it off because its such an abomination)

    And I still cant stand the naming sequence of BMW’s cars equipped with “xDrive”.

    If they so must put an X in the name, whats wrong with just x48i or x30d or whatever.. -_-

  • Bavarian Missile

    Not my cup of tea but they popular in my neck of the woods,got to say better than Mercs equivalent though!

  • http://carpartsinfobuy.com/ Cheapest Car Parts

    The BMW sports package is very good overall however I do not think that it matches the practicality of the Mercedes range of cars