by Matt Brogan

The popular Toyota Yaris has received an increase in both safety and comfort with the release of its face-lifted 2009 Yaris hatch and sedan range.

Yaris manual versions have also managed the maximum five-star rating on the Federal Government’s Green Vehicle Guide with fuel consumption for 1.3-litre Yaris manual models coming in at 6.0 litres per 100km (and CO2 output of just 141grams/km) based on the official combined cycle (figures for the 1.5-litre manuals are 6.1 litres/100km and 145 g/km).

The new Yaris hatch has improved headlamps with increased reflector area for a longer and increased spread of light as well as comfort improvements which include the adoption of telescopic steering column adjustment on entry-level YR hatch. YRS and YRX models also pick up illumination for the steering wheel-mounted audio switches.

Toyota has also increased the number of assist grips in all Yaris models, and now supplies two remote keys with each vehicle. As well an automatic gear shift position indicator has been added to the dashboard of all automatic sedan models.


All new Yaris models have improved Jacquard-weave seat trim, with individual Dark Grey patterns to differentiate between model designation while similarly, exterior body kits for both YRX hatch and sedan have been refreshed, and a new body-coloured radiator grille insert has been adopted with the hatchback body kit.

Other exterior refinements include new front and rear bumpers, new front grille and new LED stop lamps within the tail light assembly. A new wheel cover design on YR and a new eight-spoke 15-inch alloy wheel design on YRX round out the changes.

All Yaris grades are available with an optional Enhanced Safety Pack, with additional SRS airbags. Entry prices for Yaris remain at $15,190 for the 3-door YR and $16,390 for the 5-door YR, both with manual transmission.

  • pg

    this or mazda2/new fiesta/jazz ….hmmm

    apart from the fact they will sell millions, my nieghbor just bought 2 (in fridge white)

    well at least its better than the barina

  • http://deleted Alex

    I think that Toyota really has to try harder with the next Yaris (although after those pictures of the Prius, I doubt they will). Its just really boring. You also pay alot for it, its got slightly awkward lines and the interior materials and plastics feel cheap. Its not fun to drive at all and all the other major brands (except holden, obviously) are really leaving toyota behind in desirability marks. Would I take a Mazda 2 over this? yes. Nissan Micra? yes (but only just). Volkswagen Polo? yes. Skoda Fabia? yes. Seat Ibiza? yes. Peaugeot 207? yes. Citroen C3? yes. Renault Clio? yes. Honda Jazz? yes and so on…

  • http://faster DanMan


    Your a girl yes? No guy would EVER be seen in a Micra..

    yes i agree but. The swift is also better value..

    • http://dodge franz chong

      I have bought a Micra to replace a well kept 2006 Tiida as I needed a more suitable work car and take delivery next week.Geneva White and I am a guy who is buying on a limited budget.You won’t get a Yaris for $10 shy off of 15 grand driveaway with an automatic or a 1400CC engine.

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    When are Toyota going to do a TRD Yaris?

  • Myke

    This updated Yaris looks Americanised, the Yaris is completely average in every way, the Mazda 2 is a much better vehicle.

  • Simon

    Mazda2 is still a better finish and drive

    • http://dodge franz chong

      HAVE NOT YET driven the latest version of the Mazda2 but I have nothing but praise for the Mazda quality finish and drive.Had a RX7 in our family from 1989 to 1994 then came my very first car a 121 Metro from 1999 to 2002 and a 323 Astina from 2002 to 2006 Defected over to Nissan after that ever since.

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    I think a holding yard full of them would be called a “PILE”
    Sorry, got caught in the moment……

  • http://faster DanMan

    How about YAR A$$ TRD?

    Sorry my bad. Damn that storm over Brissie looks full on..

  • Carl

    Salesman……the Yaris is already a TuRD!!!!

    • rich

      ur a terd i own a 2009 and its a great car!!!!

  • Wheelnut

    A TRD Yaris?… Yeah it’d look good with the eaton or B&M supercharger popping out of the bonnet
    Or they could turn it into a mid-mounted hatch with the engine behind the driver [like VW did with the W12 golf] and the blower sticking out of the roof.

    Then they’d have to add 18 inch wheels the tacky racing stripes flares similar to that on a Dodge Nitro

  • Falcodore

    Are the extra assist grips there for when you realize you’ve bought a crappy looking car and you need your friends to help you throw it in the river?
    Danman, hail storms from coffs all up the coast,golf ball size in some places.

  • Duck

    pssssssssstttt…….Wheelnut say something good at the WM & VE specification changes would ya! 😉

  • Duck

    ^^^^At that article.

  • http://deleted Alex

    DanMan, no, I am not a girl. I probably wouldnt buy a japanese supermini in the first place and if I was, I would get a Mazda 2. I was just saying that if someone gave me the keys to a Yaris and a Micra and told me I HAD to take one of them, I would take the
    Micra. At least the Micra is characterful and ugly, not just boring and ugly. But I wouldn’t have either car in the first place.

  • zoom zoom

    Ha! No ESP. Come on Toyota, try and keep up with the rest

  • Joober

    “TRD Yaris” – If it makes money then they will, IMO frankly theres not much of a market in hot girly hatches, cost vs benefit not too appealing.

  • Sam

    Yaris has no character. A new Jazz would be much more appealing. The absence of VSC is a real pest though. Kia and Hyundai will sail by these Japanese brands in the coming years if they don’t keep on their toes.

  • Stevo the Devo

    These things are so small you could park them in the trolley return racks outside the supermarket.

  • http://skyline The Salesman


    I agree….

  • Wheelnut

    Exactly Sam; this is what I mean when I say that Toyota have sat on their laurels for too long..

    They have a range of cars which were or are perceived to be the best in their category yet over the years the competition have made several improvements etc to their cars min terms of features specifications handling performance not to mention better value for money thereby closing the gap to Toyota.. the corolla is a prime example.

  • Edge

    Well I\’m not looking forward to Chinese cars coming here…..absolutely everything I\’ve bought thats Chinese has broken/fallen apart/melted/shorted out or just been so dreadfully made that how it worked at all was a miracle.
    The tide of Chinese junk imports have made a lot of people / business a lot of money by charging us (the public) cost plus %1000. Enough is enough. Australians are smart, lets do it ourselves. Come on Holden. In the meantime lets send their \’landfill\’ back to China. B*

  • IJustBoughtAYaris

    I just bought the new-look Yaris YR 5 Door Auto Hatchback in Ink today, and its the most awesome car. Spent weeks comparing to the Mazda2, Getz, Jazz, Fiesta, Barina, Micra etc, and the guys at my local Toyota were the best so they got my money. I’m not here to waste my time baggin’ out any other brand, just wanna say i’m proud to be the new owner of a Yaris! YAY!

  • chich

    yaris is great. i’ve just found out that there are heaps and heaps of bodykits, accessories and upgrades for yaris abroad; sad to say not here.

    check out

    i’m so envious of those guys fortunate to have their yaris have facial upgrades and turboed. i wish we have them here too.

  • Beeex

    Um yeah okay..
    I just bought the special edition Yaris Model RUSH for my first car and i can say the yaris by far has way better looks about it then the New mazda 2’s or the nissan micra. Seriously, look at the bug lights on the micra! How DISGUSTING! And the mazda 2.. I did toss up between the yaris and the mazda but i must say compared to the yaris the mazda 2 felt really tiny inside to drive and also revved hard in auto which is plain embaressing.
    And for those complaining about the prics of the yaris? The mazda 2’s are what? $20,000 if not more on road? Much the same as the yaris yeah?. And the nissan.. Only about $16,000 or more on road, did look at those but for god sake what is the world coming too, they are the ugliest cars i have ever looked at. Very proud of the money i spent, great on fuel, an awesome girls car!

    Dont judge what you dont own.
    Proud to own my Yaris WOO :)

  • Alex

    Ah, Toyota supporters. You make such fools of yourselves. Why didn’t you all just buy a Honda Jazz? Better quality, better drive, you won’t look boring, it has better interior space, looks better (though that is subjective) – I could go on. In fact, I can’t think of a single plus for the Yaris over the Jazz.

  • http://australiancaradvice J.J.T.

    Alex – better still, why not buy a Yaris considering it is amoung the highest quality, most reliable / dependable light cars in the market with proven motoring credentials. As for the looks, they actually look rather funky wouldn’t you agree !!

    I’m not saying the Mazda2 or Honda Jazz are not good buzz boxes because they are excellant buys in the segment just like the Yaris is.

    Truth be told, purchase of either-or simply comes down to individual choice and no matter which car the customer drove away in, they won’t go wrong wether it be the Mazda, Honda or Toyota … just don’t be foolish and opt for a Daewoo Barina instead.

  • geni

    Or you could buy the new Ford Fiesta, which is better than the yaris in every measurable way. With the new Honda Jazz and Ford Fiesta on the market, the Yaris is simply outgunned. Only an obscure fetish for those ‘toyota grey’ interiors would give people a justifiable reason for buying a Yaris over the Jazz or Fiesta (or Mazda 2). I mean, each to their own, but given the vast bulk of people who have bought a Yaris never mention any of its competition, I strongly believe people buy Yaris’ simply on Toyota’s marketing muscle, and never actually try other cars. Their own loss, really.

  • http://australiancaradvice J.J.T.

    Geni – i forgot about the new Ford Fiesta and yes … a very good car albiet historically not as reliable / dependable as it’s Japanese counterparts.

    People don’t buy Toyota’s on thier marketing muscle, they buy them on merit. Any company can advertise as much as they want but if the products are second rate or not competitive then they simply won’t sell … PERIOD !!

    While the current Yaris model remains a competantly competitive car with credentials – the Mazda2, Honda Jazz and Ford Fiesta or all new models so it would be fair to suggest when Toyota releases the next generation Yaris that it will pip the other three … am i wrong – probably not !!

    Like everything in the world, the auto industry is a game of leap frog and one of the reasons Toyota has a good reputation is because they have been able to maintain consistancy for many years, and play a good game of leap frog.

    Holden and Ford however have been up and down like a yo-yo so have infact (rightfully) lost alot of consumer confidance and only consistantly good products in the future will see them regain that but bare in mind – competitors like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Hyundai and even VW thesedays are not going to make it easy by all means.

    As for people don’t try other cars before buying, i would be absolutely confident to argue that point as you would probably be surprised just how much homework most people do invest before a purchase although obviously those who drove away in a Holden Daewoo didn’t do any at all.

    Most young girls or just females in general usually recieve some sort of assistance from a male counterpart when searching for a car … I said usually, not all of them !!!

  • Andrew M

    “Any company can advertise as much as they want but if the products are second rate or not competitive then they simply won’t sell … PERIOD !!”

    thats why the commodore has been the number 1 seller for well over a decade then…..Right?????