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The first images of the new Toyota Corolla have leaked onto the internet.

Portuguese publication Noticias Automotivas published photos of the new Toyota Corolla (called Auris in Europe) taken from what appears to be a Japanese brochure.

The scanned images show sportier lines, a deep central intake, sharper grille, sleeker, narrower headlights, fog lights reminiscent of the current Toyota Prius C and restyled tail-lights joining a character line that runs along the length of the body.

Speaking of length, the new model is reported to be 30mm longer and 55mm lower than the current Corolla.

The interior has been overhauled with a more modern design and higher quality materials that sees splashes of silver on the door trims, steering wheel, gear selector and stereo surrounds.

The engine line-up is set to include 1.5- and 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol engines and, in what will be a first for the Corolla, two diesel engines – 1.6- and 2.0-litre units – both sourced from BMW. The images confirm show both manual and continuously variable transmissions (CVT) will be available.

With the next Toyota Corolla expected to be unveiled this July, more details and photos should be on the horizon. The new eleventh-generation Corolla will go on sale in Australia in the final quarter of this year.

  • Westie

    More than a touch of Civic hatch in the nose and stance.

    • Tony

      Cant say i see that much civic – perhaps a little Kia if anything.  I thought Toyota were talkking about making the Corolla desirable (as well as relaible and well made)… what happened!  My worst fears realised, its a slightly enlarged copy of a Yaris…

      Still sell in droves due to reputation and quality, but I cant see it rating on anybodies desirability index.

      I dont want to own a Corolla just because it is reliable and well made (yes, i relaise that is hugely important), but I also want style and feel good materials – something that is a joy to sit in and drive. not just a sensible longterm ownership proposition.

      Oh well, just another generation of Corolla i’ll skip for the opposition… 

      • JooberJCW

        Desirability can be based on quality and reputation. People ‘desire’ something reliable cheap and reputable. Its not just about performance and looks. I think this is what toyota were getting at, more of the same but how can we grab more marketshare by giving a little bit extra.

        Id say if the business strategy works dont fix it.

        • Phunken

          but however the koreans have both fulfilled that ‘cheap’ ‘reputable’ and good look and design… Toyota can’t rely on the just the first 2 anymore.
          Toyota use old tech in their cars… i rmeber not long ago they still have 4 speed auto and an overdrive function when others get proper auto, the 2004 Corolla base car a friend have centre lap sash seat belt not proper 3 points, when cars in that segment did better. 

  • Henry Toussaint

    The Back looks like the new i30…..

    • Car Nut

       Nah more like the Kia Cerato hatchback

    • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

      I was thinking for squished Subaru Tribeca. Though not to bad, and probably looking better than the Subaru Tribeca’s rear design. 

    • Pauly

      I agree, The back looks like the new i30 and the front looks like the Civic Hatch.

      Not bad. Alot better then the current model.

      Heres hoping that we get the Diesel engines in Australia…


      • F1

        Who needs 6 speed on cars with barely more then 100Kw??

        • Henry Toussaint

           It’s a CVT guys what are you on about?

      • Rocket

        My grandmother loves her 4 speed auto Corolla. Why does a shopping trolley need 6 gears?

      • moonie

        A 4 speed auto won’t meet Euro 5 compliance.  And a 5 speed is too expensive and heavy.

    • jack

      am i the only one who sees the new mazda 3 in side profile

      • Darryl

        No you are not. Isn’t that upswept D pillar a bit cliched? Hyundai haven’t carried that over to the new i30. Mazda 3 still looks a bit better though.

        • Golfschwein

          The D pillar thing has been and gone, I thought, but no, Toyota gives it a last gasp.

        • Sam

          Toyota has been doing that since the second-gen Prius. It’s becoming more recognisable and I guess they’re running with it. A bit like Toyota’s Hofmeister Kink, if you will.

  • Ubnu

    Interior looks alright..

    • O123

      your joking right, that horrible head unit that is basically 10 years old is still shoved in there, I would much rather an i30

      • Sagu

        I cannot judge.. But there isn’t anything wrong with that unit, seems it is fit well and is local and functional..

        This is entry level car in a entry level segment.. What do you expect

        • O123

          5 inch touch screen like the i30, a nice integrated unit like the focus or mazda 3. Not a 10 year old unit that clearly looks half assed

          • Repo

            The true test will be in terms of functionality.

        • FanBoi

          Sagu Mate! The same head unit have been in a Corolla since late 90 and early 2000 when the Corolla was the bug eye design.


      • TG

        Ah, no. Toyota update their Fujitsu Ten head units every couple of years. Last update was late 2011, most of them are now touch screen regardless of whether they have nav or not.

    • Mattyman

      Seriously? I’ve never seen such a massive jump backwards! If this sells it must prove how brain washed people are nowadays. 

      • alameda

        Wow, overreacting much?

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

    I’m interested to see how good their BMW sourced diesel plays out and also how good their CVTs are. Design’s decent, not unattractive, quite aggressive. Interior design is also looking decent, not ugly, just maybe too much black?   

  • Phil

    I doubt Toyota Oz will bring the diesel engines or CVT here. Pray to god they won’t stick with the 4-speed auto.

    • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

      I doubt they would bother having two kinds of automatic transmissions.   

    • Adam

      There’s nothing wrong with the 4sp auto in a car this size.

      • Phunken

        unless you live in 1995… if you are paying hard earn cash you expect decent tech… more gears mean more efficiency in terms of fuel usage.

      • JamesB

        Gappy ratios, poorer performance and economy, pretty much everything is wrong with it.

  • Daniel

    Is anyone else just completely underwhelmed by this? It looks kind of bulbous and i30 like at the back, plain at the front and with a CVT transmission…do they even want sales? I don’t want to be a Toyota hater, I’m thoroughly impressed by the 86, but this is just kind of messy looking I think. And a CVT is a bad a idea. They should have gone with a six speed double clutch arrangement if they want to compete in more ways than just sales for once. 

    • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

      I would have much preferred a six speed, but it was predictable that Toyota would use a CVT, since this car is meant to be an economical car. But hey, CVT’s aren’t that bad, Nissan’s extensively using them and really doing quite well with them. 

    • Noddy

      I think it is pretty daring for Toyota to mess with the design formula for the phenomenally successful Corolla, so they should be congratulated for this effort. You can’t blame them for  being bland and then when they change it ask if they ‘want sales’! Good on them I say.

    • Phil

      Good luck seeing a 6-spd DCT that in Toyota’s low-cost volume seller.

      • Kkmmu

        Go to Europe and tell me what their base golf is like.. Please

        • Drac

          The one that always breaks down and is expensive to fix? 

  • Bert Kaemfert Rocks

    Underwhelming styling, lacks character and clearly designed by a committee not to offend anyone. I hope the Oz bound ones get a 6 speed auto and the boot is finally competitive with a Golf.

    I still prefer the new i30, Civic Hatch and Golf over this. Bland a

  • Bigkev

    After they worked together successfully to produce the FT86, Toyota must have hired the guys who worked on the 2008 Imprezza to design the front of this turd.

    • Legnab

      Correct like all asian cars, except KIA , overstyled and quick dating .

      • Birty_B

        It looks like a KIA

        • Phunken

          with less finesse and execution.

      • Eddie

        I disagree – Most Toyota designs, whilst boring, age quite well

        • Legnab

          YES like a public servants cardigan , boring , aged , gray and smelly .

        • Phunken

          just like their drivers

      • armjab

        You might just have different tastes to other people. I think the current Corolla has aged pretty well.

      • obvi

        Sometimes it pays off to take a chance with styling. Maybe some other brands could learn a thing or two.

    • Adam

      Grow up.

      • FanBoi

        No YOU grow up!


  • Andrew2106

    saw one park at toyota headoffice at caringbah,first glance thought its an aurion.

  • Doctor

    Typical Toyota – aggressively mediocre.

  • Able

    Holy moly that’s ugly! Seriously now WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?

  • mrxandthexfactor

    Looks boring and old already. Toyota needs to learn. 

    • Job

      Easier said than done.

      • mrxandthexfactor

        Now that I come back to this post, I want to mention that the 86 is also a pretty hot beast.

    • Waggaclint

      What is it that they need to Learn? They outsell everybody by nearly double in Australia, i think Toyota no what there doing

      • Phunken

        Selling to fleet… most of those numbers are strip out work cars as rentals etc… 

      • mrxandthexfactor

        Hyundai and Kia learnt. Their cars used to be dull. But now, they look pretty damn good. 

  • rightindicator

    Not too bad. Front fascia quite aggressive which makes it sporty. Back end might need more sharpening. C pillar is a massive blind spot. They need to seriously put in a 5 to 6 speed auto. Tell em how it is to the fleet buyers.

  • Noddy

    What is that badge on the front?

  • DknkN

    Well the previous i30 looked way better then the ‘rolla when it first came out..

    But the i30 along every other Hyundai model age much much faster then Toyota’s

  • AutsinP

    The new i30 is just a bad copy of the Mazda 3 and the new i30 is already starting to show its age since I first saw it a few months back..

  • Golfschwein

    I’d go i30. I mean, if you don’t care, why spend more?

    • Lode

      Why stop there? If you really didn’t care about a single thing, then you probably wouldn’t mind a second hand car.

  • Gibz

    fugly!!!   its a non prius, prius C


  • Sumpguard

    I’d be flattered if I was Hyundai. They have their i30 rear end on a toyota.

  • Waggaclint

    Look ok, im sure Toyota will sell them by the truck load…

  • Nsd

    It looks good.. Nuff said

    Nothing in this segment is interesting anyway.. They’re all very very average cars with nothing special.. In fact i think this segment is very overated 

    • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

      VW Golf. Mazda 3. Enough said. 

      • Drac

        As Nsd said, overrated

    • Phunken

      So everyone should drive Ferrari and Lotus?
      Its not overated, just over-represented with mediocre reflecting the public who buy them…

  • kf

    i actually think overall looks like a lexus CT200 hybrid? o-o

  • Das

    Mazda3 is cool, but only  the high-spec one

  • Marcel

    This is not leaked info, the new Corolla images were published by a couple of car magazines here in Japan a few days ago ( the model is called Auris here as well ) . The orange car above is the RS (sports )version , I think in Australia the equivalent model would be the Levin?… The lower price models look just a little more bland with simpler wheels , front grill etc…not overly exciting but not such a bad effort overall , being a Corolla…should

    • carl

      this is the same comment in motorreport blog

  • rentakeyboard

    Honda Civic front ,Mazda 3 in profile. Kia back and Honda Interior and somehow still loks outdated.
    Evev Barina has a 6 spd atuo, About bloody time!

  • Luke Brinsmead

    I see some Lexus design cues, not a bad thing now. It’s not ugly, but it’s not pretty, it’s just the most furturist-looking Corolla yet.

    The current Corolla was mostly designed in France to further penetrate the European market. It looks like this was intended to continue that goal, especially now with that much better interior.

    Mazda knows this very well indeed, their current cars have a desirability which matches some good European cars.

  • 42 = The Answer

    I’d wish they’d get rid of that bloody 1.8L engine. It’s like John Farnham, it just won’t retire!

    • Uvi

      Would be awesome if Toyota could bring the 3.5L V6 corolla here..

      Toyota blade I think it’s called and is only sold in Japan

      • Bane668

        We get Blades as imports in NZ.  Driven one and it was horrible!  Kind of like that TRD Hilux they sold in OZ, way too much engine for chassis..

        Vague numb steering (id suggest to try and tame the torque steer).  Soggy suspension, and extremely heavy handed esp that cant be defeated.

        Fast in a staright line though…

        • Bubd

          I’ve driven Aurion and that car is pretty darn quick, pulls very strongly and the engine never seems like its trying.. Unruffled is tje word to explain

          Corolla with that engine is way too much

    • TG

      Hopefully Toyota will use their brains for once and bring the more powerful and better economical Valvematic engines here (2ZR-FAE 1.8 and 3ZR-FAE 2.0) to compete with Mazda when they make Skyactiv standard across the range for Mazda3.

      Toyota Australia are you reading this? Stop with the old school fuddy duddy rubbish, please.

      • moonie

        Don’t bother waiting for DI engines in this segment.  They’re too expensive to be competitive.

    • Slartibartfast

      You may know the answer, but what is the question?

  • klowik

    I would love to have the diesel and 6-speed auto in corolla. anyway, how much?

  • TG

    Took your time to get this posted CA, those images surfaced on carspyshots on the 26th. 😀

  • http://twitter.com/jackkl Jack Lewis

    I’m actually not offended by this design. Well done Toyota.

    Doesn’t mean I’d buy one – I’d much prefer a Mazda 3 or Ford Focus. But the world’s most popular car just got a little bit more racy; what’s wrong with that?

    • Phunken

      Sexy like Suzan Boyle with sexy lingerie on… doesn’t make it right.

    • FanBoi

      You are either working for the most boring car company in the world or you are just an bloody idiot!


      • Polo

        Woah, calm down. People are allowed to have different opinions.

      • http://twitter.com/jackkl Jack Lewis

        I said it didn’t offend… that I feel indifferent to it.

        Nice reading, moron.

  • Robj

    boring, nothing to see here..

  • Sumpguard

      They have to do something but this isn’t the right way to go imo. If that headline read “new proton” I’d have believed it. The front end is anything but toyota and looks cheap.

       Obviously they are starting to feel the pressure from Korea and Europe so are trying to break out of that bland mould ! The front end styling on the new camry works but this doesn’t .

    • Fvsd

      Europe hahaa? What Skoda or golf?

  • Pete

    I just dry reached when I saw that interior!