The eyes of the world turned to Sydney as the stylish and dynamic new-generation Mazda3 sedan was revealed at the Australian International Motor Show.

Mazda presented first official images of the highly-anticipated new Mazda3, ending months of intense media speculation.

The new-generation Mazda3 will redefine small car benchmarks for styling, handling and value for money when it arrives in Australia around the middle of 2009.

The new Mazda3 will inherit the mantles of Australia’s third-best selling passenger car, and a leader in the small car segment that accounts for one-quarter of all new vehicles bought by Australians.

All-new Mazda 3

More than 1.5 million first-generation Mazda3s have been sold in more than 100 countries around the world; almost 150,000 in Australia alone since its launch in January 2004. Mazda3 has a class-leading reputation for value for money and driving enthusiasm, and is popular with private buyers.

Mazda Executive Vice President Philip Spender flew to Australia to present first official images of the new-generation Mazda3 sedan at the Sydney motor show.

Embargoes around the world were synchronised with Mr Spender’s presentation. As these first official images were revealed on the video screen at Mazda’s Darling Harbour stand, these very same images were instantly sent to thousands of the world’s automotive media in more than 100 countries across five continents.

“Today is a very important day for new car buyers, both in Australia and around the world,” said Mr. Spender “Today is the world’s first look at the new-generation Mazda3, a compact car that will build further on the Stylish, Insightful and Spirited foundations laid by its predecessor.”

With the first-generation Mazda3, Mazda proved that small cars can be stylish and fun to drive as well as economical and affordable. And Australians voted with their wallets, making the Mazda3 one of the biggest-selling passenger cars in Australia.

This new-generation Mazda3 revealed today will take these core Mazda3 qualities to even greater heights, further cementing Mazda3′s popularity with Australians.

All-new Mazda 3

Mr Spender said the new Mazda3 will be presented in the metal at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 19, 2008.

“We chose Sydney to give the world its first look at the new Mazda3′s striking design. Following that, North America will host the world debut of the Mazda3 sedan in late November. Shortly after that the new-generation Mazda3 five-door hatchback will debut on the European continent. I think it’s only fitting that a car that accounts for one-third of Mazda’s global sales should have a truly global reveal. “

Mr. Spender said the Mazda3, and small cars in general, are increasingly significant in markets around the world.

“The rising cost of fuel is changing the automotive consumer landscape not only in Australia but around the world. That, and the increasingly high cost of living is driving consumers towards smaller, more affordable, more economical vehicles.

“As a result we’re seeing increased levels of equipment, prestige, performance and refinement in small cars, making them even greater value.

“We’ve developed the new-generation Mazda3 to be a small-car leader around the world. The Mazda3′s expressive and emotional styling, heightened driving dynamics, quality and refinement will propel it to even greater heights than the very successful model it replaces.”

  • http://honda Quiet1

    Looks beautiful inside out….I hope it does not affect the sales of Mazda 6….as I think it looks even better than the current 6

  • John

    i cant wait to see what the hatch looks like

  • Baji

    Well Done Mazda!!! It looks stunning. I really can’t wait til it comes out now. Looks like it’ll be my first car!

  • Golfschwein

    Very pretty.

    Does it use the same door uppers/window frames as the current car?

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    3 cheers for Mazda.
    I should have worked in advertising or marketing

  • Milsie

    All mainstream car manufacturers take note…

    The great thing about this model will be that it will deliver the driving dynamics to match the fantastic design.

  • Genie

    Looks good, although that rear pillar is going to make one killer blind spot. Like it more than the current one though, the bulbous front end has thankfully gone.

  • http://Mini Ben Larden

    Beautiful looking car. The rear end looks amazing

  • milobob

    i like this. though, my only gripe is whether the normal Neo and Maxx sedans will look good.. IMO the non-luxo sport models of the 6 don’t look as complete/good.

  • Yianni

    Mazda has done it again.

    Their whole lineup is filled with good looking cars now…

    The 2, now 3 and 6 are just gorgeous to look at and driving dynamics are right up there with the best.

    This will be a real winner for sure.

  • http://faster DanMan

    ‘Their whole lineup is filled with good looking cars now…’

    Um BT 50?

    I know what you mean.. but this is the sp23 SP25?

    wait for the base Neo in white to judge…

  • Golfschwein

    The BT 50′s a looker, as utes go.

  • http://faster DanMan

    Silk purse from ranger pigs ear… Therefore…


  • Mike Hunt

    Where do I sign?

  • dazza76

    That would have to be one of the best looking cars Mazda has produced !! Has got me sold on those pics alone !! Looks gorgeous !

    well done Mazda, can’t wait to see the inside.

  • rich boy

    2nd best mazda that will hit the showrooms

  • Twilight


    i had really high expectations for this car and it exceeded them astronomically!

    B E A U T I F U L

  • Mr Brooksy

    I was thinking that the restyled Ford Focus was going to be a hit! But now, the Focus’s little brother has belted it out of the ball park!! WOW thats a small car?! It looks as good as the big 6′s and 8′s!

    Well done Mazda!

    Oh by the way Mr Ford Boss man, are you watching?!

  • Gift-Ed

    Great! Mazda are really on a roll.

  • Twilight

    hopefully if i beg and whine mum and dad for long enough i can get one!!!

    so nice…

  • Falcodore

    Hopefully they’ll make the MPS in sedan as well this time round.
    anti-spam word = mazda, what a coincidence.

  • Falcodore

    And make it AWD to handle all the power. Give subaru and mitsu a run for their money while they’re at it.

  • lee

    i don’t understand how on earth Mazda would get their design so right when every other manufacturer (esp Subaru, Toyota, Nissans) would come up with some hideous designs?
    I reckon those overworked car designers shd get a wicked bj!

    well done Mazda!

  • Joober

    Now thats a good looker, looking forward to some shots of the interior, people don’t need to look at only euros for svelte, Mazda offers it hands down and not only that its more svelte than many of the euros too!.

    Keep up the quality trend Mazda.

  • ?

    Looks like to Mazda 6 to me!!!!

  • Xris

    Genie Says:
    October 9th, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Looks good, although that rear pillar is going to make one killer blind spot. Like it more than the current one though, the bulbous front end has thankfully gone.


    There always has to be a whinger somewhere who feels he/she can do better. Oh well can’t please everyone.

    The car is an example of excellence in design in the “affordable” car segment. Sure if we have millions to spend there are plenty of cars that look and go better. But we live in the real world and Mazda should be an example to all automive manufacturers that all currently seem to be churning out UGLY-ON-WHEELS (this includes BMW and Merc).

    Little tiny Mazda does it again! Well done. I hope the sell millions.

  • Baji

    Mazda is one of the smaller auto manufacturers, yet it hits the nail on the head nearly everytime. They’re only a small company but they get they’re products so right. now imagine if it had the size and resources of a company like toyota….

    but i really hope mazda doesn’t end up like toyota. I’d hate to have mazda vehicles lose that specialness to them and be termed “appliances”.

  • Tim

    Ugly Mazda 6 arse is a turn off – doesn’t seem to flow from front to back. The front however is just gorgeous. Another huge seller on the cards…

  • ?

    If this is going to be a huge seller I wouldn’t want to but one. Imagine the resale value in 3-5 years time!!!!!

  • ?

    If this is going to be a huge seller I wouldn’t want to buy one. Imagine the resale value in 3-5 years time!!!!!

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    Yeah, thats why the current 3 is the 2nd best seller after the fleet slutted corolla yet maintains better resale than the corolla.

    Mazda doesn’t slut to fleets therefore resale remains stable.

  • Reckless1

    Probably just photo-illusion, but the car looks arse heavy, a bit too much bulk at the rear.

    Other than that, this car will continue to outsell Falcon just as it’s doing now.

    Forget about the stupid comment in the double post above mine.

  • Jimbo

    Good work Mazda it looks 400% better than the last one.
    Now if only Mazda could unbrainwash all the mindless Corolla buyers then they could corner the market on small cars. There is not a lot under $25K that looks better than this car but as usual its overwhelming popularity with A2Bers will be a turn off for me.

  • Timbo

    We had to “upgrade” from our Mazda3 (Maxx) last year and got the latest RAV4 as the family was growing – I wish I never had to get rid of it as it was a little gem of a car, the tiptronic was awesome for those of us lacking coordination of a real stick shift, had plenty of grunt and was a sweet ride overall.

    This new Mazda3 looks the goods for sure, the front of the bonnet almost looks RX8-ish. Hopefully the real deal production car will look as good as the CGI pics.

    Falcodore hit the nail on the head with the AWD and sedan version of the SP variant.

  • Andrew M

    the BT50 is a better looker then the “top selling” Hilux,

    the “best looking gong” in the segment goes to the Navara though

  • http://faster DanMan

    looks are subjective…

    Look at the AIMS ‘models’ all good but you would have a favorite..

    Unless your bavarian missile… that is.

  • Andrew M

    How would you know she doesnt swing that way???

    Just saying……..

  • http://faster DanMan

    I got told off by her for wanting to one of them (Lexus) topless…


  • icejagans

    it’s lucky that ford still owns mazda, otherwise the blue oval would be in more dog shite.

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    icejagans Says
    it’s lucky that ford still owns mazda, otherwise the blue oval would be in more dog shite.

    Ford owns a majority share, 52% I think? Not the whole company.
    Don’t worry, they will sell it soon, nearly everything else they owned is sold.

  • ?

    Adam and Reckless1 – do your research on car valuations before putting comments forth!!

  • Martin

    Peugeot front, Lexus IS side, Chrysler Sebring rear.

    nothing original here…

  • ?

    Agree with you Martin!!

  • riceboy

    I want one… bring on the MPS!

  • Sarah

    Adam, I visit this website reguarly and from a female perspective I can’t believe you categorise cars as s–ts. I am offended by your morality!!!!!!!

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    You should be reported, how dare you:)

  • Falcodore

    What martin said = BLASPHEMY. Peugot, Lexus, etc = bland and/or ugly. Mazda = great design.

  • Falcodore

    Sarah, i hope you grow a thick skin as a female perspective would be a good thing on this site i think.

  • Ads266

    Yet another same-same looking car from Mazda. I don’t like it. Head and tail-lights look to big and the front guards out of proportion like the new 6. Not happy Mazda.

  • Genie


    “There always has to be a whinger somewhere who feels he/she can do better. Oh well can’t please everyone.”

    Settle princess, where did I say I could do better? Are you saying that this car is the pinnacle of car design, that no one will ever make a better designed car? Because unless you are, then you are admitting that the new mazda 3 has design faults. And thats fine, you’d expect a $20k-ish car to have some trade-offs. I mentioned one, to add more depth to the discussion of the new cars design, and you call me a whinger? My first two words were it looks good for crying out loud. You’re more the whinger for getting upset that someone doesn’t share your view on the world.

  • mixtmeta_iv

    You must all be joking.


    The model in these pictures is, at best: …uninspired.

    Mazda: I’m extremely disappointed.

    Granted, this is just the sedan. And the sedan’s looks vs the hatch has always been ordinary where the hatch has always been funky.

    Hopefully you will claw back some of my respect when picks of the hatch are eventually released. But it has got to be something mighty special to convince me to upgrade my ’05 SP23 hatch next year.

  • Golfschwein

    Mixed metaphor…that’s very clever! I love word play. It would make a good drag name, like Dawn Hobb, Gloria Soame or Kara Van Parke.

  • Ozmazdaclub Dave

    Another great looking car from Mazda….our Astina might been replaced by the hatch one of these…
    As for the BT-50 its a great ute but the 3.7 V6 from the CX9 would be a great option and Ford only own 33% of Mazda.

  • Matt

    Mazda get these here as quick as you can just canceled my SP23 will wait for this.Mazda please watch your pricing the auto SP23 at $35000 is pushing it.Be carefull how you price the SP25 the choice of cars in this price range is huge.You will be on a winner with this.

  • Brad

    Can’t wait for an SP25 hatch. Hope it is released soon as I need a car soon, not mid 2009.

    I’d buy an MPS now if it came with an auto of some sort.
    The MPS’s limited slip diff is excellent. No need for AWD.

    How about an MPS with a DSG style dual clutch auto?
    It would give the Ralliart Lancer a fright!

  • james

    I personally think that this new generation of mazda 3 looks like a combination of rx8 (front, when you look at the streamline of the bonnet) and mazda 6 (rear, especially the taillights).

  • ezal

    Looks nice.. a very good looking car… Well, I will not say Mazda is copying.. The front grille is already in mazda blood line since the RX-8 and the CX models and the rear is looks like Mazda6. The side still an original Mazda3 design.

    Really looking forward to this car.